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Wednesday, March 22, 2023



House Of Dark Secret Rising -Nobody Sees Nobody Knows
A kleptacracy by simple definition is a government led by thieves using political power to expropriate the wealth and resources of the people they govern.

Kleptocracy dictates that transgressional policies are better than good and accountable governance. They convince themselves that they are ordained by God to take care of the needs of the very same people whom they have governed into abject poverty and dependency.

Very early in his career the Kleptocrat in Chief, now Dominca’s most opulent poligarch Roosevelt Skerrit, did theorize that what the country needs is his kleptocracy and not necessarily good governance. (Poligarch is a term used for orligarch who themselves are politicians) . He espoused and acted upon the megalomaniac concept that “no law no constitution can prevent him from doing whatever he wants. “ He determined and publicly declared that it is foolish to pray to God for help when he Roosevelt Skerrit can do so.  

Believe it or not – some Bishops, priest, pastors, evangelist and congregations of faith they just rolled with it.

Studies have shown that a successful kleptocracy will provide the bare minimum to the nation’s economy, just enough to prevent popular uprisings and this is very much in keeping with the kleptocratic play book where 90% is kept for the Kleptocrats ,10% for the people. So, in Dominica, Billions of dollars of the CBI passport selling revenues cannot be accounted for, but it is expected that the people will be contented with their 10% invested in -the poorly constructed and under equipped health clinics, the unsanitary apartment buildings with no ownership titles for occupants, white elephant hotels, a National Employment Program, more appropriately defined as NEP-Never Ending Poverty and occasional cash handouts for votes during election campaigns.   

A kleptocracy will not only use the revenue generating enterprises to control the people, but they will also on every opportunity employ their repressive type of state security system to hold the people into submission. In Haiti for example Papa Doc instituted the Tonton Macoute. In Dominica today there is the Skerrit’s Maniku Gang led by corrupt police hierarchy like Lincoln Corbette , Davidson Valerie, Richmond Valentine, Antonia Moses et al. The Maniku Gang’s responsibility is to instill fear off and absolute servitude to the Kleptocracy.  

Kleptocracies need a local network of coconspirators to survive. You can bet that these coconspirators are always shameless but let’s still name a few of them in Dominica - the likes of Crab Man Renneth Bubbles Alexis, Eazyy Door, Doughnut Lawyer, Jacket Holder Astaphan, Sugar Daddy Ah lick, a priest turn Al Capone , businessmen like Skam Raf , Rainbow  Kenny  and the privilege  sons of  Duty Free . 

More recently, researchers have highlighted the significance of the transnational aspect and cross-border ties within Kleptocratic organizations.  Kleptocrats create externally operated non-state networks to control a country’s main enterprises, be it petroleum resources, diamonds, cobalt and in Dominica’s case , the Citizenship By Investment bounty. These non-state networks exist to help launder proceeds of crime and to create means and methods to help kleptocrats secure power and protect ill-gotten wealth.

In Dominica we have seen how a non–state network that was created around the CBI program is funneling billions of dollars in CBI revenues through foreign operatives in Dubai and elsewhere. The use of these nefarious non-state networks denies the constitutionally designated state accounting institutions the rights and access to all of Dominica’s CBI resources. Even more staggering is the fact that these foreign operated networks are simultaneously feigning ownership and funding the construction of luxurious real estate properties for the poligarch and the kleptocrat in chief.

Those insidious networks are also the source of funding for lavish election campaign spending and large-scale election bribery and robbery schemes.  

The Sargasso building construction which is a new phenomenon in Dominica is but one of those luxurious real estate properties that is allegedly tied to Dominica’s kleptocracy and the CBI non-state network system.  The source of funding and the beneficial owner(s) of this house of dark secret rising in the middle of the city is a hush-hush affair but information coming to us suggest that the funding and ownership of the building is connected to Dominica’s ill-reputed CBI program.

