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Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Our mission is to keep exposing the filthy, cruel and ruthless behavior by government officials and the story we are about to tell you is about the confession of a young lady who allegedly had been sexually abused ,harassed and humiliated by the Prime Minister while trying to get some  government support.

After many years of physical and emotional abuse the young lady whom you will hear in the recorded conversation had been going through the trauma of years in an abusive relationship and in the process of getting a divorce. She had become a single mom and decided to pursue government housing assistance.

According to the young lady

As a single mom going through a divorce it was very hard on me so I went to the government to see if I could get a house via the salary reduction program.”

The PM agreed to help but by her account the PM seem to have had other ideas. (The snake and the corn) Once the PM got her contact information and had already provided cash for a few months rent he started calling her at weird hours of the evening and attempting to have salacious conversations.

He gave me envelopes of money for my rent.”

The conversation got very serious when he started calling me at 12 o’clock in the night, one o’clock in the morning. Asking me to travel to Barbados, asking me to travel to Antigua.”

He asked me about toys – I told him I am too old to have dolls.

The PM was surprise she knew nothing about sex toys so he allegedly moved on plan B- community sex conversation.

“So you really don’t know about toys.”

"He then ask me if I don’t do threesome. I told him no I don’t do those kinds of things”.

Being concerned about the PM’s overtures the young lady decided to seek advice from her friend but the PM seem to have had his community sex plan all figured out.

“When I spoke to my friend she say you too sort girl is me he want you to do the threesome with.

“I said to her - you f…cking with Skerrit girl? She said soooo long girl!!!”

After providing the young lady with envelopes of cash to pay her monthly rent, the PM allegedly started asking her to come over to her house. But according to her she was not comfortable with the idea.

Still in pursuit of the government housing assistance program she kept following up on her application. In doing so she was once again asked to visit the PM’s office but this last visit allegedly turn out to be a night mare and a life changing experience.

“When I reach in thee office he said give your PM a hug nuh so I hug him as usual we sit down we talk

PM- “So you really want that house eh

Yes that’s the purpose you call me here for

When I reached in the office this man take out his d…ck, his dirty smelling d…ck and ask me to suck it.

“In a Prime Minister Office, We did not meet in a bush, I did not go nowhere with him. I went in the Prime Minister’s office.

Let me tell you I am telling you something that I tell no one -I did it , I did it until I had to shake Clorox in my mouth because that was the most smelling , dirtiest that I have smelled in my life, the most dirtiest dick I have ever

Smelled in my life and then he tell me turn for him to give me a backshot which I had to do."

We should also alert you that all of this allegedly happened not while the PM was a bachelor but as a married man. When asked by the interviewer -why the funky smell? Her response was 

“I say maybe he had sex with his wife and she doh bathe or he had other women before me inside there and their vagina smelling. Because it had tooth paste inside there I put that in my mouth flush that and when I reach home I shake some Clorox in my mouth.”

You Are A Coward
This was a battered woman desperately in need and very vulnerable and yet the PM allegedly used his position to take advantage of her vulnerabilities and when she would not go the entire way with the sexual activities she was berated- she was referred to as a coward.

“I was scared I just stop, I tell him I cannot continue with that and then he called me a coward when I stand up and was walking out.”

The Ruthless Betrayal-

In her effort to rebuild her life the young lady did not only apply for housing assistance she also applied and got a scholarship through a school in Jamaica and as a result she had to give up her job. By her account, her refusal to continue with the alleged sexual harassment and sexual advances by the PM did not turn out well for her.

“So I did all these things and he promised me all those things.

“I was applying for a scholarship to Jamaica which I got through the school. They asked me to resign from my job because I was not appointed but I was in a vacant post.

“All that he never sign the papers “

"I never got the house today, I lost my job – everywhere I apply for government job he telling them not to give me the job because I told his aunty about it.”

Over the past 15 years we have seen the people in power get away with blatant abuses of power, sexual misconduct, arrogance and entitlement. This behavior has become so pervasive that some sectors of our society even seem to think that these transgressions are just business as usual. Enablers and misfits are well positioned to sweep the iniquitous behaviors under the rug and those who dare to speak out are often met with vitriol coming from the paid guard dogs and spin doctors.

