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Saturday, May 11, 2024





In July of last year 2023 the UK imposed visa requirements for Citizens of Dominica and the underlying reason being the roguish and criminal activities involving the Roosevelt Skerrit his administration, the scoundrel CBI passport agents and CBI passport promoters.

Immediately following the visa sanctions citizens of Dominica from all over the world saw activist Trevor Tossy Johnson become the first Dominican citizen(born) to be seriously impacted by the UK’s travel restrictions. While Trevor Johnson’s inconvenience and his online activities may have been transcribed by some people as another one of Tossy’s antics, it was impossible to ignore the underlying message - The people of Dominica had been driven off a cliff by a set of rogues.

One question we kept asking is – when will those (the few scoundrels) who are directly responsible for putting the rest of us in this extremely difficult situation be held accountable – when will we the innocent citizens begin to see direct sanctions on those organized crooks selling our passports?

MiTC has been reliably informed that on Tuesday of this week Emmanuel Nanthan and Alick Lawrence were both deported from the UK. Both men were allegedly on travel to Dubai and had to transit in the UK and upon arrival they were informed of their Persona Non-Grata status, and they were immediately driven back to the next flight back to the Caribbean. According to sources in the UK both men did not even get a chance to eat a hot- dog let alone grab a pint with some fish and chips. They were on the next fight back to the islands.

In our discussion with our sources, we were also told that both men, Nanthan and Lawrence are on a list of alleged money launderers not just for the UK authorities but for the EU as a unit.  

How much more international embarrassment are we the citizens of Dominica willing to endure as a result of this reprobate Skerrit DLP administration and cronies.  After all it was not Tossy Johnson nor Samantha Robinson that was deported here. Nanthan and Alick Lawrence are essentially high government officials – both having diplomatic passports. In fact, among the CBI circle both men are regarded as the frontline operatives of Dominica’s CBI program- passport hunters attending CBI symposiums are led to believe that Nanthan is the gate man of Dominica’s CBI program and Alick Lawrence the avatar of the  program.

Both carry the title of “excellency”. A title that is reserved for heads of state, heads of government, governors, royalty, high commissioners.  In reality the embarrassing deportation of Alick Lawrence and Emmanuel Nantrhan from the UK is up there on the scandal ratings together with fugitive and now imprisoned Dominican diplomat Alireza Monfared, Dominica ambassador NG Lap Seng, Madeuke and other shady Dominican ambassadors. 

We are once again challenging the media personnel in Dominica Kurtis Mathew, Carlisle, Matt Peltier and others to follow through on this very momentous matter.   

As a patriotic Dominican my immediate reaction should be one of concern and embarrassment for my country but considering deportees Emmanuel Nanthan and Alick Lawrence are architects of the electoral fraud, political victimization, mass corruption and ultimately economic slavery in Dominica – I say “Schadenfreude “   but I would rather see them in orange jump suits for the crimes against the people of Dominica.



Monday, April 22, 2024


The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) as inherited thru the commonwealth system is essentially a minister of justice appointed by our president to prosecute crimes fairly, impartially and without fear or favor. The office of DPP is meant to be independent and should not represent the Police, government nor any private interest let alone criminals of any sort. The DPP’s responsibility is to insure justice for the entire public on matters of law. Prosecutorial decisions are to be made based on evidence and not by political machinations and bribery.

It is expected that a DPP keep a low public profile, demonstrate integrity and must be beyond reproach. DPPs should not at any time be curry favoring with politicians, criminals- drug dealers, money launderers. 

So, when an appointed DPP is allegedly brazenly engaged in financial transactions with a notorious criminal and drug dealer the public deserves an explanation. In the interest of public safety and to preserve public confidence in an already battered justice system we the people are requesting an investigation of a matter involving the current DPP and a renowned criminal.

According to sources close to the banking sector just recently the DPP allegedly went to the National Bank to receive a bank transfer in the amount of $25000 from the notorious drug dealer and criminal by the name of Vaughn Dodd of Wesley. As if that wasn't enough the following day the DPP return to the same bank to receive another bank transfer from the same character this time in the amount of $50,000. So, within a twenty-four-hour period the DPP allegedly attempted to pick-up $75000.00 from an infamous drug dealer in Dominica.

“Real Country or not??? Ask the PM

 Based on the allegations, it is either the DPP is extremely brave and arrogant. One thing for sure she is not stupid, so maybe she is just extremely avaricious. As for Vaughn Dodd – The entitlement and heir of immunity from prosecution is plausible considering his unholy alliance with the ruling politicians and corrupt hierarchy within the police force.   

 According to our sources the DPP allegedly became livid when asked to verify the source of funds as if to suggest " I am the DPP how dare you question my financial transactions. Vaughn Dodd the public menace and nuisance that he is went to the bank making a spectacle about his transaction with the DPP. 

