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Saturday, April 6, 2019


After promising to clean up his diplomatic passport selling and racketeering program, PM Roosevelt Skerrit is again caught in another Diplomatic Passport scandal. This time PM Skerrit himself has been caught using two separate diplomatic passports with different date of births and many in the international community are suggesting that the two diplomatic passport scheme is really an effort by Skerrit to distort his travelling plans.  

The question of why the PM uses two separate diplomatic passports is in itself quite worrisome and scandalous however from the evidence in our possession the PM is using two different date of birth (DOB). On Diplomatic passport DP 0000572 the PM DOB is shown as January 8 1972 and on Diplomatic Passport 0000487 the DOB is June 8 1972.

Many of us will remember that during the French citizenship fiasco the shameless Tony “Wee wee Pequinio” Astaphan misled the Dominican people when he said that the PM was borne in Guadeloupe in June of 1972. When it was proven that Wee Wee Pequinio was again lying he changed the PM DOB and place of Birth- January 1972, Dominica. But Tony Astaphan is as irrelevant as yesterday’s bathroom visit.

The evidence in our possession also shows that the PM Roosevelt Skerrit conveniently employs the diplomatic passports based on the areas of travel. We saw that he uses one diplomatic passport to travel to the United States and other Western countries and then he uses the other to places like Dubai, Pakistan, Venezuela etc. In his most recent travel to Ghana (Trip paid by an entity in Ghanna) Skerrit used one diplomatic passport and on a different leg of that travel he used another diplomatic passport to travel to the United States for the UN engagement where his wife Melissa was seen sitting where she does not belong. 

Skerrit and Dodgy Monfared
It is really no surprise that a PM who for years  has peddled Dominica’s diplomatic passports to dodgy diplomats such as Udo Carsten Deppische, Alireza Monfared, NG Lap Seng and many others is himself in possession of more than one diplomatic passport. We do expect the shameless spinners like Parry Bellot and "Sleeping Beauty" Clarence Christian to come out in defense of the PM’s insidious conduct. The questions that the reasonable person should be asking are

Why is the PM moving around with two different diplomatic passports?

Did any other PM travel around with two different diplomatic passport and with  different DOB.

Why is the PM trying to distort his travel plans and way about?

We may also recall the famous Las Vegas swap where PM Skerrit attempted to dump the secret service because he did not want the US authorities to know that he was meeting with NG Lap Seng at a Hotel in in Las Vegas. Based on our sources the authorities are looking at the PM’s two diplomatic passport scheme.

PM Roosevelt continues to show us his real character – a deceitful, avaricious and reckless con man. There is no question that the ghosts of the past and present are on Skerrit’s trail and this Machiavellian character that Skerrit has adopted just to remain in power is strictly about survival – a means to avoid possible indictments and even  jail time for crimes against the state.

Monday, April 1, 2019


Pacific Hope People Repairing the Docking Facility at Cabrits
In a recent posting on social media, Minister Of Tourism Robert Tonge touted photos of handrails being installed on the Cabrits cruise ship berth facility. The Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth and Passenger  terminal was built during the Freedom Party administration and was completed somewhere around 1990. Over the last 20 years of the Labor Party administration the entire facility had been neglected, one may even say abandoned and yet again the very same loyal people of Portsmouth were denied economic opportunities in the Cruise Tourism sector. The fact that Robbie Tonge is bragging about a  a facility that went into dereliction under the Labor Party is ludicrous

While it is true that the government is now doing some repair work at the Cabrits facility there is a reason for doing so and it is not because cruise ships are coming to Portsmouth. If that was the case Robbie Tong would have been bragging about it. Robbie Tong all we are asking is that you guys must be honest and transparent with the people. Stop the lying and the half truths.

Before we reveal the reason why the government is desperately doing repairs at the Cabrits facility it is important to present a few facts  - not just for truth to power but to expose Robbie Tonge’s brashness and deception. 
  •          Prior to Hurricane Maria the Cabrits Cruise Ship facility was just another decrepit government facility – the docking structure was in total ruin and the terminal hijacked by molds and Mildew- very much like the former Marigot hospital. (We know that molds and “Poopoule” in government facilities have become the hallmark of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration). 
  •          After Hurricane Maria the docking structure was repaired (hand Rails excluded) by the Pacific Hope missionary group so that they could provide free medical care for thousands of Dominicans.(see the attached Photo). The medical services are provided from a vessel docked at the same Cabits facility and today the Pacific Hope missionaries are being harassed and asked to remove their vessel from the Cabrits dock.
Robbie Tonge’s Half Truth
The repair work that is now being done at the Cabrits cruise ship facility is as a result of a desperate turn in Kempinski’s operation plans. We can confirm that like Ross University, Kempinski have had serious concerns and complaints  about air access and the unavailability of an international airport, infrastructural upgrades, improvement in the medical services and trained people for hire. In our article “The Bare Promise Of A Point Round Airport……… “ we revealed that Skerrit promised Kempinski that an international airport would be built in the Point Round area in time for the Kempinski Hotel opening. At the time we published the article the developers of the Kempinski Hotel were beginning to realize that Skerrit is a conniving and vindictive con man. We also know that it was after the Kempinski developers began to sound the alarm about the airport situation that PM Skerrit came up with the idea of building the international airport using a piggy bank (Cash Pan) scheme. (

We have also learned that  because the Lagoon/Cotton Hill relocation plan had not been fulfilled  PM Skerrit also promised the Kempinski developers that a Roadway would be routed from the One Mile area of Portsmouth directly through the Chance and the Buck area and unto the Kempinski Compound. According to our sources the back road would serve as a detour from the not so pleasant scenery in the Lagoon section of Portsmouth. No sign of a new roadway in the area at this point

We can also confirm that the relationship between PM Skerrit and the Kempinski development personnel had become so sordid that it was only recently that PM Skerrit started engaging with the lead people on the project. According to a disgruntled cabinet member “I will have to say that he is talking to the people now because he knows election is near and that he will need them fellas to boost the DLP campaign.”  

