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Monday, August 31, 2020




Last week an entire dog and pony show was staged with Melissa Skerrit issuing 90 laptops to students in the Roseau Central constituency. The Roseau Central constituency is one of the many constituencies where Dominica Labor Party conducted massive voting fraud during the 2019 general election. While we are very happy for the 90 students who received those laptops it is fair that we ask where did those laptops come from and why only 90 laptops when hundreds of student around the island need laptops to cope with the current remote learning situation. Did these laptops come from the usual suspect- the CBI agent who uses our passport money to sponsored Melissa’s Vienna sausage school lunch program?

It is only because our people have been subjugated into poverty, mendicancy that even someone not so smart as Melissa can hoodwink people who are supposed to be way brighter than her. If the issuance of those laptops were about government commitment towards education then why it is that many  students on government scholarships in the United States have not been receiving their tuition. 

According to reliable sources it is more than a year now that students on government scholarship in the United States have not received any funding for tuition.  We are appealing to the government of Dominica to step up and do what is right for the hardworking students particularly those at Monroe College. We spoke with someone from the bursar’s office at Monroe College and were informed that the Dominican students are totally locked out of the system and are barred from registering for the fall semester. We also contacted the Ministry Of Education but no one seems to have an answer to the problem. In the meantime some parents have to get emergency loans to keep their student enrolled. 

One thing for sure when the very same students are need to help rig the elections the same corrupt administration sends them airline tickets and spending money just to come vote.

While the students are going through this dilemma, we can confirm that some Dominicans living in the United States with US citizenship are receiving full scholarships from the Dominica government. Our reliable sources have also informed us that these US citizens who are also receiving US financial aid are using the money from the Dominica government to pay for things like vacations and parties.     

With the government unable to pay students tuition for more than a year and bus drivers still looking into Skerrit’s eyes for that $15000 bailout, it is alleged that Kelly “The ghost Williams” received a sum of $8000 as government Kool Out or as some are calling it a “Shut Your Mouth” check.

We are not sure where the government got the money to give Kelly "The Ghost” Williams his "Shut Your Mouth” check. We know it did not come from Skerrit and Anthony Haiden’s offshore treasury so we are thinking that the money may have come from the US $28 million Caribbean Digital Transformation (CDT) funds provided by the World Bank.

On June 22 the World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved US$94 for regional Caribbean Digital Transformation for four Eastern Caribbean countries: Dominica (US$28 million), Grenada (US$8 million), Saint Lucia (US$20 million), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (US$30 million), and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission (US$8 million) to build an inclusive digital economy. According to the World Bank the CDT is meant to increase access to digital services, technologies, and skills by governments, businesses, and individuals.

We must keep our eyes on the CDT funds and hold the government accountable. We also hope that the CDT funds are used to help the stranded students particularly those at Monroe College

Friday, August 28, 2020



Grand Mama use to say if you have to lie and cover up your actions then probably you shouldn’t be doing it and when lying and stealing becomes ritual then the more you hide is the more you will expose. Skerrit’s ascension into the position of prime minister of Dominica began with acts of shadiness, betrayal and massive cover ups and his entire stint as Prime minister of Dominica has been plagued by  multiple scandals and  mass corruption. Matters involving his sudden and unsubstantiated opulence are buried in shallow graves and with every attempt to burry a new scandal old secrets are exposed and more questions pop up. 

With the ongoing scandal involving the Morn Daniel mansion it is quite obvious that Skerrit’s demand for $32000 per month rent plus another $32000 per month for house maintenance is just a means to detract from the true ownership of that palatial mansion in Morne Daniel. It makes no sense at all that the PM would want that much money to stay in his own house – at least that’s what Skerrit, Anthony Haiden and other collaborators would like us all to believe. 

A “Mele MΓ©lange” – a tangled web of Conflicting interest, Insider Trading and pungent stench of corruption.

According to public documents the Morne Daniel mansion is owned by Mercury Properties Limited and the only named director of Mercury Properties Limited Company is Anthony Haiden. Anthony Haiden is one of Dominica’s foreign CBI agents who together with Roosevelt Skerrit control what is referred to as Dominica’s offshore treasury. Anthony Haiden is also Skerrit’s contractor of choice for nobid capital projects that are funded by passports sold by Anthony Haiden himself. Mercury Properties Limited also paid Skerrit in the region of  $750,000 for 2 acres of land in the Valley area.😏😏😏😏 With Anthony Haiden being the only named director of Mercury Properties Limited, it is fair to say that the attempted cover-up and masking of the Morne Daniel mansion is rather a shabby job. It is either Skerrit and Haiden are total idiots , too brazen or they just don’t have many options available to hide their unscrupulous activities. It may also be that they simply believe that the people of Dominica are all dumb.  

