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Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Reggy The P.I.G With Venality and Acute Avarice 
When ministers of government use their authority to exact revenge and to torment people who are simply trying to do their jobs and avert systematic corruption in government institutions, that is not just political victimization but severe bullying. According to sources within the DLP circle the well-known bully and P.I.G (Politician In Government) Reginald Austrie, demanded an immediate transfer of a custom Officer after that custom officer requested proper documentation and procedures on Austrie's personal transaction. We understand that Reginald Austrie became belligerent and animated – he insisted that the custom officer was rude and out of place to expect he Reginald Austrie to adhere to the standard operating procedures at customs. 
In another case of blatant bullying, the former chairman of the Cottage Village council was forced to take the high road and submit his resignation after Reginald Austrie allegedly badgered him over money that was meant for the Cottage Village Council. It is alleged that  Reginald Austrie repeatedly demanded that funds issued for village council  road repairs be used for the repair of a portion of the main road leading up to one of the many properties owned by Reginald Austrie-a property in the Morn a louis area. It is our understanding that the maintenance of the main road is the responsibility of Central Government and so the money assigned to the village council was meant for road repair on the secondary village roads

Realizing that the Reginald Austrie was persistently asking him to circumvent protocol and accountable conduct in the handling of public funds, the former chair person refuse to acquiesce and from there Reginald became irate. He allegedly told the Chair Parson “ f’’’k protocol and procedures” According to our sources after several harassment episodes  the chairperson tendered his resignation on the premise that he can no longer deal with the way Reginald Austrie and his lackeys sort to manipulate the village council resources.
The former chair person was replaced by one of Reginald Austrie’s corruption facilitators and from there on Reginald Austrie’s plans went into high gear. Since the resignation of the former chair person it is alleged that Reginald Austrie became the point man demanding and collecting the checks on behalf of the Vielle Case gang who was issued a no bid contract. The entire $1 million budget that was assigned to the Village council was spent on repairing a small portion of the Portsmouth to Capuchin main road. We understand that approximately 1000 linear feet of roadway was concreted and according to eye witnesses that portion of road repair started near an area referred to as the Tarish pit and coincidentally ended adjacent to one of the many properties of Reginald Austrie- in a place called Morn a Louis. It is important to note that the maintenance of the main road is the responsibility of central government .We can also confirm that an additional sum of $50,000 was also requested in order to add another 20 feet of road repair.

MiTC took some time to investigate the cost to repair roughly 1000 linear feet of roadway using Portland Cement concrete as oppose to asphalt pavement. We spoke to several people familiar with the present day road repair methods employed by the government of Dominica and the average estimate that we received was in the region of $400 K - $500K.  We understand that in a meeting held on account of that particular road repair job, one of the government engineers was asked to validate the invoices submitted by the Reginald Austrie's hand picked gang and the engineer was unable to justify the invoices submitted. 
In light of the recent revelation that our rogue government issued a post construction contract to a Canadian/Russian passport seller we can’t be surprise at all at the various brazen acts of corruption. We reported on another over inflated project in the Capuchin area where Reginald Austrie was again exhibiting inappropriate involvement. (
We are aware that some cabinet members have been secretly complaining about Reginald Austrie’s excessive greed but no one within the Roosevelt Skerrit administration has the moral gumption to demonstrably stand on the side of integrity and accountability in government- they rather do so in ventriloquism. 

Dominicans by and large have come to accept the fact that the entire cabinet is all about “Me Myself and I.” With this self-serving attitude surely we can well understand the ongoing distrust and even resentment among the cabinet members. Skerrit does not trust Reginald Austrie and Austrie is fully aware that Skerrit does not have the moral authority to control Austrie’s venality and acute avarice. Some Cabinet member would quietly reference the Reggy and Skerrit's sudden wealth and then ask "is what is good for the goose really good for the gander?"    

* We want to reiterate that P.I.G is the acronym for Politician In Government

MiTC is following a story involving a $30,000 check that PM Skerrit allegedly gave to a gentleman name Jeff Frank from Lagoon Portsmouth. We are asking Reginald Austrie to find out why it is that Skerrit issued that check to the gentleman.   

Saturday, October 13, 2018


When PM Skerrit promised to clean up the highly polluted CBI program and his disgraceful peddling of diplomatic passports, we knew it was just another one of the con man’s game plan to gas light the people of Dominica. In order to clean up the overall passport selling calamity Skerrit would first have to cleanse himself and rein in all the dirty corrupt passport selling agents, the fraudulent due diligence agencies and the flunky lawyers and advisers but we all know that Skerrit lacks the moral authority to restore sanctity in Dominica’s CBI program. 

Just when Dominicans were trying to move on from the Monfared, Maduke, NG Lap Seng chagrin MiTC was forced exposed yet another CBI fugitive and international criminal taking refuge in Dominica, Pedro Fort Berbel. We know for a fact that Pedro Fort Berbel was well protected by the corrupt Skerrit administration. In fact we have been informed that one of Pedro Fort’s lawyers /handlers in Dominica would take time off to brief cabinet members on financial activities performed on behalf of Pedro Fort Berbel. In one instance that particular lawyer reported to the cabinet members that he had just wired over US $60,000 to a minister’s daughter leaving overseas, compliments Pedro Fort Berbel. We understand that when prince corrupt realized that “not all ears should hear” he immediately stopped the lawyer and told him “this is not the place to share that kind of information.” Today Pedro Fort has been indicted by United States SEC for a mass Ponzi operation.

