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Sunday, September 17, 2023



Steal Political Power& Provide  Provide No Electrical Power

 It is no secret, well documented and unabashedly admitted by the DLP regime that the political corruption surrounding the CBI Kempinski Hotel development has raked in Multi-Million-dollar windfalls not just for the developers /passport sellers and associates but also for the Dominica government politicians. According to government information more than 800 passports and free land at one of Dominica’s national parks were assigned to Range Capital Development for the Kempinski Hotel development. For clarity the hotel is now call The Intercontinental Dominica Cabrits Resort. (ICDC)

 It is also well documented that one of Dominica’s questionable ambassadors, ambassador for Ocean and Seas ( Moweng and Titiwi ) Paolo Zampolli filed a claim in a New York court against the Kempinski Hotel Developer for what he claimed to be a US $30 Million entitlement cut from the Kempinski Hotel development and construction.  What did the people get????

Unlike the CBI funded Anichi Hotel project, Layou River Hotel and the slouching Eco Resort project by Tony Astaphan's  honer-man Dr. Collin McIntyre, the Kempinski hotel (ICDC) facility was successfully completed. As to whether or not the operational Kempinski hotel has delivered the jobs and economic boost promised by the government and developer is a conversation circumvented and we will talk about it in the near future, but we want the public to know that while DLP propagandists would like to portrait the Kempinski Hotel as sort of a Venetian Palazzo, behind closed doors government officials are claiming the Kempinski Hotel ((ICDC) underperforming.

We can report that as the Government of Dominica and its electrical services company Domlec are desperately trying to mollify the electricity crisis in Dominica, government officials went to the Kempinski Hotel operation management demanding the use of the hotel generators to augment the electrical power generation in the north of the island and the request was emphatically rejected. Our sources have indicated that the insolence of the government officials towards Kempinski operations management made matters worse when during a meeting the government officials churlishly stated “the hotel is empty and so Kempinski doesn’t need their generators."

Having been denied the use of Kempinski’s generators the government sort to use generators at Ross University but according to sources the Ross University generators would not suffice.

OK No pussyfooting here- Domlec is in such predicament because the company is now controlled by an incompetent and corrupt government administration, one that has bankrupted the Dominican economy. Without having to get deeply analytical we can simply connect the dots. Prior to government absolute control of Domlec, the company never went through such a crisis. Everyone knows that the Dominica government is financially decapitated and as with all other public service areas the hospitals, schools etc government can’t provide the financial intervention to keep Domlec fully functional.  Proposals to buy generators out of Germany on an expedited basis fell flat for the very same reason – Businesses are not willing to accept government IOU’s. 

Once upon a time Superman Anthony Haiden or whatever his real name is would come to our rescue - Where is Anthony Haiden MMCE and our offshore treasury???  We will talk about that after the first week of October.  

We have since heard and in sort of a bombastic manner that the government of Dominica has come in to save the day and has provided Domlec with a generator. In the interest of transparency, the public should know that it’s the Windsor Park stadium generator that the government gave to Domlec.

The irony of the day-A government that spends an average of US$25 million of the people’s money to steal and hijack "Political Power " dont have the money today to provide basic and reliable Electrical Power for it’s people” What A Wow.

Saturday, August 26, 2023



The unrelenting sophistry against basic cleansing of the voter’s list and voter identification suggest that the Skerrit government administration has millions of dollars available to them for the bribery and importation of illegal overseas voter into Dominica yet every day we are learning that the same government administration cannot meet basic financial obligations.

We have seen it before, and we can conclude that come the next general election the government administration will chatter ferries to drop ship Dominicans from Antigua, St Marten, Guadeloupe and Martinique into Dominica yet a few weeks ago the government could not pay 60 Euros for a few government employees traveling to Guadeloupe via ferry service to make a connection flight to China. After the traveling agency rejected government promissory note to pay the traveling fare at a later date and the employees themselves too broke to foot the travel fare the employees were jam packed onto the PB Lugay like refugees and taken to Guadeloupe.

