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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Jahisiah Benoit Assaults Girlfriend

In a severe case of Domestic Abuse, Island correspondent Lizzy Elliot is reporting to us that she has picked up solid information that indicates Dominica Labour Party government Senator Jahisiah Benoit is accused of assaulting and inflicting serious injury to his girlfriend. The incident reportedly occurred late last night in the vicinity of the couple's residence in Fond Baron. Our sources indicate that the couple were arguing and she apparently sought refuge in the vehicle belonging to Mr. Benoit, locking herself within. In his assault, Mr. Benoit was so enraged that he damaged his own vehicle, destroying the windshield and the driver's side door window.

PR428 with destroyed windshield
Unable to get to the location in a hurry, our correspondent Lizzy was able to contact roving Agent James Moe Green and from Agent Green she was able to get photographs of the damaged vehicle. The images show a Mitsubishi SUV, registration number PR428 parked in front of the residence with its windshield destroyed, it's driver's door open with the damaged glass window hanging askew. There was no sight of Mr. Benoit. We are not aware of the involvement of police investigators either.

PR428 outside residence
Lizzy reports that Mr. Benoit began arguing with the young woman, accusing her of cheating. In his rampage, Mr. Benoit was seen dragging her by the hair, biting and punching her. Personal household property was damaged, including his vehicle. We would like to inform Mr. Benoit that he should turn himself into the police immediately. He should also know that we are aware that video evidence exists, (we have not been able to get it as of this writing), so any attempt to commit insurance fraud by submitting a false claim will result in further criminal charges against you. We urge the young lady to pursue charges against Mr. Benoit immediately; please do not allow the Labour Party apparatus to cajole and dissuade you in any manner; this crime should not go unpunished.

Mr. Benoit (r) and his girlfriend (l) in happier times
Mr. Benoit's actions seem to follow a pattern of abuse and criminal activity by high ranking officials within the government of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit as well as party officials. We have not forgotten the actions of former Minister Ian Pinard, accused of having improper relations with a minor. Nor have we dismissed those of current Minister Petter St. Jean, allegedly kidnapping his own constituents, and DBS General Manager Cecil "Did You Fuck" Joseph. Two weeks ago we published an open letter to the prime minister, urging him to conduct an investigation of his cabinet ministers to determine who recently violated national security regulations. We have no reason to believe that the prime minister heeded our advice, since the violating minister is still on the job, but we strongly suggest that he does and demands the resignation of that minister. Be warned, again.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Due to high stress and poor working conditions within the Ministry Of Agriculture (MOA), officers in the  Ministry Of Agriculture have been ask to voluntarily come in for counseling however in the wake of asking officers to come in for counseling Rickie Brumant took it upon himself to issue a nationwide  mass transfer of officers.
Yesterday officers from a cross section of the Ministry Of Agriculture received a two day notice of transfer. According to our information, from the time Reginald Austrie became Minister of Agriculture he has been issuing the threat- “heads must roll.”  We understand that the same threat was issued at a meeting yesterday and after the meeting Ricki Brumant got nervous responded with the issuance of over 20 officers from the MOA. 

Why has Reginald Austrie been issuing the threats? It has been reported that things are not working in harmony with the DLP
government perpetual electioneering tactics. Since the disastrous farmer assistance program farmers have grown much more disgruntled and as usual the DLP administration is looking for scape goats. They are pointing fingers at everyone else but themselves.
Our sources are telling us that Austrie’s threats are really directed at the upper echelons like Rickie Brumant, Reginald Thomas et al. Upon receiving another threat from Austrie, Rickie Brumant took it upon himself to take officers from one end of the island and sending them to the opposite side of the island. We understand that according protocol Rickie Brumant does not have the right to issue transfer orders. Transfer orders are   supposed to come from the Permanent Secretary. We were also told that before employees are transferred there is supposed to be some dialogue with the employee. The entire ministry is in pandemonium at this point