As in the case of Baby Sarah we expect the paid guard dogs and spin doctors to spring into cover-up mode. They will even attempt to discredit the recorded interview with the victim and so we took some tough decisions just to prove that “no one could make this up.”

MiTC is not affiliated to any political party we only report on the filthy, cruel and ruthless behavior by ALL government officials. We chose not to redact the names mentioned in the interview and that includes names of people deceased. We expect that some people will be upset with our decision and we understand. Although we distorted the voices in the interview to protect the identity of the victim we also wanted to preserve the purity of the interview and to give the spinners less to grab on to.

To listen to the recorded interview please click on the attached link

Monday, October 21, 2019


Under law no one person or citizen should be assigned more than one lot where the government has undertaken the distribution of state land for housing development. MiTC has been reliably informed that Angus McIntyre the brother of Government Minister Dr. Collin McIntyre has been given 4 lots amounting to over an acre of land in the government housing development scheme in the Warner area. Our information indicates that each lot assigned to Angus McIntyre is over 10,000 sq. ft. whereas the standard size for lots distributed under government programs is about 3000 sq. ft.

We want to challenge the government apologists on this matter and in addition we want the people of Dominica to ask Angus McIntyre, who is also a government employee, why is he entitled to 4 lots in the government housing scheme. If Angus won’t answer the question go to the government Housing Department or Land and surveys and ask the very same question.

This land grabbing attitude  comes as no surprise to us .We are also aware of the fact that a few years ago the current attorney general Levi Peter was able to purchase a portion of land from the government in the very same area for a very sweetheart deal.

MiTC also first broke the story that Government Minister Collin McIntyre in Joint Venture with the enigmatic 8 Copthall Roseau Valley operation were assigned close to 300 passports for the development of a resort in the Valley and like the other passport selling development projects the people of Dominica will have no ownership of these resort development in the Valley.

You are also hearing for the first time that Vital Development Ltd a company owned by Collin McIntyre has also purchase a large parcel of government land in the Valley area. The land acquired includes portion of the Midland Fall welcome area. In fact the changing facility at the midland fall is all part of the land deal. Again we dare the DLP apologists to deny these allegations.

Collin McIntyre has proven time and time again that he is selfish and greedy. He is only about building his own empire – We know that Collin McIntyre in collaboration with his brother in the United States and PM Skerrit had hatched out the Garbage Bin Bobol scheme. The public also witnessed the blunt of McIntyre’s avarice during the distribution of the Hurricane relief supplies.

If Collin McIntyre can go as far as to eat the Senior Counsel’s portion ( Colloquially pronounced Porsha-an) from his plate – a senior counsel who makes an “arse” of himself just to insure that Collin McIntyre’s remains in government, what else do we expect from Collin McIntyre.

The people of Dominica and specifically the people of the Valley must teach these scammers a valuable lesson. The DLP candidate for the Valley area Dr. Irvin McIntyre who will be replacing his brother Collin McIntyre is just another implant for the continuation of this greed and self-enrichment that Collin MCIntyre seem to have perfected. Enough of the looting while the people are forced to beg and are even subject themselves to humiliation for cool outs. Stop the McIntyres

Foot Notes 
In the interim we are asking the people of Dominica and even the region to prepare your popcorn, start cooking your “braff”, make sure your phones or tablets are properly charged. MiTC will be exposing the filth, betrayal and the abuse of power within the government circles. It's another  tale of  sexual abuse and harassment of women and we will better understand why Blackmoore's Baby Sarah matter  was swiftly protected by the DLP – Satan cannot correct sin

Friday, October 18, 2019


In spite of all the ridiculous and laughable spins by the Labor Party apologists it is quite clear to us that Dumb and Dumber-Richard “Terry Baron” Henry and Joseph “Dollar Store Suit” Boll came to Dominica at the behest of Skerrit and the Dominica Labor Party to conduct operation “Deux Couyon”. Thanks to the brilliant presentation by the opposition leader Lennox Linton.

There is no doubt that Dumb and Dumber had coordinators on the ground in Dominica. In addition this operation “Deux Couyon “definitely cost a hefty “Kool Out “and we know who owns the “kool Out” Bank in Dominica. The sole purpose of operation “Deux Couyon “was to completely destroy Lennox Linton’s credibility and then Skerrit would seize the opportunity and immediately call the election. Like Grant in St Kitts Lennox would have had no chance to recover.

