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Monday, January 14, 2019


Ever since Mas In The Cemetery released it’s first blockbuster blog ,“From Rags To Riches” people have been trying to figure out who is or what is MiTC. While we understand that it is only natural for human beings to be curious about the unknown it is even more intriguing that the acolytes of the Dominica Labour Party have been unrelenting in their pursuit of MiTC not just for the sake of demystifying the organization but with the hope of destroying an entity that continues to expose the activities of the crime syndicate operating as the government of Dominica.

While the Skerrit cabal is attempting to destroy and discredit the work that we do at MiTC, it is worth noting that the cabal is yet to respond to the many other scandals that we have reported. The accused international criminal and Ponzi scheme operator Pedro Forte Berbel, who was again hiding out and operating in Dominica, it was MiTC who exposed him and his affiliations with government officials and crooked DLP lawyers. We also reported on a $60,000 payment made by a lawyer for Pedro Fort on behalf of a government official. Today Pedro Forte is being prosecuted by the US court in Florida and in fact a number of lawyers right here in Dominica has had to cooperate with US investigation on matters related to Pedro’s criminal operation in Dominica. We can also state that MiTC had been contacted on several occasions by people from the US investigating Pedro’s activities in Dominica.

To the lawyers that were never identified as individuals on Pedro Fort’s payroll, MiTC knows a lot more than you think.

When MiTC published the article “Goodnight Irene Ross is Gone and Skerrit Promising Cruise Village” apologists like Cleville Mills, Clarence Christian and others on social media and on Kairi FM went on a rant and accused us of false reporting – they also accused us of trying to destroy Dominica. Two weeks after we published the article the PM with his brash attitude came on air to tell the people of Dominica “you will soon be hearing that Ross will not be returning to Dominica.”

It would be naïve for anyone to believe that the work that is produced by MiTC comes from one or two individuals. For the sake of our loyal readers and the many people including laborites who keep encouraging us to do the work of the people, MiTC is a network of patriotic Dominicans all of whom are very concerned about the state of governance in Dominica. Anyone interested in becoming part of MiTC is welcomed however we do have an extremely stringent vetting process and so not every application will be accepted.  What we mostly encourage at this juncture is that all whistle blowers wishing to expose government corruption please continue to patronize the MiTC network. Keep feeding our inboxes with the information, we will do the investigation. We appreciate the many contributions that we have received over the years. 

Chief among the DLP gestapo seeking to destroy MiTC is Anthony Astaphan. Assisting Tony is a  gweeve twemblad” (Ground Dove)  Dark and Lovely Clarence Christian but like a grizzly bear truth will come charging in. MiTC will not be intimidated. We believe that the sham investigation into the article “3 Days For Baby Sarah” is just another one of Tony’s directive to Daniel Carbon. Tony is more than elated to be fulfilling his dream of being a little Bashar Assad unleashing terror on the people of Dominica by living vicariously through Roosevelt Skerrit.  While Tony is stroking his ego the question is, does Rayburn Blackmoore really want an open investigation?  Rayburn Blackmoore certainly cannot be so arrogant to chase after his own tail cause like a maniku he will end up at midcourse stranded and hanging by his tail.  Mr. Blackmoore needs to know that there are other details not yet released and it may not be a very good idea to poke the hornets nest.

If Mr. Blackmoore really wants an investigation we encourage the people of Dominica and particularly the women of valor to demand an independent investigation and not some Tony Astaphan circus investigation. One of the questions that Mr. Blackmoore should be asked is whether or not he was confronted by the mother of the young lady after a beating incident.

By now every Dominican should understand that Antony Astaphan is only interested in fulfilling his ego, protecting his family interest and maintaining the financial benefits he derive from the party in government. Tony is not interested in whether Blackmoore gets trapped or further embarrassed. He has already succeeded in embarrassing a disemboweled police commissioner Daniel Carbon. Daniel Carbon’s reputation will remain forever tainted after Anthony Astaphan commanded him to conduct a criminal investigation of the opposition leader, Lennox Linton and when the investigation was concluded it was determined that the crime Mr. Linton was accused of  was actually committed by The devil himself, Anthony Astaphan himself.

We should also take note that Tony is quite selective with the matters that he babbles on. MiTC has on more than one occasion exposed the very corrupt government minister, Collin McIntyre. We exposed his association with the deceased Russian woman who ran the 8 Copthall operations. We also reported on a “passport money” resort project that was being pursued by Collin McIntyre and at the time the estranged husband of the same Russian woman. See the attached article. What did we hear from Tony Astaphan on the many articles we wrote about Collin McIntyre’s corruption? Not even a murmur

Daniel Carbon can you please do Tony a favour and investigate who from the Valley ate his cheese and stole his grinder.

