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Nation-states exist to provide working mechanisms for delivering public goods and services to its citizenry. The public goods typically supplied by states and even in privatized form include medical and healthcare, roads, ports, and other physical infrastructures. The state must also create empowering environment for commerce, to grow banking system. On all measures our government who have created a mono product CBI economy for the past two decades is proving to be an absolute failure.

The blatant mismanagement and embezzlement of the CBI passport resources by those in leadership positions, their scallywag passport selling agents and friends, has undermined the credibility of the very same CBI program. As a result of the messy CBI program, Dominicans have been relegated to applying for visas if they wish to travel to the UK. The crime laden CBI program has also captured the interest and curiosity of international investigative journalist organizations.

The PM is way too arrogant to admit that his one trick pony is now under duress. We can confirm that since the UK visa imposition and following the damaging OCCRP investigative report many CBI applicants who had been in the system have requested a refund and the CBI revenue projections have been significantly devalued.

The social consequence is evidence in the government’s inability to pay NEP workers, pay invoices, the nuisance load shedding with the government owned electricity company, the failure to finance the requirements for the T-20 world cup cricket event. The high and increasing rate of poverty, an imploding healthcare system and education program.

In order to help finance basic programs the government has been borrowing moneys from the social security program, piggy banking off the Domlec revenues and scrapping the skin off the Dominica lottery. We know for a fact that the Lotto program has become the pork barrel for government officials like Melissa Skerrit, Reginald Austrie and others. DLP cabal at the Dominica lottery complain about getting calls from government ministers asking for money to help buffer the exploding poverty within individual constituencies.

After 2 decades of foolishly developing a mono product economy, the only economic driver, the CBI program is in peril. The absolute dependence on the CBI passport sales revenue has resulted in lack of diversification in economic activities. We are now staring down an economy in shambles, yet the political directorates continue to plunder the coffers of the shrinking state to feed their greed, pay for their lavish lifestyles, residences and palaces. The very same shrinking CBI resources are being used to support external forces of aggression and propaganda, kidnapping and political persecutions and extortive overseas travel by government officials. We can all agree DLP party supporters alike, that the social contract that binds we the citizens of Dominica to the prevailing polity is null and void. We the people must immediately dispose of the Skerrit governance (Skerritism)– one way or another.

** MiTC is aware of a second desperate attempt at the Coffee factory operation. More Coffee beans have been imported and more equipment have arrived on island. We sincerely hope that this second attempt is successful- Right now in this very dire economy its any port for a storm and we are routing for the program.

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