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Thursday, December 13, 2018


Plant Propagation Building in Portsmouth 

When the Prime Minister decided to replace Johnson Drigo with Reginald Austria for the role of Minister of Agriculture many believed that the government was yielding to the opposition advice that agriculture must become a priority mission. It was stated that through his seniority Reginald Austrie should bring more effective management to the ministry of agriculture but alas it is just another case of Lipstick on the same pig or in colloquial expression “ Tiwais Boudere metais pailles”  

The only thing that Reginald Austrie is known for is his unexplained accumulation of wealth, a foul mouth and a bully mentality. After 18 years Reginald Austrie has no claim to fame other than hijacking the Petro Caribe portfolio from beginning to end. Being an elected politician for 18 years does not make someone an effective manager particularly a man who has consciously decided to dwell on gutter politics and mepuis as oppose to intellectual and management capacity development. Under the leadership of Reginald Austrie the Ministry Of Agriculture is under more turmoil than it was under Johnson Johno Drigo. Today the farmers  cannot get planting material because the plant propagation operation is in abeyance and has been severely neglected by the government of Dominica. Just imagine MOA wants happy go lucky Johnno to be back as Minister of Agriculture

At some point today Thursday December 13 the government will be hosting an agricultural consultation program where they will be trying to impress the invited guest and visitors. It is our hope that during the consultation program someone will ask the government officials about the perilous status of the plant propagation program in Dominica. We would also like to find out the reasons for the low morale among the staff and the reason for the resignation of the highly trained and resourceful horticulture professional by the name of Talifa. It is alleged that DLP henchman Rickie Brumant made it his point of duty to frustrate Talifa to the point that he promised her that she will never be promoted nor be appointed under his watch.

Is that the waygovernment intends to build resilience and capacity- by destroying hard working  professionals just to promote venality and ineptitude? We understand that Mr. Blandford  a known corrupt DLP operative and senior staff in the Ministry Of Agriculture (MOA), was given the added title of Crop Rehabilitation Specialist however it is well known that Mr Blandford has been a major player in the failing plant propagation program. We understand that the move to designate a  Crop Rehabilitation Specialist is part of a ploy to facilitate and enable the draw down of funds from the international donor agencies.

With a plethora of complaints and inbox messages from farmers, MiTC decided to look deeper into the matter involving the failing plant propagation program and so we visited several agricultural stations throughout the island. What we found out was deeply disturbing. Since Hurricane Maria not one propagation station around the island has been repaired or rehabilitated and the staffs at the various stations are under duress and frustration with nowhere to perform their duties.

We also found out that the morale among the staff is at an all-time low; so much so, that within the last 9 months 9 staff members have resigned from the Botanical gardens station due to poor working conditions, bad management and political shenanigans. Agriculture relief material that was donated by international agencies are being misappropriated in the interest of political posturing and farmers can’t get the tools, seeds and water tanks that were donated exclusively to the farmers of Dominica. It is high time the DLP operatives like  Dr. Reginald Thomas, Blandford, Rickie Brumant or Ryan Anslem now acting director be called to give an account of their involvement in the mismanagement and corruption at the gardens. These DLP operatives should also explain why it is that the Citrus Certification facility at the gardens is in such a deplorable condition when Dominica should be actively rebuilding the citrus program after the devastation of Hurricane Maria .

On our visit to the La Plain Station we had a rude awakening. In addition to not having a proper place to sit down the employees do not have access to a washroom facility. The staff has had to use the neighboring plot of land to relieve themselves and as a result the owner of the abounding property has lodged a complaint in the form of written letters to both the ministry of health and the ministry of agriculture. We understand that the Ministry Of health is taking matter seriously.  

The stations at Grand Bay and Woodford Hill are also in mess. In Portsmouth, the staff working with the propagation unit has had to set up their work space in what was a pig raring area. We understand that the situation is so bad at the Portsmouth area that Reginald Austrie has ordered the immediate shutdown of the propagation unit and that all the staff member should report to the Chinese facility in Portsmouth sometime next week.  
DLP Building Under Repair
With 18 years of repressive governance the people of Dominica have become numb to corruption, incompetence and mismanagement in government however itis still baffling that while the government has shown no interest in repairing facilities that are of paramount importance to the farmers and the plant propagation program on the island PM Skerrit and his goons still have the audacity to utilize the country’s resources-the  relief material and even foreign volunteer aids to renovate the Labor Party building in the center of Roseau while the government totally neglects employees working in deplorable conditions.