Sleeping Beauty
With the unfulfilled promise of an international airport, it is only logical to ask “how is 160 room 5 star hotel going to be successful on an island where air access is unaccommodating and not on par with the competing islands in the region. For this reason Kempinski has now altered their operation plan. According to our sources instead of the open room hotel model Kempinski intend to focus on strictly an exclusive client type system with emphasis on deep pocket clients from the Middle East. As part of the alternate operations plan the exclusive clients will be privately ferried from Guadeloupe directly to the Cabrits facility and then driven straight to the Kempinski hotel or shall we say resort. The restoration of the Cabrits facility and the reconstruction of the Cabrits roadway  with palm trees planted along the roadside is all part of the kempinski alternative advancement plan. This is why the government is desperately repairing the Cabrits Facility and we dare the sleeping Beauty Clarence Christian to challenge us on this.  

Had Range Capital not receive free money and real estate to develop the Kempinski hotel there is no reason to believe that Range Capital would want to invest in Dominica however if they did there is no doubt that like Ross University Dominicans would most likely have seen a KEMPIT (Kempinski Exit). Range Capital was given free land and about 850 passports, approximately EC $230 Million of the people’s money to develop the Kempinski Hotel. In reality Range capital and the Kempinski Hotel developers has little or no risk in the game. In fact in another article we will show how much money that Mohammed Asaria and Range Capital could be making from the sale of our passports for the Kempinski Hotel development .   

One question that the people of Dominica must continue to ask PM Skerrit and Mohammed Asaria  is – “who owns the hotel  after it is built with the  people’s resources?” Since the inception of the hotel projects the PM and his administration are yet to provide clarifications on the ownership structure of not only the Kempinski hotel but the “Alick Lawrence” Hotel and the proposed Collin McIntyre resort in the Valley- all of which have been financed by the people’s passport revenue.

We have also learned that a recent meeting between the government officials and the Kempinski developers had not been so nice and dandy for the government officials. Our sources have told us that the meeting was an opportunity for the kempinski developers to voice their grievances and to show feats of strength. We learned that instead of the agreed 55% limit on foreign employees the Kempinski developers have demanded the right to use 78% or more of foreign employees. People who are familiar with the proceedings of that meeting were concerned that Dominicans may only be entitled to the Low end paying jobs. But then again due to the severe economic doldrums Dominicans trained in Hotel management and hospitality are not readily available for hire and the Kempinski developers may have legitimate reasons to bring in foreign employees.

What was started and promoted as 160 Room 5 star hotel is now being pushed as an exclusive type resort and it is fair to ask whether this hotel will be just another White Elephant. For the sake of the dire unemployment situation in Dominica we sincerely wish that the hotel development becomes a  success. However we must be pragmatic- the high possibility of empty hotel rooms must be a cause for concern and it is no surprise that the Kempinski developers have adopted desperate measures and alternate plans. Just as in the case of Ross University the Roosevelt Skerrit government has not met their end of the bargain which is to primarily create easy air access in and out of Dominica. Now the Kempinski development is facing an enormous challenge and the blame falls squarely at the feet of PM Skerrit and his administration. No amount of spins , lies and excuses will help the situation at this point.

It is clear that the established hotels on the island are currently underperforming and it may have been much more prudent to use the over $500 Million to develop air access and to help upgrade the existing hotel rooms on the island as oppose to giving private hotel developers / passport sellers free money and real estate for Hotel development.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


During the 2018 – 2019 Budget address the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit quoted “Madam Speaker for fiscal year 2018-2019, non-tax revenue is estimated at $428 million, or 54% - this comes primarily from the CBI Program.” (Ministry of Finance Budget Address 2018 -2019). Fast forward to March 2019, the official State Gazette Reports 3,967 passports were sold between August and December 2018. 

At US $100,000 per pop and with 50% of the passport sales going to the passport sales agent a reasonable estimate shows  that between August and December of 2018 the people of Dominica should have seen roughly  US$400,000,000 or EC$1,000,000,000EC (400 million US or 1 Billion EC. 

By averaging the sales for the remaining 3 quarters of 2018 we can safely estimate  that another  US $1.2 Billion US or EC $3 billion were made from the sale of our passports. 

We say all this to remind Dominicans that when cronies of the Dominica Labor Party are walking around offering money for votes and loyalty it is important to keep in mind that all of the the bribe money belong to we the people and not that of Skerrit , Kapitolin or Shakira Lochart . Skerrit can no longer lie about getting his bribe money from friendly governments and diplomatic passport sales are under tight scrutiny. 

It is alleged that after it was announced that a popular and promising young man from the Village of Penville maybe the UWP candidate for the Vielle Case /Penville constituency, that DLP shysters  Floyd Kapitolin and tight pants Austelle Lockhart were both deployed to the Village of Penville to dole out cash  to the people and the promise of more to come.

Canefield Fire Station
 The Trillion Dollar question is -“Have Roosevelt Skerrit, Floyd Kapitolin or Austell Lockhart seen the Penville Health Center?  We had the chance to visit the village of Penville and after having witness the neglect and derelict condition of the Penville Health Center we realize that Roosevelt Skerrit and his Cronies are not just about politicking but are truly unsociable ,ruthless and “Maduroesque” in behavior. The above photo shows the current condition of the Penville Health Center. 