Ronald Pieter Nolen
Since we reported on Pedro Fort we have not heard a response from the government apologists- not even from the “Gel Maniku” and Collin McIntyre’s Lavabo, Tony Astaphan. Let us see what kind of filth that “Gel Maniku” Tony is going to emit now that Dominica is again in the spotlight as country with a government that is providing safe havens for International Crooks and criminals. Let’s hear what the government apologist have to say about Ronald Pieter Nolen
The people of Point Mitchell and certainly the PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his cabal know very much about Ronald Pieter Nolen, a Dominican Citizen By Investment and Dominica passport holder. Nolen first came to Dominica in 2013.  Like Alireza Monfared the PM and his cabal have thrown big parties at Nolen’s luxurious residence in the Point Mitchell area. It is also alleged that Nolen alone has imported over 50 vehicles into Dominica to include several Mercedes Benz. We understand that one of the many vehicles that were imported by Nolen is being driven by the disgraced former government minister Pinard. The other vehicles were gifted. In fact members of one particular family have been sporting various Mercedes Benz. His accountant and surrogate a young lady from Dominica had also been driving around in one of the Mercedes Benz

At this juncture we have very little information about the nature of Ronald Pieter Nolen’s alleged international crimes but our sources have indicated that he may have been on a top ten list of international money launderers. According to our sources in the Netherlands Nolen may have used a different name to acquire his Dominica passport. We do know that he was extradited from Dutch Saint Martin back to Holland with his Dutch passport.
Nolen registered a company in Dominica named El Rona Limited Point Mitchel. We found four activities registered under El Rona Limited Point Mitchel. In one activity El Rona imported “60 pieces of Wood and article of wood; wood charcoal (Chebon) into Miami Florida- quite weird but then again we are talking about another doggy CBI who found  Roosevelt Skerrit or vice versa-   

Whatever it is that Nolen did internationally, the Feds found it very important to come down to Dominica to execute a search on Cohen’s property and between Wednesday and Thursday of last week, the Dominica Police together with the feds conducted a thorough search of Cohen’s property in Point Mitchell. Unconfirmed reports indicate that a seizure was issued on the property.
It is important to note that Nolen was apprehended about 3 months ago and the government would have preferred absolute silence on this matter but sources close to the investigation reported that there had been a correspondence between Interpol and either the Attorney General and or the Police Commissioner and Nolen was ushered out of Dominica to Saint Martin where he was arrested. A move that was executed in the Monfared saga- Monfared was flown to the Dominican Republic.

So now that the people of Dominica are again faced with another major embarrassment from Skerrit’s iniquitous passport selling program we await an honest and transparent report from the Government, The police Commissioner and the attorney General. In the interim MiTC is working on getting an update and possibly a  detailed report on Nolen’s alleged international criminal activities.  

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


The result of the recent La Plain village council bi election is a reflection of the "on the 
ground" voter sentiment in a number of constituencies and a reinforcement of the fact the incumbent Dominica Labor Party (DLP)has been rigging the general elections in Dominica.  Councilor Jason Fountain who was deviously removed from the village council by a DLP wolf pack reentered the bi election and in a convincing manner was still able to defeat the DLP backed candidate notwithstanding the money,building materials and cabinet support that was dispensed in the La Plain community. 

The plot to remove Jason Fountain from the La Plain Village Council was more about political posturing on the part of the DLP than the alleged unethical conduct by Jason Fountain. The irony is that if we are to begin expelling officers from public office,  Petter St Jean would be at the top of the expulsion list particularly for the matter involving his ineligibility to contest the general elections of 2009. In functional society Peter St Jean would have also been terminated for his role in the dasheen gate scandal.

A significant part of the DLP’s corrupt electioneering process is to have absolute control of all local government bodies and the purported illegal expulsion of Jason Fountain would have given them unfettered means to use the La Plain village council body to plunder and abuse public funds in the La Plain constituency.

The outcome of Local government elections remains  the proverbial barometer for political parties in Dominica and as expected the results of the recent bi election and the previous local government election in the La Plain constituency would be an eye opener for the incumbent DLP and supposedly a ray of hope for the opposition forces. However with the rampant corruption of the electoral process the PM Skerrit and the DLP may not be as unsettled as we would like to think as plans by the DLP are already in motion for the high day rigging of the next general election using mass importation of illegal overseas voters .

According to very reliable sources the DLP have decided that the majority of the imported illegal voters will be transported via ferry service . The illegal imported voters coming out of North America will be routed through the Norwegian Airline into Guadeloupe and then loaded onto the Ferry into Portsmouth. We can also confirm that the DLP cabal had first considered working with a gentleman from Portsmouth residing in the US to purchase a ferry but that did not materialize.

Sources close to the DLP informed us that the idea of routing people via ferry into Portsmouth had been considered much more favorable as the use of the ferry as oppose to air dropping voters would not only soften the image and lower the cost but that Portsmouth being the sheep pasture of the DLP would provide for less confrontation. The evil cabal was also concerned about the optics of grandeur and lavishness in airlifting thousands of illegal voters into Dominica when poverty, ‘rooflessness,” , unemployment , broken bridges and roadways etc is rife in Dominica.