When Tony clandestinely inserts himself into public discussion on matters of sexual and physical abuse of women, we know that "The devil himself "does not have a scintilla of concern for the battered women. What we would like to see from Tony Ataphan and his gang of detractors is some advocacy and concern for young underage girls who are being sexually exploited by grown men with influence and money in society. As an attorney is Tony willing to lead the conversation on amending the statute of limitation on rape cases?  MiTC will even suggest the idea of creating legislation to deal with rape cases and carnal knowledge of juveniles all the way back to the late 1970’s?    


With over 30,000 readers following MiTC, we are not daunted. We are continuing to uncover the filth that is buried in the cemetery and we are digging up those graves that are closely guarded by those in positions of authority and influence. It is because of our far reaching network of dedicated men and women that we are able to uncover crimes committed by a certain lawyer in Dominica. In our possession right now are very disturbing details of the same lawyer, who several years ago impregnated a young lady when she was at the age of 15. After impregnating the young lady that lawyer conveniently took the young lady to Antigua to have an abortion procedure done. We won’t be letting out any details at this point but what we can say for now is that a very high government official may be aware of the incident and if not there is no doubt that this government official is in a very ideal situation to verify and  confirm that MiTC is right on point.  Nuff said  

As we continue to look into the past behavior of this lawyer, we are noticing signs and patterns of a sexual predator, one who has been getting away with all kinds of egregious and erroneous behavior. We are sending a warning to this particular lawyer – we know that you are reading this, take warning, take warning.

MiTC also have the details and evidence of other very serious crimes committed by this lawyer and it just a matter of time before we put this lawyer on blast and his face next to that of R Kelly’s. Until then the clock is ticking for this lawyer. Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc………………Tic

Take Warning
You Better take warning
Take Warning
You Better be good. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


We have been hearing of a serious upsurge in Haitian migrants arriving in Dominica and to many Dominicans this is concerning as Dominica is definitely not in a position to handle this ordeal , particularly after a major disaster. We learned from our investigation that Haitians are coming in at a rate of hundreds per day.

In as much as the Haitians are Caribbean nationals and more so, our brothers and sisters, the government needs to take control of the situation and not allow this round of Haitian refugee to fester and then die out on its own like they did in mid 2000.We have seen this episode before where the government paid a blind eye to human trafficking and Dominica ended up with a black eye but as usual the administration find somebody else to blame.

The last time we had this massive upsurge in Haitian refugee, the government and people of Dominica knew exactly what was happening as, the resulting human trafficking activities had become unabashedly popular. The Haitians were using Dominica as a transit point to get to other neighboring islands, mainly Guadeloupe. The human trafficking activities at the time brought much unwanted attention to Dominica. The French Government authorities and the Virgin Island governments were expressing concerns as a lot of the Haitian migrants coming to their shores culminated out of Dominica.

There was no shortage of scandal with the human trafficking activities in Dominica. Many Haitian brothers and sisters perished on the high seas at the hands of callous and sometimes even ruthless speed boat operators in Dominica. Many were defrauded – after having paid the speed boat operators hundreds of US dollars to take them to Guadeloupe some of these boat operators would in the depth of the night take their passengers on detours and would eventually drop them off at another location in Dominica where they would struggle to get back on their feet after loosing at times their life savings. 
Haitian Migrants tapping WiFi In Picard
The government authorities were very much aware of the brutal human trafficking element in Dominica but  did nothing to stop it simply because many of the speed boat operators who were making a killing out of it were and still are prophets and strong defenders of the Dominica Labor Party. In addition Ministers and other high government official were running massive scams with the US $400.00 visa requirements for Haitians entering Dominica. Who can forget the PM’s ridiculous response of “Fix IT” when it was discovered that right within his ministry at the time, there were high officials running their own private Haitian visa enterprise and collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars for themselves. 

This time around the French authorities are again very concerned. For a number of weeks MiTC had been following some developments in the French Islands of Marigalante and the Saints.  The authorities there were venting and putting things in place to stall the massive influx of Haitian migrants coming in from Dominica. The situation has escalated to the point where the issue is making headlines News in the French Antilles.