In the past the National Bank of Dominica had been flagged as a hot bed for money laundering activities. In fact, Dominica had been identified by the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (the 'FATF') as non-cooperative 'in the fight against money laundering'.

At this point we do not have any information regarding the nature of the business transaction between the DPP and the nuisance Vaughn Dodd however we understand that after Dodd’s’ performance at the National Bank ( He loves attention), a Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) was filed.

A Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) is a document that financial institutions, and those associated with their business, must file with the Financial Intelligence Unit whenever there is a suspected case of money laundering or fraud.

Will there be further action or follow up investigation by the FIU – In the words decease Felix Henderson “ Naff Ta Noon.” From experience consider case closed. The transaction never happened.

An investigation is warranted but we know very well that the entire system is corrupt. The office of PM, President, Attorney General, Minister of National Security, The commissioner of police and Financial Investigation unit are all “Bwois  Powii” rotten logs.

Memory Lane

A few years ago over $1 million was transferred to a bank account on behalf of Emmanuel Nanthan. The transaction was flagged as a Suspicious Activity. Emmanuel Nanthan allegedly admitted that it was proceeds from a passport transaction. The passport belongs to the people, so it was stolen money. Needless to say, the matter was buried particularly after the intervention of PM Skerrit, Alick Lawrence et al.

If the DPP and the notorious criminal Vaugn Dodds can be so audacious, that suggest that the rule of law no longer matters and that the lawless are ruling our country. It is clear that  crime and corruption in Dominica is so marginalized that our judicial system will bless and reward the most depraved and illegal acts as long as the perpetrators are in line with the organized crime syndicate.     

The former PM of Britain noted “The first duty of Government is to uphold the law. If it tries to bob and weave and duck around that duty when its inconvenient, if government does that, then so will the governed, and then nothing is safe—not home, not liberty, not life itself .”  It is therefore the responsibility of all Dominicans irrespective of political party affiliation to not only be concerned but to act demonstratively against the endemic lawlessness in Dominica.  

Ghandi said “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state is lawless.”  To those who resort to the old excuse of “me I not in politics nuh “when the rain falls it falls on every house top- so too are the repercussions of a corrupt and lawless government. Crime and lawlessness have no prejudices. 

Food For Thought

Maybe we need to start having honest round table discussions (all hands-on Deck) regarding the appointment of these so-called independent officials such as the commissioner of police, DPP, President etc.  What about putting these positions on a ballot so the people can decide instead of a sordid politician?  

In the US for example a District Attorney (DA) the equivalence of our DPP is elected by the people. Like the politicians they too have to sell themselves to voters. They must show that they can be independent, tough on crime and the criminals committing those crimes. If a DA is in bed with criminals, the voters will decide and not the lawless politicians. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2024



It is sometimes depressing and discouraging to watch our people do nothing while the Skerrit led crime syndicate blatantly plunder the fortunes of Dominica. Every day we have to keep reminding ourselves that the fight against corruption is not as easy but requires collective efforts and an unwavering commitment by those of us who have chosen to battle the malevolent corruption in Dominica.

For nearly two decades these organized criminals have created outlets for state resources to disappear without accountability and today the people of Dominica are quietly waiting in vain for the return of more than $6 Billion some of which are concretized in the Dubai Skyline, some in offshore private bank accounts, in sham hotels, fancy apartments in New York City, mansions in and out of Dominica. 

After coming across a social media post by an individual who testified that his employer in Dominica has not been paying his and his coworkers’ social security contributions and is asking for an intervention from the enforcement division at the Dominica Social Security, I reminded myself of the metaphor that corruption is like a malignant cancer. once established, it will infiltrate every state institution and bring a small island state like ours to its knees. More so corruption knows no boundaries, and it is society’s most vulnerable who get hurt the most.  

The employee also stated that after several complaints were made at the DSS office the responding DSS officer seem more interested in protecting the non-compliant employer. No surprise here at all when the DSS department itself is led by a band of amoral affiliates and hangers-on of the same Labor Party crime syndicate that have been pillaging the country for 20 plus years.

Entrenched immorality has no sense of, or care for, what is right or wrong. 

The testimony by this aggrieved employee presented an opportunity for us to expose the malfeasance at the DSS -something that we have held back for a while simply because of those off and on spurts of discouragement- wondering when will our people say enough is enough. When we first reported that the government took a $70 million loan from Social Security to cover mobilization cost for the Chinese construction firm on the airport project, we also uncovered a scheme at DSS whereby board members and top executives have been using Dominica Social Security as their private lending institution. In other words, instead of going to a commercial bank for home mortgages for example, these board members and top executives better yet Labor Party hacks are carving out loans for themselves directly out of the people’s social security funds. In one instance we uncovered a home loan to a top executive for more than $900,000.

We watch them steal our tax dollars in garbage Bin bobol, Fertilizer bobol and billions of dollars  have vanished from the CBI revenues and we did nothing to stop these criminals. Now they are messing with our very modest social security money. If that does not spur up anger, what else will.  