Friday, December 7, 2018


The congregation of the  “Doctrine of Faith” in Rome, has reached a verdict in  the case of Fran Robin and the irreverent Tusty Tuss.  If you remember we broke the story of the sexual molestation and the cemetery arrest and the ensuing debacle two years ago. It is now coming to light that this political despot and fake clergy man had the robins arrested because of his lust for the wife and the knowledge that she was soon going to expose his criminal acts.
In Rome’s decision they have clamped invisible handcuffs on Tusty Tus. With untrusty Tus being over 75, the church cannot put him out on the streets which is where he rightfully belong. He will dorm in the a secular house with the other priests and not have an electronic gate to usher in his Haitian concubine.
 Although the statue of limitations for molestation visited upon  Mrs fran Robin by the irreverent Tus, the Vatican found her complaints do credible enough to apply a waiver so that  her complaints could be reviewed and decided as follows; 

a)      He is permanently banned from being a Parish Priest in Dominica or elsewhere (we say this as it has been alleged that he applied for positions in St. Kitts, St. Lucia and North America but he could not pass the vetting process.  As there is a black mark of sexual molestation and criminal acts  in his records)
b)      He was stripped of  his position as Vicar General – (This position is that of deputy Bishop in his absence) – This position is now PERMANENTLY being held by Mgr John Lewis

c)       He will no longer be the Chaplain of the Prison

d)      He will no longer be used as a Canon Lawyer (he is the one who prosecuted/persecuted

Fr. LaFleur and put the last nail in his coffin). Father Charplis is in his final months of training to be the next Canon Lawyer

e)      He will no longer sit on any official board or committee in the church hierarchy.  Even a novice priest will be able to sit in meetings and be appointed to boards.  Thomas finir bat!

f)       No more marriage encounter as that was his feeding ground

g)      No more divorce counseling as that was his primary recruitment station for illicit female goods

h)      He has been relegated to the role of dishwasher and toilet cleaner in the church.  E kar fou
Upon receiving the verdict from The Vatican  Tusty Tus started getting palpitations. And immediately heading to Cuba. But if you remember Tusty ran away when Mrs robin filed her complaint with Rome. Now that the verdict came back. He has again run away to Cuba this time

Also he who leaves by the sword MAY perish by the sword. The same weapon he visited upon Mrs robin as a minor and the same weapon he used to break up many marriages may be his demise. Upon arriving in Cuba his prostate started acting up. We at MITC wish him a speedy recovery so that he can return home to take his rightful place is society. A kakarat!
What He can still do:
Make mass if and when he is needed but only at the request of the bishop and under scrutiny and vigilance.  Any misstep during those times will have to be reported to the Doctrine of Faith for further disciplining.
Because of his tenure and age the church needs to provide him housing and food.

Of course, the job of the church is to protect their foot soldiers and so the spin is that 75 is the retirement age….Well let’s look at Cardinal Felix who is 85+ and has a parish and is a practicing priest, Fr Charles, Warner etc. all over 80 and some who died in service.  Were those charges not made against Eustace he would still be in St. Alphonsus on the campaign trail?
Also, Tusty Tuss in attempt to save face has been telling folks that he is “studying” to be another Doctor Doctor.  But alas, the Bishop refused the request.  Tusty Tuss needs to relax his sick mind.

 The Aftermath:
Currently Rev Tussy occupies an abandoned office in the Bishops house where he has no access to internet or his Haitian refugee.  It is alleged he may soon move in with Jennifer White who is a Poto supporter and one who even insulted the family of Ursula Williams during the funeral service, on behest of Tussy.  That is why he has asked Charles Savarin and PM Skerrit to ask for mercy on his behalf.  He is also in the process of filing a lawsuit against the church.  But the Cabal has neither oversight nor power over the Rome.  

What they do have power over, is building a small house for Tusty Tus…but because he is estranged from his family in Vieille Case and there are not enough bourgeois for him to go to beg for morsels in that community, there is a quandary as to where this home can be built for him and his Haitian refugee to live in perpetual bliss.  They may also need to get a stipend from the treasury as the refugee no longer is employed under the NEP -  The Haitian Carlene was employed at the very same establishment where the vagrant was burnt with hot water, but could not get along with the owners son who was about to dismiss her.  The owner of said establishment henceforth took Carlene the Haitian to work at her home in Morne Daniel under same NEP program.   Whilst the owner was away on business it is alleged that through surveillance she saw the irreverent reverend making daily visit to deliver the “BODY OF TUS” to his Haitian refugee .. For which she was fired forthwith.  That being said, with the rate of unemployment so high with the Dominican youth, why would the government allow an outsider to get privilege of a much needed job over a national? And why is NEP being used as helpers in personal homes?