Again the government of Dominica continues to sit by and do nothing about it. We know that some government officials are still heavily involved in their own private enterprise ,making money out of the US $400.00 Visa scam and it is quite obvious that the government is more than happy with the revenue collected from the Haitians, our CARICOM brothers and sisters coming in by the hundreds per day at the main airport. There have also been complaints of the government using the refugee and human trafficking event to further pollute the electoral process in Dominica. Unconfirmed reports also indicate that Haitians are strategically being provided with passports that would allow then to vote for the Labor Party at the next general election.

It is mind boggling that even after the black eye of mid 2000's the Roosevelt Skerrit administration is again sitting by and allowing another round of Haitian migrant refugees and human trafficking tragedy to fester in Dominica. We can confirm that a major location  for human trafficking activity is right at the doorsteps of the Deputy Prime Minister Reginald Austrie. On an almost daily basis in the tiny Northern Village of Toucari  boat loads of Haitians can be seen leaving Dominica and heading North to the neighboring island. MiTC reporters have been informed that one of the many buildings owned by Mr. Austrie actually overlooks that little pier in the village of Toucari and it is from that very same pier that the boaters involved in the human trafficking ,are audaciously running their operation. One would have to be incredibly "Cleville Mills like" (Shameless that is ) or deliberately Clarence Christian like (myopic)to even suggest or believe that Reginald Austrie is unaware of the mass human trafficking taking place in his small community. A community where he spends most of his time and knows who should or should not get fertilizer or World Bank assistance. According to one of the villagers -"Where is the Hunter when we need him to sing his brilliant calypso compositions Anything For A Dollar or They Sucking The Country They sucking The Country Dry.” 

When the police is needed to harass the opposition or to jealously guard  (in local terms Mako) the minister girlfriends, police officers are dispatched at   Blackmoor's will and for Tony Astaphan's wet dream..

As Reggie ,the government and its apologist continue to play “see no evil, hear no evil” people are getting agitated and we got the feeling that the anger is not  necessarily towards our brothers and sisters from Haiti. What we have noticed is, this time around ,the Haitian migrant refugee matter is like salt in the wound as the once mighty Picard area where Ross University was located has become a stumping ground for many of the Haitian migrant refugees. We say this without malice or disrespect- Haitian migrant refugees are all over the Picard area and it is just heartbreaking to see what Picard has become. 
Haitian & Abandoned Business In Picard 
Because of gross incompetence and the self-serving principles of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration, Ross University chose to part ways with Dominica.  The departure of the University has dealt a major blow to Dominica’s economy and has uprooted the livelihood of many people, particularly the people in the North of the island where Ross University had its greatest economic impact. With hundreds of jobs destroyed, collapsed businesses, empty building and hundreds of Haitians migrants roaming the area ,one can understand the anger that comes with the nostalgia, the unemployment, the defaulting loans and to top it off ,the boldface lies and arrogance coming from Roosevelt Skerrit and his administration.

While we understand the anger and the agitation we still urge our people to be kind to our Haitian brothers and sisters. We owe Haiti a depth of gratitude as pan African people  "Ani ba yo luv " Give them love. The anger should be directed at the government who continue to allow the migrant refugee system to deteriorate as government officials continue to get rich on running Haitian visa and passport scams. Although a few landlords in Picard are happy to get some 2 for 5 rental income out of the Haitian migrants, many are beginning to realize that the January semester students that was promised by the Skerrit clan  and apologists are turning out to be Haitian Migrant refugees in Picard. 

On our trip back to the capital we stop off in Picard to talk to a few residents and landlords and what we were told is that the 2 for 5 rental system brings a little consolation. How it works is that two Haitians apply for an apartment and after receiving the key to the apartment three more Haitians are smuggled into the same apartment. One Landlord smiled and said to us with a wink “Thank God For Skerrit” but beneath that smile and playful wink we recognized the pain and agony.   

Sunday, January 6, 2019


With the publication of the article 3 days for Baby Sarah we knew that the DLP apologists and their lousy spin artists would immediately start denigrating and discrediting MiTC however it is   not in our policy to respond to such nuisance critics. We stand firm behind our report. Our objective is too shine light on abuse and malfeasance in government. Neither Tony Astaphan nor the dark and lovely Clarence Christian are elected officials in government and so we are again asking that Mr. Skerrit ,  Austrie, Blackmoore and the rest of the elected officials to do what is right to bring some semblance of sanity, integrity and accountability in the government of Dominica.