We challenge media personnel like Curtis Mathew, Carlisle John Baptist, Matt Peltier to call up the head of DSS, the prime minister or Dr. Irvin McIntyre now minister responsible for social security to ask about this surreptitious private loan scheme among labor party hacks at Dominica Social Security. There is nowhere in the Social Security Act that board members or executives are allowed to use Social security assets to hatch out private loans for themselves. If such was the case then there would be no need for the crime syndicate to try everything possible to keep their loan scheme a top secret. In fact, during our undercover investigation we found out that auditors would be given the run around whenever they ask for financial documents regarding these irregular personal loans and after persisting the auditors are reminded sort off under threat that these particular loan documents are highly confidential.

We also uncovered board members bragging about how they boost their earnings at DSS with redundant board meetings. To every board meeting attended there is a $500 stipend, In one overheard conversation a DSS board member bragged about being part of the DLP big boys club. He stated “that’s how the big boys in Labor does do it with board meetings.”

PM Skerrit, the head of Dominica’s organized crime syndicate himself said that “Dominica is not a real country” and he is right about that because in any other civilized country the top executive and board members of the social security would have to resign and possibly answer to criminal charges. PM Skerrit himself would have been in jail for the many criminal acts of bribery,corruption and tax evasion.  

 To be released in the future- We want to ask PM Skerrit about that infamous land acquisition deal that he claimed was a gift – the same parcel of land that prompted the phrase “ $5000 salary millions of  dollar in assets.” Strangely enough right around the time people started questioning this particular land acquisition the title of that parcel of land allegedly changed from Roosevelt Skerrit to someone by the name of Eselyne Rhyner.  We found out that Eselyne Rhyner is the Human resource manager at Dominica Social Security and was at the time the Girl Friend/lover of then Minister of Government, Skerrit’s partner in crime and Anthony Astaphan’s  allergen Dr. Collin McIntyre.

Question; Did Eselyne Rhyner really purchase that land from PM Skerrit?

Tell us girl- the truth is relentless and MiTCH have the goods

Monday, March 18, 2024



Nadine I and Nadine II

Franck Muller Aeternitas 

Nadine I Residence is a 13-storey residential building currently under construction in Dubai.  The project is located on plot AFRR021 in Al FurjanJebel Ali District.  

Nadine II is also another 13 storey residential building in the same area of  Al FurjanJebel Ali District, Dubai but that building is located on plot AFRA021.

According to the website the project developer for both buildings is none other than Anthony Haiden. Now is this the same Anthony Haiden of MMCE-the one who according to PM Skerrit was given unfettered autonomy over billions of dollars of Dominica’s CBI revenues? Let’s see.

Eman & Emanuel

Apart from the striking similarities between the “House Of Dark Secrets or as we now call it, Nadine 3 which is on Independent Street in Roseau Dominica, on line data indicates that the Nadine I and Nadine II Residential buildings in Dubai are also associated with a Dubai real estate development company name London Gate. The CEO of London Gate is non-other than Eman Taha. Eman Taha’s online profile also show that she once held the position of accounts manager at Anthony Haiden’s MMCE in Dubai. Emmanuel Nanthan can confirm that. See the attached photo of Eman Taha and Emmanuel Nanthan.

 Just imagine Nadine 3 painted in white and tell me if all you en seeing Nadine I & II

Besides Nadine I and Nadine II London Gate is also the developer for a few other real estate developments in Dubai. One which is called the Mayan V Building which is slated to complete at the end of this year 2024.  The Maya V which is located in Jumeirah Village Triangle, Dubai comprises of 6 residential floors and a total of 59 units and featuring a range of premium amenities, including a welcoming lobby with a lounge zone, a fully equipped gym, a swimming pool for both adults and children, and a dedicated playground for the little ones.

It gets more impressive or rather fascinating. A GulfNews Business publication has reported on a groundbreaking business collaboration between London Gate and Franck Muller, the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. The joint venture project is dubbed, Franck Muller Aeternitas by London Gate. That involves an iconic building with 106 floors and will be regarded as the tallest residential tower and the tallest residential clock tower in the world. According to GulfNews — “a symbol of refined elegance in the heart of Dubai.”

clown -credit Dominique Pires

What can we say about the man, the enigma, a man who before 2016 went by many names and many addresses some in Texas, some in California. Colloquially speaking he was a “Vere Tere” an unknown. We can now safely conclude that since that mind busting, no accountability CBI business arrangement between Skerrit and Haiden, both men have become extremely wealthy. As for the people of Dominica? Extremely Poor.

Monday, February 5, 2024



Not Brokes-King Jung Coon

Unfinished Anichi- We Prefer Call It The Atrocity Hotel

Who needs the IMF to declare Dominica a failed state when the evidence is clear. The manifestation of struggling state institutions unable to meet basic functions, flourishing corruption and a non-productive economic environment are clear signs of a failed economy.