The more they cover up is the more they expose.

In 2018 we received copies of a string of text messages between Skerrit and Melissa and in these text messages there is confirmation that Skerrit does have ownership interest in the Morne Daniel mansion. The attached photo shows part of the relevant conversation. The nebulous photo at the top right corner of the photo is what prompted Melissa to ask Skerrit some abbreviated questions -question we see as the smoking gun. 

Please note that  the text conversations on the left side of the photo are unrelated but  left for credibility purposes. FB for example can verify that 1:50 AM text conversation with Roosevelt Skerrit.        

Upon receiving the photo noted, Melissa seemed confused and at 6:10 PM she responded with the question -House for sale?  We suspect that the house Melissa was referring too may have been the mansion in Viellecase since at the time rumors were swirling that Skerrit’s mansion in Viellecase was up for sale. Even more, in a 2018 parliament session Skerrit said to the then Speaker of the house and self- declared “Veremin Alix Boyd Knight that his house in Viellecase is up for sale and that if she wants the house she can simply hand him a check. The offer made to the self-declared “Veremin” may have been done in jest but it was in deed a subconscious revelation-it was the Freudian slip of a con man whose mind and heart was already set on moving into  his Morne Daniel mansion which was being constructed by his Foreign CBI agent and partner Anthony Haiden.    

In less than a minute after her first response, Melissa followed up with a second question to Skerrit. She seem anxious and convinced that the answer to her first text is a NO so she followed up with the question  – Is that Rose Street?  Several other properties have been associated with the Skerrits but we have never heard of a property on Rose Street-Thanks to Melissa we now know that the Skerrits also have a property somewhere on Rose Street. We understand that Rose Street is somewhere up in the Morne Bruce area. Ma Boyde's  Kitchen may want to keep the back window open for fresh delivery on the Rose Street property.

At 6:11 PM Skerrit had not yet responded and so the materialistic junkie sent of another text message to her husband Skerrit. This time she is asking about another property in Goodwill. She asked  wrote “ – Goodwill?  The honorable Danny Lugay parliamentary representative for the Goodwill area must find that property in Goodwill and put it on the list of properties that will one day become part of Dominica's restitution estate.

Desperate and apparently feeling ignored Melissa was not done trying and at  6:18 PM Melissa asked Skerrit a forth question and that question  we now value at about $29 Million plus $64000 of monthly allowance to be paid by tax payers. Melissa texted  – “ And Morne Daniel?  Cant wait to hear the spinners spin this one. If Melissa was not referring to the Mansion in Morne Daniel what else was she referring too- the farm Land? Lets keep going ------       

Why would Melissa ask Skerrit whether he was selling off the Morne Daniel mansion which was at the time nearing completion? The answer is the con artists were caught red-handed and would have been uneasy. The  people of Dominica knew then that the Morne Daniel palace was being built by Anthony Haiden ,for and on behalf of Roosevelt Skerrit. It is also note worthy that the election was drawing near and the  second mansion would have become an added embarrassment. 

We anticipate that at some point in time this palatial mansion will be unloaded much like the 8 villas in Savanne Pailles and the ownership will disappear through a web of CBI agents with shell companies. We understand that Renneth “Bubbles Alexis who had been used as surrogate owner  for Skerrit’s  8 Villa property in Savanne Pailles had been uncomfortable with the idea that he was  totally sidelined during the selling of the property.

Another Shallow Grave uncovered

Sometime between 2015 -2016 Skerrit posted several photos featuring himself as a proud farmer working on his farmland in Morne Daniel.  It was more than a public relation stunt  – it was also the workings of the "Wanna Be Dictator" with the urge to flaunt another one of his real estate acquisition. Did the land really belong to Skerrit at the time ? I remain suspicious but documents filled in June of 2020 indicate that it wasn't. 

Check This Out- Public documents show that Melissa’s parents only legally transferred the same property (Skerrit's Farm)to Melissa in June of this year 2020. So what’s going on and why was there a desperate need to show that the property was transferred from the Porpones  to Melissa Skerrit when five years ago Skerrit was already showing of the same land as part of his illicit collection of real estate properties. The mysterious transfer of the property to Melissa in June of this year seem like another act to cover up some wrongdoings. 

The suspected motive - if legal documents show that the Morne Daniel land was willed to Melissa by Mama and Daddy Porpone then no one can question the Skerrits on the purchase of the land or even purport that Anthony Haiden purchased the land for and on behalf of Roosevelt and Melissa Skerrit. 

