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Tuesday, May 24, 2022



Clinton Hilary

Once again the rampant corruption and criminality among the DLP mercenaries within the Dominica police Force is again in the spotlight. The newly released voice clip from Sargent Derick St Rose, AKA Hunter the calypsonian, is clearly showing that he Hunter knew off and was  part of a malicious and most certainly criminal effort  to frame the opposition leader Lennox Linton. Hunter’s behavior is endemic of a police force contaminated by a gang of thieves, vagabonds and even killers. Last week we reported on an illegal search of an apartment in Picard where the Maniku Gang stole Jewelry from the apartment. We also heard of the arrest of one police officer Jean Louis AKA “Itchy Finger “,on charges of alleged sexual assault . It is well known that Itchy Finger has openly declared- “I will even kill my mother for Skerrit”.

Also hot in the public domain is the police and office of DPP essentially admitting to providing false evidence and reporting to the courts, Re-Mehul Choksi’s arrival into Dominica. What we are allowed to report is that once Scotland Yard started snooping around some members of the Maniku Gang who were involved in the Choksi plot got scared and started recanting the false testimony that Corbette and Valerie had requested. There is more to come…..   

With more public evidence of a Dominica Police Force rife with brigands and criminals, we want to use this opportunity to reintroduce the involvement of members of the Dominica police force in the extrajudicial killing of 40 year old Dillan Jacobs from the island of St Vincent. We want to insure that Dillan will one day get some justice.

In 2019 Dillian Jacobs who the police claim was a drug dealer came to Dominica via the Anse De Mai port area and was intercepted during a police sting operation. Upon detecting the presence of the police Dillan wearing just a shots and a tang top started running away –not posing a threat to the police at all but he was gun down like an animal. 

 Upon an investigation by the CID it was discovered that not only had Dillan Jacob been murdered but that there was also a massive cover-up by some members of the Dominica Police Force.

Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon who from our sources wanted a full report on what was by then a suspected extrajudicial killing. There were serious inconsistencies in an initial report   presented by Inspector Clinton Hilaire who led the sting operation.  Hilaire's initial report show photos of the deceased Dillan  Jacob not having any weapon on him right after the shooting. Our sources indicate that the victim was running away from the police with his back to the police and hands up.

The attached photo was presented in Hilaire’s first report. Clearly Dillan’s Tang Top is above his waistline – no gun

Photo- No Gun on Victim

 Daniel Carbon was infuriated when an amended report was submitted but this time with a photo clearly showing that a gun was planted on the victim.

 See the attached photo this time clearly showing Dillan’s shirt pulled down and a gun planted on him. 

Amended Report- blue Arrow show Planted gun 

Upon questioning the suspicious second report, Sergeant Clinton Hilaire unable to explain the falsified report blurted out that it was a Superintendent Joseph Williams who had given him the instructions to plant the gun on the body of the victim.

Both Clinton Hiliare and Superintendent Joseph Williams are well known members of the Maniku Gang operation within the Dominica Police Force and are yet to be disciplined.

 Will we ever see these men be held accountable for the murder of Dillan  Jacob of St Vincent? Conventional wisdom suggests that heightened abuse, corruption and extrajudicial killings among police organizations are symptomatic of totalitarian and authoritarians regimes. Like the accused sexual Offender “ Itchy Finger Jean Luis , Clinton Hilaire gets undue promotion within the police force and has promise to kill for Skerrit. Superintendent Joseph Williams who issued the command to plant a gun on a dead body is related to Skerrit by his domestic relationship and is also willing to do whatever Skerrit and his DLP criminal administration wants.   

With a Dominica police force controlled by a gang of political mercenaries acting as rogues, prosecutor, judge and executioner there is no need adopt platitudes recommending the retraining of police officers in areas of ethics, respect for the rule of law, service to state not politicians etc. It would be hypocritical to pretend that the cleansing of the police force is remotely possible with the corrupt Roosevelt Skerrit administration still in office.

In order to restore faith in the Dominica police organization the DLP administration must first be forced out of office one way or another- Period.

