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The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) as inherited thru the commonwealth system is essentially a minister of justice appointed by our president to prosecute crimes fairly, impartially and without fear or favor. The office of DPP is meant to be independent and should not represent the Police, government nor any private interest let alone criminals of any sort. The DPP’s responsibility is to insure justice for the entire public on matters of law. Prosecutorial decisions are to be made based on evidence and not by political machinations and bribery.

It is expected that a DPP keep a low public profile, demonstrate integrity and must be beyond reproach. DPPs should not at any time be curry favoring with politicians, criminals- drug dealers, money launderers. 

So, when an appointed DPP is allegedly brazenly engaged in financial transactions with a notorious criminal and drug dealer the public deserves an explanation. In the interest of public safety and to preserve public confidence in an already battered justice system we the people are requesting an investigation of a matter involving the current DPP and a renowned criminal.

According to sources close to the banking sector just recently the DPP allegedly went to the National Bank to receive a bank transfer in the amount of $25000 from the notorious drug dealer and criminal by the name of Vaughn Dodd of Wesley. As if that wasn't enough the following day the DPP return to the same bank to receive another bank transfer from the same character this time in the amount of $50,000. So, within a twenty-four-hour period the DPP allegedly attempted to pick-up $75000.00 from an infamous drug dealer in Dominica.

“Real Country or not??? Ask the PM

 Based on the allegations, it is either the DPP is extremely brave and arrogant. One thing for sure she is not stupid, so maybe she is just extremely avaricious. As for Vaughn Dodd – The entitlement and heir of immunity from prosecution is plausible considering his unholy alliance with the ruling politicians and corrupt hierarchy within the police force.   

 According to our sources the DPP allegedly became livid when asked to verify the source of funds as if to suggest " I am the DPP how dare you question my financial transactions. Vaughn Dodd the public menace and nuisance that he is went to the bank making a spectacle about his transaction with the DPP. 

In the past the National Bank of Dominica had been flagged as a hot bed for money laundering activities. In fact, Dominica had been identified by the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (the 'FATF') as non-cooperative 'in the fight against money laundering'.

At this point we do not have any information regarding the nature of the business transaction between the DPP and the nuisance Vaughn Dodd however we understand that after Dodd’s’ performance at the National Bank ( He loves attention), a Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) was filed.

A Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) is a document that financial institutions, and those associated with their business, must file with the Financial Intelligence Unit whenever there is a suspected case of money laundering or fraud.

Will there be further action or follow up investigation by the FIU – In the words decease Felix Henderson “ Naff Ta Noon.” From experience consider case closed. The transaction never happened.

An investigation is warranted but we know very well that the entire system is corrupt. The office of PM, President, Attorney General, Minister of National Security, The commissioner of police and Financial Investigation unit are all “Bwois  Powii” rotten logs.

Memory Lane

A few years ago over $1 million was transferred to a bank account on behalf of Emmanuel Nanthan. The transaction was flagged as a Suspicious Activity. Emmanuel Nanthan allegedly admitted that it was proceeds from a passport transaction. The passport belongs to the people, so it was stolen money. Needless to say, the matter was buried particularly after the intervention of PM Skerrit, Alick Lawrence et al.

If the DPP and the notorious criminal Vaugn Dodds can be so audacious, that suggest that the rule of law no longer matters and that the lawless are ruling our country. It is clear that  crime and corruption in Dominica is so marginalized that our judicial system will bless and reward the most depraved and illegal acts as long as the perpetrators are in line with the organized crime syndicate.     

The former PM of Britain noted “The first duty of Government is to uphold the law. If it tries to bob and weave and duck around that duty when its inconvenient, if government does that, then so will the governed, and then nothing is safe—not home, not liberty, not life itself .”  It is therefore the responsibility of all Dominicans irrespective of political party affiliation to not only be concerned but to act demonstratively against the endemic lawlessness in Dominica.  

Ghandi said “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state is lawless.”  To those who resort to the old excuse of “me I not in politics nuh “when the rain falls it falls on every house top- so too are the repercussions of a corrupt and lawless government. Crime and lawlessness have no prejudices. 

Food For Thought

Maybe we need to start having honest round table discussions (all hands-on Deck) regarding the appointment of these so-called independent officials such as the commissioner of police, DPP, President etc.  What about putting these positions on a ballot so the people can decide instead of a sordid politician?  

In the US for example a District Attorney (DA) the equivalence of our DPP is elected by the people. Like the politicians they too have to sell themselves to voters. They must show that they can be independent, tough on crime and the criminals committing those crimes. If a DA is in bed with criminals, the voters will decide and not the lawless politicians. 

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