 We are pleased to note that in the letter to the victim that the church, obliquely, by implication owned up to Tusty Tus criminal behavior by the heartfelt apology they rendered to the Robins and their family.
And we applaud them for that and thank Mrs. Robin for her strength, courage and determination to rid the community of Goodwil from such vermin.

 Let’s watch this unfold as it would appear that the very handcuffs he wanted for the Robins are now permanent restraints on Tussy for the rest of his life.

Saturday, December 1, 2018


On the eve of the 2014 election the incumbent Dominica Labor Party together with Hartley Henry came up with the National Employment Program (NEP). According to the government account the NEP was meant to help train and prepare young people for the work force while at the same time earning a meager salary from the government. The truth is the NEP program was borne out of an extremely urgent need by the Skerrit regime to quell the opposition’s campaign against the colossal unemployment rate in Dominica. 

When asked how the government Of Dominica was going to finance the NEP program, PM Skerrit stated that the NEP program would be financed by a friendly government. All indications suggest that PM Skerrit was referring to the Government of Venezuela who at the time had been dealing with their own economic prostration, mass exodus and dire unemployment. In the kindest terms, PM Skerrit was lying-PM Skerrit’s best trait. Since then we have learned from the very same lying mouth that the NEP program had always been buttressed by the CBI funds. 

Credit to Can Stock Photo
Four years later not only is the NEP program in full swing ,the program has expanded to include hundreds of more participants- something that Ian Douglas once hailed as progress but then again we have come to expect “pawol sort”(absurdity)from Ian. The continuation and expansion of the NEP is just added confirmation that the Skerrit administration is incapable of growing the economy. Four years later the vast majority of the NEP participants have not been able to transition into the work force and those who have moved out of the program have migrated to the neighboring islands such as St Kitts, Nevis, St Lucia. The DLP lackeys and perverted apologists will conveniently blame the Hurricane Maria for the status quo but the facts and evidence will show that the NEP program had been expanding way before the hurricane Maria.

Now that we are on the heels of another general election the DLP government has invented yet another scam and vote buying scheme called Job Seekers Assistance Program (JSAP). The Job Seekers Assistance Program is mainly targeting those who were laid off at Ross at Ross University and providing them with a onetime check in the amount of EC $1000.00. In a few cases some former Ross employees those very close to the Labor Party cult have received upwards of $10,000. Skerrit is hoping that this onetime $1000.00 check is just enough to bribe the people through the upcoming December election. 

 The question is how is the one time check of $1000 supposed to help people who were used to receiving over 2-3 thousand dollars monthly.  We spoke to someone who received a thousand dollar check and according to the person the money was done even before the check got to the bank. Skerrit and cabal know that what is most important at this point is remaining in office by any means necessary - the development of the people is secondary. 

 Clearly the Roosevelt Skerrit regime is desperate and the only way out of their dismal performance is through deceptive electioneering tactics and the repetitive fawning of the people whom they have impoverished.  They have shown that they are incapable of "Building a Sustainable Economy through Job Creation"

Just as it was in the 2014 election campaign the Skerrit Labor Party is unable to present a valid case for their re-election. They will avoid any meaningful engagement or debates on national development issues and instead resort to reproach and denigration. Dr.Collin McIntyre for example, is now reminding his constituents that they can’t afford to buy their own drinks and as such only he Collin McIntyre can buy those drinks.  Reginald Austrie as vacuous as he has been has already started tuning his “Mepwi wagon” but he should keep in mind that after 18 years of economic pillage and destruction his adult children have elected to face the grinds in the United States. His adult son Kendall for example, ran straight into the US military even after he spent many years at Petro Caribe lambasting the very same United Sates government and reaping the “bon tan” derived from the Petro Caribe funds. (By the way we are still awaiting a report on the forgiven debt of US $100 Million and please don’t send the dysfunctional Parry Bellot to explain the mysteries of the missing Petro Caribe funds.)