As it is often said, it is not the crime that gets you it is the cover up. In the rush to cover up the ownership of the farmland in Morne Daniel, the Skerrits committed another egregious crime. They undervalued the property by about $20 per square foot and shortchanged the treasury in the region of $74000. By law and order Skerrit and Melissa should be wearing blue at the Stockfarm prison.  

In today’s Dominica people supposedly of good moral standing are offended by those of us who point out what is now ritual abuse by Roosevelt Skerrit and his crime syndicate. They would prefer that we don’t talk about abuse and corruption, for if we don’t then  somewhere within their consciousness the ritual abuse is not happening. It is time we start naming and shaming those who are suppose to be the vanguards of morality in our Dominican society but for selfish reasons continue to support and defend  gang of criminals- 

Father Elvio Augustine,

Lay ministers Steve Ferrol and Eddie Lambert,

Pastor Ehdi George, 

Disgraced Pastor Bernard Joseph,

Pastor Earnest Pendenque of seventh day Adventist church,

Evangelist  Peter “Short Pants" Augustine

How do you men ask god for forgiveness every night yet every morning you wake up pretending that the blatant atrocities and crimes against a people don’t exist in Dominica.  

The Pastor from Zicack Portsmouth we hope you find your conscience in Maryland– we still remember that infamous meeting in the United States when you told Skerrit that he should be proud of the Villas in Savanne Pailles because it was god’s gift to him.

We also want to call out the likes of 

Raymond Lawrence

Lennox Honeychurch

Ambassador Egbert Charles

Felix Gregoire

Gentlemen how long are you going to keep your heads buried in the sand. When you do, “you leave your backside exposed to those who seek to take advantage. “(Gary Hopkins) No pun intended 

The 2004 United Nations Convention Against Corruption Kofi Annan, former Secretary General referred  to  corruption as an “insidious plague that has a wide range of corrosive effects on societies,” he added that it diverts funds intended for development, undermines the ability of governments to provide basic services, feeds inequalities and injustice, and discourages foreign aid investment.”  This is exactly what Dominica has become under the corrupt control of the Roosevelt Skerrit crime syndicate. A country where corruption sustains crime and criminal acts continue to protect the corrupt.

Thursday, August 20, 2020


In a public statement by Reginald "Luna Tik" Austrie it was revealed that recipients of the government apartments will now have to make financial contributions towards the continuance of the housing program. The problem is ,those who received the apartment for example Simeone Albert in the east and La Terre & Bounty at Cotton Hill  in the north were under the impression that the apartments would be theirs to keep and absolutely free of charge. The devious DLP politicians never told the apartment  recipients that they would be required to pay fees for maintenance and insurance of the apartments. In all fairness why would the apartment holders who are prevalently laborites  think that they would have to pay anything when  they have been groomed into believing that their entire livelihood must come right though the hands of the chosen one , Roosevelt  Skerrit.

Now that the apartments are no longer free what happens  to Simeone Albert ,La Terre  , Bunty or even some of the ministers’ concubines living in the apartments -will they be evicted?  With an economy totally dependent on the remnants of the plundered passport revenues the government will have no choice but to keep absorbing the maintenance and insurance cost. The petulant “Luna Tik” can huff and puff all he wants - the problem stems from  the poverty and mendicancy that the Dominica Labor Party themselves have created. 

Now that the CBI revenues are no longer available for largesse and the Covid 19 crisis has further decimated an economy that was already in a serious difficulty, it is unreasonable and even cruel that the government is asking people who have been unemployed for many years, to pay a monthly maintenance fee and insurance for the apartments. Government assisted housing program is universally recognized as essential and should be reassured by any administration as long as the program is properly and diligently executed. As it stands the government housing program should not have been used to grandstand or to portray the opposition as being opposed to government supported housing programs.

There was every reason to question the motives and the sustainability of the FREE housing program when the government knew that the program was unsustainable. Over  the last two years there were clear signs that the treasury had been struggling to keep pace with the government's irresponsible spending and  there is no doubt that the COVID 19 crisis just simply fast forwarded what seemed destined for the housing program operating without a reliable revolving fund. 

Following Austrie’s public statement confirming the government’s intension to apply monthly fees for the apartments, people began to ask the obvious question for which Austrie  became belligerent and a total lunatic.    

The Obvious Questions asked

If the apartment holders did not have the financial capability to pay monthly fees 5 or 6 months ago how can the government expect them to do so now that the economy is much more debilitated and unemployment is bursting at the seams?

How can the people not question the government’s motives when tax payers are being asked to pay Skerrit’s sham rent and maintenance cost of  $64000 per month for his Morne Daniel mansion?