We will recall that the PB Lugay was illegally used by the police to facilitate the Mehul Choksi kidnapping operation and Choksi’s description of his encounter with the PB Lugay was that –“it was this little dinghy." Just imaging about 8 government employees to include one pregnant woman all with suitcases packed onto this little dinghy. What a humiliation.!!! 

We learn that the Chinese government sponsored a 6-week training program for these government employees. The package includes travel to China however the airline that would have taken the employees from Dominica to Guadeloupe, its employees went on strike leaving the passengers stranded. The Chinese government was not responsible for rebooking the Dominica to Guadeloupe leg of the travel and the government started begging the employees to cover the cost and even overnight expenses in Guadeloupe. Our understanding is that two of the government employees who happen to be DLP executive members were able to purchase ferry tickets and were able to get to China a week ahead of the rest of the group or should we refer to them as new members of the Choksi PB Lugay Club.    

As we watch and listen to the shameless DLP sycophants lie Dr. Gerard Joseph Goebels Jean-Jacques babble against providing the basic tenets of democracy such as a sanitized voters list and proper voter identification we should be even more triggered by the fact that the of importation of bribed illegal voters is a multi-million-dollar venture funded by our CBI revenues- in many ways. The people should be on the streets demonstrating not just for electoral reform but for a better economy, a dismal healthcare system, massive unemployment, elevated level of crime and abject poverty. 

As Blue Blue would say – And Matt On Another Note

Tales of the terrible state of the healthcare system is becoming more and more unbearable -. People, young and old are dying simply because of poor health services. We heard of the unfortunate passing of a young man from Marigot following a motorcycle accident in Wesley. In addition to what we have seen on social media regarding the delayed response of an ambulance to scene of the accident there are more shocking and horrendous details.

As reported the ambulance had to come all the way from Castle Bruce to attend to the accident victim in Wesley notwithstanding the fact that Marigot now has a new hospital building with no health services of any sort at all. Here are some details that the public may not be aware off.

After more than an hour of delayed arrival of the ambulance, the ambulatory travel from Wesley to the main hospital in Roseau was also grim. With a severely injured patient the driver had to stop the ambulance due to overheating brakes, a sign of poor vehicle maintenance but that wasn’t all, the ambulatory service unit ran out of IV drips.

It gets worse- Due to Domlec’s ongoing load shedding operation there was a power outage at the hospital and the automatic backup generator was malfunctioning and did not kick in and so there was a long delay before the injured patient could be taken into the surgical operation. On top off all of that the hospital staff was complaining about using too much gauze to suppress the severe bleeding.

A country that does not have the capacity to control its resources, provide minimal public services and one where the citizens no longer believe that their government is legitimate in the eyes of the international community is essentially a failed state –Are we there yet?

Wednesday, August 23, 2023



Mitsubishi Outlander

In a DNO article August 14, 2023, the title reads “PM extends condolences to family of victim in fatal road accident involving his son.” The PM’s son Malik , who was driving Mitsubishi Outlander collided with a motorcyclist who succumb to his injuries at Dominica's main hospital. (Don’t worry DNO we are not chastising you this time.) What we are interested in is one particular comment on the DNO article from a reader with the handle I want to know” (IWK)

Here is what the person IWK wrote regarding the fatal accident involving PM Skerrit’s son, Malik Skerrit.

DNO you need to bring this up again and put it on the front burner because I have never heard of an accident that resulted in a death and what we have as police gave that kind of report. Note people:

1. What was the registration number of Mitsubishi Outlander that Malik Skerrit was driving? Why was it left out? Was it a GA or private vehicle? Who moved the tag and where is it now?

2. What is the registration number of the motorcycle the deceased was riding? Why is this important information kept from us? Did they choose to keep it from us since they didn’t tell us the registration of the Mitsubishi Malik Skerrit was driving?

This is very fishy, and we need to know the truth because there is something the police hiding from us. Was a GA on a ……….”

 We too found the actions of the police very “fishy and we were hoping that the reader IWK may have had some very interesting information regarding that vehicle that Malik was driving at the time of the accident.