The mass unemployment that resulted in the implementation of the National Employment Program (NEP) was strictly the doings of derelict Skerrit lead administration. It was the work of an administration that failed to generate economic growth and job creation after holding office for 14 years. Now 4 more years have gone by and they ("male paw paw trees” ) have added the JSAP as a result of their failure to keep Ross University operating in Dominica. What else do we expect from an administration that have spent the better part of 18 years with ministers enriching themselves, setting up  offshore bank accounts (see the attached), building mansions, wiring cash to models in England, selling diplomatic passports, swindling CBI funds, dissipating Petro Carib accounts and rigging elections? The JSAP is just a reminder that Roosevelt Skerrit and his cabal will do anything to ensure that they remain the masters of a people that they have economically enslaved.  

Acc #
 USD Millions


GN10XXXX 8244


  Offshore Accounts Discovered

We reported on the ongoing movements at Ross University. We ask that the people keep their eye on what is going on the campus. Soon there will be some staged Asian visitors in the Picard area and land Lords will be asked to come register their interest in providing apartments. The scammers are planning a grand charade to create the impression that a no name University that just started operating in Asia with just about 100 students is coming to Dominica. Look out for the grand fete but according to the Haitian saying “ Gwo van petit La Pluis” heavy wind no rain.    

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


As election draws near Skerrit and the Dominica Labor Party are desperate, brazen and ruthless. We have been informed that Skerrit and the Labor Party government have given Ross University the end of the month to get out of the properties at the Ross campus. What we have noticed over the past few days is that the Ross employees (Skeletal Staff) have been actively transferring items from the buildings that are supposedly on the leased land to the buildings that are deemed on land owned by Ross University.
It appears that the Ross University is not moving fast enough and so it is being reported that the government has been ordering high handed action against Ross University. We understand that utilities have been deliberately cut and employees are forced to stay home and do whatever they can using the internet at home. We also understand that today the police was dispatched to the  Ross Campus.

What we know at this point is that Skerrit and the DLP are desperate to do a ground breaking ceremony at the campus as they intend to announce that another University is coming to occupy the Ross campus. It is all in keeping with their election gimmick as they cannot bank on geothermal or the international airport punching bag. Our information indicates that the government intend to announce that some University out of Asia will be moving in. Unconfirmed report suggest that the university is out of Malaysia now operating with just over a hundred students.

A few weeks ago there was much talk about 4 or 5 entities were interested in the Ross University campus. One of the supposed interested party was really an Indian guy who came to Dominica , registered a business and then he was declared an interested party. 
We are also aware of the fact that a number of Ross former employees and strong supporter of the Dominica Labor Party have received upwards of $15,000 since they were released. MiTC is following the details and will provide an update. In the interim remain focused on Ross University. For those who are close to the Picard area go take a look as the government is using the ton ton Makout to ramp up it’s vitriol and aggression towards Ross University.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Adtalem Expanding in SXM

Adtalem Global Education, the owners of Ross University Medical Center (RUSM), is expanding its footprint in the Caribbean in the near future. The company, who recently fled Dominica due to a lack of competent leadership by local officials, has just announced their American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) is teaming up with a major United States physicians group, the Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (HMFP), to convene a conference on St. Maarten in March, 2019.

The International Conference on Disaster Medicine and Hurricane Resiliency is scheduled to be held March 8 - 11, 2019, on St. Maarten, and will bring together healthcare professionals and educators, and persons focused on emergency response and training. According to a press release from Adtalem, AUC and HMFP are "currently working together to develop the Caribbean Center for Disaster Medicine (CCDM), which will be based in Sint Maarten. The CCDM will be the center of excellence designed to foster collaboration among professionals responsible for healthcare delivery, disaster preparedness, emergency response and medical education in the region."

You will recall that Dominica government officials, in their attempt to save face following the exit of RUSM, had been spreading lies about the reasons for RUSM's exit, laying the blame at the feet of Tropical Storm Erika, Hurricane Maria, and eventually, RUSM itself. It was Adtalem's Chief Executive who gave us a glimpse as to where the blame lies; who can forget her declaration that the move to Barbados could only happen with "a leader and a government with a bias to action to advance education and healthcare". Mr. Skerrit subsequently made statements indicating that he was negotiating with Adtalem for alternative uses of the campus; why didn't he try to get them to locate this new facility here?

The people of Dominica who have decided to go down with Mr. Skerrit's sinking ship need to ask themselves a question; how long are you going to remain the jokers in Mr. Skerrit's pack of cards? Mr. Skerrit has told us many lies, too many to even count a this point. His acolytes have spread false information about the school, and her it is Adtalem is actually expanding in the Caribbean. In the meantime, property owners in Portsmouth are treading water with their mortgages.