Before we delve into the crux of this new editorial, we also want to make it clear that MiTC is not an arm of any political party and we do not consult with or yield to the wishes of any. In spite of all that was said by the Dominica Labor Party operatives on social media and on Kairi FM, MiTC have demonstrated that we will hold all politicians to account – those in opposition and most particularly those in government. Instead of demonstrating that physical abuse of women will not be tolerated particularly by male cabinet members, the DLP responded by issuing threats against MiTC and then desperately releasing a copy of Joshua Francis wife’s divorce petition.  MiTC does not have any cooperative arrangement or any sort of relationship with Joshua Francis. In fact when Joshua Francis was embroiled in the allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor, MiTC was the first to report on the matter and it was several days after our report that the fizzled media in Dominica took up on the story.


We understand that plans may be in motion by the Dominica Labor Party government to resume the harassment and persecution of whistle blower and anti-corruption activist Trevor Tossy Johnson. Trevor Johnson has proven himself to be an extraordinary patriot, a lone wolf who for many years has dug into the recycled bins and shredders to expose money laundering, undercover dealings and even sexual exploitation by officials of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration.

Contrary to the many criticisms by Tony Astaphan and his gang of puppets, Trevor Johnson continues to show that his campaign and public persona is all about the betterment his country Dominica. People will remember Trevor’s heroic efforts in rallying aid and support for Dominica in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Trevor Johnson as many can attest to, has a big heart and hold no grudges. We have come to notice that Trevor truly wants better governance for Dominica.

The Roosevelt Skerrit cartel have succeeded in purchasing the silence and even the complicity of many Dominicans; many  who were supposed to be upstanding citizens have fallen prey to the despotisms of the government. Even journalists who have long professed to be independent and not up for sale seem to have thrown in the white flag. MiTC has Carlisle John-Baptiste on record stating that he is now  more concerned about getting scholarship for his kid and we can only assume that this is the reason why journalist Carlisle John Baptist has gone into hibernation. It is still astounding to us that Carlisle is yet to break any news on the arrest of another international criminal with Dominica passport who had been wining and dining government ministers while the wanted criminal was hiding out in Point Mitchell- Right underneath Carlisle’s nose. No worries Carlisle, MiTC will do it’s best to report to the people while you await the scholarship.

Trevor Johnson has shown that he cannot be bought not even when the wise men come offering brown paper bag filled with cash in exchange for Trevor’s silence on mass corruption involving Roosevelt Skerrit and members of his administration.

Trevor has also been subjected to fear mongering and intimidation tactics as persisted in exposing Roosevelt Skerrit corruption. Davidson Valerie of the Dominica Police Force was sent to Trinidad and Tobago to interrogate Trevor Johnson in the presence of Interpol officers. Davidson Valerie turned out to be a laughing stock as the Interpol officers realized that Davidson Valerie was sent to Trinidad not because there were any crimes committed but only because the government of Dominica was desperately trying to suppress Trevor’s relentless whistle blowing campaign. They accused Trevor of being involved in hacking and there was no evidence to support the accusations. It was just another one of Tony Astaphan’s wet dream while Collin McIntyre was climbing his cherry tree.

Trevor has also been on the receiving end of threatening phone calls from hired mercenaries in Trinidad who claim that they have been contacted by”important people in Dominica who wants him to stop publicizing incriminating evidence of Roosevelt Skerrit corrupt activities. See the YouTube link - very chilling and evidence that this criminal gang will go to any length to stop whistle blowers.

In keeping with what we stand for at Mas In The Cemetery (MiTC) we offer our solidarity with Trevor Johnson and we applaud him for his tenacious effort in the fight against the most corrupt government in the region. We look forward to working with Trevor Johnson and many others on restoring sanity in the governance of Dominica.

As efforts are being orchestrated to harass and interrogate Trevor Johnson on his return to Dominica, we are asking all patriotic Dominicans, the many fans of Trevor Johnson ,the regional and international community to keep monitoring the situation in Dominica. We are at a point in Dominica where people are terrified of the government and are too afraid to criticize their government on issues of corruption, sexual and physical abuse of women. We have seen the government in a Maduro and Chavez like fashion persecute and prosecute the opposition members on trumped up charges and since the Blackmoore’s expose, orders have been issued to arrest and interrogate Trevor Tossy Johnson on allegations that he either conspired with or is Mas In The Cemetery.