The alleged owner on paper is Prime Star Real Estate Corporation (PSRE). The name behind PSRE ,someone named Paul. We understand that Paul is a British Citizen of Indian descent, a CBI agent with extensive involvement in the CBI business globally. According to a March 2022 online publication Paul is part of, an organization allegedly involved in “ handling the transfer of millions of dollars on behalf of Dominica’s government “The article goes on to state that ” Paul and his organization help smuggle black money from India to Dominica, via United Arab Emirates and London.”  Other online publications also reported that “Paul and company have significant footprints in London, Dubai, Beijing, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Singapore, and St Kitts and Nevis” and it is also alleged that they “help Russian oligarchs secure Citizenship of Dominica and other Caribbean Island nations while key figures of the operation are also secretly holding millions of dollars for those Russian Oligarchs”.

MiTC has not been able to independently verify those claims and accusations.

MiTC is aware though that Anthony Haiden of MMC has on several occasions visited the Sargasso Building Construction site. It is no secret that Anthony Haiden and his MMC operation is one of those corrupt non-state entity designated by poligarch Skerrit to handle billions of dollars of our CBI revenues –away from the national treasury and public accounting mechanisms. We also know for a fact that the British -Indian guy, Paul, claim to have been working in Dominica in early 2021 during the covid lock-down and interestingly just about the same time the Sargasso Building construction began.

One may ask what's the relationship between the British -Indian man Paul and Anthony Haiden. What we have learned is that Paul does not only sell passports for St Kitts and Dominica, but Paul also according to sources is allegedly involved in promoting the CBI program for both St Kitts and Dominica and gets his cut on every passport sold under both CBI programs.

So for example, when Anthony Haiden sells 500 passports Paul sings hallelujah hallelujah -joy to the world.

The Event came while we were looking for the shadows.

Even before Skerrit became prime minister he had declared his kleptocratic ambitions. As a junior minister under former Prime Minister Pierre Charles, he secretly went to Barbados to cut a deal with some Chinese official -without Pierre Charles knowing. It is alleged that this was the moment his first offshore bank account was created. He became prime minister after the death of Pierre Charles and immediately thereafter  he went into klepto-high gear – there was a garbage bin and fertilizer bobol (fraud); sent an email to his architect Supryah Singh stating that he wants his first mansion to outclass that of the Nassiefs; He went on  property acquisition blitz and deliberately evading the state required acquisition taxes; he built 8 huge villas in Savane Paille Portsmouth  on cash ; there was the Lilac Building in Picard  scandal; he was  caught redhanded selling a multitude of diplomatic passports for millions of dollars;

None of these atrocities landed him in jail instead his handlers and supporters allowed him to broaden his kleptocratic ambitions. Even a pastor from the Portsmouth area living in Maryland USA on one occasion told Skerrit that the Villas and his unsubstantiated wealth is god’s blessing to him. He prayed and asked god to keep the kleptocracy   going. I hope he sees-clear now.

Make no mistake. Kleptocrats are not self-made. They are incubated in cesspools populated by parasitic lackeys, Shysters /scum sucking lawyers, overnight real estate developers and investment advisors. These enablers are willfully complicit – the Anthony Astaphans , Anthony Haidens, Paul, Skam Rafael , Alick Lawrence, Duncan Stowe et al – all are shoulder deep , feeding and activating  the scum and filth.

For more than three decades Tyron “Blessings” Anthony has been warning that the Kleptocracy was already upon us, stop looking for the shadow. Instead, the people continue to pave the way for the Kleptocrat. Now there is the house of dark secret rising in the middle of the city everyone sees and everyone knows yet everyone is afraid to say so. A far cry from when former Prime Minister Edison James was falsely accused of owning some properties in Barbados while in office - those who were concerned about corruption then are now shamefully quiet and some are loudly defending poligarch Skerrit - All I do is say Hi, Bye Hypocrites – Rupert Sorhaindo, Eustace Thomas, King Hunter, Ghost, Peter Augustine, again Jacket holder Tony Astaphan, Fredrika James, The Douglases, Barber shop owner Bloaters, Emile Deepoter, those Kairi Radio personalities that are having secret text conversations about poligarch Skerrit new Sargasso building.