If you are a health professional in Dominica and the region and would like to attend the conference, CLICK HERE to learn more about the conference and to register.

Click Here to view Adtalem Press Release

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Boots on the Ground

Chief of Police Daniel Carbon, Deputy Chief Davidson Valerie, Inspector George Theophille and Chief Magistrate Mrs Candia Carette-George are bent on doing dirty work for Roosevelt Skerrit. They are using the Police Force and the Court to assist Skerrit in his desperate quest to remain politically relevant. Every poll shows that Skerrit will lose the next general elections and he is trying to see how he can frustrate and distract the UWP with a comical court matter.

In Skerrit’s head, the UWP attempted to overthrow his government with a dump truck and a sound system on February 7, 2017. How delusionally pathetic?! Since then Skerrit has become relentlessly reckless in his mental state of despair. He got the police to harass, arrest and charge some opposition members. During the second quarter of 2017, Skerrit spent $88,500.00 to engage four investigating officers under the Regional Investigative Management Systems(RIMS) to further investigate his Mickey Mouse overthrow. In May 2018, he went to Parliament to seek approval for the money he wasted under the Ministry of National Security on his silly investigation.

On September 20, 2018, six members of the UWP, including Toutou-Pou-Nanna, Joseph Isaac were brought before the Magistrate’s court on charges of obstruction and incitement. Opposition Leader & Leader of the UWP Lennox Linton, Deputy Leader Joshua Francis and retired former Acting Deputy Chief of Police & now General Secretary of UWP Nicholas George pleaded not guilty before Magistrate Asquith Riviere. The matter was adjourned to March 28, 2019 with disclosure to be made by the end of 2018. Former Prime Minister, Edison James and Sen. Dr. Thomson were out of state. While, Toutou-Pou-Nanna Isaac was in Roseau and refused to appear before the court because he non-resilient allegiance was cheaply purchased by Skerrit.

Imagine Delusional Skerrit spent over $300,000 to hire Senior Counsel Israel Khan and two junior lawyers  from Trinidad to lead on this matter along with the Office of the DPP and the Police. To hire a Senior Counsel from Trinidad to do a matter in the Magistrate’s Court is a clear manifestation of Skerrit’s Desperation on steroids.

Candia Carette-George
Skerrit and the DLP will lose the next general elections, so he is trying everything to delay the inevitable. Suddenly, Delusional Skerrit got the court to move up the matter that was set for March 28, 2019, by 5 months to November 22, 2018. How can the legal system allow Skerrit to disobey the order of the court and get an officer of the court to move the date of a set matter to satisfy Skerrit’s desperate political ego? Where is the Bar Association? Skerrit has his tentacles in the Judiciary, the same way he is using these tentacles to undermine other critical national institutions, while the silence of the legal fraternity is deafening. It seems like Dr. Dr. Skerrit has castrated the testicular fortitude of the Legal Fraternity in Dominica.

The desperation of Roosevelt Skerrit has move up some levels. With the help of Carbon, Valerie and Theophille, who is the investigating officer, they are trying to fabricate evidence in a last effort to try to convict members of the UWP. Can you imagine that these three officers are writing misleading statements and want other police officers to sign them? Majority of the officers are reluctant to sign these fabricated statements because they are grossly misrepresenting what they actually witnessed. Some of the officers wrote their own statements and were directed to make changes to suit the agenda of these rogue cops.

We were reliably informed that on the morning of Saturday November 10, 2018 in the Conference Room of the Police Headquarters, the three Rogue Cops were expected to lead the Case Fixing discussion for the sham that will take place on November 22, 2018, but the inclement weather pushed it back. The case fixing mischief took place on Sunday November, 18, 2018, when the compound of the police headquarters was practically empty. The whispers coming from the walls of the police force are that principled officers are not in them fellas business. They are there to protect and serve every Dominican and not to move to the sick and desperate drum beat of a troubled internationally marked Prime Minister.

Recently, during a press conference, Chief Magistrate, Mrs Candia Carette-George sealed the political stamp on this matter. Mrs Carette-George said it is normal practise that people asked for date changes and determining on the reasons, the changes are granted. But she refused to say who asked for the said date change and the reasons why it was granted. The defendants or their lawyers in the matter were never contacted about the date change instead they were summoned to appear in court on November 22, 2018. This is a clear example of a spineless and tainted judiciary. The Chief Magistrate appears to be serving Roosevelt Skerrit and not the dictates of her office.