In the meantime we urge that the PM and his cabinet stop acquiescing to Tony Astaphan’s wet dreams of persecuting MiTC or Trevor Johnson and instead deal with the filth within his administration. As we have stated before MiTC is full of surprises and Mr. Blackmoore and his backers would certainly not want MiTC to reveal Mr Blackmoore’s penchant for photography neither to display his masterful pieces. MiTC shall keep Mr. Blackmoore’s masterpieces secured in the MiTC vault.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Three Days for Baby Sarah

 "If this guy finds out I told other people this I am dead...
I am literally dead. Some people just don't understand the situation...
they don't know him like I do or maybe they have an idea but they don't know the consequences..."

The story of Baby Sarah is a story of stalking, assault, physical violence, brandishing of weapons, misuse of the police, official misconduct, and death threats, all within the confines of an extramarital affair gone awry, culminating in the demise of a premature, seven-month old infant. Baby Sarah, as we have chosen to call her since she was never named by her parents, lived three days on Earth, a short but remarkably telling life.

MiTC became aware of a serious case of physical abuse on a person committed by a Minister of Government in early August 2018 and promptly began an investigation. After receiving confirmation of the incident from an on-the-ground confidant embedded within the public service, we published an Open Letter to PM Roosevelt Skerrit on August 8th recommending that he begin an investigation into official misconduct and abuse within his National Security apparatus and on conclusion of his inquiry, demand the resignation of the official who he would have discovered was involved in the abuse of women. Failure to do so, we warned, would result in MiTC bringing the facts, as we know them to be, to the Dominican public. Mr. Skerrit must have ignored our advice. In the course of our investigation, we were able to uncover detailed first-hand accounts of events that led up to the death of Baby Sarah. What you read here are transcripts of allegations leveled by the abused victim at the minister in private conversations. They are the words of the victim as told verbatim.

Several months before her death, Baby Sarah's mother, an attractive married woman from the Kalinago Territory, began an adulterous relationship with the powerful, married, Parliamentary Representative for the Mahaut constituency, Justice and National Security Minister Rayburn Blackmoore. Mr. Blackmoore, a known philanderer, was also at the time (and is reportedly still is)  involved in another adulterous relationship with a married woman from Jimmit, a relationship that has led to dissolution of the marriage and a recent divorce settlement between her and her husband, a former Marpin 2K4 Ltd executive.

From all reports, the relationship between the minister and his Kalinago lover was rocky, with highs and lows. Mr. Blackmoore was known to be aggressive at times, gentle and weepy at other times. The two took trips out of island, separately, but eventually linking up at their destinations, staying at beach resorts in neighbouring islands. Mr. Blackmoore has also reportedly purchased a dwelling for his lover, a well-furnished house in the village of Eggleston, with funds funneled through a series of transactions at the National Bank. Throughout the course of their relationship, the two have had a number of physical altercations because of other women.

"Did I tell you about the night at the Financial Centre? I was in Goodwill that night,
my nephew who works in SSU..was on duty. Ray told me that he would be late to join me...
my nephew text me saying a woman come to check him..on her way to his office...
I had a rented car, I went to his office about 15 mins later...
the lights were on but the door unlocked...I opened the door and there he was 
butt naked and this woman giving him head...I slapped him hard on his face,
took her clothes which were on the chair and walked out...I dumped it in a bin in lobby...
I went back to Goodwill, he was right behind me, I almost stabbed him that night..."

August 2018 was an eventful one in the course of that relationship. As recounted by the minister's lover, while on a date in Portsmouth which included dinner at the Rejens and drinks at a local beach bar with someone she described as her "side chick before the minister", a gentleman who we have since identified as being an employee of the Ministry of Finance, she was approached by a police officer who told her that she was needed and that someone wanted to see her.

"I figured it was the other one. I said no, I'm with someone. The officer left.
Pardna called my phone, I didn't answer. Then he WhatsApp saying that if I didn't
answer he would have me arrested. I knew he would.
I told the other guy what was going on and I went. The other guy followed me.
I saw his car. A police van was at the back. I went to the driver side to talk to him..

He started getting on and asking me to get on board. I refused.
My date came by and asked what the fuck is his problem.
He pulled out his gun and pointed it at him and told him to step back.
I got scared and went in the vehicle. He drove off.
My date followed but he later told me that the police stopped him
after the Rejens area and searched his vehicle for drugs."

By her own account, the ride from Portsmouth was argumentative and filled with threats and vile language. Believing that his intention was to go to an apartment they shared in Goodwill, she eventually discovered that the drive would take them to the Fresh Water Lake, in Laudat.