It is widely known and seen that DLP mercenaries are actively using state resources in all manner to push the Dominica Labor Party agenda. We see how much state resources were utilized to cover and protect the disgraceful Rayburn Blackmoore after the Baby Sahra revelations yet the Canfield Fire station remains in deplorable conditions. See the attached photo and go take a look as Tony Astaphan will say the picture was doctored.   

Finally we must again appeal to the conscience of those in the Diaspora who are willing to accept bribe money and plane tickets to come vote for these brigands  of the Dominica Skerrit Party – take a look at the Penville Health Center, the Canefield Fire Station , the many other government buildings and the many citizens who are still under tarpaulins. It would be a travesty for Dominicans in the diaspora to at this point in Dominica’s recovery and struggles to accept from Skerrit and his goons monies stolen from the people of Dominica.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Just like they destroyed the Public Works Department and it’s employees for their personal benefit ,Labor Party operatives have now taken over the national plant propagation program and have now privatized the selling of planting materials and they are charging the farmers three times the normal price of planting materal .
abandoned screen house
A few months ago we reported on the status of the various plant propagation stations throughout the island. We exposed the dilapidated and less than humane conditions at a number of propagation stations. During our investigations we found out that the government propagation workers at some locations have had to use the nearby bushes for their bathroom break. 

What we have learned since our last report is that the shameful neglect and abandonment of the government plant propagation operations had been a well calculated plan by Labor Party operative Joseph Blanford  as he is  now the main planting material supplier on the island.

Joseph Blandford currently holds the following positions under the Ministry Of Agriculture (MOA)- National Propagation Coordinator/ overseer; Chairman Of the Chemical Board; National Tree Coordinator. Our investigation reveals that as National Propagation Coordinator Joseph Blanford engineered a decision to neglect and abandon the national plant propagation program and as a result the government propagation stations are left dilapidated and nonfunctional.  Joseph Blandford in the meanwhile is running his private plant propagation operation in Kingshill where he is charging farmers $30.00 per plant as opposed to the government’s fee of $10.00 per plant. We can also confirm that Joseph Blanford utilizes the government vehicle to run his private operation. He uses the government (GA) vehicle to deliver material to his customers as well.

We were also reliably informed that as National Propagation Coordinator, Joseph Blanford also took a decision to destroy a number of planting materials from the various government locations. It was decided that these planting materials were contaminated after the passage of Maria and should be destroyed. However our sources have indicated that a lot of the planting materials were transferred to Blandford’s uncertified private operation in Kingshill.

Blanford Facility
It is quite obvious that neither the Minister of Agriculture and Petro Caribe Reginald Austrie nor his Permanent Secretary the Parrot Magician Reginald Thomas have the moral authority to curb this blatant conflicting interest operation as conducted by Joseph Blandford. The cart Blanche authority of Joseph Blanford is yet another reminder of why the mighty Public Works Department is now an inconspicuous and insignificant institution. It is so because the Dominica Labor Party operatives decided that they through their disguised companies should self-perform contracts that would have been assigned to the Public Works Department. Today public works is just a shell of what it once was. With DLP hacks like Rickie Brumant and Joseph Blanford running roughshod on the national plant propagation operation it is just a matter of time before another essential government service is totally annihilate and the  employees under the plant propagation unit are made redundant.

 The government has just received a shipment of citrus plants supposedly from Israel. We are keeping a close watch on these citrus plants and where they may end up. We will keep our lenses focused on Blanford’s facility in Kingshill. We were also told to expect the exclusion of the agriculture extension officers in the distribution of these citrus plants. We understand that DLP Parl Reps and new DLP candidates will be given the responsibility to handle and distribute the new citrus plants to farmers.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


In our article “In The Mind Of A Sociopath….” dated May 2 2018 we broke the story of the PM dissing and refusing to meet the Ross university executives to discuss the future of Ross in Dominica. At the time no one took heed because the labor party apologists on Kairi FM and on social media tried to discredit us. Two months after we exposed the PM’s callous and reckless behavior towards the Ross executives ROSSIT (Ross Exit) was announced and it was  a few week thereafter that the PM's arrogant and rash behavior became a matter of public discussion. In spite of the relentless attacks on MiTC by Tony Astaphan and his apostles ,our stories continue to stand up to the veracity test. In a simple question posed to the PM by Mystelics on whether or not he the PM dissed Ross University executives- the PM who is a boldface liar could not even deny the accusations. Instead he begged to not look back at what happened. Really?
In our article “Collin McIntyre Foot..” dated November 3,2017 and in another article January 15,2018 entitle “Body of Russian Oligarch…” we forewarned of Collin McIntyre’s plans to use our passports to build , own and operate a hotel up in the Valley. In spite of providing two separate publication of the ensuing scam we must admit that Anthony Astaphan failed attack MiTC or to respond and we know that his silence on this particular matter  was not really a show of consent but rather, Tony’s unwillingness to defend a man who repeatedly ate his cheese and horned him at the same time.


Even if Tony Astaphan had tried to defend his domestic nemesis ,Collin McIntyre, the truth always stands tall and at the end of it all Tony and his goons always end up carrying the crown of shame. The Dominica government has recently announced that another passport hotel is in the pipeline for the Valley area but here is what they don't want you to know- the project is a joint venture arrangement between Collin McIntyre and a Russian named Alexander. Alexander is the husband of the deceased Ena Lerner from the infamous and criminal operation of 8 Copthall Roseau Valley.