Saturday, May 21, 2022



Li K'em Yung

Fu Ku Num

For kicks and giggles

Now that owner of Kairi FM Krazy T has decided to take the crap show “Anything Goes” off the air due one of the talk show hosts alleged inappropriate behavior with a minor, fans of the show are wondering what’s next.

Word on the street and in the barbershops is that a new show is coming on Kairi FM called – “That Sucks “with Oprah Shillingford  coming Back under a Chinese Predator name – Li K’em Yung ( Pronounced Lick Em Young) and also Peter Prospere with Chinese name Fuk Nom. Pronounced (Fook Num)

We understand that  Krazy T referred to Oprah as a Damn Ass.  How can we forget that Krazy T himself had been accused of interfering with a minor- that matter which is supposedly in the court is on a slow boat to China or may have been nolli pros  by the DPP- It’s not a real country , corruption and nepotism is the order of the day so who knows.



Monday, May 16, 2022



For two years we have been flagging the apparent failure of the Citizen By Investment project in Portsmouth – The Anichi Hotel.  It is a crying shame that Trevor Johnson had to come out of retirement (lol), travel all the way from Trinidad to do exactly what the media should be doing about a project that represents government incompetence and blatant corruption. A project where the people of Dominica were once again duped – Where millions of dollars have been spent on a stalled hotel construction and millions made in commission by the developer Alick Lawrence, his friends and passport vending agents.

The hotel was scheduled to be completed and in operations by 2019. According to the developer Alick Lawrence, who is himself from Portsmouth, the Hotel would bring much jobs and economic opportunities to the Portsmouth area. It was also promised that a portion of the CBI revenues raised on behalf of the Anichi project would also be used to build a resource center in the Chance area of Portsmouth. Today the incomplete hotel construction in Picard Portsmouth is an embarrassing eyesore. 

The few times that we have gone down to Portsmouth we did find a few construction workers at the site but from all indications – the few construction workers are just there to keep the people believing their sham.  

In September of 2016 during a commencement ceremony for the Anichi Hotel construction, PM Skerrit said “The people of Zicack, and Chance, will have cause to celebrate in the near future. A multipurpose community will be constructed together with the Anichi HotelSix years later, not only is the hotel incomplete and seemingly abandoned, there is no sign of a resource center for Chance Portsmouth. But then again it's Portsmouth to the DLP government- chickens for the torture.

The attached video and commentary (link above) by Trevor Johnson is quite riveting. After Hundreds of  millions in construction, millions collected as commission and  developers fee (10%) all there is to show is a dilapidated construction site with incomplete  concrete structures yet the government and Alick Lawrence have  already moved on to another CBI hotel scheme at the Public Works site in Roseau and the Dominican people remain silent. 

It would be righteous indignation to blame the Anichi Hotel saga on the people of Portsmouth and their formidable sheep in human clothing syndrome but the boldface corruption by PM Skerrit ,Anthony Haiden , Alick Lawrence and other rapacious hyenas is more so a reflection of nation conveniently ignorant or feigning slumber while bandits are plundering the country .

 Sunlight is the best disinfectant  

 “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own Governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives “and so the role of the media / fourth estate and its actors in promoting accountabilty and transparency cannot be overstated. So where are the journalist supposedly not in the DLP 's pocket – where is Carlisle John Baptist, DNO, Q95. Is the media going to allow the Anichi Hotel project to go down like the scandalous and deplorable Layou River Hotel project? 

Michele Henderson please sing deja vu if you mean it.

From Trevor’s video documentary one can see that the grass is already taking over. The above photo show that the damp proof layer on the concrete wall is also dilapidated. It has been like that for more than 2 years. We  expect the deception machinery of the DLP organization to do some grass cutting operation at the Anichi site sometime this week.

According to James Madison a Government who operates on the ignorance and the timidity of a people is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy or perhaps both. It is tragic that since 2019 no one from the media or even the opposition has demanded answers on the foozle CBI project in Picard. "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will” ( Frederick Douglas.) If the government must be called to account for the Anichi project, real action must be taken. For example why not take the shows, talk shops or Walk for Justice up to Picard so the so entire country, even the so called CBI investors and the rest of the world can see the CBI farce at the Anichi site. 