"Anyway he drove all the way to town, cursing all the way.
Thought he would have gone Goodwill where we have an apartment,
but he continued driving. Then I thought we were going to our home in Eggleston,
but he drove all the way to the Fresh Water Lake.
We reached there, he pulled me off the car, and that was it.

He took out his gun and said he gonna kill me then himself.
When (I) heard it cock I screamed out his name and he stopped.
He looked at me and started crying.
He opens the car door and told me to get in."

Her experience in Laudat was not the end of this story. Mr. Blackmoore's paramour reveals that she was driven back to their apartment in Goodwill. Immediately upon entering the apartment, she alleges that Mr. Blackmoore began to physically assault her.

"Drove back to town, entered house and more slaps. (I) fell on the floor. 
He came on me and started again. When he stopped he then went in the shower. 
 I noticed I was bleeding. He saw that when he got out of the shower
and started getting scared. he called a doctor friend of his."

In a separate account, the victim went into further detail about her experience at the Goodwill apartment.

"As I entered the apartment I felt the first heavy slap across my face. 
That threw me down to the floor. I wasn't expecting it.
On the floor he came over me, grabbed my neck and continued slapping.
I was gasping for breath. I somehow managed to scream his name, that's when he let me go.
I started vomiting. He pulled me up from the floor and without saying anything he left (me).
My face, neck and right ears are swollen and bruised.

I (had) started getting bad waist pains...went to the bathroom and noticed I was spotting..
he got scared, called his doc. He came to the house in Goodwill.
They brought me to PMH. He lied and said that I was attacked."

The stressed victim revealed that her lover was crying and threatened to shoot the both of them. While at the PMH, her spotting continued and it was discovered that the baby's heart rate was dropping. He then immediately arranged to have her flown out.

In her account, the minister's lover disclosed that she was flown out to Martinique the following day for further medical help. While in Martinique, she gave birth to a premature 7-month old baby, who she claims was fathered by the minister. Baby Sarah, as we have christened her, lived for three days. Who knows how bright a star she would have been.

Interestingly, during the course of our investigation, when confronted with the allegations against minister Blackmoore, a fellow cabinet member, who will remain anonymous to protect his identity so as to be able to speak candidly said "Blackmoore really in love with the girl for true and Blackmoore bought her the house...he didn't build it, be bought the house...the beating is true, Blackmoore beat up the girl...Blackmoore even sends police by the house to guard the house...all during hurricane season Blackmoore was sending police there two and three in the morning to make sure nobody coming there". Exact quote from the cabinet official.

The story of Baby Sarah is a cautionary tale of women attracted to and who become intoxicated by the aura of being intimately involved with powerful men who abuse them ad nauseam. We cannot stress enough the importance of bringing that to an end. This past year we have seen the emergence of the #MeToo Movement which has sought to bring justice to abused women the world over. MiTC does not and will never condone such behavior in our society. We have called it out in the past and will continue to do so. While we recognize that relationships between men and women are private, when the individuals involved are public officials, we will shine the light on them if there are any instances of official misconduct and abuse. This is one such case.

Many questions ought to be prompted by this account from the minister's lover. Where did the money come from that allowed him to purchase at least two dwellings for his lovers? The minister is not a businessman but he appears flushed with money far exceeding what his government salary is. Allegations of corruption have followed him throughout his ministerial appointments.While he was in charge of the Communications and Works ministry, it was widely speculated that there was skimming off government contracts, with "extra" money going into the pockets of officials in a position to grant approvals. The minister is now in charge of the Immigration ministry, one rife with corruption and questions about the whereabouts of the money Haitians pay for visas. Coincidence? What do you think?

Note: The lead photograph depicts Baby Sarah in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Photo courtesy parent.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Will Dominican Government MP's ever learn?

 The recent political earthquake that took place in the National Assembly in Guyana has reshaped the political landscape in the Caribbean. It has brought into sharp focus the lack of commitment and testicular fortitude of Caribbean Members of Parliament towards putting their people first.. It also demonstrated why the lack of unity amongst the members of CARICOM on governance issues continue to be plague and can cause deadly backlashes.

On Friday December 21, 2018, Charrandass Persaud, Member of Parliament for Region 6 in the Guyanese Coalition Government made history when he brought down the David Granger led administration by just saying the word “Yes”. A Motion of No Confidence in the government was tabled by Opposition leader and former President Bharrat Jagdeo and Persaud voted in support of the motion, against his one seat majority government. Persaud declared that he voted his conscience and did not want to be a “yes man” in the coalition government of A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) which took office in May of 2015. He said the closure of the sugar estates by the APNU+AFC that resulted in the lost of over 7000 jobs in his region, the appointment of Noel Holder as minister of agriculture, the lack of proper health care and no job creation were some of his reasons for voting with the Opposition..