So far Delusional Skerrit has spent almost half a million dollars on this ridiculous coup attempt with a dump truck and sound system. This is a vicious abuse of the limited financial resources of the state and the judicial system. Every right thinking Dominican should aggressively condemn this calculated mischief being directed by Skerrit through his Parrot Police Force and his Manicou Court. We should not allow this hijacking of the legal system to continue. We should all stand up, brace up and plant our boots firmly on the ground to stop this one man guided madness that is going. November 22, 2018, presents a perfect opportunity to stand up for Dominica.

Remember the date, Thursday November 22, 2018!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Reggy The P.I.G With Venality and Acute Avarice 
When ministers of government use their authority to exact revenge and to torment people who are simply trying to do their jobs and avert systematic corruption in government institutions, that is not just political victimization but severe bullying. According to sources within the DLP circle the well-known bully and P.I.G (Politician In Government) Reginald Austrie, demanded an immediate transfer of a custom Officer after that custom officer requested proper documentation and procedures on Austrie's personal transaction. We understand that Reginald Austrie became belligerent and animated – he insisted that the custom officer was rude and out of place to expect he Reginald Austrie to adhere to the standard operating procedures at customs. 
In another case of blatant bullying, the former chairman of the Cottage Village council was forced to take the high road and submit his resignation after Reginald Austrie allegedly badgered him over money that was meant for the Cottage Village Council. It is alleged that  Reginald Austrie repeatedly demanded that funds issued for village council  road repairs be used for the repair of a portion of the main road leading up to one of the many properties owned by Reginald Austrie-a property in the Morn a louis area. It is our understanding that the maintenance of the main road is the responsibility of Central Government and so the money assigned to the village council was meant for road repair on the secondary village roads

Realizing that the Reginald Austrie was persistently asking him to circumvent protocol and accountable conduct in the handling of public funds, the former chair person refuse to acquiesce and from there Reginald became irate. He allegedly told the Chair Parson “ f’’’k protocol and procedures” According to our sources after several harassment episodes  the chairperson tendered his resignation on the premise that he can no longer deal with the way Reginald Austrie and his lackeys sort to manipulate the village council resources.
The former chair person was replaced by one of Reginald Austrie’s corruption facilitators and from there on Reginald Austrie’s plans went into high gear. Since the resignation of the former chair person it is alleged that Reginald Austrie became the point man demanding and collecting the checks on behalf of the Vielle Case gang who was issued a no bid contract. The entire $1 million budget that was assigned to the Village council was spent on repairing a small portion of the Portsmouth to Capuchin main road. We understand that approximately 1000 linear feet of roadway was concreted and according to eye witnesses that portion of road repair started near an area referred to as the Tarish pit and coincidentally ended adjacent to one of the many properties of Reginald Austrie- in a place called Morn a Louis. It is important to note that the maintenance of the main road is the responsibility of central government .We can also confirm that an additional sum of $50,000 was also requested in order to add another 20 feet of road repair.

MiTC took some time to investigate the cost to repair roughly 1000 linear feet of roadway using Portland Cement concrete as oppose to asphalt pavement. We spoke to several people familiar with the present day road repair methods employed by the government of Dominica and the average estimate that we received was in the region of $400 K - $500K.  We understand that in a meeting held on account of that particular road repair job, one of the government engineers was asked to validate the invoices submitted by the Reginald Austrie's hand picked gang and the engineer was unable to justify the invoices submitted. 
In light of the recent revelation that our rogue government issued a post construction contract to a Canadian/Russian passport seller we can’t be surprise at all at the various brazen acts of corruption. We reported on another over inflated project in the Capuchin area where Reginald Austrie was again exhibiting inappropriate involvement. (
We are aware that some cabinet members have been secretly complaining about Reginald Austrie’s excessive greed but no one within the Roosevelt Skerrit administration has the moral gumption to demonstrably stand on the side of integrity and accountability in government- they rather do so in ventriloquism. 

Dominicans by and large have come to accept the fact that the entire cabinet is all about “Me Myself and I.” With this self-serving attitude surely we can well understand the ongoing distrust and even resentment among the cabinet members. Skerrit does not trust Reginald Austrie and Austrie is fully aware that Skerrit does not have the moral authority to control Austrie’s venality and acute avarice. Some Cabinet member would quietly reference the Reggy and Skerrit's sudden wealth and then ask "is what is good for the goose really good for the gander?"    