Now that we know that Dumb and Dumber were in Dominica on the behalf of Skerrit and the Dominica Labor Party, we should not forget that there is a third point of the triangle. We are talking about the foreign passport interest group t who was involved in organizing the botched operation. After all Skerrit did not find these dumb criminals in the yellow pages in London, even if one of them was wearing a suite from the Dollar Store or unless one of the “Couyons” borrowed the suit from Shanks Esprit. We also know for a fact that there are foreign passport agents desperately involved in determining our representatives in the government of Dominica. 

After going through a series of text messages between anticorruption activist Trevor Johnson and what seem to be representatives of a certain passport agency we notice that the alias name “Terry” was used. In this one particular conversation someone using the alias name “Jack Sparrow” and purporting to represent a passport agent was very concerned that Trevor Johnson may be in possession of very incriminating and damaging text messages between PM Skerrit and that passport agent. “Jack Sparrow “ wanted Trevor Johnson to meet someone in London by the name of Terry. The purpose of the meeting was to essentially make a deal with Trevor and to make those damaging text messages disappear. Note also that the text conversation took place on April 22 nd and Terry Baron and Boll came to Dominica less than a month after -May 18. Coincidence????

Note very well that in the attached text message Jack Sparrow is inviting Trevor Johnson to come make a deal in London and that Jack Sparrow is claiming to be representing someone with the initials AH. Everyone please clear your throat. Hmmmmm Hmmmmmm

For clarity MiTC does not know who AH is and we are not making any suggestions or assumptions either. Maybe Shanks "shook bwois” Esprit knows who these guys are. Or maybe we should ask the genius loud mouth who cannot keep his portion or in colloquial pronunciation “Porshan” on his plate away from Collin McIntyre

Sunday, October 13, 2019


Before or even while reading please enjoy the music by the WCK band “YES WE AH GO HOLD THEM DOWN”

We have often lamented about the dysfunctional media in Dominica however we now know that the so call media in Dominica prefer report on matters such as - how many people show up at a Novena in La Sallette. We also worry about the phycology of accommodation and convenience among the churches and other civil society leaders as appeasement to the dictator Roosevelt Skerrit and his corrupt and criminal regime. 

After such a heinous attempt by the DLP operatives to again bring in foreign rogues to attempt to frame Lennox Linton we see very little reaction from the media, the bar association and civil society. As for the police department with a puppet commissioner in Daniel Carbon- forget about it.

As the media flounders and civil society continue to pander like ostrich in the sand we at MiTC have been taking up the slack and it is as a result of our unrelenting team of patriotic investigators at MiTC that we were able to unmask the notorious Terry Baron and his coconspirator . The two men who the Dominica police should be pursuing at this point for crimes committed in Dominica.

Nous Chebais Chuckie Original Hold Them” Not only did we catch Terry Baron; we also caught his partner in crime.  Dumb &Dumber   
Richard Lloyd Henry- Dumber
We knew very early that the name Terry Baron was just an alias name and it was not going to be an easy task but with the help of our international investigating journalists we have done our due deligence . Our investigation show that Terry Baron is actually a gentleman by the name of    RICHARD LLOYD HENRY a British citizen born in Kingston, 24 th February 1959.

Richard's partner in crime is a gentleman by the name of JOSEPH FREDERICK BOLL  also a British citizen born in Bristol December 6 1978.

 Both men (Dumb &Dumber) were seen in Dominica at the time the United Workers Party did the launching of their candidates on the Bay front. As part of their clandestine and criminal operation both men were also seen taking pictures with members of the UWP team. Richard "Terry Baron"  Lloyd Henry  is that gentleman shown trespassing and committing a criminal act on the opposition leader’s property. We believe that his partner Joseph Boll  may have been the idiot filming the stooge like operation at Mr Linton's house.  

Joseph Frederick Boll -Dumb
Now that we have uncovered the pair of criminals (Nous Chebais chuckies) we hope that Daniel Carbon together with the minister of National Security issue a warrant through Interpol so that we could have Dumb and Dumber extradited from Britain to face our justice system in Dominica.