We are going to ask the Prime Minister and anyone else Mandra Fagan included,to tell the people of Dominica whether or not the vehicle that Malik was driving around like he owns it was the very same Mitsubishi Outlander that landed in Dominica together with the Jeep Wrangler in 2021 when the people of Dominica were “gwayaying” for relief. The PM may want to come clean else ……

It was MiTC who first broke the story and presented all the forged documents regarding the infamous Jeep Wrangler and that Mitsubishi Outlander that was designated as gifts for the PM and Mandra Fagan respectively.

From the comment on the DNO article IWK wanted to know why the police was so evasive with the information regarding the vehicle Malik was driving and why the police rush to cover-up the identity of the vehicle. Well, IDK what we can tell you is that you will soon find out that the Mitsubishi and the Jeep Wrangler were both purchased with your passport money- proceeds of a passport transaction. You can cash that at the bank.

So, when the police rush to cover up the Mitsubishi Outlander could it have been because they didn’t want the people of Dominica to realize that what King Dice said in his song Chi Chi Bang Bang had not just come full circle, but it resulted in the death of a young man? 

In Dice’s song there is a line that says “Mwen ca Bat yo epir l’argent yo. –For the Marigot and Wesley Nega and them it means “I will bit them with their own money. 

It is common knowledge that the PM and his kleptocratic enterprise have used the CBI money to hammer down the people into poverty, mendicancy and intimidation. If the Mitsubishi Outlander involved in the accident is the same vehicle that was purchased with CBI money and then craftily designated as a gift to Mandra Fagan then we can replace “bat yo epir l’argent yo” with Tuez Yo epir l’argent yo”- Kill then with their own money.” 

Monday, August 21, 2023



Jay Christopher

Deceased Joan Lewis Robinson 

Last Week Malik Skerrit, the son of PM Skerrit was involved in a vehicular accident that resulted in the death of a young man AKA “Cannot Dress” from the Roseau area. The news of Malik’s involvement in the accident brought about much conjecture but at this juncture MiTC does not have any information on the cause of the accident – who was right or wrong and what was the state of mind of any of the people involved in the accident.

Amidst the speculations on culpability or state of mind of the individuals involved in the accident is the concern though that the police department is to severely compromised and politically manipulated to deliver a professional and just investigative report on an accident involving the son of PM Skerrit. There are countless examples of wanton police misconduct in matters whereby criminal matters involving friends and associates of the PM and the DLP are deliberately trammeled and consequently denying victims the rights to fair and equal treatment under the law.

Even as we mourned the accidental death of Cannot Dress and empathize with Malik Skerrit and Family, we note with interest that last week was also the anniversary of the death of Joan Lewis Robinson of Portsmouth. In early August of 2022 Joan was mowed down and killed near Purple Turtle Beach by an alleged drunk and reckless motorcyclist. The accused motorcyclist is a gentleman from the village of Penville (PM Constituency), currently a schoolteacher and personal friend and artist of PM Skerrit- name Jay Christopher. We decided to check the status of the alleged vehicular homicidal death investigation and to no surprise the matter seem to have disappeared in the miasma of police and politician cover-up. According to a source within the police department who said to us " just pretend like the accident never happened." We were not at all surprise to discover that PM Skerrit did in fact interfered in the investigation and even more egregious is the fact that when asked about the investigation, police superintendent at the Portsmouth Police Station Anthony “Baykay” Lawrence response was “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”.

Anthony Baykay Lawrence

It is no secret   that Anthony “Baykay” Lawrence is an acute apostle for PM Roosevelt Skerrit and is the brother of disgraced former priest, obstructionist on the electoral commission and shyster extraordinaire Lennox Lawrence.  Anthony “Baykay” Lawrence is also known to have taken on his own to take up residence at his brother’s hotel in Portsmouth in lieu of an assigned paid housing rearrangement for all other Portsmouth police superintendents. The intension it appears was to stair government revenue towards his brother’s hotel establishment in Tebay area of Portsmouth thus leaving government employees at the ministry disturbed and confused after having to pay rent twice for the Superintendent of police in Portsmouth. 