How unconscionable is Skerrit and his administration when  the very same Simeone Albert, La terre or Bunty’s have to pay 15 percent Value Added Taxes (VAT) and a percentage of that VAT goes towards Skerrit’s sham rent in Morne Daniel?

The petulant “Luna Tik” gets on Q95 to spew his ignorance and vitriol 

Although the petulant Lun Tik said that someone alerted him of the discussion on Q95 it was quite obvious that he was listening to the program and was very upset by what was being said about their  disingenuous and  abusive policies. The talk show host at the time, Loftus Durand, gracefully allowed the petulant “Luna Tik” to explain why he was so offended by the people’s response to his statement. He began his response by berating the host and hurling insults at the listening audience. When he was done having his “Terrible Two” tantrum, true to form he “mepuizais” the apartment holders for not taking care of the apartments and the surroundings. He took the Q95 opportunity to let them know that they should be responsible for the insurance and maintenance of the properties. 

The problem though is that Simeone Albert much like his fellow radio host Daryl Titre is consistently broke and unable to pay his bills. Under the previous administrations Simeone Albert who is a very capable tradesman was earning a descent leaving and was able to build his own dwelling house. At the Cotton Hill apartments, we understand that La Terre, Bounty and many others do not have sustainable employment and they too will most likely be unable to commit to the monthly fees or even to do repairs when needed. So will the government have La Terre, Bunty or Simeone Albert evicted from the apartments? 

What happens to the unemployed ministers’ concubines and children?  These are legitimate questions that the "Luna Tik " should consider as the puppetted 3rd tier housing minister.  

Like the hotels, the apartments have been constructed using CBI revenues and we the people have been asking about the ownership of these CBI built structures. In 2019 Skerrit stated that the funds raised to construct the apartments came from the real estate option of the CBI scheme. He wanted us to believe then that the apartment buildings were  owned by those investors, particularly those who contributed towards Skerrit and Anthony Haiden’s special housing escrow account or what is locally known as Dominica’s Offshore Treasury. Skerrit’s statement was a boldface lie and a desultory response to account for the whereabouts of $1.2 Billion of passport moneys. If the apartment buildings were owned by investors then there is no way these investors would agree for Simeone Albert, Bunty and La Terre to live rent free at those apartments. 

Prior to the 2019 election ,Skerrit in his desperation also stated that the CBI funded Hotels such as the Kempinski Cabrits Resort also belong to the people of Dominica but then Sam Raphael said to Matt on Q95-  no no no the Jungle Bay Hotel belongs to him  and his CBI shareholders. Up to now no one knows who own the Kempinski Brand Cabrits Resort. Is it Mohammed Asaria and his CBI shareholders or the people of Dominica? Skerrit gave Mohammed Asaria and his Range Capital 800 passports plus Free State land at the Cabrits national Park for the construction of the hotel.   

On the eve of the election, Skerrit also bragged about the FREE apartments and promised the apartment holders that they would soon be receiving their certificates of ownership but following his fraudulent victory at the polls the apartment holders have been getting conflicting information or as we normally say 6 for 9.

Austrie on Q95 also attempted to clear up the fuzziness surrounding the legal ownership of the apartments and that went as well as expected – It was malarkey after malarkey with laughable mispronunciation – kirtessy for courtesy, konstitushan for constitution. He first claimed that the government will own the apartments but within the clutter of disjointed rants he quoted Clarence "Sleeping Beauty" Christian – “the Attorney General Levi Peters is working on a legal structure that will allow the apartment recipients to have full ownership of the government issued apartments.” I am

If you are familiar with Clarence Sleeping Beauty Christian, the man is as dishonest as Roosevelt Skerrit and like Parry Bellot he seeks relevance and favors with the corrupt administration by spinning lies and misinformation just to cover-up the chronic government corruption. If it is true though that Levi Peters is now working on a legal ownership arrangement for the apartment holders then it makes much sense that there is so much chaos and incompetence. It is alleged that Levi Peters couldn’t even get a job to litigate parking tickets in London and is allegedly yet to fulfill the qualifying requirements to practice law in Dominica and the region. A dunce ka ka rat???

The willy nilly issuance of “FREE apartments to party supporters without due process and transparency was just what everyone thought it was – an abuse of power and the exploitation of the destitute and vulnerable,  for political gain. After all the apartments did not suddenly arrive in an express package from Amazon – the attorney general had all the time in the world to iron out the ownership structure and property maintenance scheme  before handing out keys to the apartments.