The economic, societal and governance costs of Kleptocracy in Dominica are evident. Features of a ruined economy, political persecution of opposition members, weakened state institutions and evidence of a modern-day autocracy with a poligarch ,his cronies and international CBI crooks and criminals rigging elections and consolidating their grip on the people's governance.

Take Warning 

Enough is never enough for autocrats. They feel that they are accountable to no one, and unlimited wealth acquisition is just a coping mechanism for their insecurity syndrome.

There is this powerful creole cliché that says “ Cochon Bwen wom, Mouton su et Kabwit  ka payais pous sa”

English translation-The pigs drank the rum, the Sheep got drunk, and the goats are paying the price

Thursday, February 2, 2023



Since the gas shortage crisis in Dominica, we have been trying to figure out where the Dominica Petro Caribe operation is sourcing it’s fuel when the regional oil procurement agreement between Venezuela and the Caribbean member states is no longer plus there is an existing US sanctions barring petroleum fuel transactions with Venezuela’s PDVSA. Both PM Skerrit and Minister for Energy Vince Henderson have not been forthcoming with the information regarding the current source of fuel supply to Dominica. Minister Vince Henderson with the usual fancy word salad said that the Petro Caribe gas will be coming from Antigua; PM Skerrit said that the supply would possibly come out of Jamaica but from what we have seen thus far none of the above is true.

When they lie and refuse to be transparent the citizens should never relent on seeking the truth else democracy is lost.

A few weeks before the Christmas gas shortage, we reported that the Dominica Petro Caribe fuel operation had at least on one occasion that we know off, purchased gas from a sanction busting operation – we stand by our reporting then and still do now. Since the government seemingly forced Rubis the gas supply company out of Dominica  we have been paying closer attention to the ships delivering fuel to the Petro Caribe (PC) operation in Dominica.

We have monitored at least 6 ships thus far and out of the six ships just one of them show a definite port of origin. The ship named “Rose PG Douglas” delivered fuel to Dominica on January 8 and from the tracking data the Rose PG Douglas originated directly out of a port in Tortola. The ship left Tortola and came straight to Dominica- no stop in between.

Since January 8 we have noticed a pattern whereby some other ships delivering fuel do not show a port of origin but instead the point of origin shows up as sporadic locations in the middle of the ocean.

The trend indicates that there is no consistent location or port from which Petro Caribe is receiving it’s fuel. We have not seen for example any ships coming from Antigua or St Kitts and then delivering to Dominica. The ship that delivered the relief fuel to Dominica a few days before Christmas came via Antigua. PM Skerrit and Minister Vince Henderson were both very clear on that particular delivery. Since then both PM and Henderson have not been able to give a clear response on the source of fuel supply to Dominica.     

We tracked one ship that left Port Esquivel in Jamaica but the data show that there was an interruption in travel between Jamaica and Dominica. On the data collected no port of origin was identified upon entry into Dominica. The point of origin was - the middle of the ocean.

With the data showing mid-Ocean point of origin for ships delivering fuel to Dominica’s Petro Caribe, we are wondering whether this is a sign of some kind of Ship to Ship (STS) transfer operation. We want to make it clear that not all STS operations are nefarious or illegal. Ship to Ship (STS) transfers is part of the shipping business and may be employed to economize and save on time and or port berthing charges.

With the absence of journalist putting in the work to hold government accountable in Dominica, we took it upon ourselves as we have been doing for 15 years to dig into what we suspect may be STS or mid-ocean transfer activities related to some ships delivering fuel for the Petro Caribe operation in Dominica.

We have received credible information suggesting that there is an operation involving Nigerians entities running black market fuel and doing mid-ocean transfers to willing buyers in the region. We were told that large tankers carrying petroleum products derived from stolen crude in Nigeria traverse the Gulf of Guinea up to the South Atlantic and even the Caribbean seas to transact black market fuel. According to our sources the islands of Antigua and Dominica are allegedly participating in purchasing fuel at lower black-market prices from these Nigerian fuel theft operations.