The truth is the morale within the MOA has been at an all-time low and this is because of political shenanigans, victimization, nepotism and tribalism. In some cases officers are trying to do the right things but with the political interferences nothing seems to be going right and then the officers get blamed. For example the DLP targeted candidate for the Grand Fond constituency has been implanted in the area as the Relief Officer and thus far she has been interfering with the work of the agricultural officers operating within the area. We have been told that she has her own list of farmers based on vote buying scheme while the officers trained to work with the farmers have a different list and the farmers are growing more frustrated. In the Viellecase constituency we understand that the field officer has been replaced with a “crystal falere “and Labor Party propagandist by the name of Comptom Bertrand.
While Rickie Brumant is issuing mass transfer orders and Austrie is offering threats, it is alleged that St Kitts has temporarily closed its doors to agricultural produce coming from Dominica due to poor quality and shipping standards. Our sources are telling us that the handpicked Laborites at the pack house in Portsmouth are lazy, they work two hours a day and are costing tax payers over $50K per month in salary and benefits. While these lazy labor Part hacks at the pack house are having fun field officers are struggling , some cant get reimbursed for travelling allowances and they cant drive their vehicles on the dilapidated access roads  

We all know that no amount of threats, employee transfers or multiple ministers will change to direction of this government let alone the Ministry Of Agriculture. From right within the cabinet for example Johnson Drigo was criticized for the failing Ministry Of Agriculture yet those within the cabinet who criticize Johnson Drigo ignored the fact that the Jono was way over his head and that the DLP administration has had just about ten ministers of agriculture in 18 years. Not forgetting Mathew “Touchy” Walter who cried like a baby when he was assigned the MOA.

 What the farmers of Dominica really need at this juncture is the absolute disposal of the Skerrit mal-administration.

Monday, August 13, 2018


US Military Evacuation On Dominica
In a desperate attempt to cover-up the failure of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration in the ROSSIT (Ross Exit) matter, Skerrit’s spinners like Assad Wanna be Tony Astaphan, Washed up Herbert Volney, Politically Exposed Vince Henderson and Dark and Lovely Clarence Christian have been incessantly trying to divert culpability away from the failures of PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his administration. While the above noted spin characters have strategically directed the ROSSIT blame towards PM of Barbados Mia Motley, it is mind boggling that for several days PM Skerrit had allowed these reprehensible spinners and apologists to denigrate his trusted friend in PM Mia Mottley. Is that a sign that Skerrit is not in control, the DLP administration is fractioned and the inmates are now running the asylum?

The first frantic and diabolic attempt at misdirected culpability came when Reginald Austrie erroneously stated that Lennox Linton provided the Ross University directors with 51 reasons why the Ross institution should be extracted from Dominica. A few hours after Reginald Austrie made a mockery of himself, the embattled PM Skerrit clearly demonstrated that Austrie with his spurious accusations was not part of his blaming plans, so in his address to the nation he blamed the Ross departure on Tropical Storm Erika and Hurricane Maria- No reference to Reginald Austire’s “pawol sort and parlais enitil”

 Among the many lame excuses for Skerrit’s catastrophic failure(s), the Tony Astaphan and Herbert Volney led assault against Mia Mottley’s seem most idiotic and  is bereft reasoning-just simply asinine particularly coming from two legal professionals. How do Tony and Volney explain that after just two months in office, a “Novice” in PM Mia Motley was able to snatch away 1/3 of Dominica's economy from beneath the hold of the 18 year veteran and supposed visionary leader PM Skerrit? Beyond the spinners malarkey is the rationale that PM Mia Mottley should instead be complimented for stepping up to the plate for Barbados while PM Skerrit was failing in his responsibilities to the people of Dominica and even Ross University itself. But then again both Tony and Volney have shown us their uncanny ability to keep their feet in their mouth while they both pander for manna from Skerrit's platform.

It is also no surprise that Tony latched on to the idea of  blaming Mia for Domestic interference as he understands very well, the fracas and distress that arises from one man or woman  meddling in another person’s domestic affairs. 

 Now that the spins and excuses by the DLP hacks have fallen in the ocean of mortification  and disgrace, PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his goons may want to reconsider their blaming plan and strategies. In order to sustain their legacy of lying to the people and not owning up to their responsibilities, then maybe they should engage the Maduro strategy of blaming America instead of Mia Mottley. 