The Collin McIntyre and Alexander joint Venture has received roughly 600 of our passports to sell mainly among the Russian community, the mafia included. The passport revenues, according to plans would be used to purchase the land and build the hotel. But here is a very interesting and upsetting  twist. Collin McIntyre has already used our passport money to purchase his own land and land from another gentleman name Alport. At the completion of the project Collin McIntyre will own 58% of the hotel project and Alexander will control the remaining 42%.The people of Dominica – Zilch, Zero !!!!!
It is pointless to spend time on highlighting the brazen corruption and the wholesale rip off of the people’s resources by these thieves in office, as Skerrit, Collin McIntyre et al are no longer committing those corrupt and criminal acts behind the curtains. They are operating on the premise that no law no constitution can stop them and that they have total dominance over the people and resources of the country.

Now that we have again exposed the ownership arrangement of this proposed Hotel project in the Valley, we hope that the people of Dominica will begin to ask about the hotels that are under construction in Portsmouth. We are asking the people of Dominica to get involved and find out who has ownership interest in the hotels.  After all the people’s passports are being sold to build these hotels. 
There is a lot at stake and like the Maduro regime Skerrit and his goons will do almost anything to remain in power. They will lie, cheat steal and bribe anyone willing to sell themselves to the fancies of this evil gang. There is a lot that Skerrit and his gang will have to account for and they will never relinquish power to the citizens of Dominica. But it is now or never - we have to take our country back from these boldface brigands and criminals. 

Hopefully at some point Collin McIntyre will come clean on why he deliberately ate Tony's Cheese - Was it fate, revenge or just coincidence??? 
 Tony MiTC never ask a question that we don't have the answer for!!!!!!  

Saturday, February 9, 2019


In the words of Tyanni Douglas, the son of former PM Rosie Douglas, the socioeconomic situation in Portsmouth can be described as a” human crisis.” Several weeks ago a team of MiTC reporters took a trip down to Portsmouth where our team interacted with a number of residents. From our own findings the pain and the depression in Portsmouth is indeed of great concern and we now understand why the PM is now desperately conducting back to back Red Clinics in the town of Portsmouth. The people of Portsmouth may not be as vocal as they should but the burgeoning unemployment coupled with the flood of Haitian refugees in Portsmouth is taking its toll.
Even while Ross University was in full operation in the Portsmouth the economic insecurity has been a way of life for the people for last 18 years. There was always a concern that Ross had been the be-all and end-all in the Portsmouth area. The failure of the Roosevelt Skerrit government to provide sustainable employment opportunities outside of the Ross University economy is yet another compelling reason to discard Roosevelt Skerrit and his clowns or as the calypsonian Cheko says – Pull the Rotten “tief.”  Wash shay Yo

In this moment of agony it may seem graceless or insensitive to remind the people of Portsmouth of their foolish loyalty to a gang of wolves who for 19 years have offered them nothing but failed economic policies, unfulfilled promises and an overdose of mendacity. In fact 8 out of 10 people in Portsmouth today will proudly declare that their parliamentary representative Ian Douglas (Tu Ju Su) is a waste of time and through 3 election cycles a vote for Ian Douglas had been a vote for Roosevelt Skerrit the parliamentary Representative for the Vielle Case constituency. Since a vote for Ian meant a vote for Skerrit are the people of Portsmouth willing to accept that the “human crisis “ now occurring in Portsmouth is the handy work of Roosevelt Skerrit the con artist? Will the Portsmouth people finally remove those convenient blinders and stop allowing themselves to be used by a group of self-serving kleptocrats headed by a conniving imposter.   
On our visit to Portsmouth we decided to go visit the coffee factory and although we have visited the coffee factory many times before this time was surreal. We were able to get into the abandoned facility to take a number of photos and on our way out of the facility we were engaged by a young man who was in the area attending to his animals grazing in the vicinity.  The conversation with the young man began with an awkward misunderstanding. Here is a snippet of the initial engagement

Young Man- Sharle (Shall) that tie his cow inside their wee.
At the moment we thought the young man was asking us for permission (Shall) to tie his cow on the compound so our response was.

MiTCSir we are not representatives from the government we can’t give you permission to tie your cow on the compound.
Young Man- No I am not asking you to tie my cow inside there nuh, what I am telling you is that there is a man by the name of Sharle, he is the one that ties his cow inside the coffee factory.

By the time we understood that “Sharle” was an individual it became clear to us that the young man wanted to exculpate himself from what he thought we had seen inside the abandoned coffee factory. The sad truth is we saw signs that cows were being sheltered inside the abandoned coffee factory. In addition to the disgraceful and unsightly abandonment of brand new and never used coffee processing equipment , broken doors, missing roof there was evident of cow down(cow poop) on various sections of the coffee factory building.

abandoned Coffee Processor 
The story of cow poop in the abandoned coffee factory at One Mile Portsmouth is again another example of the total let down and the afflictive failure of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration to provide economic security for the people of Portsmouth and surrounding. The Coffee factory was a US $12 Million gift by President Hugo Chavez. This gift was supposed to emulate the economic model of the famed Blue Mountain Coffee , one that would sustain large scale employment and economic opportunities not just for the people of Portsmouth but for coffee growers throughout the island. 
MiTC has done several articles on the coffee factory. We have exposed the corruption and money laundering that took place during the construction of the facility. There was high day disappearance of over a hundred thousand dollars’ worth of building material from the construction project and there were a number of letters and inquirieson this matter within the ministry of agriculture and the PM’s office and Dr. Toussaint as DLP operative and main Liaison for the VENIDOM Corporation is yet to explain how the material disappeared. We also reported on the movement of cash in and out of the airport by some of the Venezuelans who were connected to VENIDOM and the construction of the Coffee factory. We know that Custom and Port security at the time were programmed to “Walk with their Eyes close” as the Venezuelans moved briefcases of cash in and out of Dominica.    
The VENIDOM Corporation is a body made up of Labor Party cronies and corrupt accomplices of the Maduro cabal. The corporation was set up to manage and operate the coffee factory. From what we have seen in all our investigations the VENIDOM Corporation is nothing more than another setup for these corrupt and selfish operatives to enrich themselves using the Petro Caribe program as the conduit to launder cash. What we have also noticed is that the VENIDOM Corporation is inextricably tied to Reginald Austrie’s proverbial tattoo, the Petro Caribe operations in Dominica. We know for a fact that it was Venezuelans wearing Petro Caribe uniform who came to Portsmouth to ask the Samaritan Purse to vacate the coffee factory building after the Samaritan Purse was given permission to store hurricane relief material inside the coffee factory.