Friday, May 13, 2022



MiTC is following another incident of Police misconduct and this incident could bring some more negative attention from the international community as the mater involves some American students interning in Dominica.

According to sources within the Police Headquarters Davidson Valerie ordered a no warrant search of an apartment(s) in Picard Portsmouth. We understand that the apartment is occupied by intern students from the University of Mississippi. The parents of one of the students were also present when the Maniku Gang came into the apartment hostile and threatening the tenants with their M-16 riffles.

It is no secret that Davidson Valerie has unfettered permission from Rayburn Blackmore and Roosevelt Skerrit to do whatever he pleases and according to unconfirmed leaks from the police headquarter, Police Commissioner Carbon may not have been aware of another botched operation by Davidson Valerie.

Along with Valerie’s corruption and criminality is his gross incompetence. It appears that at 4:05 this morning the Maniku Gang went into the wrong apartment Building in Picard and now that the incident is beginning to stir up some concern, the American citizens demanding answers the Maniku Gang has admitted that they had no warrants to enter any property in Picard but that the doors to the apartments were unlocked so they just walked in and did what they did 

Not only did the Maniku Gang terrorize the students and parents, the gang seem to have made off with some valuables from the tenants. Jewelry from the night stand was gone after the Maniku Gang left. Rogues in action

Apartment owners in Picard are suffering since the departure of Ross University and any little bit of rental income would be significant. The intern students and parents so traumatized may be looking to get out of Dominica and other students schedule to arrive sometime in the summer may just cancel their trip to Dominica.  

We are still following more details of Valerie's botched operation and may bring you some more information as it becomes available.


Saturday, May 7, 2022



With the blatant political harassment and persecution of Dr. Thomson Fountain we want to keep the spotlight on the double standard, hypocrisy of the police and the justice system. With a cowering media in Dominica we will continue to infiltrate the layers of secrecy and corruption among the police and government officials.

We read on Dominica news On Line (DNO) about an ongoing investigation by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) regarding the seizure of over US$3032,250 .000  and the consequential arrest of one individual , an adult male from Lagoon Portsmouth and residing in Canfield.

Everyone is asking who the culprit is. As always MiTC got the goods. Our investigation has so far discovered that the gentleman who is now under investigation is an acolyte of Reginald Austrie. In fact Reginald Austrie personally implanted this gentleman on the Port. Our sources have confirmed that the gentleman’s name is Randy Phillips. According to our sources Randy Phillips is also the tag team partner of another gentleman from Lagoon Portsmouth who also works on the Port and was also allegedly busted for similar type activities on the Port just a few years ago. We understand that that case too was mysteriously buried and the gentleman remains a Port employee.

We report on the matter because we expect this matter to also be buried simply because Randy Phillips is very much connected to Minister “Gwa Gel” Reginald Austrie. We also want to see whether or not Port manager " Bad Will " will take action against Reginald Austrie guys on the port. 

Sunday, May 1, 2022



If someone from the Ministry Of Legal Affairs tells you that the Attorney General Levi Peter is clandestinely reaching out to friends or associates and asking them to sell passports, what would you think is happening?

As we noted in our most recent article -“he that is already corrupt is naturally suspicious and he that becomes suspicious will quickly be corrupt.” It is only reasonable assume that Levi Peter maybe up to no good and according to our sources within the government and DLP cabal , Levi Peter may be using surrogates to  spread his own feathers within the passport selling business. 

According to sources within the Ministry Of Legal Affairs, someone that Levi Peter secretly contacted to sell passports made several statements condemning Dominica’s Citizenship By Investment program and its pervasive corruption. In one statement that made headline news, that person questioned the legitimacy of Dominica’s CBI and said that she “personally encountered individuals and ambassadors who hold CBI-acquired Dominican passports, and believes that the country must have urgent dialogue on security, shared values and prosperity.” The person further added “Dominica is unable to defend its economic self-interest; therefore, there is a need for geopolitical remedies.”

 As evidenced on social media, this person was not too long ago an avid critic of the corrupt Roosevelt Skerrit administration and has bragged about having international journalism experience and high level connections. 