* We want to reiterate that P.I.G is the acronym for Politician In Government

MiTC is following a story involving a $30,000 check that PM Skerrit allegedly gave to a gentleman name Jeff Frank from Lagoon Portsmouth. We are asking Reginald Austrie to find out why it is that Skerrit issued that check to the gentleman.   

Saturday, October 13, 2018


When PM Skerrit promised to clean up the highly polluted CBI program and his disgraceful peddling of diplomatic passports, we knew it was just another one of the con man’s game plan to gas light the people of Dominica. In order to clean up the overall passport selling calamity Skerrit would first have to cleanse himself and rein in all the dirty corrupt passport selling agents, the fraudulent due diligence agencies and the flunky lawyers and advisers but we all know that Skerrit lacks the moral authority to restore sanctity in Dominica’s CBI program. 

Just when Dominicans were trying to move on from the Monfared, Maduke, NG Lap Seng chagrin MiTC was forced exposed yet another CBI fugitive and international criminal taking refuge in Dominica, Pedro Fort Berbel. We know for a fact that Pedro Fort Berbel was well protected by the corrupt Skerrit administration. In fact we have been informed that one of Pedro Fort’s lawyers /handlers in Dominica would take time off to brief cabinet members on financial activities performed on behalf of Pedro Fort Berbel. In one instance that particular lawyer reported to the cabinet members that he had just wired over US $60,000 to a minister’s daughter leaving overseas, compliments Pedro Fort Berbel. We understand that when prince corrupt realized that “not all ears should hear” he immediately stopped the lawyer and told him “this is not the place to share that kind of information.” Today Pedro Fort has been indicted by United States SEC for a mass Ponzi operation.

Ronald Pieter Nolen
Since we reported on Pedro Fort we have not heard a response from the government apologists- not even from the “Gel Maniku” and Collin McIntyre’s Lavabo, Tony Astaphan. Let us see what kind of filth that “Gel Maniku” Tony is going to emit now that Dominica is again in the spotlight as country with a government that is providing safe havens for International Crooks and criminals. Let’s hear what the government apologist have to say about Ronald Pieter Nolen
The people of Point Mitchell and certainly the PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his cabal know very much about Ronald Pieter Nolen, a Dominican Citizen By Investment and Dominica passport holder. Nolen first came to Dominica in 2013.  Like Alireza Monfared the PM and his cabal have thrown big parties at Nolen’s luxurious residence in the Point Mitchell area. It is also alleged that Nolen alone has imported over 50 vehicles into Dominica to include several Mercedes Benz. We understand that one of the many vehicles that were imported by Nolen is being driven by the disgraced former government minister Pinard. The other vehicles were gifted. In fact members of one particular family have been sporting various Mercedes Benz. His accountant and surrogate a young lady from Dominica had also been driving around in one of the Mercedes Benz

At this juncture we have very little information about the nature of Ronald Pieter Nolen’s alleged international crimes but our sources have indicated that he may have been on a top ten list of international money launderers. According to our sources in the Netherlands Nolen may have used a different name to acquire his Dominica passport. We do know that he was extradited from Dutch Saint Martin back to Holland with his Dutch passport.
Nolen registered a company in Dominica named El Rona Limited Point Mitchel. We found four activities registered under El Rona Limited Point Mitchel. In one activity El Rona imported “60 pieces of Wood and article of wood; wood charcoal (Chebon) into Miami Florida- quite weird but then again we are talking about another doggy CBI who found  Roosevelt Skerrit or vice versa-   

Whatever it is that Nolen did internationally, the Feds found it very important to come down to Dominica to execute a search on Cohen’s property and between Wednesday and Thursday of last week, the Dominica Police together with the feds conducted a thorough search of Cohen’s property in Point Mitchell. Unconfirmed reports indicate that a seizure was issued on the property.
It is important to note that Nolen was apprehended about 3 months ago and the government would have preferred absolute silence on this matter but sources close to the investigation reported that there had been a correspondence between Interpol and either the Attorney General and or the Police Commissioner and Nolen was ushered out of Dominica to Saint Martin where he was arrested. A move that was executed in the Monfared saga- Monfared was flown to the Dominican Republic.

So now that the people of Dominica are again faced with another major embarrassment from Skerrit’s iniquitous passport selling program we await an honest and transparent report from the Government, The police Commissioner and the attorney General. In the interim MiTC is working on getting an update and possibly a  detailed report on Nolen’s alleged international criminal activities.  