We also want to make it clear that the data we have collected on the fuel vessels since December only indicate mid ocean points of origin but does not definitively show or identify any particular type of activity or operations.

Fuel theft is a major component of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry- a well-oiled machine – no pun intended.  In October of 2022, Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNP) reported that individual producers lost an average of 437,000 barrels of oil a day to criminal organizations and individuals who illicitly tap pipelines onshore and offshore out of Nigeria. The report says that crude oil is stolen by well-organized webs of pipelines and then sent to illegal refining operators. The refined products are ten sold to willing buyers.

Last year fuel theft cost the Nigerian economy an estimated $5 billion.

As far as we know, there are a few public servants who were in one way, or another involved in what we know as government owned and controlled Petro Caribe operation. These public servants – PM Skerrit, Ian Pinard, Reginald Austrie, Emmanuel Nanthan, Marcia Walters may have some answers related to where Petro Caribe is sourcing it’s fuel. Just saying!!!! 

We also want to ask the above-named public servants whether the Petro Caribe operation is now a private corporation and if it is still a government entity then please explain this phenomenon – Why would a government owned entity terminate a fuel delivery contract with a private citizen, bought the truck from that private citizen and then hire him to drive the same truck for Petro Caribe???

What a Wow -What kind of government does this? Certainly not one interested in building wealth among it’s citizens and lifting entrepreneurs out of difficulties. A government on a mission to dominate the private sector, keep the people totally subjugated and absolutely dependent on government handouts.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023



There are several videos online, with evidence of Dominica passports being sold at swap meet corners in countries unknown to the average Dominican.  In one such video a street hustler operating outside an Azaban Supermarket in Iraq market can be seen and heard offering Dominica passports at flea market bargains.

It is hard to imagine that any Dominican seeing these videos and not being repulsed by the callous desecration of our sovereign identity. It also inconceivable that any government witnessing such desecration of it’s country’s passport would remain totally silent, not even promising it’s citizens a swift response. Surely,it is fair game to relate the devaluation of our passports to a Citizen By Investment program charged with 20 plus years of rampant racketeering, copious greed and corruption. Everybody See’s Everybody knows yet the Skerrit administration cabal will take no responsibility for our passports being in the hands of passport dealers in shady corners of the globe.

Now that the citizens of Dominica are being forced to do away with their machine-readable passports and to re-apply for an E-passport, there is speculation that the mandatary re-application process is nothing but a desperate effort to help clean up the passport mess. The truth is, there is no need to speculate when the charlatan Minister of National Security Rayburn Blackmore himself hinted that there were concerns about the integrity of our passports. In a statement made some time in Aug. 2020 regarding the imposition of the E passports he said, "The most important aspect in our border security improvement is our migration from the machine-readable passport to our e-passport or biometric passport, which is almost counterfeit-proof.”

In August of 2020 Blackmore also stated that the sudden rush to have the E Passport instituted was because “the initiative would help cultivate a watch list for persons of interest before they arrive in Dominica. It will also inform officials of passenger information, as well as cargo coming into the country. He went on to say thatthe e-passports will enable the garnering of incomers' fingerprints at the border and allow for the inspection of secondary information.”

One year later, Blackmore seem to have shifted the reasoning for the compulsory passport re-application process and it now appears that the government is concerned about travelling out of Dominica without the E-passport. Blackmore even went as far as to threaten that anyone with a legitimate machine-readable Dominican passport and wishing to travel out of Dominica after January 30th will not be allowed to travel without an E-Passport.

With charlatans, the lying, the hubris and useless bravado is never scant. In the continuous bid to gaslight the people of Dominica they claim that the compulsory E-passports requirement is trail blazing for the region and a sign of development in DominicaIs that not embarrassing when the very same administration in the year 2022 won’t provide simple voter identification for Dominicans.  