The local treasury is empty and we are begging Mr. Abdullah Salaam Alaikum, Salaam Alaikum  bring us some of our money from our overseas treasury.

How did we get there though?

 Conventional wisdom teaches that countries plagued by corruption are unable to utilize their human and financial resources to attract meaningful investment. Two decades of a frivolous government administration and the only investors that the country has been able to attract are the passport selling hawks who come empty handed and exit with cart Blanche contracts to sell our passports through an enclave of money laundering and racketeering. Seven billion and counting from the sale of passports yet all there is to show are functionally obsolete infrastructure -some scrummy built residential complexes with severe hazardous health and safety conditions, several cases of white elephant hotel projects and "dotty " rich government politicians their families, friends and lawyers. 

The former Kempinski Hotel which was completed in 2019 has brought very little value even after the so-called investor got free land and more than 800 passports at an estimated value of US $200 Million. The estimated cost of the hotel -roughly US$60 Million. Do the math, go figure what happened to an estimated overage of US$140 million and while you are it don’t forget the  Palo Zampoli  New York Court filing factor. 

Let's also keep our eyes on the passport funded Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort by the former minister of government, partner in crime with PM Skerrit and Little Tony’s "Hornerman" Dr. Collin McIntyre. The 72 room 5-star hotel construction started in 2019 and was schedule to compete in 36 months; that would have been 2022 and we are now in 2024 and the hotel is far from beneficial completion.  According to our investigation Tony’s unrepentant “Hornerman” Collin McIntyre and his Russian partner Alexander Bernstein received a first tranche of 500 passports – estimated value US $125 Million. Two years later Collin and Bernstein allegedly received another 300 passports for the same project, an added US $75 Million.

As far as the public is aware the  Morocco Hotel was not a CBI (passport) funded hotel. The government said that it was funded by the government of Morocco – looking back we can only laugh at ourselves for being fooled by nincompoops. We know now that this unfinished, derelict eyesore hotel in the town of Portsmouth was just another passport side gig where passport agents "mamaguy" our political leaders and took the money and run. You know who could tell the story on this embarrassing Morocco hotel project and the scam investors – ask Cecil Joseph. Cecil we are warning you – you never know when you are recorded by your own colleagues, Just like they did to Reginald Austrie. 

The successfully completed new Jungle Bay Resort may appear to be an aberration however as we sift through the dark cloud of secrecy, we must ask the owner and ongoing passport seller Sam Raffael if his current hotel operation would be sustainable without the revenues from the ongoing sale of passports or what they conveniently refer to as the continuous selling of shares?  Eskamotere qui zor ye

Another CBI funded resort in Portsmouth recently sent home almost 70 percent of the staff.  The owner, one of the business elites and a privileged Skerrit apologist. 

No skin off their backs even if those hotels go belly up -they have all made their millions in passport sales and commissions. As for te Dominican people  TF with them.

The Biggest White Elephant in The Room 

Several times we have reported on the disgraceful Anichi Hotel project. In the words of a former construction worker at the Anichi site them man there building a five star hotel and have us going and buy 5 bars of steel and three bag of cement. All you not seeing that is a joke then What the construction worker referred to as a joke is really an atrocity of epic proportion. No longer Anichi Hotel - We can now refer to it as The  Atrocity Hotel

What is even more disgusting is that at the head of this Anichi Hotel atrocity is Alick Lawrence , the man who wrote the book titled “The Constitution, The Government & You” In this book Alick accentuated the transparency in government, the value in moral excellence and civic duties. He championed the value of patriotism, the importance of building and maintaining our institutions of democracy. He also pointed out that government has a solemn duty to protect the country’s resources including environment, land , minerals, water etc. We can all agree that the CBI revenues should be at the top of the list of valuable resources notwithstanding the fact that he Alick has been involved CBI business from its inception.

Since in his book Alick objected to selling of our resources for private gain it is encumbered on him to tell us WTF is going on with the Anichi Hotel. We have been reliably informed that a trusted CBI agent out of Dubai allegedly made off with Millions of dollars from passport revenues and Alick Lawrence is allegedly left holding a sac vid (an empty bag).

If the allegations are true well Mr. Senior Counsel of moral principle and patriotism, things are bad in Dominica, and we need that money.  Will you take legal action to help recover our CBI money or should we appeal to the absconding  Mr Abdullah in Dubai to bring back the alleged stolen money for the Atrocity Hotel. If you don't Mr Alick Lawrence sir your legacy will be sealed as The Greatest Hypocrite Ever.  

The message is clear. After a government enabled gulping and misappropriation of billions of dollars from the sale of CBI passports the Dominican economy is in collapse, the people are broke and languishing in poverty, but one man and his cronies are not broke at all.

Luxottica Leak

That one man we have a question for him you know– Mr Skerrit what ties do you have with this Physical address in Miami Florida. 19505 Biscayne Blvd Miami Fl.