Note also that our investigators are continuing to investigate both gentlemen and their associations and we will provide an updated report. We are already begining to uncover some very disturbing information about one of the imposters   

Once again the people of Dominica can see the length at which the corrupt Roosevelt Skerrit regime will go to retain power. We well understand that the plot to have these two foreign rogues frame Lennox Linton is not just a Dominica Labor Party operation. We are talking about the involvement of foreign passport interest groups- those making millions of dollars of our passports and working vociferously to insure that the despotic regime remain in office by any means necessary and that includes imprisonment of Lennox Linton.

Dominicans we have to stop this right now by insuring the Roosevelt Skerrit and his foreign slave plantation owners in Europe and Dubai know that we the Dominican people are going to be running things in Dominica.

Thursday, October 3, 2019


Mysterious Terry
With the fantastic technologies that are available for photo manipulation, anyone in an apartment in London can be made to appear shaking Lennox Linton or Roosevelt Skerrit’s hands at any political or other social event in Dominica. This is not to credit or discredit the photo showing Lennox Linton meeting the mysterious Terry- eyewitnesses and even Lennox Linton himself have already confirmed that a photo was taken with the imposter and Passport operative Mysterious Terry.  

Does anyone believe that Terry and his operatives came to Dominica just to snap a photo with Lennox Linton for propaganda purposes? One thing for sure -Nous Chebais Chuckie, Bawais Yo en Ho Bawais Yo abas   

While some people are caught up with the authenticity of the photo and the WhatsApp messages in the latest DLP propaganda hit on Lennox Linton we may be missing a very significant point. Mysterious Terry and his operatives did not come all the way from Europe and the Middle East just to snap a photo with Lennox Linton. 

We believe that the mission was meant to get Lennox Linton in an isolated situation where Lennox would be baited and videotaped in a very compromising situation. We understand also that the passport hawks,Terry and company also invited a few members of the UWP to socialize and have a few drinks but the UWP candidates declined – most likely not even realizing that they were being set up. But they did well

Based on very similar campaign tactics carried out by Cambridge Analytica in St Kitts and even in other islands, the cursory character assassination job on Lennox Linton has all the resemblance of a desperate Plan D on crack. Plan A was really meant to have Lennox live on You tube similar to what was done to Denzel Douglas’s opponent Lindsey Grant in the 2010 election in St Kitt’s.

In an effort to protect the lucrative billion dollar passport selling operation CBI agents connected to the then Government of Denzel Douglas was able to lure Lindsey Grant in a hotel room, where men with British-accent posing as property developers promised Lindsey a $1.5 million payment in exchange for a bargain price on a plot of government land.  

All You Terry and company didn’t even "Gravitate Outwards" to change the game plan nuh- same $1.5 Million offer and the plot to sell state land wee!!!. lol

During the sting operation the British accented imposters said to Lindsey Grant “What we’re after is making sure you get into power, in return, “you will help us . . . how does that sound?” Grant who at the time was campaigning against Denzel Douglas corruption in St Kitts seemed reluctant at first but then he took the bait and raised the stake and demanded $1.7 Million. The video then end with the words “He sold his country and the people’s land just to win power. Clink the link below  


The same failed story line that was designed for Lennox Linton’s character assassination. Needless to say Grant did not win. The video which went viral destroyed Grant’s political aspirations.  

By now Dominicans are well aware of the fact that foreign Passport hawks operating out of Britain and the Middle East are actively trying to determine who our government officials should be and they are doing so simply to keep reaping the billions of dollars from the sale of our passports. We know for example that Montreal Management all the way in Dubai has been actively involved in determining the DLP candidates for certain constituencies.   

The attempted hit job on Lennox Linton is not just a full blown effort to protect the passport turf, these foreign passport hawks seem to think that we are a backward people as they attempted to run a play that we have already seen them run in St Kitts .The same $1.5 Million and the selling of state land? 

Only fools lean upon their own misunderstanding- Sadly fools like bounce check specialist Daryl Titre, Weng Weng Double Oh Al Benoit and the $40,000 Janitor Cleville Mills fell for the con game. What else are the DLP operatives and the foreign passport hawks going to come up with?