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


The result of the recent La Plain village council bi election is a reflection of the "on the 
ground" voter sentiment in a number of constituencies and a reinforcement of the fact the incumbent Dominica Labor Party (DLP)has been rigging the general elections in Dominica.  Councilor Jason Fountain who was deviously removed from the village council by a DLP wolf pack reentered the bi election and in a convincing manner was still able to defeat the DLP backed candidate notwithstanding the money,building materials and cabinet support that was dispensed in the La Plain community. 

The plot to remove Jason Fountain from the La Plain Village Council was more about political posturing on the part of the DLP than the alleged unethical conduct by Jason Fountain. The irony is that if we are to begin expelling officers from public office,  Petter St Jean would be at the top of the expulsion list particularly for the matter involving his ineligibility to contest the general elections of 2009. In functional society Peter St Jean would have also been terminated for his role in the dasheen gate scandal.

A significant part of the DLP’s corrupt electioneering process is to have absolute control of all local government bodies and the purported illegal expulsion of Jason Fountain would have given them unfettered means to use the La Plain village council body to plunder and abuse public funds in the La Plain constituency.

The outcome of Local government elections remains  the proverbial barometer for political parties in Dominica and as expected the results of the recent bi election and the previous local government election in the La Plain constituency would be an eye opener for the incumbent DLP and supposedly a ray of hope for the opposition forces. However with the rampant corruption of the electoral process the PM Skerrit and the DLP may not be as unsettled as we would like to think as plans by the DLP are already in motion for the high day rigging of the next general election using mass importation of illegal overseas voters .

According to very reliable sources the DLP have decided that the majority of the imported illegal voters will be transported via ferry service . The illegal imported voters coming out of North America will be routed through the Norwegian Airline into Guadeloupe and then loaded onto the Ferry into Portsmouth. We can also confirm that the DLP cabal had first considered working with a gentleman from Portsmouth residing in the US to purchase a ferry but that did not materialize.

Sources close to the DLP informed us that the idea of routing people via ferry into Portsmouth had been considered much more favorable as the use of the ferry as oppose to air dropping voters would not only soften the image and lower the cost but that Portsmouth being the sheep pasture of the DLP would provide for less confrontation. The evil cabal was also concerned about the optics of grandeur and lavishness in airlifting thousands of illegal voters into Dominica when poverty, ‘rooflessness,” , unemployment , broken bridges and roadways etc is rife in Dominica.

It is left to the opposition, the concern citizens movement and all rightful thinking people of Dominica to either act or not  act upon the information herein. Since we received this information we have been monitoring some areas and activities of interest. Most of us will remember that prior to the 2009 and the 2014 general election we were flooded with news of  new airlines formed to operate direct flights from the mainland North America into Melville Hall Airport. Believe it or not these sham airlines were all part of the DLP plot to rig the general elections with imported voters .This time around we have seen no new airlines with the promise of direct flights from North America however what we have been monitoring is what seem to be an operation that is already in place and ready to move illegal voters as soon as the election is called

Has  anyone ever considered how insulting ,demeaning and asinine it was when the DLP operatives to include Ian Douglas declared that the New Ferry Service operating out of Portsmouth would compensate for Ross University’s departure? Since the introduction of this new ferry service can the people of Portsmouth say that they have seen any real economic surge ? In fact what we have observed is that the new ferry service with the capacity of over 200 passengers would leave the Portsmouth port with an average of 6 passengers and on a good day 10-12 passengers. How is this new ferry service remaining in operation on such a low passenger turnout and with stiff competition from another established ferry service moving passengers traveling between St Lucia  Guadeloupe with stops in Martinique and Dominica .

Unless the new ferry service with its agents Clara House and Payless is being subsidized in some way or another it is inconceivable that the ferry Service would even consider doing business out of Portsmouth when the most viable source of business would have come from the Ross University students. So the million dollar question is – what prompted the New Ferry Service to even begin operation out of Portsmouth even after Ross University was gone .

As of last week there have been advertisements that the very same new ferry service will now be operating out of Roseau as oppose to just Portsmouth and so the operators have now inserted themselves into direct competition with the long established ferry service , L’Express Des Lles. While we wish the new ferry service the very best we lament the fact that the business environment in Dominica is in doldrums and like many businesses that have disappeared under the Skerrit regime it may be just a matter of time before this new ferry service exits the Dominica market- Unless the service can outperform the well-established competitor or that this new ferry service is heavily subsidized.

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