In March of 2021, Blackmore also stated we will be moving to new biometric passports in Dominica and Dominica will be the only country, except for the Bahamas to have those improved passports in the Caribbean, and that is development," But Blackmore would have known that the island of Grenada started transitioning to the new E Passport since July of 2018 and that the government of Grenada gave it’s citizens up until 2023 to have their E passports. No Grenadian citizen was forced or threatened into re-applying for the E-passport.  In a statement from the Grenada consulate office in Washington DC, 2018 it says - “The Consulate of Grenada, Washington, DC wishes to inform all Grenadian Nationals that the Government of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique will be transitioning to the new ePassport effective 16th July 2018.  A Caribbean Community Grenada Passport issued under the Passports (Fees) Regulations, Chapter 226 prior to 16th July 2018 shall continue to be valid pursuant to the provisions of these Regulation” 

The Grenadian consulate further notedIn 2023, all passports issued by the Immigration and Passport Department in Grenada will be machine-readable ePassports – a biometric/digital passport, enhanced with an embedded electronic microprocessor, which is distinguished by a logo on the front cover.  This microprocessor will be used to obtain data that will authenticate the identity of the passport holder for security purposes and ease of travel."

It is no secret that the DLP government operatives have raped and pillaged the countries passports for personal gain. It is the passport money that continues to pay for election campaigns, election bribery and election rigging operations. It is the same passport money that built the wealth they have attained and can’t be substantiated by their legal salaries. The luxurious lifestyles, ownership of newly built hotels, mansions, and hefty offshore accounts all mysterious. Now that there is an urgent need to clean up the mess left by unscrupulous passport vendors the burden of cost is placed on the economically oppressed citizens in Dominica. 

If there is any doubt that the compulsory E Passport requirement is a desperate attempt to help restore our severely compromised passports, here is what we know to be factual. The US Department of Homeland Security together with other Western countries had been concerned about the growing passport selling business on dark markets. One case of interest involved an Uzbekistani with extremist links and leaving in Turkey. The gentleman is offering fake passports with official visas and travel stamps to people with links to Islamic State(ISIS). These ISIS extremists are then able to use the fake passports to leave Syria and travel on towards the UK, EU, Canada and the US.

One source with links within Department of Homeland Security noted that passports from varying nationalities are being sold in different formats-forged or even real. The physical passports are sold for as much as $US 15,000.00. Counterfeit physical passports are sold for as little as $1,500.00 and according to our source the gentleman seen peddling Dominica passports outside the Azaban supermarket in Iraq was actually from a stash of counterfeit Dominican passports distributed out of Turkey.

This government lies because it is a lame-duck administration of low men and women in high places . They lie their way from one scandal to another, but the truth is like a lion, you don’t have to defend it, let it loose and it will defend itself.”




Monday, January 23, 2023



Anichi Structures facing Thruway

Anichi Structures not facing Thruway

This Anich structure has not advanced in 3 years
A few weeks before the 2022 World Creole Music Festival we noticed some painting activity taking place at the stalled CBI funded Anichi Hotel construction site. Would it surprise anyone that it was just another act of deception by the DLP cabal responsible for the Anichi Hotel. Since then, the painting activity has seized and the major structural and functional work to include site work remain far from completion; Millions of CBI dollars spent on an entire project still in doldrums. 

Clearly the painting blitz was an effort to impress visitors –creating the impression that the retarded hotel construction is moving along. The idea it seems was to allow visitors driving along the EO Leblanc thruway to notice the painted buildings but as it stands only the structures visible from the thruway were partially painted. The other structures that are not visible from the thruway were left untouched. Papap’s  putty and paint still couldn't make the devil look like a saint.

The desultory painting sham may have impressed a few unsuspecting visitors however it left a young painting contractor from Portsmouth very disappointed and exploited. We have learned that Alick Lawrence’s moose boy Bernard Dixon Sylvester subcontracted the painting job to a young man from Portsmouth known as Papap.  Sources have told us that Papap has been complaining about not getting fully paid for his material and labor contract. One gentleman who seem very angry with the status quo in Portsmouth said to us “ That genial Dixon only gave Papap $4000 and Papap could hardly pay his workers with that money– them fellas wicked my brother

The Anichi Hotel was scheduled to be completed in 2019. According to the developer Alick Lawrence who is himself from Portsmouth, the Hotel would bring many jobs and economic opportunities to the Portsmouth area. The people of Portsmouth were also promised that a portion of the revenues raised on behalf of the Anichi project would be used to build a resource center in the Chance area of Portsmouth. Today the incomplete hotel construction in Picard Portsmouth is an embarrassing eyesore.  