Not a bad resume if you are looking for a passport salesperson that can reach international buyers.

Rebecca Theodore
That Person is none other than self-professed journalist Rebecca Theodore. Miss Theodore has proven to be outspoken, she has lambasted Skerrit government corruption and connections to international criminals and so we expect her to come out and either confirm or deny that there is an alleged passport selling arrangement between her and Dominica’s Attorney General Levi Peter.

Just a little bit of caution – Remember how we produced evidence of Mehul Choksi at the Cabrits Terminal? Like the great anti-corruption activist Trevor Johnson would say- We warning All you

The Citizenship By Investment Program plays a significant role within the Dominican economy. In fact over the last 20 years the Dominica government has created a miasmatic mono economy, one with an overreliance on the revenues generated from the sale of passports under the CBI program. Failing and unable to create a diversified economy the Prime Minister has publicly admitted that, the CBI program is the only option. He has said –“if not CBI then what? “

 Rebecca Theodore was right then; there need to be an urgent dialogue on security, shared values and another way forward for Dominica’s economy. Since she seems quiet lately we also wonder whether the self-professed journalist still share the popular belief that Dominica’s CBI program is just a Trojan horse for money laundering,raging government corruption and economic slavery.

 On matters of style, materialism, greed some swim with the current, on matters of principle we at MiTC will forever stand like that rock in the ocean.

May we never forget the dilemma that the former Attorney General Bernard Wiltshire had to endure?  He was accused and persecuted by the current Skerrit administration for selling passports. SMH

Friday, April 29, 2022



The foundation of democracy is the rule of law and that necessitates an independent judiciary with judges making decisions independent of political machinations. It is also equally important to recognize that as citizens in a functional democracy we don’t have to agree on political matters to stand together against injustice when or wherever.

The disgraceful treatment meted out to Doctor Thomson Fountain by the government, the police and the court system is a reminder that our rights as citizens are not guaranteed by a judiciary that is directed and controlled by dirty politicians. When politicians direct the judiciary there will be anarchy- A Cambridge professor once said that “there is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” Even more when the most prosperous criminals are in position of authority truth will forever be denied the right to be a witness.

The decision to arrest and humiliate Dr. Fountain was met with widespread conjecture. While a few people argue that the police was just doing their work the general sentiment is that the police was acting on behalf of the DLP administration all in an effort to humiliate Dr. Fountain and the opposition. One thing for sure no amount of legal arguments can usurp the fact that a justice system that is already corrupt is naturally suspicious and the same justice system that becomes suspicious will quickly be corrupt. There is plenty of evidence to go with that

So the public speculated that the DLP politicians had issued directives to the police and so we decided to search for the truth. We learned from very credible sources that not only was the police directed by the DLP politicians even the magistrate Michael Laudat who deliberated on the bail conditions for Dr. Fountain had been receiving orders from none other than Minister of National Security Rayburn Blackmore of Baby Sarah infamy. We can confirm that in a phone call to magistrate Michael Laudat, the Minister Blackmore requested harsh and illegal treatment of Dr. Thomson Fountain. Mr. Laudat first resisted Rayburn Blackmore’s illegal requests but then he was quickly threatened. According to our reliable sources Blackmore said to Magistrate Laudat “If you don’t want to do what we are asking you to do, we will just have to get some Guyanese or a Trinidadian to do your job.”

We question our sources as to why the threat to bring in a Guyanese or Trinidadian when there are other magistrates available. We were told that at least one other magistrate refuse to go along with Blackmore’s overtures and in response said “I will not take part in the political harassment of an innocent man. We choose not to reveal the identity of the magistrate.

We were also reminded of the fact that Magistrate Laudat who is a retired police officer was given the job of magistrate after he filed a lawsuit against the DLP administration after not receiving rank promotion within the police force. Since getting the magistrate gig, the lawsuit seems to have disappeared.

As we watch the Dr. Fontaine’s matter unfold within our corrupt court system we want to alert the public of a serious legal matter involving a member of the DLP cabal. At this juncture we are not at liberty to disclose the details of the legal matter however what we can say is that the matter involves a top level DLP operative who after violation of the law , tried presenting forged documents yet given preferential treatment by the police. This DLP operative   has not shown up for several court dates, including one this week-the same week that Dr. Fontaine had been jailed and persecuted for missing one court date.