After 8 years, US $12 Million in construction funding and over $5 Million in imported coffee beans, not one coffee bean has been processed at the facility in Portsmouth. According to the DLP apologists the coffee factory was supposed to bring considerable economic relief to the area. In fact at a 2013 debate at the Dominica State College, the former Ambassador to Venezuela Dr. Philbert Aaron argued that the geothermal plant and the coffee factory would be the only way forward for the Dominican economy. Needless to say both the coffee factory and the geothermal plant have been absolute failures.  
The Making of A Good Red Clinic
A good Doctor and patient relationship should include open discussion on causative issues and the preventative measures. As the people of Portsmouth are being set up for the one day fixes at Skerrit’s Red Clinic, they should be prepared to ask the Red Clinic doctor to explain why it is that after seven years, the Coffee factory has not processed one grain of coffee and has not provided the economic health benefits that were promised – not even one of the 300 jobs promised.

Mr. Skerrit, the Red Clinic Doctor and medicine dispenser should also be asked to explain why after 11 years the Morocco hotel in Portsmouth is yet to be completed. It would also be quite appropriate to ask Mr. Skerrit to explain how he was able to complete 8 Villas in Savane Pailles and one mansion in Vielle Case within a five year period whereas his government cannot complete an 80 Room hotel in 11 years. The Red Clinic doctor should also explain how in just a few months he was able to bring in all his marble and some other architectural finishes for his private dwelling house all the way from Morocco whereas it is now more than 5 years since Ian Douglas told us that the Moroccans left Dominica to get the architectural finishes for the Morocco Hotel project.
It would be great if the young people would ask the Red Clinic Doctor to also explain how it is that for almost 20 years of a DLP administration, the Cabrits Cruise Ship facility sat as a white elephant in the town of Portsmouth-the most loyal Labor Party constituency. The Red Clinic doctor should explain why there were no improvements let alone expansion of the facility so the people in Portsmouth and it’s environ could enjoy the fruits of a vibrant and healthy cruise tourism sector. Today the cruise ship facility is in a dilapidated state with a leaky roof and unkempt condition. It is quite disheartening and shameful to say the least.

The Portsmouth people have also been told that 4 other Universities have expressed interest in the Ross University campus. It is quite interesting that while the people of Portsmouth have been promised 4 other Universities, the 8 Villas allegedly owned by the Red Clinic doctor and which served as residence for Ross University professors and other administrative personnel have allegedly been sold to a mysterious buyer. If the police would let me in to see the Red Clinic doctor I would ask him why he sold the villas while other rental owners in Portsmouth are suffering; god forbid some on the brink of suicide. 
Broken Door
Cow Poop Area

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


As Parliament met to amend the Offshore Banking (Amendment Bill) 2019, Fiscal Incentives Amendment Act and the Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information (Common Reporting Standard) Act we felt obligated to tell the story of former priest now offshore bank magician attorney Lennox Lawrence and how he performs Eucharistic miracles in the offshore Banking sector in Dominica.
The sleazy works of Lennox Lawrence was again at center stage in a recent Eastern Caribbean court decision (September 2018 Claim No.DOMHCV2018/0009). In this court matter the Claimant Kinscorp Limited (“Kinscorp”) brought an action   by   way   of   a Claim   against   the   defendant   Remy   Lawrence for the recovery of $39,547.00. Remy Lawrence who was represented by his brother, attorney Lennox Lawrence was also at the material time, “the director of Kinscorp”  and was liable to it’s account. Stick a  pin in here – We are about to see that  Lennox Lawrence the magician..

In the claim against Remy Lawrence a sworn affidavit was presented by Mr. Jhonny Gregorio Griman (Griman) also a director of Kisncorp. Through Lennox Lawrence’s magical web of deception we now know that Griman is also the director of an offshore bank in Dominica, named Ibank. Griman in his affidavit claimed that Remy Lawrence was in breach of fiduciary duty and trust, when he withdrew $39,547.00 from the company’s account.

We also took some time to find out about Griman. We suspect that Jhonny Gregorio Griman is also the same Jhonny Gregorio Griman (Gonzalez) who is Venezuelan by nationality. We also found out that Griman got a divorce in 2013, the same year that Ibank was domiciled in Dominica. (See Dominica’s financial Service Unit (FSU) web site). For the records it was not Lennox Lawrence who leaked Griman’s Divorce information to MiTC.

From Eucharist to Legal Bobolist
Lennox Lawrence acting as defense attorney filed what is referred to as an Ancillary Claim on behalf of his brother and client Remy Lawrence. In the ancillary submission Lennox Lawrence took the decision to named the same Ibank Corporation (“Ibank”) and Kinscorp Limited as the ancillary defendants. In what appears to be a reverse claim Lennox Lawrence declared the following.

(1)Kinscorp is the alter ego of Ibank; (in other words kinscorp is Ibank
(2)Ibank is the principal of Kinscorp for the purpose of settling Ibank’s financial responsibilities
(3)Ibank is beneficially entitled to the monies on the bank account held by Kinscorp;
(4)Ibank is entitled to monies paid by Remy Lawrence on behalf of both Kinscorp and Ibank.