The number of passports that the Anichi Hotel project has received thus far is unknown. In fact, the Roosevelt Skerrit administration’s policy is that the number of passports assigned to the CBI project developers is none of the citizen’s darn business. We also have no idea what these CBI funded projects cost but CS Global, Dominica’s CBI program promoters and propaganda machinery has recently released information that we the people should treat with added anger.

In an October 2022 nd  release CS Global stated “ Anichi Resort & Spa will be providing a 2% annual return to investors despite being under construction” It is worth noting that the hotel is about 55% complete and 4 years behind revenue operation.

Is CS Global a credible source of information?

Whenever we read CBI related releases from CS Global, we do so with multiple layers of sieves – “nuff Bull Sh***t and embellishments.”  CS Global allegedly gets a commission on every Dominica passport sold and they are responsible for a lot of the CBI online promotional propaganda. News of a 2 % ROI plus a passport with visa free travel to many European countries is definitely a good selling point for the CBI trade.  So could they be lying –send an email to

Is it plausible then that Alick Lawrence’s Oriental Developers Ltd is or will be paying 2% ROI to CBI investors?  Consider this - under the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Real Estate option, purchasers of preferred shares receive share certificates and will be entitled to profit sharing. Purchasers of suites receive title deeds- free stay at the hotel. The hotel was supposed to be commissioned in 2019 and so it is quite possible that the developer is now obligated to provide the benefits from the profit sharing and free residency agreement.

The owner of the CBI funded Jungle Bay resort, Sam Rafael made it clear in a Q95 radio interview that even while the jungle Bay resort is completed and in full operation, he continues to sell shares /passports through the CBI program. He also stated that he has to pay dividends to his Jungle Bay CBI investors. Is Jungle Bay generating enough revenues to sustain operation and pay dividends to investors? Everyone see's everyone knows but 

Somebody please ask Sam Rafael   

We were also reliably informed that the Kempinski Hotel development which has been in operation since 2019 is allegedly still raising funds under the CBI program. 

It is reasonable to conclude that the CBI program serve not just as a means to raise capital for the development and construction of these hotels but also serves as a means to finance the revenue operations of these hotels and to pay dividends to the investors.  Remember the government told us that these CBI funded real estate projects were viable and self-sustaining.

So when and where does the grifting end?

Let’s say that 500 CBI shares were sold for the Anichi Hotel project at the minimum investment threshold of US $220,000 and annual ROI of 2%.  According to CS Global’s news release the developer which is Alick Lawrence’s Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd would have to pay a whopping US $2.2 Million to the CBI investors even as the hotel remain a half formulated White Elephant or as one Picard residence says “the only guests going in and out of the Anichi Hotel are the sea side crabs, abolors, Maboyas and zandolies.”

The looming question is -where would Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd be getting the money to pay CBI investors. Unless Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd has some other revenue source other than the CBI program it may be safe to assume that the 2 % ROI that is allegedly paid to the earlier CBI investors may be coming from ongoing CBI/passport selling revenues. Is that not a government endorsed Ponzi scheme?

According to the dictionary – A Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors.”

Now that CS Global has spilled the beans we can also safely assume that the government endorsed Ponzi scheme is standard practice within the CBI real estate scheme.

Everyone See’s Everyone knows.

The citizens of Dominica are left totally in the dark on the number of passports that are given to the developers for their CBI funded projects. If we were to ask for example Antony Haiden, Kenny Green, Collin McIntyre, Sugar George, Sam Rafael, Alick Lawrence or the Nassief Brothers how many passports have they received for their CBI funded projects, none of them would be forthcoming and transparent with that information. In the case of Collin McIntyre and his Eco resort project in the Valley, Collin and his Russian partner received a first tranche of roughly 550 passports an estimated US $ 110 Million to complete the project. Sources within the DLP circle have informed us that Collin and his partner have since received an additional 400 passports towards the Eco-Resort project. With the current status of the Eco-Resort project we are still trying to find value for the US $110 Million let alone the additional 400 passports, another estimated US $88 Million.