We notice that your name and Melissa’s was included in the Luxottica leak and it all make sense to us. Melissa’s Adress is shown in the leaked documents as (1535 Broadway New York New York). Your address  Mr Skerrit (King Jong Coon) -19505 Biscayne Blvd Miami Fl.)

For those who didn’t know “Luxottica is the world’s largest eyewear company, glasses, and prescription frames maker, and the owner of popular brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Chanel, Prada, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Burberry, Giorgio Armani, Michael Kors, and many other.

We knew of the battle that took place between Melissa and the high roller concubine lawyer over who wears the most expensive sunglasses. The concubine lawyer confessed that she received as a gift $5000 sunglasses similar to what the Melissa was flaunting in her “statement making “on Facebook.  

In 2023 the Eyecare giant admitted being impacted by data breach in 2021. Through maize of leaked information are the names of Roosevelt Skerrit and Melissa Skerrit. I didn’t see the names of Broke Bottom Brain, Broke Daryl Titre, Simeone Albert , Clarence Christian, Cleville Mills let alone the name of any off the struggling NEP employees in Dominica.

Monday, January 22, 2024



Unless it is overhauled, deep cleaned and disinfected Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI)program will continue to be regarded as a cesspool for criminals. The frontline criminals are themselves the custodians of the program; that is the politicians, their cronies and lackies. Other criminals include agents profiting from the reckless selling of passports, the roaming crooks looking to purchase Dominica passports to facilitate unlawful activities such as money laundering and terrorist financing and the due diligence agencies with constricted vision.

 The custodians who have reaped unimaginable and verboten wealth from the crime infested CBI program will continue to scapegoat everyone else but themselves for the now ill-reputed and battered CBI program.  They discharge their spin machinery to try to convince the public to ignore the many years of shameful reports on the program yet behind closed doors they scramble to the inescapable demands from the EU and US security agencies for the cleaning up the program.

We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.

Many may have seen a very recent letter from the director of the CBI program to all the authorized CBI agents. The letter states that as of January 19, 2024 the Government of Dominica is no longer selling passports to Yemini nationals. The government will never tell us why this action was taken but one thing for sure, had there been any reports about the unscrupulous selling of passports to unsavory Yemeni nationals, the government and their apologists would deny the report and denigrate the messengers and even label the messengers as terrorist.  

 Here is what is known about Dominica Yemeni nationals and the Dominica CBI program. Some very prominent and shocking Yemeni names involved in the program include Omar Sweid, one of the owners of a Yemeni exchange company Sweid and Sons Exchange CO. According to the US department of treasury Sweid was one of the key financial channels that contributed to transferring funds from the Iranian Quds Force in Tehran to the Houthis in Yemen.

It is also alleged that Omar Sweid and Ghofran Sweid both obtained Dominican citizenship in 2017. The US alleges that the company they own has been engaged in currency exchange trading activities that facilitates the recovery of misappropriated funds (money washing).

Another interesting Yemeni individual who obtain Dominican passports and off serious concern to the US is one Ahmed Abdullah Saleh Neshwan.Neshwan had been identified as an alleged suspect in the hijacking and blowing up of Brillante Virtuoso oil ship in the Gulf of Aden in July 2011.

Ibrahim and Malak Abu Lahoum are also two other very interesting Yemeni individuals who obtained Dominica passports in 2017.  Ibrahim Abu Lahoum, was the Director of the Gas Division at the Yemeni Ministry of Oil from 2006 to 2009. His name appeared in the Paradise Papers with registered offshore companies. One in Malta called SECURITY RISK MANAGEMENT LIMITED.

Malak Abu Lahoum to date faces several lawsuits in the United States. How did the multi  layered due diligence system miss this?

One element of the Dominica CBI program that seem to operate under the radar is the CARICOM IMPACTS agency. CARICOM IMPACTS which is part of the Regional Frameworks for crime and security is mandated to conduct due diligence on all CBI applicants and that is done through its sub agency the Joint Regional Communication Center (JRCC). The investigation supposedly done on every CBI applicant include document verification on passports, address, profession, employment, business ownership, source of funds, litigation, bankruptcy, regulatory and law enforcement checks with media and internet searches. We are told that a reputational risk analysis is supposedly done on every applicant; the emphasis to protect the CBI program.  The JRCC will also assess and report on any applicant with political exposed status.

The Barbados base JRCC should declare its position on what is clearly a severe breakdown in the CBI applicant vetting program. It is unacceptable that when asked to comment on the CBI due diligence fiasco that the agency offer “Zipped Lip / No Comment response). It is only fair to ask whether the JRRC and it’s staff have been compromised in any form by the largess and crookedness within the CBI program?

It is time to turn the lights on the CARICOM IMPACTS agency and demand some answers regarding their role and responsibilities in dysfunctional CBI due diligence program particularly in Dominica.