It is left to the opposition, the concern citizens movement and all rightful thinking people of Dominica to either act or not  act upon the information herein. Since we received this information we have been monitoring some areas and activities of interest. Most of us will remember that prior to the 2009 and the 2014 general election we were flooded with news of  new airlines formed to operate direct flights from the mainland North America into Melville Hall Airport. Believe it or not these sham airlines were all part of the DLP plot to rig the general elections with imported voters .This time around we have seen no new airlines with the promise of direct flights from North America however what we have been monitoring is what seem to be an operation that is already in place and ready to move illegal voters as soon as the election is called

Has  anyone ever considered how insulting ,demeaning and asinine it was when the DLP operatives to include Ian Douglas declared that the New Ferry Service operating out of Portsmouth would compensate for Ross University’s departure? Since the introduction of this new ferry service can the people of Portsmouth say that they have seen any real economic surge ? In fact what we have observed is that the new ferry service with the capacity of over 200 passengers would leave the Portsmouth port with an average of 6 passengers and on a good day 10-12 passengers. How is this new ferry service remaining in operation on such a low passenger turnout and with stiff competition from another established ferry service moving passengers traveling between St Lucia  Guadeloupe with stops in Martinique and Dominica .

Unless the new ferry service with its agents Clara House and Payless is being subsidized in some way or another it is inconceivable that the ferry Service would even consider doing business out of Portsmouth when the most viable source of business would have come from the Ross University students. So the million dollar question is – what prompted the New Ferry Service to even begin operation out of Portsmouth even after Ross University was gone .

As of last week there have been advertisements that the very same new ferry service will now be operating out of Roseau as oppose to just Portsmouth and so the operators have now inserted themselves into direct competition with the long established ferry service , L’Express Des Lles. While we wish the new ferry service the very best we lament the fact that the business environment in Dominica is in doldrums and like many businesses that have disappeared under the Skerrit regime it may be just a matter of time before this new ferry service exits the Dominica market- Unless the service can outperform the well-established competitor or that this new ferry service is heavily subsidized.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

CCM on the move to restore integrity in our elections

The Concerned Citizens Movement, (CCM) led by its President Loftus Durand, is spearheading efforts at forcing the Electoral Commission to, well, do its job. The Commission, whose job it is to ensure our elections are of the highest standards and are free and fair to all parties, has been camping out in the bosom of the ruling Dominica Labour Party for the past several years. Its Chairman, Mr. Gerald Burton, is being burped and breastfed by none other than Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, with President Charles Savarin tasked with changing diapers occasionally.

At issue is the Commission's plan to discard long-established regulations governing the registration of voters, to be replaced with an insecure and highly pliable system of "re-registration" of persons in the diaspora. This idea is clearly a plan by Mr. Skerrit to subvert the will of the Dominican electorate at the next general election. Recognizing that his tried and well-utilized practice of importing voters may not be a viable option this time around, Mr. Skerrit has concocted a diabolical plan to flip the script, by exporting his corrupt practices instead, to areas of the world where he was successful at importing his illegally-obtained voters. Does the ancient phrase "if the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain" ring a bell to you? 

Earlier today, Mr. Durand fired off a letter to baby Burton demanding that he sets in motion a sequence of events that will lead to, among other things, a cleansing of the voters list. Checking off recommendations made by international observer missions, Mr. Durand went further as to demand the Chairman's resignation for failure to perform the functions of the office he has been appointed to. The letter (see attachment) was copied to Prime Minister Skerrit, President Charles Savarin, Leader of the Opposition Lennox Linton, Freedom Party chief Kent Vital, as well as various media houses.

CCM letter and delivery log sheet
Side Note: In sourcing this report, we learned that Mr. Durand, in his effort to ensure that the CCM's letter was placed in the right hands, personally delivered each letter to its intended recipient. On one such delivery, to the office of the Prime Minister, our correspondent reported that Mr. Durand was spotted by long time alcohol enthusiast Peter "Sogofly" Thomas. Mr. Thomas, a celebrity participant on the weekly Wednesday Night Donkey Derby FreakFest hosted by Kelly "Ghost" Williams on Kairi FM and a man not known to avoid any opportunity to mislead to the public, quickly reported to fellow mule Mr. Williams, of his sighting. The two derby contestants were said to be ecstatic, informing their derby fans that Mr. Durand was at the Prime Minister's office to receive some sort of assistance, when the truth was far different. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018


In a recent article published by an American News Magazine, Mother Jones, it was reported that "Senate Democrats have asked the Justice Department to investigate whether Rudy Giuliani is violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act by lobbying for foreign interests without registering with the agency." It was revealed that Giuliani’s Security & Safety firm has been doing work for governments in Serbia, Ukraine, Chile, Dominica, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, and El Salvador. In a recent interview with the Washington Post Rudy Giuliani admitted to working with these foreign governments although he did not list the governments.