Many upstanding police officers that we have spoken to regarding the vehicular homicidal death investigation are quite angry by the blatant political influence and according to one police officer who said “he (Jay Christopher) was wearing a neck brace for months after the accident and then watching him having a good time at the Penville Village Feast and the lady dead, is very upsetting my Broda. “

Just before the tragic accident Joan built a beautiful dwelling house in the Zicack area of Portsmouth and had just moved back to Dominica to enjoy her retirement. An alleged drunken motorcyclist took all of that away from her and up till now, no one is held accountable.

Losing a loved one to a drunk and reckless motorist is an unspeakable tragedy and the grieving families in most cases just want some dispensation of justice. The Robinson family of Joan Lewis Robinson should be off no exception.

The only reason that Jay Christopher the alleged drunk motorist has not been held accountable by the justice system is because of his association with the PM of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit- A phenomenon so tightly hitched to the systematic corruption in Dominica.

The political meddling in the justice system should be of great concern to all irrespective of Party color. Tragic events involving Driving Under Influence (DUI) knows no party color and while we sincerely sympathize with the Robinson family of Joan Lewis Robinson, we hope that they (brothers of victim Dr.Cyril Robinson, Edgar Robinson, Vincent Ophey Etienne, Nephew Donny Robinson, niece notorious Samantha Robinson and many others) speak out, if not for justice for Joan but greater awareness the consequences of  DUI and the threat to society.

We can save lives when we punish those who irresponsibly drink and get behind a wheel or handlebar of a motorcycle and then cause destruction, death, pain and suffering. Equally important ,it is simply unacceptable that politicians are allowed to decide who should or should not be investigated and held accountable for DUI.

*****Justice For All , Corruption We Will Have None  

Saturday, August 12, 2023



Agriculture Research Lab

It has been two months since MiTC had been following matters regarding the proposed golf course at the Botanical Gardens. We received an alert when the Ministry Of Agriculture (MOA) workers stationed at the Botanical Gardens were hurriedly asked to vacate the area and to find a workstation at the former DBMC building in the Portersville area. The rushed eviction of the MOA employees happened when the Chinese contractors arrived at the Botanical Gardens to do their preconstruction surveys.

The usual DLP apologists are out there denying that the government sold out the Botanical Gardens to a secret developer but the information we received a few months ago suggest that part of the gardens was apportioned off to that secret developer and the area mapped out for the golf course starts from the Agricultural station/ facilities going south towards the foot of Morne Bruce hill. The frontal area north of the Agricultural facilities will remain for public access.

We were also informed that construction of the golf course is scheduled to begin in April of 2024. Our question is – who is this secret developer?

Within the last 23 years of the Skerrit Party rule the people of Dominica have become use to the idea that developers and investors are either those who come empty handed and looking for a passport selling gig or those with Dominica passport selling gigs and looking to launder moneys already made from the sale of the people’s passports through the construction of White Elephants-typically hotels and eco-resorts. So, we are asking PM Skerrit – was the Botanical Gardens apportioned off to the only investor and seemingly CEO of the government of Dominica for the last 8 years, Anthony Haiden?

Research Lab At The Gardens

Is Agriculture Still a priority?   

The shameful disregard for the preservation and maintenance of the only formatted green space within the city is worth the public indignation however before we Tee off, we should also focus on the callous dismissal of the only agriculture research and development facility on the island. Less than a year ago the government announced that agriculture would be front and center of its new development goal. They declare that by 2030 agriculture would be contributing over $700 Million to our annual GDP.

As we often say the words and promises of Roosevelt Skerrit and his administration is as reliable as a singly ply of toilet paper. It appears that in the plan to build the golf course at the Botanical Gardens there are no provisions to relocate and upgrade the only Agricultural scientific research and development facility which is located at the at the Botanical gardens. No plans are in place to refurbish or replace the existing laboratory equipment which had not been duly maintained for years. The attached photos show the current state of the agricultural research center at the botanical gardens a sign of the government’s real commitment to agriculture.

So when SOS (Starboy of Stupidity) Skerrit issues a public statement denying that there were no plans to violate the  Botanical gardens or when Melissa Poppone Skerrit stands up in Parliament babbling about mini golf course, billiards and proudly declaring that “the Roseau enhancement project already come” we need to be better than the Joseph Isaac led DLP parliamentary clappers – we can laugh at the SOS’s  wife Jan Sort but seriously ,with the power that we have as the people we must now let these clown know that the clown show is over.   