You can come to your own conclusions about Charrandass Persaud, but he put his constituents first while bringing doen his own government and putting his life on the line. The government has collapsed and Guyanese are expected to go back to the polls in less that 90 days. Persaud left Guyana the same night and is now in Canada because his life was threatened.

Can you ever imagine that happening in Dominica with this present group of spineless government members? Can you see these cheerleaders in the DLP government awaiting their mini skirts and tights opposing Roosevelt Skerrit on any issue of national importance? Let us take the ROSS issue for example. 30% of Dominica’s GDP was lost when it was announced that Ross University was moving to Barbados. There was no dissenting voice coming from the MP’s where their constituents were directly affected by the exit of this 40 year old homegrown institution. Nothing from Catherine Daniel, Ian Douglas, Reginald Austrie, Roosevelt Skerrit and Roslyn Paul. They all remained moo-moo on Ross Exit, while Skerrit fought with Ross for land and buildings .

 In fact, this year on two occasions in the Parliament of Dominica, Hon. Ian Douglas, the MP for the Portsmouth constituency, where ROSS was located, prevented the debate on the Exit of Ross and the disastrous effects it is having on the economy of the Portsmouth and Dominica by extension. In July, during the 2018/19 budget debate, Douglas interrupted Opposition MP, Hon Danny Lugay several times, when Lugay raised concerns about ROSS leaving. Then  on Friday September 21, 2018, Ian Douglas had the audacity to move a motion to adjourn Parliament sine die before the Opposition Leader’s Motion of No Confidence in the leadership of Roosevelt Skerrit for poorly handling the Ross Issue was debated. This was the behavior of the MP for Portsmouth, Ian Douglas. But I am sure if Persaud send Douglas a bottle of “Skipper Demerara Rum”, he will jump, skip and shout about Ross departure.

Can you imagine a member of Parliament preventing a debate on the economy of his constituency that was brought to its knees by an incompetent leader? Ian forgot about the hundreds of jobs lost, the millions of dollars of investment in financial jeopardy and the contribution of Ross towards health care. Instead Douglas put Skerrit’s inept leadership before his people. What a Shame!!

Ross University will commence official operations in Barbados in a few days and Adtalem Global is already in advanced negotiations with the Mia Mottley government to bring another university(Chamberlain) to Barbados. But in Dominica, everyone in government is about themselves. The people are an afterthought. None of them can challenge Skerrit on the present situation at Picard. Months ago Skerrit said four schools were interested in replacing ROSS and nothing as yet. What a Travesty!! Balls less men and heartless women.

At present, the government has an 11 seat majority and almost 15 years of Skerrit as Prime Minister and not one dissenting voice in the interest of the people, despite all the scandals implicating Skerrit. This will not bring down the government but will show that the constituents are given priority. Also the member will be doing right by the people being represented. The Coalition Government in Guyana was there for just over 3 years with a one seat majority and Persaud brought it down. What the government members in Dominica are afraid of? Did they sold their allegiance to Skerrit? Has Skerrit threatened them with blackmail?

Persaud’s  “Yes” vote also shows the volatility of Caribbean politics. Today you are in government the next day, you are out. I am sure that David Granger learned how karma is a bitch, because of his unprofessional and disrespectful behavior towards members of the Official Parliamentary Opposition of Dominica 

In February of 2017, a United Workers Party (UWP)  delegation headed by Opposition Leader, Hon.Lennox Linton visited Guyana in an effort to meet with CARICOM Leaders who were in Georgetown for the Twenty-eight Intersessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of CARICOM. The UWP team wanted to brief the Heads on why the party was calling for the resignation of Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit but Granger assisted Skerrit to frustrate and block their efforts. Granger didn't look at the concerns of governance brought by the Official Parliamentary Opposition of a sister Caribbean country. Instead he protected a member of the CARICOM boys club. How do you expect to achieve true Caribbean Unity as enshrined in the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas when a Caribbean leader is blocking genuine concerns in a sister country from reaching CARICOM Heads? To David Granger what goes around comes around. A simple three letter word brought down your government and you are back to square one. Hope you learned your lesson well.