With a struggling economy, a high level of indigence, unemployment and a dilapidated infrastructure every Dominican should be asking the Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to justify the expenses for the use of Rudy Giuliani’s lobbying.The people of Dominica should ask -who is paying Giuliani, how much is Giuliani being paid? We would also like to clarify whether Giuliani is working on the behalf of Dominica or just Roosevelt Skerrit’s personal affairs. 
We note with due curiosity that not one other island in the region was listed under the US senators inquiry. We expect the DLP apologists to suggest that Giuliani Security and Safety (GSS) may be providing investigative due diligence services for Dominica’s passport trade  but be mindful that the US senators specifically stated that Rudy Guiliani is providing lobbying services for the government of Dominica. We can also say that we are happy that the Dominican Republic was also listed and so the Skerrit apologist and Senior Counsel Wee Wee Pequinio (Tony) are not able to use the excuse that the Senators or the reporters may have confused the name Dominica with the Dominican Republic. Let’s hear what the shameless defenders have to say now that Dominica is named side by side with the Dominican Republic.

We reached out to a high level DLP operative with full access to the government operation and according to this individual “not even the ministers of government know what is going on with Giuliani” At this juncture MiTC does not have any conclusive explanation for the alleged  suspicious relationship between the “government of Dominica” and Rudy Giuliani but as we try to make sense of this revelation the names Reza Zarrab, Alireza Monfared and the name Iran and Turkey all seem to be coming to the forefront. 

A criminal complaint had been filed in the US court accusing the Turkish gold trader, Reza Zarrab of helping entities that worked with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in an effort to evade US sanctions. It was also stated that Zarrab was using several companies to trade gold for oil and gas to evade sanctions on behalf of Iran. 
The New York Times and several other reputable media outlets reported that after a visit with the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Mukasey were hired basically to intercede on the behalf of Reza Zarrab who had been sitting in jail in New York. Even today Rudy Giuliani’s involvement in the Reza Zarrab case remains quite mysterious and perplexing. But this gets much more complicated however in the interest of time MiTC had previously done an elaborate report on the various players involved in the Iranian sanction busting syndicate. Please refer to the link below
What we also know about Reza Zarrab is that he was part of the group that involved Dominica’s shady Diplomat Alireza  Monfared. Alireza Monfared was suspected of paying handsomely for his Dominica Diplomatic passport and was given a safe haven in Dominica as he evaded Interpol. We also saw  copies of documents showing that Alireza Monfared was being used as an ATM machine for the DLP operatives to include Citizen By Investment officials and government ministers . In fact there is documented evidence of money transfers from Monfared to DLP operatives much of that money was allegedly used for DLP election campaign.

Now that we can connect the Iran sanction busting operation with the names and players such as Alireza Monfared, Zarrab, the Turkish leader Edrogan and Rudy Giuliani we can begin to make some reasonable assumptions or wild guesses on the mystery of the government of Dominica being a client of Rudy Giuliani. We also have some additional questions;
Mr. Skerrit what really was the purpose of your trip to Turkey?

It was alleged that gold bars were being doled out by Monfared to the honorable criminals on the My Dominica Trade House trip to Malaysia. Did these gold bars come from  Monfared via the Turkish gold trader Zarrab?Just asking

As is the case with Reza Zarrab ,is Rudy Giuliani interceding with the Trump administration on behalf of PM Skerrit who would most likely be in the crosshairs of the US law enforcement for his role in facilitating Alireza Monfared and other dodgy diplomats? Just asking

Was Rudy hired to clean up the entire mess for all those involved in that particular sanction busting operation? Just asking .
We are working getting some definite information unless PM Skerrit wants to come clean and tell the people of Dominica why the poor and struggling people of Dominica have been paying Rudy Giuliani and how much.

Friday, August 31, 2018


It is a case of case of "monkey see monkey do" When passport racketeering is rampant within  the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs. Acolytes and extraordinary supporters of PM Roosevelt Skerrit who are close enough to passport racketeering are tempted to jump into the cesspool and partake of the bom siwo. 