The DLP cabal would very much like to keep the matter a secret but very soon we will expose what we now refer to as our case # - MW- AWD- PK133- WIL.

Monday, March 7, 2022



Put out

Someone called into Q95’s hot seat radio program last week and opine that PM Skerrit is like Russia’s president Vladimir Putin. The talk show host Matt Peltier (Matt)disagreed with the caller and said that it was a matter of “Chuck and Cheese” or apples to oranges. It is apples to oranges when you compare the magnitude of influence but when it comes to personality traits and behavioral pattern it is just a matter of large oranges to Cuties/Halos(small oranges). Nevertheless both are oranges –sweet, acidic. Skerrit(Putout)/Putin - Corrupt, avaricious and Power Hungry.

Like Putin ,Skerrit’s  mantra is that there could be no power without wealth. It is through wealth that they control all facets of the political system. They are able through wealth to control state owned media and even subjugate privately owned media enterprises. Through wealth they are able to feign democracy under sham elections

In their 20 years of power both men have employed social policies to strengthen their popularity and while their citizens fall for these smoke and mirror policies , the real consequences are seen by  evidence of  economic regression, a severely underperforming economy, where healthcare, education and many other social services are abysmal.

The stagnated Russian economy is a direct result of Putin and his associates’ control of state-owned business ventures such as energy company Rosneft, and the giant gas company Gazprom. Putin serves as the de-facto CEO of these state-owned companies and it is Putin and his inner circle of oligarchs that control the wealth generated from exploration, extraction, production, refining , the sale and distribution of Russia’s natural resources , specifically petroleum, natural gas products. In Dominica 90% of state revenue , is controlled by Skerrit and his passport oligarchs-foreign and domestic. They keep 90 percent for themselves and the remaining 10 percent is used to sow division among the citizenry

Both men claim to preside over a democracy but reserve the right to decide how democracy is carried out by manipulating elections, persecuting and prosecuting opposition politicians and installing fear among the citizenry. Putin altered the Russian constitution to remain in power for as long as he chooses, Skerrit have already declared that “no Law no constitution can prevent him from doing whatever he wants too.” We are just awaiting the day he unilaterally alters the constitution to render himself as executive president for as long as he wants too.

 President Putin’s official salary is a meager $140,000 compared to his dazzling wealth. Certainly, his salary cannot account for the mega yachts, aircrafts, luxury watch collection, hidden offshore accounts , shell companies, his various mansions, plus his 1 billion dollar palace on Black Sea coast near Gelendzhik, Russia. We will see later how Putin was able to acquire this 1 billion dollar mansion. Some Swedish economists have estimated Putin’s net worth to be near $160 Billion.

When Matt told the caller that there was no comparison between Putin and "Putout" he missed the opportunity to tap into that famous article by Matt Peltier himself -an article titled “Million Dollar Assets , $5000 Salary. “ Matt wrote this article when as a journalist he found out that just two years after becoming prime minister ,Skerrit had corruptly amass millions of dollars in assets. In this  “Million Dollar Assets , $5000 Salary “ article there were two parallels between Putin and Put Out. The brazen Kleptacracy and the gag order that Matt Peltier himself have had to endure after publicly speaking out about the Skerrit's overnight wealth. Putin flaunts his affluent lifestyle and  is notorious for silencing his critics be it through incarceration and often enough through assassination.

There is an old Chinese cliché that says” if you take a ride on a hungry tiger you will never be able to dismount that tiger willingly.” Matt’s article was clearly not enough to stop a man so avaricious and power hungry. Shameless apologists and supporters urged him on and so the kleptoracy went into higher gear. Incontrovertible evidence show that he committed the garbage Bin bobol, Fertilizer bobol, and sold diplomatic passports to several crooks even way before the NG Lap Seng ,Francesco, Corallo, Madeuke or Alireza Monfared diplomatic passport scandals became public. With the likes of Putin and Skerrit- enough is never enough but there is only one way it can end - The tiger will eventually have that meal.