One thing for sure we the people of Dominica must put the brakes on them

Monday, September 30, 2019


Don’t Let then fool ya
Or even try to school ya
We’ve got a mind of our own

A’yin the darkness ah must come out ah light.(Bob Marley)

A series of emails between Montreal Management Consultants (MMCE) and a prospective CBI applicant reveal that MMCE has been offering passports under the Economic Development Fund option for US $139,700. US $60,300 less than the legal cost.  

This new revelation shadows a letter from Dominica’s CBI director chastising CBI agents who had been undercutting the legal price of the passports. With the evidence now showing that Anthony Haiden and MMCE have been offering passports at a significantly reduced price we expect the government of Dominica to act decisively on this matter.   

Now that we know that MMCE is a culprit in the undercutting of the passport pricing with offers of “special discount” the question is – are there any more CBI agents undercutting the passport prices?

We have been reliably informed that there is another CBI agents allegedly involved in a guileful form of passport undermining which is referred to among CBI agents as  a  Share Buy Back"  Scheme and the people of Dominica should be incensed about this.

According to our sources in the Middle East, under the “Share Buy Back Scheme” A CBI agency involved in a particular hotel development in Dominica is allegedly buying out the shares earned through the Real Estate Option for the cost of US$35,000. We were also told that instead of paying say US $200,000 under the Real estate option, an investor/passport buyer would be required to pay $165,000 and that US $350000 discount would provide for an automatic transfer of ownership in that hotel to that particular CBI agent.

By the alleged “Share Buy Back " Scheme the participating CBI agent is not just undermining the price of the passports but that, that CBI agent is also involved in a pervasive multiple dipping stratagem. In addition to receiving up to 20% commission on every passport transaction this agent is allegedly scheming another US $35000 off the base price of the passport to buy out share in a “Real estate Investment “valued at over US $200,000.

A question that has dogged Roosevelt Skerrit and his CBI program is – Who own these real estate developments/hotels after the country’s resources have been used to finance these projects? Under the missing $1.2 Billion pressure PM Skerrit with his deceitful ways told the people of Dominica in a halfhearted manner that the hotels now being constructed under the CBI program belong to the people of Dominica however in a recent radio broadcast CBI agent and Jungle Bay hotel developer Sam Raphael disputed the PM’s statement. Sam Raphael clearly stated that the Hotel belong to the investors.

Although Sam Raphael and Roosevelt Skerrit are both pathological liars we have every reasons to believe that Sam Raphael is right as the PM and his administration for 5 years never saw it fit to respond to the people on the question of the ownership of these hotels until they felt the pressure of the missing $1.2 billion. In addition not one of the CBI agents involved in Hotel development have ever stated that the hotels belong to the people of Dominica. Instead what we have seen from these CBI agents is a relentless effort to protect their selfish interest (never that of the people) in the CBI program.    

It is also important to note that the alleged “Share Buy Back"  Scheme does not only provide an avenue for the CBI agent to use the people’s money to purchase absolute ownership of the real estate development but that it also provides a great cost saving incentive for the CBI applicants/passports buyers as the vast majority of them are strictly interested in the convenience of another passport and not an investment in a hotel in Dominica- let alone Skerrit’s claim of a “housing option “ where passport buyers can invest in government housing projects. 

Nanthan's Letter
We believe now that that this letter by Emmanuel Nanthan expressing concern about the undercutting of the passport pricing was just a hypocritical attempt to appease a few CBI agents complaining about the under-handing action of some of Nanthan and Skerrit’s close associate. Nanthan and Skerrit knew then that MMCE was involved in offering special discounts and we believe to they are fully aware of the dangerous and unscrupulous agent involved in the “Share Buy Back” Scheme.

 With an unfettered CBI program where Skerrit and company are too busy taking care of their personal interest and not that of the people it would be no surprise to us  if many other CBI agents are involved in the Share Buy Back" Scheme. After all it's an unregulated windfall opportunity for any unscrupulous CBI agent.   

The people of Dominica should now understand why Skerrit and his friends would rather keep them in the dark or even gaslighted on the ownership of those CBI real estate developments. The revelation of the “Share Buy Back” scheme in the CBI program is enough to get the people of Dominica angery and out in the streets demanding accountability.  