Not only is there no interest in the maintenance and development of the Agricultural Research and Development facility the casual workers at all the existing agricultural stations, to include those at the Botanical Gardens recently received letters informing them that their engagement with the government will only be for 6 month – beginning July through January 31st.  According to reliable sources within the ranks of the DLP “come January these people will be out of a job

From all indication the government intends to privatize plant propagation, putting the supply of planting material in the hands of DLP friends and private Chinese enterprises. In fact, there is a plan in motion whereby the government has given a crony a contract to import citrus and some exotic plants all the way from Israel. We reported on the One Mile area agricultural zone that was handed to the Chinese. From what we have seen thus far the Chinese built laboratory and tissue culture is a private venture with a lab located within a Chines residential complex surrounded by guard dogs. 

The decimation of the Agricultural stations and the plant propagation program on the island has been going on for years so much so that today DEXIA can barely find the bare minimum quantity of agricultural produce for export. 

Talks of placing a propagation station in the Salisbury area the zenith for agriculture in Dominica quickly turned into the Salisbury people's political inclination. 

Coffee Factory Hallucination By Minister Of Agriculture #9 

Rookie Roland Royer

Abandon Coffee Factory Equipment

It has been 5 months since the current minister for agriculture, a trained agronomist Roland Royer announced that his government had invested $4 million into the rehabilitation of the disgraceful coffee plant in Portsmouth. He further disclosed that technical equipment was scheduled to arrive in April and technical professionals will be hired to commission the coffee plant and train the local residents in the Portsmouth area. The minister also said that once there is adequate coffee on island the plan is to start branding and shipping Dominica’s coffee by the end of 2023.

Since the minister’s statement in March of this year no work has been done on the coffee factory, no equipment has arrived in Dominica for the rehabilitation of the coffee factory. Very importantly and regrettably coffee farming still remains irrelevant to the government and the Ministry Of Agriculture.

We have no doubt that the rookie minister and trained agronomist Roland Royer mean well however he should be smart enough to realize that he is currently MOA # 9 under the Roosevelt Skerrit administration and MOA #5 since the construction of the moribund Coffee factory 12 YEARS AGO. My advice to the rookie Roland Royer is that swimming against the current and surrounded by scum in the water, is exhausting and like others before him who have been adopted by the cult leader it is easier to become a dead fish and allow the current of incompetence, corruption and deception to carry him downstream.

The coffee factory was a gift from the deceased Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Though plagued by money laundering between Venezuelan and Dominica government officials, material pilfering by DLP executives, the structure was built, and equipment installed however due to the incompetence and disingenuity of the Skerrit administration, not a grain of coffee was processed. The facility eventually became a grazing ground and shelter for farm animals and recently a construction storage site for the Chinese construction in the One Mile area.

We know for sure that instead of keeping the young Minister Of agriculture focused on manning his agricultural station, SOS PM Skerrit craftily selected Mr. Roland Royer to represent Dominica in the UK on the condemnatory matters relating to the integrity of the CBI program – in fact this very critical meeting preceded the visa free travel ban for Dominican citizens and according to sources in the UK it was a meeting for which the rookie Minister Of Agriculture was ill-equipped and clueless- Understandably so.

We in The Bouyon Era -Why Not Digress A Bit

Absent at that critical meeting were the senior government officials and relevant players within the CBI program like the then director of the CBI program, Money Washing Junkie Emmanuel Nanthan, the PM himself SOS (Starboy Of Stupidity) Roosevelt Skerrit, Flag In The Wind Minister of Finance Irvin McIntyre. Slick Alick who had been touted in CBI sales pitches as the prolific CBI attorney and most experience CBI advisor in the entire region was also absent.

Vince (Catch Me If You Can) Henderson with his so-called diplomatic resume and international negotiating experience was conveniently a no show. We do understand though that with Vince’s alleged internationally designated money launderer tag it would have been an affront to the UK and EU officials for Vince to be present at a meeting to examining CBI program racketeering. 