Sunday, January 14, 2024



Going around on social media is a leaked memorandum from the office of the hospital medical director to the hospital medical board of directors; the memorandum states “ I regret to inform that due to significantly diminished supplies of pethidine as well as spinal needles elective surgical list will have to be temporarily suspended effective January 15 2024.” The memorandum continued with clear indications that healthcare rationing is imminent but for those of us who are not pretending to be asleep the failing healthcare system like the deteriorated economy, devastating level of unemployment, widespread poverty, rampant corruption, dysfunctional public services and institutions and human rights violations are all indicative of a failed state.

 Atop the healthcare rationing system we are also aware of the fact that the justice system “cyan even afford to pay attention let alone a post office stamp” in spite of spending more than $10 million dollars on senior counsels from Trinidad just to persecute opposition politicians from the United Workers Party.

 MiTC have been in contact with sources close to the Canada’s embassy and we can confirm that the cash strap government of Dominica has asked the Canadian authorities to provide them with about Canadian $1.8 Million to move forward with the murder case against American Jonathan Scott and Robert Snyder Jr. Both men are accused of murdering Canadian Citizens Daniel Langlois and his partner Dominique Marchand. According to our sources the Dominican authority on legal affairs told the Canadians that the $1.8 million is need to hire senior counsels from Trinidad to prosecute the case.

 We also understand that the Canadian authorities were very much disturbed by the request coming from the government of Dominica. According to one source, “ to the Canadians  it came across as extortion.” But it was even more disturbing to the Canadians when it was clear to them that the Americans Jonathan Scott and Robert Snyder Jr. are receiving preferential treatment at the state prison. MiTC was informed that  Missi Henderson allegedly ordered the state prison officials to allow unsupervised visits to the prison inmates Jonathan Scott and Robert Snyder. According to a source close to the state prison , “friends, associates and family members of the inmates are just allowed to come up to the state prison, walk in and meet with the inmates All on the order of Missi Henderson. We are smart enough to know on whose behalf Missi Henderson is working.  

 No Money for Legal Representation in the Choksi Law Suit

It is public knowledge that kidnapped victim Mehul Choksi has filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the government of Dominica. MiTC can also report that some of the people named in this Mehul Choksi lawsuit are very much concerned the government of Dominica is unable to provide them with quality legal representation. The lawsuit named the following: DPP Sherma Dalrymple , the attorney general office, police officer Maximea and Lincoln Corbette.

 We are not allowed to reveal much information regarding the pending lawsuit however we want to put this question out in the public. Why was “Subsection” Lennox Lawrence not presented as the attorney general in the lawsuit. We believe he was the acting attorney general during the Choksi kidnapping operation.

To Subsection Lennox Lawrence and the crooked government of Dominica – MiTC know exactly why that is so and we will at some point reveal all of the shenanigans, the corruption and the usual pay for play plague within this crime syndicate of the Skerrit Labor Party administration.








Tuesday, December 12, 2023



At last week’s media briefing there appear to be a bit of a sparring between Police commissioner Daniel Carbon and National Security Minister Rayburne Blackmore of Baby Sarah infamy. On the matter regarding the St Joseph Police Station robbery, commissioner Carbon expressed disappointment in the lack of human resources at out district police stations and Blackmore discretely disagreed claiming that the police force has adequate manpower at the various stations.

Carbon talked about working as a constable in the Grandbay district many years ago. He stated that while stationed in Grandbay there were over 15 police officers working together with him at the same precinct and today he lamented that the police force he now leads can only afford 6 officers at the same precinct.

Daniel Carbon, the man that he once was would be forthright and upstanding – a no nonsense guy. So, were the utterances by Carbon at last week’s press briefing merely a Freudian slip or the return of the old no nonsense tendency that he once possessed?

One theory is that he is just a few months away from his retirement and might be trying to find his conscience or spine.

What Daniel Carbon was alluding to is the dilemma of having 47 police officers strictly and exclusively assigned to the PM Prime Minister and an investigation and possible prosecution of the two police officers for the St Joseph police station robbery. According to a very credible sources within the police department who stated “Just imagine they have 47 police officers assigned to guard the PM, his children, his dogs and his ill-gotten mansions. Now they want to point at fellow police officers for the corruption in the police force. “The source further added that many police officers including chief Daniel Carbon are upset with the political manipulation of the police department.

The righteous indignation within the police force over the abuse of the manpower resources to meet the insecurities of the tin pan mini-dictator and Star Boy Of Stupidity is understandable, but it is ALWAYS inappropriate and frankly criminal for the police themselves to obstruct any criminal investigation in spite of rampant selective justice within the police force.

For Future Consideration

MiTC has two questions to PM Skerrit, and we sincerely wish that at least one media person in Dominica would “balls-up” and ask the PM.

Sir have you had in any kind of business transaction(s) with the accused killer Jonathan Scott Lehrer?