MiTC is following a case of passport bobol at the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs. People within the DLP circles have informed us that a young lady employed at the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs is implicated in a massive passport Money Bobol. The matter is of a serious nature however the head honchos within the PM’s office and the police are actively trying to sweep the matter underneath the rug of shame.
The allegations against the young lady reveal that she was able to swindle a considerable sum of passport money. In addition it is also alleged that some way somehow she was able to have blank passports in her possession.
According to our sources the senior officers within the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs are quite embarrassed and seemed caught between a rock and a hard place as they waited on PM Skerrit to return from his two week absence. Unconfirmed reports suggest that efforts are on the way to facilitate a leave of absence for the young lady and so they may be considering a fake hand injury as an excuse.
There is no doubt that this is a case of “Monkey See Monkey Do” however our information also suggest that the young lady may have damming information on some of the big wigs within the entire foreign affairs ministry and the gang of passport racketeers and so notwithstanding her alleged special support for the PM it is quite understandable that the head honchos within the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs are having great difficulties issuing  disciplinary actions against the young lady.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Ross Water Facility At Ras Castle 
Putting all partisan biases aside we can all agree that the reasons postulated by Adtalem for the removal of the Ross University from Dominica are all legitimate. Some of the reasons cited are the lackadaisical approach of the government to develop health and education, the unreliable air access to Dominica, the deplorable infrastructure and just what the people from Adtalem did not mention – the full blown corruption in Dominica. MiTC had been reliably informed that the DLP government ,allegedly had been trying to force their NEP scam unto the Ross university operation. According to our sources Ross University resisted the scam and insisted that all employees at their campus must be properly vetted. Essentially Ross wanted no part of this blatant corruption. 
Off Campus Facility - Ras Castle
Notwithstanding the legitimate reasons for withdrawing their operation from Dominica it is still somewhat puzzling that after 40 years of operation, a recent 25 year renewal contract, hundreds of millions in investment to include recent investments in new building structures and sports facility yet less than 3 months after talking to Mia Mortley that Ross wanted no part of Dominica. It is quite obvious that there are a lot more unanswered questions  and that  there is much more than what meets the eye. After all PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his cabal have established themselves abiding  liars so it is only reasonable that as responsible Dominicans we should keep seeking the answers that we deserve. 
With regards to the ongoing matters relating to Ross’s real estate properties, about two weeks ago  we had been informed that Ross has been playing hard ball with their property. It is alleged that since the announcement of their departure Ross insisted that they are neither selling nor leasing their properties and the government side is not happy. Now that we are hearing that there may be some type of bantering on the ownership of the land and building properties the question that comes to mind is - does Ross still have interest in Dominica and is here is a “Gwo wosh en chemen la.” 
Off Campus Facility- Ras Castle
It is important that everyone understands that the infrastructure that Ross has laid down in Dominica is not restricted to the central campus area that we see when we drive along the E.O Leblanc highway. Ross has building structures off the campus as well. On our trip to visit the cone of influence we had the opportunity to visit some of Ross’s facility in the inland section of the Picard area. On our way to visit Farmer Ras Castle’s farm and fruit ripening facility we were shocked to learn that Ross University had recently constructed a water intake and storage facility in the area. We also saw a couple of relatively new building structures in the very same area, all belonging to the Ross University operation. Even as we are still trying to process ROSSIT , Ross has a private contractor installing a fence around the entire sporting facility that had been under construction. It sure seem like there is going to be a real show down between the government and Ross university. 
One thing that we must be weary of is the possibility of all Ross real estate property falling in the hands of this kleptocratic and criminal enterprise that have spent the better part of 18 years raping and plundering the national resources. We know what happened to the land in the Georgetown area not too far from Ross University campus. A previous administration had designated that the land in the Georgetown area, land previously owned by Geest industries should be distributed among the people in the area. When the people found out that the land was actually being hawked and divided among the DLP cabal a few of them staged a public demonstration. After the demonstration the Roosevelt Skerrit government promised the people that the remaining land will be distributed among the people of Glanvillia. Fast forward to post Maria the government has now decided that it will build a few apartments building in the very same Georgetown area. The question is – have the people been bamboozled and forced into government apartment as oppose to owning the land and becoming independent while the DLP cabal make out with the ownership of the land? We hope that one day the people of Portsmouth and Glanvillia will wake up from this ridiculous stupor of foolish labor party loyalty.
Fence Being Installed at Sport Complex
As earlier indicated there are much more questions than answers. There are things happening at Ross University right now that is quite baffling to us. With a debilitated media in Dominica we have made it our duty to inform the public particularly in areas where the infirmed media is afraid to tread. As we speak Ross is installing heavy duty fencing, with concrete footings all around its properties, not just the sporting complex. On the campus right now, is groups of Americans doing maintenance work and according to our sources the American workers are asking the local guys to stand down and relax – they will take care of all the maintenance work. Our sources are also telling us that at this juncture it is mainly chairs, desks and a few ancillary items that are being loaded in containers bound for Barbados.
Is there going to be a show down on the ownership of the properties or does Ross intend to be back? Why is Ross doing maintenance work on all campus facilities when they have declared that Dominica is not in their future plans? Just asking. 

Sunday, August 26, 2018


Post Maria Banana Crop going to waste
In spite of the government’s attempt to marginalize the contribution of Ross University to the overall economy of Dominica, the people are well aware that it is important to prepare for the imminent economic crush and presumably a difficult and prolonged recovery process. Many believe that the real grind will begin in a few months, when personal reserves have been depleted and public funds can no longer support the government’s social programs, particularly the overburdened and dysfunctional NEP program. Others believe that the grinding has already begun and though not publicly displayed  or articulated there is agony among the people.

We take no comfort nor joy in talking about the struggles of a people who have invested in one way or another around the Ross University system. We come with sincere empathy and solidarity. Our intension is to elicit or provoke absolute objection to the continuous attempt by the government operatives to propagate lies and illusions while a people are hurting and trying to pick up the broken pieces and the endurance of a total let down by a government selected to serve the people's interest. 
Food Court At Ross -Pre Maria
As we traverse the areas within the Ross University’s cone of influence, we are learning that even with the promise by government to assist there is great consternation among the people. We are learning that small apartment owners who are indebted to financial institutions are already under pressure and crying out for help. We were also reliably informed that a particular landlord in the Picard area, one of the most fervent supporter and “sutiwere” of PM Skerrit and the Dominica Labor Party government has been lamenting and wondering how is he going to pay the bank over $15000 per month. What is most intriguing about this particular individual is that two weeks before the government was forced to tell the people that Ross would no longer operate in Dominica, this particular gentleman and friend of the prime minister went on a Skerrit promotional campaign with the plot to convince people on social media that great things are happening in Dominica.  We gather that it was just another Parry Bellot and Clarence Christian type propaganda and distraction mechanism. The gentleman tried convincing social media that with the ongoing construction of the hotel that over 400 hundred jobs were created in Portsmouth and that the long awaiting Morocco Hotel is about to unfold many more jobs in Portsmouth.All lies.  One has to wonder what did he know at the time since he was so focused on misrepresenting job statistics in the Portsmouth area. Even in the midst of an unprecedented economic disaster these Roosevelt Skerrit apologists find the necessity to peddle fallacies and emptiness.   