Like Putin ,Skerrit’s meager salary cannot account for the mansions that he owns but also take note of the striking similarity with the deceptive procurement of  Skerrit’s mansion in Morne Daniel and Putin’s mansion in Gelendzhik, Russia. The construction and ownership of Putin’s mansion was fronted and covered by his friend who happens to have unlimited access and use of state gas and petroleum resources. The construction and  ownership arrangement of Skerrit’s $25 Million mansion in Morne Daniel is fronted and covered by Skerrit’s friend in Dubai, Anthony Haiden. Anthony Haden has unfettered control of state resources in the form of CBI passport revenues. In fact PM Skerrit has admitted that he and Anthony Haiden have exclusive control of CBI passport revenues in offshore holding arrangements.  

Top Corner -New Const.
"Greed has no boundaries” -With owning a mansion in Vielle Case , One in Morne Danielle , an apartment in New York City there seem to be another much bigger building in construction on Land allegedly owned by the Skerrit family in Morne Daniel. A million dollar wall was installed in Morne Daniel to keep away prying eyes but  they  can’t stop Google Earth and images from flying drone. 

According to Vigilante the Calypsonian – we are harvesting poverty, fruits of a misplaced loyalty" we present to you another one of Skerrit’s project in Morne Daniel. Keep your eyes open.

It is also quite obvious that Dominicans are either reluctant or just too scared to inquire about the money and ownership behind the high rise building in construction at the Jean Rhys House location in Roseau- opposite the Credit Union. What we know and many others do as well is that, a few years ago the said property had allegedly been purchased by PM Skerrit. With reports that representatives of Anthony Haiden’s MMCE visiting the same construction site ,it raises the question of whether or not this project is another collaboration between Anthony Haiden and PM Skerrit.

Leaked documents such as the Panama Papers, Paradise Papers, Swiss Bank leaks show how the ownership structure of offshore accounts and shell companies are related to close associates of President Putin.  Even if Putin’s name is not directly attached to those accounts in many instances there are trails leading to his friends, relatives and even his fairy tale girlfriend. So too PM Skerrit’s name so far has not shown up in the ICIJ leaks but addresses of his close associates, his personal lawyers and also a fairy Tale girlfriend are tied to offshore accounts and shell companies as shown in the Panama Papers leak. It would also come as a great surprise that Skerrit as PM and minister of finance is unaware of one account in Panama under the directorship of The Commonwealth of Dominica and another under the “Board of the National Commercial Bank.

Last week MiTC republished details of some Swiss Offshore accounts uncovered as far back as 2009. We only stated that the accounts produced belong to local Dominicans specifically politicians. Today we are providing some more information – Based on the credible work of our investigators we can state that the only government officials that can tell us about these accounts are PM. Skerrit and Minister Reginald Austrie.

PM Skerrit has the answers on the following accounts

HSBC Account ending in 497 -US$9.2 Million

HSBC account ending in 1992- US $2 Million Diplomatic Passport?

Credit Suisse account ,ending 486 -  US $20 Million

Credit Suisse account ,ending 655- US $7.6 Million

Reginald Austrie has the answers to the following accounts

UBS account ,ending 894 - US $3.5 Million- Petro Caribe Affair

UBS account ,ending 748 -  US $14.6M-   Petro Caribe Affair

Bank Frey account ,ending 258- US $4.82 Million 

Bank Frey account ,ending 244-  US $3.1 Million

By coincidence Putin and Skerrit (Put Out) both have been in power for  2 decades but it is no coincidence that both have created a regime with the identity of Authoritarian Kleptocracy. An authoritarian kleptocracy is branded by small ruling elite who commandeer and consolidate power using the wealth stolen from state owned resources. The power is concentrated in the hands of the leader who then delegates high handing authority to specially selected police figures. The leader and his hand pick circle control state finances, law enforcement, and the electoral and judicial system.

Thursday, March 3, 2022


You Run Things Investigate Credit Suisse Accounts nuh!!!