Monday, September 23, 2019


In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King “We shall overcome because Carlisle is right “No lie can live forever, we shall overcome because William Cullen Bryant is right ,Truth Crush to earth will rise again. We shall overcome because James Russel Lowell is right Truth forever on the scaffold, wrong forever on the throne –yet that scaffold sways the future.”

A few weeks ago we reported that the National Bank of Dominica (NBD) had been identified in the Panama papers as a corporation with an offshore account set up in Panama. The leaked documents show that the NBD Corporation was domiciled in Barbados by the Law Firm of George Payne.George Payne is a politician and sitting minister in the Mia Mortley government of Barbados.

Since the wider public was apprised of this suspicious NBD account in Panama neither the NBD management nor the government of Dominica who own more than 50 percent of the bank have come forward to explain why there is a secret account in Panama under the name of the National Bank of Dominica. With the total silence on the matter we can only assume that the government is way too busy trying to account for the stray passport revenue of $1.2 Billion or is may be  just another way of telling us that it is none of our darn business.

Just when we think that the extent of corruption could not be any worse, we are realizing that there was another account set up in the name of National Bank of Dominica, not in Panama but in the Cayman Islands.

According to the Paradise Papers declaration, on December 29, 2006 an account in name of National Bank of Dominica (Pension & Retirement Services) was set up by law firm named Appleby. Appleby is headquartered in Bermuda with operations in the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, Jersey, Seychelles and more jurisdictions.

Like the Panama Papers, The Paradise Papers are a set of leaked documents providing a close up view of how politicians, celebrities and other rich individuals use shell company tactics for illegal purposes including fraud, tax evasion and money laundering.  In the case of the Panama Papers the leaked documents came from the Corporate Service provider and law firm Mossack Fornseca however in the case of the Paradise Papers the leaked documents came from a law firm named Appleby together with offshore service providers Estera and Asciati Trust and other business registries in 19 tax jurisdictions. Estera for example has over 550 employees and operates in 11 jurisdictions. Asciati Trust also provides international trust and corporate services but throughout Asia, Central America and the Pacific.

The address for the National Bank of Dominica (Pension & Retirement Services) as shown in the Appleby leaked document is 64 Hillsborough Street, Roseau Dominica. The shell company structure indicates an Entity named Pension Support Fund Limited with the National Bank Of Dominica as a Shareholder as well. Even Appleby itself is named as a shareholder. Other shareholders include offshore service providers such as ,Gravitas Capital, Mapcal Limited, Maples Finance Limited, Mourant Cayman Corporate Ltd. It is important to note that the shell company schemes are based on masking the true identities of the account holders and so the shareholders as shown in the shell company structure are almost always sketchy. For example in the case of the National Bank Of Dominica account in Panama the web was created using Dominicans who were on the board of directors for the NBD and as we noted these board members may have been totally unaware this offshore arrangement.  

The Journey Into Abyss of Corruption Started in 2004

As we continue to go through the investigative reports by the International Consortium Of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) we notice that all of the shady offshore compilations related to Dominica began from 2004, right after Roosevelt Skerrit became the prime minister. For example The NBD account in Panama was set up in 2010 and the Cayman island account in 2006.

Between 2004 and 2006 we also notice that a number of other offshore accounts were set up by the PM’s attorney and accountant Stephen Isidore. In some cases the accounts were set up using what is referred to as “Bearers Shares” tactics. According to international investigators Bearer Shares provide the deepest levels of secrecy in the offshore finance industry as the tactic does not register the identity of the owner and it does not provide for tracking the transfer of ownership. As a matter of fact many countries have outlawed Bearer Shares because the tactic provides deep cover and facility for money laundering and tax evasion.

Stephen Isidor Email  
It was around 2006 when evidence of massive money laundering activities were seen taking place from the office of Stephen Isidore ,the  Prime Minister Skerrit’s attorney and personal account handler at the time. We saw evidence of thousands of pounds being wired to a young lady in England on behalf of Roosevelt Skerrit; thousands of US dollars wired to Carmel Waldron a cousin of Roosevelt Skerrit in the New York area. It was also around the same time that Stephen Isidore was seen handling the financial account for the construction of the Prime Minister’s 8 villa project in Savane Pailles area near Portsmouth.The question still remains - Where did Skerrit who came into office like a "vere Tere " /earth worm get the money from? 