But this is what we have come to expect from apologist of this Skerrit regime. Several months before Hurricane Maria Clarence Christian tried to convince Dominicans that  the turnover in Portland Cement on the island was due to a vibrant economy but at the same time it is alleged that he was having difficulties paying  his rent even while picking up small accounting contracts from the government. What Clarence Christian would not mention is that the high turnover in Portland Cement is because for many years now the government has resorted to repairing roadways using Portland Cement concrete as opposed to Asphaltic Concrete.  As for Parry “Chemical Ali” Bellot we will need a separate slot to deal with the mendacity of such a character.
With the exit of Ross University we all know that there are significant losses associated with the physical structures in the Picard area - the apartments, the restaurants, laundromats, pizza parlors, bars, banking facilities, supermarkets etc. What may be easily underestimated are the micro businesses that have already been hit by the ROSSIT effect. We considered the Juice Man and his family business for example. Although we have not spoken to him nor any member of his family our understanding is that the hard working juice man was once an outstanding farmer but because of the calculated destruction of the agricultural industry the gentleman reinvented himself and started a successful juice business operating at the food court adjacent to Ross University campus. There is no doubt that the Juice man and his family business have been severely impacted and we are left to wonder whether the gentleman will have to go through another self-reinvention process.

Banana left for the birds 
A few years ago MiTC published a blogg on a young prolific farmer and businessman affectionately known as Farmer Ras Castle ( Farmer Castle operates a banana farm and a banana ripening facility. Like the juice man  Farmer Castle's business had been heavily dependent on the Ross University economy. He supplied the supermarkets in and around Ross University with ripe bananas from his farm and ripening facility. We must also add that although Ras Castle had been a target of  blatant political victimization by the DLP operatives, he remains the ultimate patriot. Due to government’s neglect of the banana industry and the dismal failure to secure reliable external markets for bananas produced on the island, Farmer Ras Castle had been buying the bananas from the government pack house in the Long House area of Portsmouth. He would ripen the bananas and then sell the fruit to the local market. Now that Ross is gone Farmer Ras Castle and all the other small banana farmers who were able to sell their bananas to the Long House pack house facility are already feeling the impact. We were able to visit a few small farms and just the sight of ripe bananas rotting and falling off the trees was indeed very difficult.
Our sources have indicated that the rotting bananas on the trees got the attention of the Minister Of Trade, Ian Douglas and at a meeting last week Ian asked the agriculture officer that the news of the rotting bananas should be concealed since that sight of the roting bananas on the trees could “make them look bad.” Too Late Ian MiTC  Ka Twavaille.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Jahisiah Benoit Assaults Girlfriend

In a severe case of Domestic Abuse, Island correspondent Lizzy Elliot is reporting to us that she has picked up solid information that indicates Dominica Labour Party government Senator Jahisiah Benoit is accused of assaulting and inflicting serious injury to his girlfriend. The incident reportedly occurred late last night in the vicinity of the couple's residence in Fond Baron. Our sources indicate that the couple were arguing and she apparently sought refuge in the vehicle belonging to Mr. Benoit, locking herself within. In his assault, Mr. Benoit was so enraged that he damaged his own vehicle, destroying the windshield and the driver's side door window.

PR428 with destroyed windshield
Unable to get to the location in a hurry, our correspondent Lizzy was able to contact roving Agent James Moe Green and from Agent Green she was able to get photographs of the damaged vehicle. The images show a Mitsubishi SUV, registration number PR428 parked in front of the residence with its windshield destroyed, it's driver's door open with the damaged glass window hanging askew. There was no sight of Mr. Benoit. We are not aware of the involvement of police investigators either.

PR428 outside residence
Lizzy reports that Mr. Benoit began arguing with the young woman, accusing her of cheating. In his rampage, Mr. Benoit was seen dragging her by the hair, biting and punching her. Personal household property was damaged, including his vehicle. We would like to inform Mr. Benoit that he should turn himself into the police immediately. He should also know that we are aware that video evidence exists, (we have not been able to get it as of this writing), so any attempt to commit insurance fraud by submitting a false claim will result in further criminal charges against you. We urge the young lady to pursue charges against Mr. Benoit immediately; please do not allow the Labour Party apparatus to cajole and dissuade you in any manner; this crime should not go unpunished.