Lennox Lawrence on behalf of Remy Lawrence sort an  order from the court  to justify that “the  monies  claimed  and held   by   Kinscorp   were properly  utilized  for  the  settlement  of  Ibank’s  financial obligations and that included the legal retainer owed by Ibank.” Through all of Lennox Lawrence’s magic the questions that should come to mind at this point are -
Who is that lawyer retained by Ibank? 
To whom does IBank owe the financial obligations? 

We are about to see the chameleon,Lennox Lawrence playing multiple roles in what could be great  Hollywood script. !!!

In response to the ancillary claim filled on the behalf of Remy Lawrence, the court agreed that Remy Lawrence did not show or prove that he is entitled to a remedy against the applicant, Kinscorp (Griman). The court stated “It is contended that the remedies which Remy Lawrence is seeking in the ancillary claim are  not  remedies  to  assuage  any  wrong  meted  out  to  him  and  in  the  circumstances,  Remy Lawrence   has   failed   to   state   a   case   against   the applicants   that   is   known   or recognizable in the law.“  Lennox Lawrence magic hit a snag

Caught Red Handed- Yo chebais Chuckie
In response to the ancillary claim by Remy Lawrence, the counsel for the applicant, Heather Felix Evans submitted that Remy Lawrence is really a “proxy claim” on behalf of Lennox Lawrence. Essentially Remy Lawrence through his attorney Lennox Lawrence was trying to justify his action by presenting to the court that the $39,547.00 that was taken out of Kinscorp’s account was really money retained by Kinscorp lawyer and that lawyer is Lennox Lawrence himself. Was it really Remy Lawrence who withdrew that money?  You decide !!! 

 In light of the skulduggery , double dealing and furious ethical violation by Lennox Lawrence , Heather Felix Evans also recommended that it is improper for him to represent Remy Lawrence in the suit.  Even the very incontinent Adventist, Cleville Mills would agree that this kind of behavior is just as bad as a senior police officer "sweeping" $40,000 out in a garbage bin.

In issuing it’s decision the court stated “It  is  concerning  to  note  that  the  statements  made  in  the  statement  of  claim (by Kinscorp) do not  all refer to the actions of Remy Lawrence but that of Learned Counsel Lennox Lawrence. In other words it would appear to this court  that  Remy Lawrence  is presenting  to  this  court  in  his  ancillary  statement  of  claim  that  it  is  counsel (Lennox Lawrence) “and  not Remy Lawrence who took certain actions  based on a debt to counsel “(Lennox Lawrence) “ 

The court went on to say that Remy has no right being in a rift with Griman and his Kinscorp, as Remy Lawrence has not indicated that there is any money owed to him  personally. It is reasonable to conclude that the “certain action” as referenced by the court is presumably the withdrawal of $39,547.00 from Kinscorp bank account.
According to the court, the entire matter was all a Lennox Lawrence set up with his brother Remy Lawrence either voluntarily or involuntarily playing the part of the mule. The judge opined that “ It  is  clear  from  the  case  at  bar  that  whatever  actions  Remy Lawrence  took  regarding  the funds  belonging  to  Kinscorp  can  constitute  a  defense  to  the  claim  made  out  against him.  However it is inconceivable as to how he can seek to bring an ancillary  claim against the applicants  for  a  debt  which  he  claims  is  owed  by  them  to  Counsel  Mr. Lennox Lawrence."

We have seen in other unrelated matters evidences and examples of Lennox Lawrence’s crafty deception and the webs of deception that he creates. One can only wonder what if Lennox Lawrence had not been a catholic priest before becoming this sleazy attorney. It was the same attorney Lennox Lawrence who once declared on Kairi FM radio that the Roosevelt Skerrit regime should hunt down the opposition members like the Obama administration hunt and destroy members of al-Qaida. Lennox Lawrence also once said that Dominica is better off receiving aid (begging) than getting involved in trade.

In in addition to selling passports Lennox Lawrence is heavily involved in the questionable ship registry operation by the government of Dominica.

The conduct by Lennox Lawrence in the said court matter does not only amplify the need for more scrutiny of the offshore banking sector, there is also the problem whereby goons and cronies of the DLP administration have been blatantly operating all kinds of nefarious schemes knowing that the Roosevelt Skerrit administration itself does not have the moral authority to rein in corruption and lawlessness particularly among their cronies.

Monday, January 14, 2019


Ever since Mas In The Cemetery released it’s first blockbuster blog ,“From Rags To Riches” people have been trying to figure out who is or what is MiTC. While we understand that it is only natural for human beings to be curious about the unknown it is even more intriguing that the acolytes of the Dominica Labour Party have been unrelenting in their pursuit of MiTC not just for the sake of demystifying the organization but with the hope of destroying an entity that continues to expose the activities of the crime syndicate operating as the government of Dominica.

While the Skerrit cabal is attempting to destroy and discredit the work that we do at MiTC, it is worth noting that the cabal is yet to respond to the many other scandals that we have reported. The accused international criminal and Ponzi scheme operator Pedro Forte Berbel, who was again hiding out and operating in Dominica, it was MiTC who exposed him and his affiliations with government officials and crooked DLP lawyers. We also reported on a $60,000 payment made by a lawyer for Pedro Fort on behalf of a government official. Today Pedro Forte is being prosecuted by the US court in Florida and in fact a number of lawyers right here in Dominica has had to cooperate with US investigation on matters related to Pedro’s criminal operation in Dominica. We can also state that MiTC had been contacted on several occasions by people from the US investigating Pedro’s activities in Dominica.

To the lawyers that were never identified as individuals on Pedro Fort’s payroll, MiTC knows a lot more than you think.