Whether these hawks like it or not the passports that are being sold belong to we the people. “Power concedes nothing without a demand “and it is time we demand answers from not just the government but also those CBI beneficiaries who seem to have unfettered and unending authority to mine the heck off the CBI program. It is the right time to make them all feel very uncomfortable.

 At some other time, we will provide information on a scheme whereby some CBI agents and developers are allegedly purchasing the shares from investors upfront.



Friday, December 23, 2022



After 20 years of brazen corruption, lies, dishonesty and connivance by PM Roosevelt Skerrit, many people weren’t surprised at all that Skerrit would bring back the discarded members of the previous dysfunctional cabinet – even after he publicly trashed and humiliated them. 

The man is a shameless scoundrel.

Those who were surprised, I included thought that there is no way   Ian, Darroux, Austrie, Blackmore et al would allow themselves to be Skerrit’s cud. Having received brand new vehicles each and the promise of a cash payoff or buyout, the   political discards would walk away and maybe try salvaging whatever bit of dignity available to them- at least that’s ’s what I thought would happen, but they became cud for Skerrit.

It turned out the conniving one had alternate plans for his political discards.

One thing for sure is that the Conniving One wanted his discards or cud contained and subdued during the election campaign since he had already averted a planned insurrection within his old cabinet. Without the help of Snitch and Consiglieri Charles Saverin, Skerrit most likely would have been deposed. So, to facilitate an amicable breakup, Skerrit promised the discards a severance package that included a new vehicle and a huge cash payout. It is rumored that he offered $250,000. MiTC cannot confirm the amount of cash offered.  

The first part of the package was delivered. We can see that -the cuds some people prefer to call them Skerrit's political prostitutes -Ian, Darroux, Austrie, Blackmore et al are all driving around with brand new vehicles and collecting free gas at Petro Caribe. We are also scrutinizing some suspicious activities regarding those same vehicles. We notice that that those vehicles do not have a registered owner at the Traffic Department. They are not even designated as Government of Dominica.

Why the need to hide the ownership of those vehicles?? We are still trying to figure that out. Now that we have expose the ruse, we expect the crooked ones to scramble at the vehicle registration department 

We wanted to find out whether or not the cuds received the second part of the package as promised and we can now report that they did not - not a dime. We can also confirm that on Wednesday November 30 ,6 days before the December 6 sham election, Skerrit met with the cuds at the Kempinski Hotel, and it was there that he informed them that instead of the cash payout he would provide them with cabinet positions and high-level paying jobs.

We dare them to deny that!!!!!!!  

According to one source within the workings of the Dominica Labor Party, Skerrit knew he could not come up with the buyout money but he also knew Blackmore and Kenneth Darroux in particular could upend the humbug campaign. So he brought them all to Kempinski and offers them some modicum of relevance and an ineligible paycheck to go with that. 

A man without principle is commonly a man without character. Our sources also went on to explain that before that Wednesday meeting at the Kempinski Hotel, Ian Douglas for example was already in the process of setting up his office to resume his law practice while waiting for his buyout money or as some have it –‘his rum and bum money” 

A person who values privileges above principles soon loses both.  

Rest Cabinet Ro Ro  

Why Skerrit yelled at the new Parliamentary Representative for Portsmouth and threaten to deal with her in time?

According to our sources the new Parliamentary Representative Fernella Wenham can be very direct and blunt and during a meeting PM Skerrit had been talking down to the members in attendance and Fernella  allegedly put a check on him. She asked 

him to stop talking down to them and Skerrit got mad and told her “You are very antagonistic, and I will deal with you in time. “  

Thursday, December 22, 2022



It is said that “A scapegoat remains effective as long as we believe in its guilt” With all that is happening in Dominica at this point does anyone believe that the so called “tidal surge or what is now trending “the Swell “is responsible for the embarrassing gas shortages in Dominica?  