Mr. Benoit (r) and his girlfriend (l) in happier times
Mr. Benoit's actions seem to follow a pattern of abuse and criminal activity by high ranking officials within the government of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit as well as party officials. We have not forgotten the actions of former Minister Ian Pinard, accused of having improper relations with a minor. Nor have we dismissed those of current Minister Petter St. Jean, allegedly kidnapping his own constituents, and DBS General Manager Cecil "Did You Fuck" Joseph. Two weeks ago we published an open letter to the prime minister, urging him to conduct an investigation of his cabinet ministers to determine who recently violated national security regulations. We have no reason to believe that the prime minister heeded our advice, since the violating minister is still on the job, but we strongly suggest that he does and demands the resignation of that minister. Be warned, again.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Due to high stress and poor working conditions within the Ministry Of Agriculture (MOA), officers in the  Ministry Of Agriculture have been ask to voluntarily come in for counseling however in the wake of asking officers to come in for counseling Rickie Brumant took it upon himself to issue a nationwide  mass transfer of officers.
Yesterday officers from a cross section of the Ministry Of Agriculture received a two day notice of transfer. According to our information, from the time Reginald Austrie became Minister of Agriculture he has been issuing the threat- “heads must roll.”  We understand that the same threat was issued at a meeting yesterday and after the meeting Ricki Brumant got nervous responded with the issuance of over 20 officers from the MOA. 

Why has Reginald Austrie been issuing the threats? It has been reported that things are not working in harmony with the DLP
government perpetual electioneering tactics. Since the disastrous farmer assistance program farmers have grown much more disgruntled and as usual the DLP administration is looking for scape goats. They are pointing fingers at everyone else but themselves.
Our sources are telling us that Austrie’s threats are really directed at the upper echelons like Rickie Brumant, Reginald Thomas et al. Upon receiving another threat from Austrie, Rickie Brumant took it upon himself to take officers from one end of the island and sending them to the opposite side of the island. We understand that according protocol Rickie Brumant does not have the right to issue transfer orders. Transfer orders are   supposed to come from the Permanent Secretary. We were also told that before employees are transferred there is supposed to be some dialogue with the employee. The entire ministry is in pandemonium at this point

The truth is the morale within the MOA has been at an all-time low and this is because of political shenanigans, victimization, nepotism and tribalism. In some cases officers are trying to do the right things but with the political interferences nothing seems to be going right and then the officers get blamed. For example the DLP targeted candidate for the Grand Fond constituency has been implanted in the area as the Relief Officer and thus far she has been interfering with the work of the agricultural officers operating within the area. We have been told that she has her own list of farmers based on vote buying scheme while the officers trained to work with the farmers have a different list and the farmers are growing more frustrated. In the Viellecase constituency we understand that the field officer has been replaced with a “crystal falere “and Labor Party propagandist by the name of Comptom Bertrand.
While Rickie Brumant is issuing mass transfer orders and Austrie is offering threats, it is alleged that St Kitts has temporarily closed its doors to agricultural produce coming from Dominica due to poor quality and shipping standards. Our sources are telling us that the handpicked Laborites at the pack house in Portsmouth are lazy, they work two hours a day and are costing tax payers over $50K per month in salary and benefits. While these lazy labor Part hacks at the pack house are having fun field officers are struggling , some cant get reimbursed for travelling allowances and they cant drive their vehicles on the dilapidated access roads  

We all know that no amount of threats, employee transfers or multiple ministers will change to direction of this government let alone the Ministry Of Agriculture. From right within the cabinet for example Johnson Drigo was criticized for the failing Ministry Of Agriculture yet those within the cabinet who criticize Johnson Drigo ignored the fact that the Jono was way over his head and that the DLP administration has had just about ten ministers of agriculture in 18 years. Not forgetting Mathew “Touchy” Walter who cried like a baby when he was assigned the MOA.

 What the farmers of Dominica really need at this juncture is the absolute disposal of the Skerrit mal-administration.

Monday, August 13, 2018


US Military Evacuation On Dominica
In a desperate attempt to cover-up the failure of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration in the ROSSIT (Ross Exit) matter, Skerrit’s spinners like Assad Wanna be Tony Astaphan, Washed up Herbert Volney, Politically Exposed Vince Henderson and Dark and Lovely Clarence Christian have been incessantly trying to divert culpability away from the failures of PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his administration. While the above noted spin characters have strategically directed the ROSSIT blame towards PM of Barbados Mia Motley, it is mind boggling that for several days PM Skerrit had allowed these reprehensible spinners and apologists to denigrate his trusted friend in PM Mia Mottley. Is that a sign that Skerrit is not in control, the DLP administration is fractioned and the inmates are now running the asylum?

The first frantic and diabolic attempt at misdirected culpability came when Reginald Austrie erroneously stated that Lennox Linton provided the Ross University directors with 51 reasons why the Ross institution should be extracted from Dominica. A few hours after Reginald Austrie made a mockery of himself, the embattled PM Skerrit clearly demonstrated that Austrie with his spurious accusations was not part of his blaming plans, so in his address to the nation he blamed the Ross departure on Tropical Storm Erika and Hurricane Maria- No reference to Reginald Austire’s “pawol sort and parlais enitil”

 Among the many lame excuses for Skerrit’s catastrophic failure(s), the Tony Astaphan and Herbert Volney led assault against Mia Mottley’s seem most idiotic and  is bereft reasoning-just simply asinine particularly coming from two legal professionals. How do Tony and Volney explain that after just two months in office, a “Novice” in PM Mia Motley was able to snatch away 1/3 of Dominica's economy from beneath the hold of the 18 year veteran and supposed visionary leader PM Skerrit? Beyond the spinners malarkey is the rationale that PM Mia Mottley should instead be complimented for stepping up to the plate for Barbados while PM Skerrit was failing in his responsibilities to the people of Dominica and even Ross University itself. But then again both Tony and Volney have shown us their uncanny ability to keep their feet in their mouth while they both pander for manna from Skerrit's platform.