We are also aware that Vince Henderson has allegedly become persona non-grata with the SOS and his CEO Anthony Haiden, after Vince expressed his disapproval of the offshore treasury arrangements between SOS and Anthony Haiden. In jest our DLP sources have noted that Since Anthony Haiden seem to be making major financial decisions for and on behalf of the government of Dominica he would certainly not approve of the expenses for Vince’s travel to the UK.

Coco Coco  mi gwage hazier ni zoweille 

MITC is packaging a very convoluted report on racketeering and corruption involving an equipment storage yard adjacent to the Purple Turtle Beach in Portsmouth. A $18 Million unpaid bill, disappearance of vehicles, buses , equipment and much more- Tic Tic Tic Tic.

Warning To Joseph Isaac

*We used the term “Passport Selling Gig “because that’s exactly what the CBI program is about. The disgraceful speaker of the house Joseph Isaac may want to think twice about attacking MiTC as we have the goods on his alleged $25000.00 building material debt and allegedly silly ploys to evade his creditors. Garca you rolling with the Big Dogs now go pay your bills Joseph Isaac. We are one key away from releasing the details.


Saturday, July 29, 2023


Anthea Reed
Heartless Levi Peter
Woman of The House Denis Edwards  

Whether you are Workers, Freedom or Labor you had to be heartbroken after watching the Emo News interview with Miss Anthea  Reed of Fond Cole. Miss Reed has been living in a community center since Hurricane Maria of 2017. Six years since and several attempts to get some public housing assistance from the government but her supposed none support of the Dominica Labor Party government remains an obstacle to her basic human rights and dignity. Housing assistance should not be an act of charity or means to political loyalty but simply an act of justice.

What kind of people have we become and how do these DLP cabalist sleep at night knowing that People like Miss Reed are in dire need while housing assistance is being given to party supporters many of whom are undeserving of public housing assistance. There are countless revelations of people in the diaspora (living in the US Virgin Island, US main Land, UK ) who have been given apartments.

With Miss Reed and so many others still living in such horrendous conditions can the PM Skerrit, his cabinet, the permanent secretary, the director of audit please explain why the Attorney General Levi Peter received over $200,000 towards the construction of his house in the “Buck area in Portsmouth?  We can confirm that Levi Peter received this financial assistance through the Housing Revolution program. Shouldn’t we all be angry?

As always Spinners and detractors will try to dismiss reports of DLP kleptocracy as fake news, but we always stand behind our report. In fact, we offer a challenge to Attorney General Levi Peter, we understand he is the son of a pastor or even the deplorable Clarence Christian to deny this claim.

How can the people of Dominica expect the Attorney General to work on ensuring a fair and impartial justice, safety, liberty and eradication of poverty for all the citizens of Dominica when he is so deeply entrenched with the DLP cabal in reaping off the very same people that he is supposed to protect.

Just Imagine What $50,000 could do for Miss Reed Right Now Miss Denis Edwards

Just a few weeks ago the Financial Secretary (FS)for PM Skerrit Denise Edwards attended a meeting in St Lucia for FS’s in the region. While all the other FS’s from the other islands got themselves modest hotel rooms costing a total of EC $2000-3000 for the three nights in St Lucia Dominica’s Financial Secretary Denise Edwards rented a suite at the hotel racking up a bill of over $50,000 for the three nights. She invited her reginal peers to her rented suite for entertainment. Her peers were all flabbergasted by Denise’s lavishness. Some even ask her how she is able to rent out such expensive suite at taxpayers' expense and her response was that “I can do whatever I want.For those who know Denise Edwards – you cant put this past her -this is who she is and the "lavi flamboyant " she portrays.

Denise can do whatever she wants, and the Attorney General Levi Peter can heartlessly take a $200,000 check from the public housing assistance program to help build his house while Miss Reed of Fond Cole is being denied basic housing assistance: Let's not even talk about the hospital  not having basic medical supplies like sutures and paracetamol.

It is said that greed is not a financial issue but rather an issue of the heart and conscience. Mahatma Gandhi reminds us that “there is sufficiency in the world to meet every man’s need but not for man’s greed.”