When MiTC published the article “Goodnight Irene Ross is Gone and Skerrit Promising Cruise Village” apologists like Cleville Mills, Clarence Christian and others on social media and on Kairi FM went on a rant and accused us of false reporting – they also accused us of trying to destroy Dominica. Two weeks after we published the article the PM with his brash attitude came on air to tell the people of Dominica “you will soon be hearing that Ross will not be returning to Dominica.”

It would be na├»ve for anyone to believe that the work that is produced by MiTC comes from one or two individuals. For the sake of our loyal readers and the many people including laborites who keep encouraging us to do the work of the people, MiTC is a network of patriotic Dominicans all of whom are very concerned about the state of governance in Dominica. Anyone interested in becoming part of MiTC is welcomed however we do have an extremely stringent vetting process and so not every application will be accepted.  What we mostly encourage at this juncture is that all whistle blowers wishing to expose government corruption please continue to patronize the MiTC network. Keep feeding our inboxes with the information, we will do the investigation. We appreciate the many contributions that we have received over the years. 

Chief among the DLP gestapo seeking to destroy MiTC is Anthony Astaphan. Assisting Tony is a  gweeve twemblad” (Ground Dove)  Dark and Lovely Clarence Christian but like a grizzly bear truth will come charging in. MiTC will not be intimidated. We believe that the sham investigation into the article “3 Days For Baby Sarah” is just another one of Tony’s directive to Daniel Carbon. Tony is more than elated to be fulfilling his dream of being a little Bashar Assad unleashing terror on the people of Dominica by living vicariously through Roosevelt Skerrit.  While Tony is stroking his ego the question is, does Rayburn Blackmoore really want an open investigation?  Rayburn Blackmoore certainly cannot be so arrogant to chase after his own tail cause like a maniku he will end up at midcourse stranded and hanging by his tail.  Mr. Blackmoore needs to know that there are other details not yet released and it may not be a very good idea to poke the hornets nest.

If Mr. Blackmoore really wants an investigation we encourage the people of Dominica and particularly the women of valor to demand an independent investigation and not some Tony Astaphan circus investigation. One of the questions that Mr. Blackmoore should be asked is whether or not he was confronted by the mother of the young lady after a beating incident.

By now every Dominican should understand that Antony Astaphan is only interested in fulfilling his ego, protecting his family interest and maintaining the financial benefits he derive from the party in government. Tony is not interested in whether Blackmoore gets trapped or further embarrassed. He has already succeeded in embarrassing a disemboweled police commissioner Daniel Carbon. Daniel Carbon’s reputation will remain forever tainted after Anthony Astaphan commanded him to conduct a criminal investigation of the opposition leader, Lennox Linton and when the investigation was concluded it was determined that the crime Mr. Linton was accused of  was actually committed by The devil himself, Anthony Astaphan himself.

We should also take note that Tony is quite selective with the matters that he babbles on. MiTC has on more than one occasion exposed the very corrupt government minister, Collin McIntyre. We exposed his association with the deceased Russian woman who ran the 8 Copthall operations. We also reported on a “passport money” resort project that was being pursued by Collin McIntyre and at the time the estranged husband of the same Russian woman. See the attached article. What did we hear from Tony Astaphan on the many articles we wrote about Collin McIntyre’s corruption? Not even a murmur

Daniel Carbon can you please do Tony a favour and investigate who from the Valley ate his cheese and stole his grinder.

When Tony clandestinely inserts himself into public discussion on matters of sexual and physical abuse of women, we know that "The devil himself "does not have a scintilla of concern for the battered women. What we would like to see from Tony Ataphan and his gang of detractors is some advocacy and concern for young underage girls who are being sexually exploited by grown men with influence and money in society. As an attorney is Tony willing to lead the conversation on amending the statute of limitation on rape cases?  MiTC will even suggest the idea of creating legislation to deal with rape cases and carnal knowledge of juveniles all the way back to the late 1970’s?    


With over 30,000 readers following MiTC, we are not daunted. We are continuing to uncover the filth that is buried in the cemetery and we are digging up those graves that are closely guarded by those in positions of authority and influence. It is because of our far reaching network of dedicated men and women that we are able to uncover crimes committed by a certain lawyer in Dominica. In our possession right now are very disturbing details of the same lawyer, who several years ago impregnated a young lady when she was at the age of 15. After impregnating the young lady that lawyer conveniently took the young lady to Antigua to have an abortion procedure done. We won’t be letting out any details at this point but what we can say for now is that a very high government official may be aware of the incident and if not there is no doubt that this government official is in a very ideal situation to verify and  confirm that MiTC is right on point.  Nuff said  

As we continue to look into the past behavior of this lawyer, we are noticing signs and patterns of a sexual predator, one who has been getting away with all kinds of egregious and erroneous behavior. We are sending a warning to this particular lawyer – we know that you are reading this, take warning, take warning.

MiTC also have the details and evidence of other very serious crimes committed by this lawyer and it just a matter of time before we put this lawyer on blast and his face next to that of R Kelly’s. Until then the clock is ticking for this lawyer. Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc………………Tic

Take Warning
You Better take warning
Take Warning
You Better be good. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


We have been hearing of a serious upsurge in Haitian migrants arriving in Dominica and to many Dominicans this is concerning as Dominica is definitely not in a position to handle this ordeal , particularly after a major disaster. We learned from our investigation that Haitians are coming in at a rate of hundreds per day.

In as much as the Haitians are Caribbean nationals and more so, our brothers and sisters, the government needs to take control of the situation and not allow this round of Haitian refugee to fester and then die out on its own like they did in mid 2000.We have seen this episode before where the government paid a blind eye to human trafficking and Dominica ended up with a black eye but as usual the administration find somebody else to blame.