 It is because of the blatant corruption, incompetence and mismanagement that there are so many questions and it is either Reginald Austrie is way too arrogant or incredibly a lunatic to believe that the people can’t see through their web of deception. Had the housing program been properly instituted instead of being politicized and used as a conduit for money laundering there would be no maintenance and ownership issues at this point. The freedom Party and the UWP administration both had government supported housing programs and all the current Roosevelt Skerrit administration had to do was to build on what was already there.  

Top Photo By Dominique Pires

Friday, August 14, 2020



In 2008 leader of St Lucia's opposition Labor Party  Dr.Kenny Anthony accused St Lucia's then Prime Minister Stephenson King of using the state resources to meet the cost of rental of King’s private residence. Here is a breakdown of the disputed monthly allowance that was allegedly paid to PM King for leaving at his private residence.

 Domestic Assistance : EC $1,078.24

Gardener                           $ 1,237.01

Electricity(Average)         $ 1,292.92             

Water                              $ 14.70                        

Telephone                       $ 1,193.67

Total                             $4,816.54

 In response to Dr. Anthony’s accusations Prime Minister King and his government issued a statement confirming that the PM chose to reside at his private residence at a cost of $4500 per month but on condition that the state would not pay for his utility bills, domestic assistance and gardening.

We are presenting this information not to instigate any kind of meddling into  St Lucia’s political affairs but to show the contrast in the level of corruption –the PM of St Lucia was at the time claiming $4500 per month to reside at his private residence. Today PM Skerrit is claiming $64000 per month to reside at palace that he allegedly owns.

While it is not courteous to meddle in the political affairs of our sister islands guess which Dominican was cheerleading a public lynching of PM King on the matter involving the $4500 per month rental of his private residence?  Anthony Mopyon Astaphan- the vermin that sees nothing wrong with Roosevelt Skerrit in the midst of an economic upheaval is hijacking and receiving $64000 per month from the state coffers for rental of a palace that he allegedly owns.😲😲

The Wanna Be Dictator and His Affluenza

When Skerrit’s privately hired architect Supryah Singh was done with Skerrit’s first  mansion (now considered a banana shed) at the time Skerrit said that his mansion would cost $400, 000. Take a look at this video showing a field trip by the Saint Mary’s Primary School (SMP) to Skerit's Banana shed. The purpose of the field trip – A visit to the Prime Minister’s Residence. 

Before you continue please copy the link into your browser . The videos show a section of what the prime minister now seem to think is a Banana Shed.  

A guilty conscience never feels secure. 

In a recent public statement Prime Minister Skerrit claimed that he deserve more than a Banana shed type residential accommodation. So it is only fair to assume that in Skerrit’s psychopathy mind his multimillion dollar mansion in Viellecase is now well beneath his residential aspirations.

We have heard all kinds of excuses and cover-ups for  Skerrit’s delusions. Businessman Emile Depooter is seen on a video agreeing with Skerrit that he Skerrit is entitled to the $32000 per month residential allowance but Emile Depooter will have his time on the Wall of Shame.  

Recently Clarence “Sleeping Beauty” Christian tried to justify an added $15000/month insurance premium for Skerrit’s new Morn Daniel palace. The Sleeping Beauty claimed that in addition to the $32000/ month rent the added $15000/month  insurance is necessary to covers public liability at the PM’’s residence. Since Clarence Christian has all the answers he may want to tell us whether or not there is a public liability insurance on the PM’s residence in Viellecase where  all these kids from SMP can be seen hanging out on the edge of the grand pool , some at the time could not even swim.

Take Warning Take Warning- 

The term "Affluenza" is defined as “a social condition that arises from the desire to be more wealthy or successful. It can also be defined as the inability for an individual to understand the consequences of their actions because of their social status and/or financial privilege.”

To the boot lickers and crumb seekers who have enabled Roosevelt Skerrit for so long it is said that “someone exhibiting this behavior (Affluenza) may also lack deep emotional connections but have a superficial charm about them. They tend to be very aggressive, and get very angry”. (Mansa) According to one member of the cabinet “the man is a walking time bomb”  The time bomb will detonate with severe consequences. It is Just a matter of time.

Particularly to the members of Roosevelt Skerrit cabinet:

He that is of the opinion that money will do everything may well be suspected of doing anything for money." Benjamin Franklyn. Those of you in the cabinet who are privately denouncing Skerrit’s affluenza but did not stand in defense of the country when it mattered , Desmond Tutu once said “If you are neutral or silent in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.

No guilt is forgotten so long as the conscience still knows of it and I do hope that when the people finally decide that enough is enough that the hypocrites and parasites in the cabinet will be reminded of the role they have played in facilitating Roosevelt Skerrit’s evil.




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