All it takes to combat poverty is the courage to denounce corruption.

Through the global lenses we see and acknowledge in one accord the staggering cost of corruption and how it hobbles sustainable development globally. The problem is that most people are willing to engage in discussions about corruption and the resulting poverty in OTHER developing countries but once the microscopic lenses are provided to examine corruption in our immediate environment there is an unwillingness to engage or to simply call it as it is. To denounce corruption and its derivative poverty is the highest obligation of patriotism anywhere.

As we pause to think about Miss Reed’s living condition and how we can help her as fellow human beings keep in mind the words of the great Chinese philosopher Confucius who said In a country well governed poverty is something to be ashamed of and in a country badly governed wealth is something to be ashamed of"

A huge Thank You to Emo News For caring about the oppressed. As for the rest of the media in Dominica- may you find your spines wherever disposed.

Monday, July 24, 2023



Last week we reported on a recent incident in the UK whereby two individuals with terrorist connections had been deported from the UK but were able to acquire Dominica passports to return to the UK.  We can also report on another recent incident, this time involving one Russian individual who had been detained in the UK and upon an executed search warrant was found to have been carrying three Dominican passports. According to our very reliable sources in the UK’s immigration system that Russian individual reported to the Dominican authorities that his original passport was lost. He paid $US3000 for a new passport but then 3 months after that the same individual again reported that his passport was either lost or stolen. He paid another $3000 for another replacement passport.  Clear racketeering within the Dominica Immigration system and the passport custodians should be investigated but alas “who goin” order this investigation- Blackmore, Skerrit, Police Commissioner Carbon, Corbette ????  Naf Ta Noon Tone   

 A few years ago, we reported on a matter involving a Chinese businessman who carried two Dominican passports. The gentleman using the name  Shujun Tony Lui allegedly utilized Dominica passport # 081755 . The gentleman also uses the name Jason Lui Shujun and allegedly carries another Dominica passport $# 081755. How on earth one man with the same fingerprint get two different Dominica passports? Greed and corruption

Enough Is Never Enough

After the NG Lap Seng scandal, the government of Dominica promised that their passport peddling program would be supported by a robust and most reliable candidate vetting program. The same promise was made after the the Alireza Monfared and the Alisson Madeuke  scandal. On several occasions when either the EU, UK or the US voice concerns about the threat posed by the reckless passport vending program PM Skerrit promised a due diligence program of the highest integrity and efficiency.

By now everyone knows that Skerrit’s word is as reliable as a single ply of toilet paper, he is highly incompetent (According to Trinidadian Anil Roberts-The Star Boy of Stupidity) and so severely compromised that even if he genuinely wants to clean up the bad actors within the CBI program, he has no moral authority to do so. For example, Skerrit could not fire the former director of the CBI program Emmanuel Nanthan for Nanthan’s blatant money laundering activities and as Prime Minister he is yet to make a statement on his minister’s shop lifting incident.

If for example Anthony Haiden of MMC is found guilty of selling passports to Russians, Iranians or war lords in Iraq and Afghanistan, can PM Skerrit terminate Anthony Haiden’s CBI /passport selling privileges? It is no secret that Skerrit’s compromising engagements with Anthony Haiden has made him weak and essentially a lapdog to MMC Anthony Haiden.  

It is said that “if power corrupts, weakness in the seat of power, with its constant necessity for more and more (enviege) necessitates deals and bribes with compromising engagements and corrupts even more.

PM Skerrit you are way too deep into this CBI cesspool - Another promise to bring integrity to the CBI program is simply Pawol en Bouche- No truthful value. 

September To Remember

PS - Can someone please ask Skerrit who is Vergie Strasser. Inquiring minds want to know why the name is associated with a Skerrit's account. Somebody, Anybody



Thursday, July 20, 2023



The emergency visa restrictions on Dominicans wishing to travel to the UK should not only be of great concern to all Dominicans, but the people should also be demanding answers from the military dictatorship lead by Roosevelt Skerrit .  But then again governments are accountable to the people, military dictatorships aren’t and as always, the people will be bullied into silent suffering- anyone who dare question the integrity of the CBI passport selling program will be labeled as promoters of our dirty laundry and destroyers of Dominica.