Make no mistake, blaming America for ROSSIT or RPK (Ross Pwen Kowir) could be the ideal excuse for Roosevelt Skerrit, as the American State Department may have many reasons to harbor ill-will towards Skerrit and his administration. In many ways Roosevelt Skerrit has shown that America is an enemy and has repeatedly snubbed US interest, both internationally and regionally. For example the US $2 Million dollars that was donated by the US for the construction of a coast guard base is unaccounted for; the facilitation of Alireza Monfared in the Iran sanction busting operation is yet another action that would have put Skerrit on the United States list of miscreants. Skerrit with his foolish disdain towards America has also flaunted his unwavering support for Maduro’s dictatorship.  

Palestinians heading to Dominica
But Skerrit has taken his haughtiness to levels that Dominicans everywhere should now be wondering whether ROSSIT goes way beyond the failure of the Skerrit administration to meet some basic infrastructural requirements. At this critical juncture it is imperative that the people of Dominica are aware off a serious incident at Douglas Charles Airport involving some US military personnel and Daniel Carbon. 

At the behest of partner nations and both the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. service members Joint Task Force - Leeward Islands (JTF-LI) landed at Douglas-Charles Airport in Dominica, Sept. 24, 2017. The JTF-LI set up an evacuation control center at the airport to evacuate U.S. citizens stranded on Dominica after Hurricane Maria. According to our very reliable sources Roosevelt Skerrit was not happy with the presence of the US military on the island and so he sent police commissioner Daniel Carbon to confront the US military personnel at the airport.

Daniel Carbon rushed to the airport to do as he was told. It is alleged that Daniel Carbon unleashed a verbal assault on the US military commander telling the commander in American dialect “ get the "F" out of here” and as he switched back into Dominican colloquialism he shouted at the military commander” All you come with nothing and saying all you want to establish border control , come out from there man.” After the confrontation the US task commander humbly took down the American flag and relocated his men and equipment to another section of the airport. By all accounts soon after the US military moved from that one particular location at the Airport ,the Venezuelan and Palestinian military were allowed to set up their base at the same  location previously occupied by the US military.

The incident did not just end there- obviously the US commander would have had to refer the matter to his superiors. Our sources revealed that on the following day high level US diplomats accompanied by some Canadian officials landed at the Douglas Charles Airport and immediately boarded a helicopter that took them to the Windsor Park Stadium for a meeting with the government authorities.

As to what happened from there on is anybody’s guess however many of us will remember that during Skerrit’s first post Maria's broadcast he failed to acknowledge the US support and many on social media were wondering why was that so when it is customary that the US government would be among the first on the scene particularly when so many US citizens at Ross were stranded on the island at the time.  

Skerrit’s repetitious aggression and snobbish attitude towards the US authorities introduces many questions. As to why it is that Skerrit has been snobbish to the US is open to worthy speculations however there is no way that the US would be happy with the nefarious activities that have emanated from the Roosevelt Skerrit administration – the money laundering, diplomatic passport sales, the unscrupulous Citizen By Investment vetting program, the NG Lap Seng scandal, Iran/Monfared  Sanction Busting subvention , a conduit for Venezuelan money laundering and the allegedly permissiveness for Venezuelan drug cartel operation.

The question that is billowing in the public domain at this point is -whether ROSSIT denudes some type of discreet US sanctions on Dominica and Roosevelt Skerrit in particular? We have no evidence to suggest that ROSSIT may be a result of US sanctions however we take keen interest in one of PM Skerrit's statement during his ROSSIT address to the nation. He said “Ross tried their very best to remain in Dominica” and although he did not say that his government did the same we can all be fair in assuming that PM Skerrit would have fought to keep Ross on island in spite of his failure to make the environment conducive for Ross. So if both parties wanted the same thing then why is Ross gone? In simple terms - Was there a third party or force that determined the ROSSIT?

 One thing for sure, that suspicious third party, if any, could not have been the “Novice” Mia Mottley. Let us see who or what the spinners will turn to now that all the other excuses have fallen on infertile soil and that Skerrit has asked his attack dogs to back off Mia Mottley.

