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It is sometimes depressing and discouraging to watch our people do nothing while the Skerrit led crime syndicate blatantly plunder the fortunes of Dominica. Every day we have to keep reminding ourselves that the fight against corruption is not as easy but requires collective efforts and an unwavering commitment by those of us who have chosen to battle the malevolent corruption in Dominica.

For nearly two decades these organized criminals have created outlets for state resources to disappear without accountability and today the people of Dominica are quietly waiting in vain for the return of more than $6 Billion some of which are concretized in the Dubai Skyline, some in offshore private bank accounts, in sham hotels, fancy apartments in New York City, mansions in and out of Dominica. 

After coming across a social media post by an individual who testified that his employer in Dominica has not been paying his and his coworkers’ social security contributions and is asking for an intervention from the enforcement division at the Dominica Social Security, I reminded myself of the metaphor that corruption is like a malignant cancer. once established, it will infiltrate every state institution and bring a small island state like ours to its knees. More so corruption knows no boundaries, and it is society’s most vulnerable who get hurt the most.  

The employee also stated that after several complaints were made at the DSS office the responding DSS officer seem more interested in protecting the non-compliant employer. No surprise here at all when the DSS department itself is led by a band of amoral affiliates and hangers-on of the same Labor Party crime syndicate that have been pillaging the country for 20 plus years.

Entrenched immorality has no sense of, or care for, what is right or wrong. 

The testimony by this aggrieved employee presented an opportunity for us to expose the malfeasance at the DSS -something that we have held back for a while simply because of those off and on spurts of discouragement- wondering when will our people say enough is enough. When we first reported that the government took a $70 million loan from Social Security to cover mobilization cost for the Chinese construction firm on the airport project, we also uncovered a scheme at DSS whereby board members and top executives have been using Dominica Social Security as their private lending institution. In other words, instead of going to a commercial bank for home mortgages for example, these board members and top executives better yet Labor Party hacks are carving out loans for themselves directly out of the people’s social security funds. In one instance we uncovered a home loan to a top executive for more than $900,000.

We watch them steal our tax dollars in garbage Bin bobol, Fertilizer bobol and billions of dollars  have vanished from the CBI revenues and we did nothing to stop these criminals. Now they are messing with our very modest social security money. If that does not spur up anger, what else will.  

We challenge media personnel like Curtis Mathew, Carlisle John Baptist, Matt Peltier to call up the head of DSS, the prime minister or Dr. Irvin McIntyre now minister responsible for social security to ask about this surreptitious private loan scheme among labor party hacks at Dominica Social Security. There is nowhere in the Social Security Act that board members or executives are allowed to use Social security assets to hatch out private loans for themselves. If such was the case then there would be no need for the crime syndicate to try everything possible to keep their loan scheme a top secret. In fact, during our undercover investigation we found out that auditors would be given the run around whenever they ask for financial documents regarding these irregular personal loans and after persisting the auditors are reminded sort off under threat that these particular loan documents are highly confidential.

We also uncovered board members bragging about how they boost their earnings at DSS with redundant board meetings. To every board meeting attended there is a $500 stipend, In one overheard conversation a DSS board member bragged about being part of the DLP big boys club. He stated “that’s how the big boys in Labor does do it with board meetings.”

PM Skerrit, the head of Dominica’s organized crime syndicate himself said that “Dominica is not a real country” and he is right about that because in any other civilized country the top executive and board members of the social security would have to resign and possibly answer to criminal charges. PM Skerrit himself would have been in jail for the many criminal acts of bribery,corruption and tax evasion.  

 To be released in the future- We want to ask PM Skerrit about that infamous land acquisition deal that he claimed was a gift – the same parcel of land that prompted the phrase “ $5000 salary millions of  dollar in assets.” Strangely enough right around the time people started questioning this particular land acquisition the title of that parcel of land allegedly changed from Roosevelt Skerrit to someone by the name of Eselyne Rhyner.  We found out that Eselyne Rhyner is the Human resource manager at Dominica Social Security and was at the time the Girl Friend/lover of then Minister of Government, Skerrit’s partner in crime and Anthony Astaphan’s  allergen Dr. Collin McIntyre.

Question; Did Eselyne Rhyner really purchase that land from PM Skerrit?

Tell us girl- the truth is relentless and MiTCH have the goods

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