A recent trove of leaked documents reveals the secret owners of roughly $107 Billion held in the Credit Suisse Bank. The revelation provides ownership linkages of over 30,000 Credit Suisse clients from all over the world. Those clients include corrupt politicians, drug and human traffickers, organize crime bosses. Even an account linked to the Vatican was identified in the fraudulent purchase of a property in London.

 Credit Suisse is an iconic financial institution, one of the largest wealth managers in the world, handling accounts valued at more than 1.6tn Swiss francs (CHF) and (£1.3tn). According to the information released, the exposed accounts had been opened from the 1940s through 2010’s. In response to the leaked documents, Credit Suisse stated that about “90% of the accounts leaked had been closed or were in the process of being closed.” But then it is difficult to take the word of recidivist bad actors. For decades the bank has been embroiled in allegation of aiding corruption and helping it’s clients launder ill-gotten funds and protecting assets from due taxation.

 MiTC have not yet been able to tie the details of the recently leaked accounts with some Credit Suisse bank accounts that we uncovered as far back as 2008.  In fact, since 2009 we have been asking the PM and the government of Dominica to investigate the Dominican owned Credit Suisse accounts and now that an alleged Credit Suisse Bank money laundering and tax evasion scheme has been exposed, we are again asking the Prime Minister and the government of Dominica to provide a response on the following Credit Suisse accounts – Account # 0512XXX486.00 DM and Account # 0512XXX655.00 DM. Our discovery shows that these accounts were created in 2007.  At the time of our findings the account ending with 486 contained US $20 Million and the account ending with the numbers 655 had US $7.6 Million.

In February of 2015 another trove of nearly 60,000 secret documents obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) exposes the shady dealings of the Swiss branch of HSBC bank. The documents show that the Swiss branch of HSBC bank was allegedly involved in a massive tax evasion and money laundering scheme. Among the list of clients in the secret documents were 28 Dominicans with a total of US $40.9 Million in secret accounts. There were 24 foreign nationals with purchased Dominican passports and the remaining 4 accounts were owned by local Dominicans. We are convinced that in 2011 we might have found two of the 4 accounts that were locally owned. We have also been asking the minister of finance and PM of Dominica to look into those accounts. 

We found HSBC Account # - XXX37908497 containing US $9.2 Million. That account we found out was owned by a Dominica government politician.  In anticipation of responses from the diabolical DLP spinners and miscreants like Anthony Astaphan, Clarence Christian, Al Bennoits et al, we are not talking about politicians from the Dominican Republic.

We also found a second Swiss Branch HSBC Account- # 867XX40192 with US $2 Million, also belonging to a politician. That account was opened in December 2011 and unconfirmed information alleges that this particular account was initiated from financial proceeds of a diplomatic passport transaction.

Besides the Credit Suisse and HSBC accounts, several other Dominican owned Swiss Bank accounts had been uncovered during our investigations. We have also published the details of those accounts. The following table is a summary of the Swiss offshore accounts uncovered by MiTC. The HSBC and Credit Suisse accounts are included. 


Acc #

 USD Millions






































The above table shows that between 2007 and 2010 there was already US $64.67 in Swedish offshore accounts. All of that money being hidden away by local Dominicans either avoiding taxes and or hiding corruption money.  Since 2010 many diplomatic passports had been sold and the CBI money embezzlement proliferated. Just imagine the present value of those offshore accounts owned by the DLP operatives, foreign friends and cabal of the Skerrit administration.

It is also very important to note that the account information as shown above may very well be outdated. Even the banks themselves had been under much scrutiny and law enforcement investigations and so it would be quite reasonable to assume that those accounts may have been closed, dormant or even relocated.

We learnt through the Panama Papers leak that Dominica as a country own a secretive offshore account in Panama. There was also a secret account held by the board of the National Bank of Dominica. Go figure

 It is well known that Switzerland and Panama serve as money hiding havens for criminals, corrupt politicians included, who are seeking to avoid the purview of tax collectors or law enforcement.  Mr. Prime Minister and Minister of Finance the taxpayers of Dominica deserve a thorough investigation of the offshore accounts in Switzerland and in Panama. 

 Truth be Told -We dare you…….



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