Also, Sir have you directed several “official visitors” to meet and stay only at Jonathan Lehrer’s place in the Soufriere area?  

In the words the famous Q95 caller Blue Blue – “Inquiring minds want to know.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023



Nation-states exist to provide working mechanisms for delivering public goods and services to its citizenry. The public goods typically supplied by states and even in privatized form include medical and healthcare, roads, ports, and other physical infrastructures. The state must also create empowering environment for commerce, to grow banking system. On all measures our government who have created a mono product CBI economy for the past two decades is proving to be an absolute failure.

The blatant mismanagement and embezzlement of the CBI passport resources by those in leadership positions, their scallywag passport selling agents and friends, has undermined the credibility of the very same CBI program. As a result of the messy CBI program, Dominicans have been relegated to applying for visas if they wish to travel to the UK. The crime laden CBI program has also captured the interest and curiosity of international investigative journalist organizations.

The PM is way too arrogant to admit that his one trick pony is now under duress. We can confirm that since the UK visa imposition and following the damaging OCCRP investigative report many CBI applicants who had been in the system have requested a refund and the CBI revenue projections have been significantly devalued.

The social consequence is evidence in the government’s inability to pay NEP workers, pay invoices, the nuisance load shedding with the government owned electricity company, the failure to finance the requirements for the T-20 world cup cricket event. The high and increasing rate of poverty, an imploding healthcare system and education program.

In order to help finance basic programs the government has been borrowing moneys from the social security program, piggy banking off the Domlec revenues and scrapping the skin off the Dominica lottery. We know for a fact that the Lotto program has become the pork barrel for government officials like Melissa Skerrit, Reginald Austrie and others. DLP cabal at the Dominica lottery complain about getting calls from government ministers asking for money to help buffer the exploding poverty within individual constituencies.

After 2 decades of foolishly developing a mono product economy, the only economic driver, the CBI program is in peril. The absolute dependence on the CBI passport sales revenue has resulted in lack of diversification in economic activities. We are now staring down an economy in shambles, yet the political directorates continue to plunder the coffers of the shrinking state to feed their greed, pay for their lavish lifestyles, residences and palaces. The very same shrinking CBI resources are being used to support external forces of aggression and propaganda, kidnapping and political persecutions and extortive overseas travel by government officials. We can all agree DLP party supporters alike, that the social contract that binds we the citizens of Dominica to the prevailing polity is null and void. We the people must immediately dispose of the Skerrit governance (Skerritism)– one way or another.

** MiTC is aware of a second desperate attempt at the Coffee factory operation. More Coffee beans have been imported and more equipment have arrived on island. We sincerely hope that this second attempt is successful- Right now in this very dire economy its any port for a storm and we are routing for the program.

Friday, November 17, 2023



We wish to alert readers that our publication regarding the resignation of Mrs Bertilia McKenzie is flawed. The information we received was misinterpreted ,Mrs McKenzie did not resign from the company.

 The story was a follow-up on the government’s mishandling of the Domlec company and the phantom US$50 Million dollar 5-megawatt/2.5 megawatt-hours battery energy storage system facility that was reported by our government’s international public relation group(s).

Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit conveyed gratitude to the UAE government for their significant contribution to Dominica's development.

We do understand that trust declines after retraction, but we value the old adage that “sunlight is the best disinfectant”. The article has been removed from our website.


Tuesday, October 17, 2023



Three weeks ago there was an article online – Title -Dominica's Secret Bay pays out $1 Million in returns to CBI Investors and crosses 100+ Investor Threshold. As expected, this article was written by the special interest group of CBI promoters and distributed through those propaganda / fake new site owned and controlled by the same CBI promoters and passport hustlers in Dubai, London and elsewhere. (The fake news site tagging OCCRP journalist- begging these international reporters to read their propaganda but that is for another time)

 The article states that between the 1st quarter 0f 2022 to 1st quarter of 2023 the number of investors (at Secret Bay Resort) grew from 86 -159 – 85 % increase. In our local interpretation 73 passports sold and at an average of $200K per pop that comes up to roughly $14.7 Million invested in Secret Bay.

It was also stated that the residences (meaning CBI investors/ passport buyers) at Secret Bay is the only CBI project in the Caribbean region paying a consistent rate of return on investments to it’s CBI investors. To the unsuspecting reader – The Secret Bay Resort is on the high-performance bar.  

The proprietor of the Secret Bay resort Gregor Nassief is quoted in the article as saying “We are truly grateful to our investors and appreciate the commitment of our resort management and development team that have allowed Secret Bay to achieve this level of performance and growth. We are hopeful and excited about the future and will continue to focus on the long-term success of the business.  