In an email sent September 14, 2004 to one Rene Arciga, Stephen Isidore on behalf of his boss PM Skerrit is offering French National Rene Arciga a diplomatic Passport for the price of US $2 Million. Even in the face of this critical evidence apologists and co-beneficiaries of Roosevelt Skerrit banditry and corruption came out to attack those who denounce the selling of our diplomatic passports. Click the attached email for legibility

By 2006, two years into the leadership of Roosevelt Skerrit we were having serious concerns that Dominica had already descended into the abyss of corruption and so we established contacts with a few international investigators –journalists and financial crime investigators. By 2012 we received information on a few offshore accounts amounting to over US $64 Million and these accounts were all identified with the government of Dominica. According to the source of the information these accounts were just what they were able to locate at the time. We have redacted some of the account information for privacy purposes.
Acc #
 USD Millions
GN10XXXX 8244

While the opposition forces are focused on the missing $1.2 Billion from the last budget many people are beginning to realize that this missing $1.2 Billion is just the tip of the iceberg. It must therefore be the priority of the next government administration to insure that we get to the bottom of the iceberg and not just retrieve the hidden loot but to prosecute all the thieves and vagabonds that have violated our people and country.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


The statement by Honorable Hector “Spags" John that “ there will be civil disobedience if there is no electoral reform “ was deemed a threat and Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon, National Security Minister Rayburn “Baby Sarah Blackmore and PM Roosevelt Skerrit carried out a plan to have Honorable Hector “Spags John arrested and charged for incitement.

The arrest of Hector Spags John did not come as a surprise as it is now clear to all and sundry that PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his criminal regime are really not concerned about national security- their only concern is to remain in power by any means necessary and to do so ,the political persecution of members of the opposition parties must be a priority item.

There are countless examples whereby the government has failed to act in the interest of national security and on many occasions we have seen government officials parading around with well-known violent criminals and even interfering with the judicial system on matters involving these well-known criminals.

Gang Leader Kenny G
We recently reported on a court matter whereby PM Skerrit and Melissa had been working behind the scene to have a criminal charges dropped against the notorious criminal Kenny G, in a matter involving the shooting incident in the Portsmouth area. See MiTC  article
It is alleged that Kenny G threatened to withdraw his political support for DLP Candidate in the Roseau Central constituency,Melissa Skerrit, should the murder charges continue in the courts.

Kenny G had also been a main subject in the investigation of the recent shooting death at the "Garage" in Roseau. We understand that Kenny G was not the trigger man in that case however it is alleged that the gun used in that particular incident was in Kenny G’s possession  and that the police had to threaten Kenny G with murder charges in order to secure the gun for evidentiary purposes. 

While Daniel Carbon, Minister Rayburn Blackmore and PM Roosevelt Skerrit Skerrit are busy trying to persecute the opposition members we can confirm that the same Kenny G and two other members of his gang have applied to Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon for gun carrying licenses. In their gun permit application it says “The reason for the gun permit – “Security For Melissa Skerrit “ – I kid you not. 

It is public knowledge that a special task force was commissioned by the police to provide security for the Prime Minister and his family, so why then is Melissa requesting additional security to be provided by Kenny G and his criminal gang? It is the question that even the Skerrit apologists would ask in their quest to spin and defend this absurdity- so to all the Skerrit apologists be our guest and ask Daniel Carbon, Richmond Valentine et al - what the on earth are they thinking?    

We can also confirm that since the submission of the gun permit applications both PM Skerrit and Rayburn Blackmore have called Daniel Carbon to follow up on the status of the application. 
Puppet-Daniel Carbon
Our sources have also indicated that even some of the high ranking police officers who are Skerrit apologists are quite uncomfortable with the idea of providing a well known criminals like Kenny G with gun carrying permits.

We were informed that Daniel Carbon himself was hoping that this matter would never get to the public domain and that he would once again subject himself to the dictates of dirty politicians like Rayburn Blackmore and Roosevelt Skerrit. Now that MiTC have exposed this dangerous threat to our national security we are hoping that Daniel Carbon will do the right thing, be a real man  and say no to Skerrit, Blackmore and to Kenny G and his crime syndicate.   

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