There is no doubt that the embarrassing gas shortage is the result of the Skerrit DLP maladministration and the crippling economic crisis that the administration has created in Dominica. (If you don’t believe me ask Yvor Nassief)

Verily, it is no secret that the Rubis Company who was responsible for importing and storing 50-60 % of the imported gas on island have had to terminate it’s operation in Dominica after years of sustained losses. One may ask how Rubis cannot make money when gas sells.  The truth is government strong-arm tactics allow the government to make all the money of the imported gas and the importers are very often left with just a few cents per gallon; sometimes even in the negative based on wholesale market prices.

The unwillingness on the part of the government to cut back on its $3.60 /gallon share on the imported gas made it very difficult for the Rubis Company to survive elevated importation cost. The most grueling aspect of it all is that Rubis would have to pay that $3.60/gallon cost upfront irrespective of the buying price and in the classic con man fashion Prime PM Skerrit would promise to help Rubis recoup millions of dollars in loses but would never come thru with his promises.  Instead, he turns around and accuse Rubis of excess profiteering. Even at one point requesting access to the company’s books. Ironic when we the people are totally in the dark with our CBI revenue but that is for another day.

Just for context consider the fact that the very same PM Skerrit mysteriously returned over $9 Million of tax revenue to the notorious Dominica Strong Company, after the company had paid the due taxes.  Most people would want to find out why he gave back the money to this mysterious company and rightfully so but this is for another discussion on conflicting interest and recurring government corruption. The point of concern here is that if Skerrit could do so for Dominica Strong which was a Fly by Night ,"Tu sho Tu Flam" company why not show the same urgency for the Rubis company, a company that provided employment for a few hundred Dominicans and responsible for the importation and storage of roughly 60% of our gas on island.

Is it Leadership that matters or ego, self- enrichment and buffoonery?

During the gas shortage episodes in early November 2022, we reported on an incident in October whereby a vessel delivering gas to Dominica's Petro Caribe operation had to return because the government could not meet the strict payment requirements by the seller –whoever the seller was it was cash on delivery. Hmmmm. We also exposed the wanton waste and corruption at the Petro Caribe operation in Gimmit. We stand by our reporting

In response to the resulting gas shortage at the time, PM Skerrit took a quick trip out of Canefield Airport. Our sources indicate that the trip involved a stop in Venezuela and a stop in Barbados to deal with December 6 election campaign matters. A few days after Skerrit left Dominica a ship came in to deliver fuel to the Petro Caribe operation in Dominica.

Since then, we received an exclusive notification to pay close attention to the fuel coming to Dominica's Petro Caribe operation via Trinidad. According to our sources Dominica Petro Caribe program may be receiving gas from a Venezuelan smuggling program and routed out of Trinidad. In fact, Since the November crisis MiTC is aware of at least one delivery that came from the Venezuelan gas smuggling program.

 Under the U.S sanctions, companies and governments must obtain authorization from the US Department of Treasury to conduct any kind of business with Venezuelan State Run oil company PDVSA.

 In late October Reuters reported that the government of Trinidad & Tobago had been making follow up requests to the United States to authorize Venezuelan gas imports. According to Reuters “Trinidad's past requests for US approval have gone unanswered, but the US Biden administration’s willingness to ease some sanctions on Venezuela if President Maduro and the Opposition progress in talks for a presidential election

“The man who continually searches for a scapegoat, in the end shall become the shepherd of his own isolation with no one to blame but himself” It is now seven (7) straight days of a grueling gas shortage on island and the man who says “money is no problem is unable to get at least an emergency delivery of gasoline on the island. The man who willy nilly spends 30-40 million dollars rigging elections in Dominica and on a quick wink willing to pay an exorbitant amount of money to hire Burna Boy,he cannot come thru for the people at the point where national security is on the brink.  

Skerrit O ti l’argent la-

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