For those of us who will not be fooled by these CBI propagandists, right off the bat we all know that this Secret Bay Resort bravado is all Malachi. As a matter of fact, last year one of the CBI promoters also wrote a similar article promoting the high-level economic performance of the Anichi Hotel. In the haste to cash in on the irreputable passport sales promotion someone forgot to tell the writer who may have been sitting on a computer in Dubai or India that the Anichi Hotel is incomplete and is in reality the site of an aborted construction project, a project flanked by crimes of money laundering among government officials their friends and senior lawyers.

One has to wonder whether Gregor Nassief really sold 74 CBI passports between Jan 2022 and January 2023, and did he really made the statement that was quoted in the article. If he did then he owes the people of Dominica an explanation because as it stands within the past few weeks the Secret Bay Resort sent home about 30 workers. Considering the size of the Resort this is quite significant. We assume that this is about 70-75% of the staff but even more jarring this is 30 more people out of a job in Dominica’s crippling economy. 

MiTC spoke to a few of the layoff workers and from all indication the resort has been underperforming. We understand that the resort had been running allegedly on an average of one guest per month. According to a few of the former staff members the kitchen had been shut down for a while and very much like the Kempinski Hotel a defoliated space. Another reason to question the validity of those many CBI hotel projects.

Seriously, we take no pleasure in reporting on this matter because it is indeed heartbreaking that 30 more Dominicans have been added to the massive unemployment statistics in Dominica and 30 more families deceived by an unreliable CBI hotel economy.

We should not forget that Gregor Nassief once opined words to the effect that we the citizens have no right to ask about our passport money. He basically expressed those feelings in a response letter to Sean Douglas who had concerns about the use of the CBI funds. Maybe we should ask him then - Sir based on the poor governance and a severely broken economy would you have invested $14 Million of your own money in a hotel project in Dominica.   

If the CBI promoters are right, in under one year Gregor Nassief would have received an estimated $14.7 Million of investor money through the CBI program but 30 workers were sent home from the resort. It is only fair to ask Gregor Nassief  and frankly the government of Dominica – After the hotels are built and in operation why do the CBI hotel developers continue to sell CBI shares/passports and where do the funds go to?  

In the words of the famous "Blue Blue ' on Q95 - Inquiring minds want to know   

It seems like all how we turn it’s just the selected few benefiting from the CBI program in perpetuity while the people continue to swim deeper into poverty.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023



To maintain power dictators seek to control information by every means necessary. Positive news they always want attributed to them and negative news they ascribe to enemies of the state.

 Last week’s rant about the opposition and Trevor Johnson who he did not call by name was just another one of Skerrit’s display of his cowardice a man high on narcissism , psychopathy and the paranoia about a pending investigative report on his corrupt and criminal CBI passport selling program.

 We promised to release the results of our own investigation involving another unscrupulous Dominica CBI passport holder. The question is always -what kind of due diligence program is being done with Dominica’s CBI program that someone like Fonome Dieng could so easily attain a passport.. According to our sources in Africa Fonome Dieng who is Jordanian introduces himself as owner of a financial broker company in Dubai  name BSC Management LLC . Dieng has been promising investment capital for small business ventures and allegedly collecting huge application fees and not delivering on the investment capital. In one such case a victim of Dieng told us “ I have been looking for funds to fund my vertically integrated meat project in Tanzania. In March this year I was introduced to Dieng who guaranteed that he was capable of arranging financing for my project.  

He gave me financing terms which I accepted. They explained that on security, they will need a guarantor residing in UAE. They confirmed that I may find it difficult to secure a guarantor in UAE, so they will arrange one for me. I met all other requirements including necessary fees as provided in the Loan agreement which amounted to almost US$40,000. I was also required to travel to Turkey to sign the agreement, which I did. 

It was shocking to me that when all was done and I was waiting for loan disbursement, Dieng asked me to pay another US$50,000 to secure a guarantor, which was, however, not part of our agreement. 

I then decided not to proceed with the loan and asked for a refund of my monies, Mr. Dieng refused and said that if I cancelled the Loan I will have to pay US$7,500 as penalty. 

I just have come to feel that these are just scammers using passports from the Commonwealth of Dominica to swindle people.

I need your help to unravel this so that other people do not fall to these scammers”

As promised MITC was able to get a copy of Fonome Dieng Passport R0183XX. Dieng who is Jordanian and operates out of Dubai received his passport  in December of 2019.Interestingly the former Prime minister of Jordan instituted  legislation forbidding Jordanians from having dual citizenship but while doing so he the PM got himself a Dominica passport. The reason - allegedly to hide assets. 

 Last week we wrote about the multi-billion dollar bust in Singapore and some of the criminals were carrying Dominica passport. Can anyone in their right mind believe the infantile argument that it is “elements of the opposition “, Trevor Johnson, MiTC et al that is destroying the image of Dominica? Dictators are adept at inciting blame and scapegoating, but history has thought us that blaming others and not taking responsibility for your own action is sign of a coward.

Instead of scapegoating PM Skerrit- clean up your act, the crooked CBI passport vendors in Dubai and elsewhere. 

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