It is also no surprise that Tony latched on to the idea of  blaming Mia for Domestic interference as he understands very well, the fracas and distress that arises from one man or woman  meddling in another person’s domestic affairs. 

 Now that the spins and excuses by the DLP hacks have fallen in the ocean of mortification  and disgrace, PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his goons may want to reconsider their blaming plan and strategies. In order to sustain their legacy of lying to the people and not owning up to their responsibilities, then maybe they should engage the Maduro strategy of blaming America instead of Mia Mottley. 

Make no mistake, blaming America for ROSSIT or RPK (Ross Pwen Kowir) could be the ideal excuse for Roosevelt Skerrit, as the American State Department may have many reasons to harbor ill-will towards Skerrit and his administration. In many ways Roosevelt Skerrit has shown that America is an enemy and has repeatedly snubbed US interest, both internationally and regionally. For example the US $2 Million dollars that was donated by the US for the construction of a coast guard base is unaccounted for; the facilitation of Alireza Monfared in the Iran sanction busting operation is yet another action that would have put Skerrit on the United States list of miscreants. Skerrit with his foolish disdain towards America has also flaunted his unwavering support for Maduro’s dictatorship.  

Palestinians heading to Dominica
But Skerrit has taken his haughtiness to levels that Dominicans everywhere should now be wondering whether ROSSIT goes way beyond the failure of the Skerrit administration to meet some basic infrastructural requirements. At this critical juncture it is imperative that the people of Dominica are aware off a serious incident at Douglas Charles Airport involving some US military personnel and Daniel Carbon. 

At the behest of partner nations and both the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. service members Joint Task Force - Leeward Islands (JTF-LI) landed at Douglas-Charles Airport in Dominica, Sept. 24, 2017. The JTF-LI set up an evacuation control center at the airport to evacuate U.S. citizens stranded on Dominica after Hurricane Maria. According to our very reliable sources Roosevelt Skerrit was not happy with the presence of the US military on the island and so he sent police commissioner Daniel Carbon to confront the US military personnel at the airport.

Daniel Carbon rushed to the airport to do as he was told. It is alleged that Daniel Carbon unleashed a verbal assault on the US military commander telling the commander in American dialect “ get the "F" out of here” and as he switched back into Dominican colloquialism he shouted at the military commander” All you come with nothing and saying all you want to establish border control , come out from there man.” After the confrontation the US task commander humbly took down the American flag and relocated his men and equipment to another section of the airport. By all accounts soon after the US military moved from that one particular location at the Airport ,the Venezuelan and Palestinian military were allowed to set up their base at the same  location previously occupied by the US military.

The incident did not just end there- obviously the US commander would have had to refer the matter to his superiors. Our sources revealed that on the following day high level US diplomats accompanied by some Canadian officials landed at the Douglas Charles Airport and immediately boarded a helicopter that took them to the Windsor Park Stadium for a meeting with the government authorities.

As to what happened from there on is anybody’s guess however many of us will remember that during Skerrit’s first post Maria's broadcast he failed to acknowledge the US support and many on social media were wondering why was that so when it is customary that the US government would be among the first on the scene particularly when so many US citizens at Ross were stranded on the island at the time.  

Skerrit’s repetitious aggression and snobbish attitude towards the US authorities introduces many questions. As to why it is that Skerrit has been snobbish to the US is open to worthy speculations however there is no way that the US would be happy with the nefarious activities that have emanated from the Roosevelt Skerrit administration – the money laundering, diplomatic passport sales, the unscrupulous Citizen By Investment vetting program, the NG Lap Seng scandal, Iran/Monfared  Sanction Busting subvention , a conduit for Venezuelan money laundering and the allegedly permissiveness for Venezuelan drug cartel operation.

The question that is billowing in the public domain at this point is -whether ROSSIT denudes some type of discreet US sanctions on Dominica and Roosevelt Skerrit in particular? We have no evidence to suggest that ROSSIT may be a result of US sanctions however we take keen interest in one of PM Skerrit's statement during his ROSSIT address to the nation. He said “Ross tried their very best to remain in Dominica” and although he did not say that his government did the same we can all be fair in assuming that PM Skerrit would have fought to keep Ross on island in spite of his failure to make the environment conducive for Ross. So if both parties wanted the same thing then why is Ross gone? In simple terms - Was there a third party or force that determined the ROSSIT?

 One thing for sure, that suspicious third party, if any, could not have been the “Novice” Mia Mottley. Let us see who or what the spinners will turn to now that all the other excuses have fallen on infertile soil and that Skerrit has asked his attack dogs to back off Mia Mottley.

MiTC is also following a recent story that two CBI projects have been experiencing a clog in cash flow as Chase Bank may have blocked money transactions meant for these CBI projects. Our information suggests that recently these CBI projects have had some problems paying service providers.  

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