The last time we had this massive upsurge in Haitian refugee, the government and people of Dominica knew exactly what was happening as, the resulting human trafficking activities had become unabashedly popular. The Haitians were using Dominica as a transit point to get to other neighboring islands, mainly Guadeloupe. The human trafficking activities at the time brought much unwanted attention to Dominica. The French Government authorities and the Virgin Island governments were expressing concerns as a lot of the Haitian migrants coming to their shores culminated out of Dominica.

There was no shortage of scandal with the human trafficking activities in Dominica. Many Haitian brothers and sisters perished on the high seas at the hands of callous and sometimes even ruthless speed boat operators in Dominica. Many were defrauded – after having paid the speed boat operators hundreds of US dollars to take them to Guadeloupe some of these boat operators would in the depth of the night take their passengers on detours and would eventually drop them off at another location in Dominica where they would struggle to get back on their feet after loosing at times their life savings. 
Haitian Migrants tapping WiFi In Picard
The government authorities were very much aware of the brutal human trafficking element in Dominica but  did nothing to stop it simply because many of the speed boat operators who were making a killing out of it were and still are prophets and strong defenders of the Dominica Labor Party. In addition Ministers and other high government official were running massive scams with the US $400.00 visa requirements for Haitians entering Dominica. Who can forget the PM’s ridiculous response of “Fix IT” when it was discovered that right within his ministry at the time, there were high officials running their own private Haitian visa enterprise and collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars for themselves. 

This time around the French authorities are again very concerned. For a number of weeks MiTC had been following some developments in the French Islands of Marigalante and the Saints.  The authorities there were venting and putting things in place to stall the massive influx of Haitian migrants coming in from Dominica. The situation has escalated to the point where the issue is making headlines News in the French Antilles.

Again the government of Dominica continues to sit by and do nothing about it. We know that some government officials are still heavily involved in their own private enterprise ,making money out of the US $400.00 Visa scam and it is quite obvious that the government is more than happy with the revenue collected from the Haitians, our CARICOM brothers and sisters coming in by the hundreds per day at the main airport. There have also been complaints of the government using the refugee and human trafficking event to further pollute the electoral process in Dominica. Unconfirmed reports also indicate that Haitians are strategically being provided with passports that would allow then to vote for the Labor Party at the next general election.

It is mind boggling that even after the black eye of mid 2000's the Roosevelt Skerrit administration is again sitting by and allowing another round of Haitian migrant refugees and human trafficking tragedy to fester in Dominica. We can confirm that a major location  for human trafficking activity is right at the doorsteps of the Deputy Prime Minister Reginald Austrie. On an almost daily basis in the tiny Northern Village of Toucari  boat loads of Haitians can be seen leaving Dominica and heading North to the neighboring island. MiTC reporters have been informed that one of the many buildings owned by Mr. Austrie actually overlooks that little pier in the village of Toucari and it is from that very same pier that the boaters involved in the human trafficking ,are audaciously running their operation. One would have to be incredibly "Cleville Mills like" (Shameless that is ) or deliberately Clarence Christian like (myopic)to even suggest or believe that Reginald Austrie is unaware of the mass human trafficking taking place in his small community. A community where he spends most of his time and knows who should or should not get fertilizer or World Bank assistance. According to one of the villagers -"Where is the Hunter when we need him to sing his brilliant calypso compositions Anything For A Dollar or They Sucking The Country They sucking The Country Dry.” 

When the police is needed to harass the opposition or to jealously guard  (in local terms Mako) the minister girlfriends, police officers are dispatched at   Blackmoor's will and for Tony Astaphan's wet dream..

As Reggie ,the government and its apologist continue to play “see no evil, hear no evil” people are getting agitated and we got the feeling that the anger is not  necessarily towards our brothers and sisters from Haiti. What we have noticed is, this time around ,the Haitian migrant refugee matter is like salt in the wound as the once mighty Picard area where Ross University was located has become a stumping ground for many of the Haitian migrant refugees. We say this without malice or disrespect- Haitian migrant refugees are all over the Picard area and it is just heartbreaking to see what Picard has become. 
Haitian & Abandoned Business In Picard 
Because of gross incompetence and the self-serving principles of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration, Ross University chose to part ways with Dominica.  The departure of the University has dealt a major blow to Dominica’s economy and has uprooted the livelihood of many people, particularly the people in the North of the island where Ross University had its greatest economic impact. With hundreds of jobs destroyed, collapsed businesses, empty building and hundreds of Haitians migrants roaming the area ,one can understand the anger that comes with the nostalgia, the unemployment, the defaulting loans and to top it off ,the boldface lies and arrogance coming from Roosevelt Skerrit and his administration.

While we understand the anger and the agitation we still urge our people to be kind to our Haitian brothers and sisters. We owe Haiti a depth of gratitude as pan African people  "Ani ba yo luv " Give them love. The anger should be directed at the government who continue to allow the migrant refugee system to deteriorate as government officials continue to get rich on running Haitian visa and passport scams. Although a few landlords in Picard are happy to get some 2 for 5 rental income out of the Haitian migrants, many are beginning to realize that the January semester students that was promised by the Skerrit clan  and apologists are turning out to be Haitian Migrant refugees in Picard. 

On our trip back to the capital we stop off in Picard to talk to a few residents and landlords and what we were told is that the 2 for 5 rental system brings a little consolation. How it works is that two Haitians apply for an apartment and after receiving the key to the apartment three more Haitians are smuggled into the same apartment. One Landlord smiled and said to us with a wink “Thank God For Skerrit” but beneath that smile and playful wink we recognized the pain and agony.   

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