The vote of conscience by Charrandass Persaud has evoked serious political discussions around the Caribbean. Discussions I believe that will call politicians to right order when providing service to country. Being part of the “Yes Man Team” should never be entertained by politicians and constituents a like. Members of Parliament must always put the people's interest first. On the other hand,  the people must challenge their MP’s whenever they fail to execute their mandate.

With calm, Persaud forever changed the political landscape of Guyana and the Caribbean. While in Dominica Ian Douglas and the other cheerleaders in the Skerrit government have their red pom-poms in hands awaiting to do back flips and splits at their master’s command.

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Thursday, December 20, 2018


In Tony Astaphan’s bid to justify his surreptitious request for the arrest and  persecution of Arthie Martin after the protest on Saturday he drifted into praising the government for receiving the assets that was bundled under the lease agreement between the Ross University and the government of Dominica. But as usual little Tony’s lies and his prowess always fall short; The shameless liar was not even able to impress his gullible comrades on Kairi FM with a few buildings at Ross when Landlords with millions of dollars in apartments, restaurants and supermarkets are under duress.

Even if it came from Tony Astaphan, it is true that the government is now in possession of a few buildings on the main campus. As we understand it, the lease agreement between Ross and the state did make provisions for the government and people of Dominica to have possession of the buildings erected on the land that was leased to the Ross University should Ross depart the island. We also understand that some items that were brought in under duty free arrangements may have fallen in the possession of the state. That may be the reason why some custom officers were also dispatched to the Ross compound.

Short Little Tony
It was no surprise that Tony tried to make some footage with the fact that the government was able to gain possession of a few buildings on Ross campus. Tony is desperate and always in search of relevance. But the irony in Tony’s moonshine is that while he wants Dominica to rejoice about a few building shells at Ross some of the government ministers have mysteriously accumulated assets that are worth much more than the few buildings that people of Dominica were able to salvage at Ross University. Dominicans must not forget that Ross is gone simply because the Roosevelt Skerrit administration has failed Ross and the people of Dominica. We should also not allow an insecure and diabolical little twerp with his own selfish motives to relegate the   loss of a forty year institution that accounted for 30% of Dominica’s GDP, all in an effort to keep gas lighting the people of Dominica. 

In a previous article we reported that the Roosevelt Skerrit administration had been franticly working on staging a pre-election scam with the hope of having a ground-breaking ceremony at the Ross University campus. They wanted to announce that a University out of Malaysia would be coming to Dominica. We have since learned that the furious scheme is not working well for the Skerrit administration. DLP supporters who were appointed to be part of a Rosss task force are already beginning to realize that this is just another one of Skerrit’s two-faced operation. 

To stage the pre-election scam skerrit and his goons began with an aggressive  campaign to get the remaining Ross personnel and the foreign contractor out of the targeted buildings. In the haste to embarrass Ross and to boot out all of Ross employees ,the government again left another trail of despair and confusion. We’ve learned that as of December 15, the takeover date, the Picard area will be feeling another round of exodus;  some of the foreigners left the island last week. Again the disappointed landlords and the few struggling businesses who were benefiting from the diminutive activities on the Ross campus will have to endure another serving of “economic teargas” from the Roosevelt Skerrit administration. 

Damaged Classroom On Ross Compound
With the Ross contractor gone, the equipment and building restoration project is left substantially incomplete. We understand that there is some concern among a few government officials as they are now realizing that the hasty and premature expulsion of the Ross Contractors was a very bad idea. According to some DLP insiders the task of picking up from the Ross contractor is going to be a very difficult and expensive undertaking.  In the words of the DLP insiders , “there is chaos on the site with material and equipment scattered all over and there have been suggestions that the government may have to consider rehiring the very same Ross contractor to come resolve the logistical nightmare.”

In another discussion with a DLP leaker we were told that the plan to gaslight the people of Dominica with the promise of a coming university has hit a snag and that there is a feeling among a few DLP members that Ross and the contractor may have been delaying the works with the hope that by the time the restoration project would have been completed Skerrit and his cartel would have been booted out of office. 

It is worth noting that Little Tony did not even attempt to over inflate the acquisition of the Ross property, nor did he even attempt to mention anything about a coming university. Tony simply ran out of loquacious runway. The logical question is why didn’t the government  allow Ross to restore the buildings, install all the equipment ,all at the expense of Ross and then move in and then make the move to acquire the properties under the same lease agreement? With the Skerrit administration , their personal and partisan interest is always more important than the betterment of the people whom they represent however the ongoing saga with Ross University continues to remain mysterious and very much so simply because of a corrupt, conniving and non transparent administration.

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