Never do the apologist blame those who for personal benefits are recklessly selling our passports to unscrupulous characters all over the world. It is because of Dominica’s reckless and highly ill-reputed CBI program that the British government was forced to take emergency action. Information reaching us indicates that two individuals with known terrorist connections had been deported from the UK but were able to get back into the UK  after they casually acquired Dominican passports.

How did these two individuals get through the due diligence vetting system is simple- there is no proper due diligence system when greed takes precedent. Vendors of passports are willing to sell passports to all and sundry and come September the people of Dominica and the international community will receive a report on the hideous nature of Dominica’s CBI program and the players therein. So hideous and dangerous that the US and the EU may be forced to impose drastic or even emergency travel restrictions for Dominican citizens all over the world.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023



Collin McIntyre's Deadly Trailer

In any country where civil society is guided by the rule of law and not by the iniquities of men or women Dr. Collin Mc Intyre irrespective of his position or affiliation with the powers that be, would have at least been charged with public endangerment in the accidental death of the young man from the Laudat area.

 The young man riding a motorcycle collided with a trailer (as seen in the photo) that was placed on the roadway with no regards for public safety and the safety of motorists using the Laudat route. Our investigation show that the Trailer belong to Dr. Collin McIntyre and the Passport funded eco- resort project in the Middleham Falls location. The Trailer was used to deliver steel frame members for the same project. The evidence shows that there were no safety devices on the trailer- no night reflectors and no traffic delineators for traveling motorists, particularly at nights. 

 We want to express our deepest sympathies with the family of the deceased young man.

 Isiah 59:14 says “Judgment is pushed back righteousness stands afar for truth has fallen in the city square and integrity cannot enter”

 We expect to be chastised for speaking the uncomfortable truth but for the love of god we can all agree that this accident could have been prevented had it not been for the callous, uncaring and frankly lawless society that we have become. Some will say live the politics out of it but according to the United Nation declaration “ corruption and lawlessness imposes tremendous social, political and human cost.

It is because of political corruption and the accompanying lawlessness that the police who traverse this most popular tourist visited area every day ignored the dangerous threat posed by the monstrous trailer. Why??- the trailer belongs to former minister of government, brother of now parliamentary representative for the Roseau Valley and crime partner of the PM of Dominica, Dr. Collin McIntyre. Ma Boyde Kitchen has him down as " Korboss and Pool Boy for Anthony Astaphan"

 I know it’s uncomfortable but truth has no time and space .

 It is because of political corruption and misrule that Collin McIntyre acted with recklessness and no concern for the well-being of people in the Valley and just anyone including visitors using this narrow roadway. Because they have become accountable to no one the likes of Collin McIntyre see themselves beyond the law, beyond public safety. All that matters to them is the mighty dollar that they plunder of the passport vending business. The people come last. 

The likes of Collin McIntyre continue to demonstrate to the people of Dominica that they only love the people for their votes and the mandate they extort from the people to plunder our passport revenues. With passport revenues Collin McIntyre is busy constructing three massive residential buildings plus an eco-resort. We reported that Collin and his Russian partner received a first tranche of 500 passports for the eco resort project and then requested an additional 400 passports to sell under the CBI program.  

Where a country is ruled by laws instead of low men and women in high places, Collin McIntyre could possibly be facing at Criminal endangerment. Will law enforcement bring charges against Collin McIntyre?  The colloquial response would be-When cock grow teeth.  

 Will the family pursue justice for their son?  They should unless they are willing to put political party and particularly dirty politicians over themselves and family.

We sincerely hope that in this tragic situation that the uncomfortable truth brings not only comfort but also inspiration. The inspiration to stand against lawlessness and fight for accountability – no partiality.  

Lawlessness impacts everyone 

 Arms in arms we’ll fight this little struggle,

the only way to overcome our little trouble.


To prevent another terrible accident we are urgently requesting some road way repair and proper safety measures near Bishops in the Mahuat , Massacre area. Kassani or Rayburne Blackmore please act now.

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