MiTC is also following a recent story that two CBI projects have been experiencing a clog in cash flow as Chase Bank may have blocked money transactions meant for these CBI projects. Our information suggests that recently these CBI projects have had some problems paying service providers.  

Saturday, August 11, 2018

To Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley

As a Dominican, let me say to my Barbados brothers and sisters, and particularly to PM Mottley, we recognize that this move by RUSM to Barbados is a tremendous loss to us and a boon to you. However, rest assured that it is untrue that the majority of Dominicans blame you for this move. We recognize that there are other issues at play.

First and foremost, our PM, Roosevelt Skerrit, we know to be a pathological liar. We also know that he is thoroughly incompetent in his job and this move falls squarely in his lap. RUSM has been requesting of Mr. Skerrit's government a number of improvements that will help them, their faculty and students but he has been brushing them off for quite a while. Whether it was as a result of negligence, incompetence, malfeasance, or just the good old 'taking for granted' habits of his administration, Mr. Skerrit failed to make the necessary improvements in the country, like air access. Mr. Skerrit has refused repeatedly to do anything whatsoever about the fact that it takes too long to get in and out of Dominica. It can take me two days to get into Dominica from Toronto and I would imagine, RUSM students and their visiting parents would experience similar circumstances flying in from the States. Ironically, these improvements would have been to the benefit of the island as well, significantly increasing its ability to market itself to the wider travel community. The facts will remain that when Mr. Skerrit should have been sitting down with the executives at Adtalem/RUSM, he did what a coward does best; he ran away and sent in subordinates to represent him. It must have been a disappointment to Mr. Skerrit, the narcissist that he is, when he discovered that his much-celebrated 'charm' and dimples were not enough to convince Lisa Wardell to keep RUSM in Dominica.

Secondly, Mr. Skerrit is surrounded by advisors who constantly give him bad advice, two of whom are Barbadians and are close advisors to PM Mottley as well, so that should give her pause. Hartley Henry and Avinash Persaud, and Charlie Jong (a new addition) have been close advisors to Skerrit and were undoubtedly aware of the goings on within the Skerrit government vis-a-vis RUSM. In this equation add the developers of the Coverley Village who just happen to be the recipients of a milti-million dollar no-bid contract to construct homes in Dominica; another close associate of Mr. Skerrit. It is not inconceivable that they would have whispered something in the ear of PM Mottley, which would make them crooks to Skerrit. Should that prove to be correct, I am still not going to blame PM Mottley because it is her job to secure investment for Barbados and to better the lives of its citizens. That Skerrit failed to do the same for our country is not a burden that PM Mottley and Barbadians should bear.

Lastly, in an effort to tamp down a groundswell of bad publicity, not to mention the negative political ramifications, Mr. Skerrit has thrust into the public square a disgraced former Trinidad Justice minister Herbert Volney, and his mouthpiece of Lebanese-descent, Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan. Herbert Volney is a non-entity. Mr. Volney needs to explain the truth behind his firing by former PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar before he comes pontificating about anything. I implore you to dismiss Mr. Volney and his broadsides against PM Mottley and Barbadians as a whole. The same is true with Astaphan, who is more of a Senior Clownsel than a Senior Counsel. Mr. Astaphan is a political prostitute who would contort himself into whatever shape possible to suit a purpose. He is a vile individual who has called Dominicans of African decent who disagree with Mr. Skerrit 'cockroaches', 'garbage collectors', and 'kakadors', a pejorative creole word that describes black crayfish. Barbadians of African descent ought to prepare themselves for a verbal assault from Astaphan along similar lines.

It is clear to me that both individuals (along with a supporting cast of characters that includes Dominica's Ambassador to the United States Vince Henderson) are on a mission to save Mr. Skerrit from being voted out of office at the next general elections in Dominica, constitutionally due by the end of 2019. Senior Clownsel Astaphan will continue to prostitute himself in servitude to Mr. Skerrit. Disgraced minister Volney recognizes that the walls are crumbling around Skerrit; they have been for a while but Hurricane Maria has exposed this emperor even more and the RUSM departure is the proverbial 'nail in the coffin' for Dominicans. We know that Mr. Skerrit is considering changes in his cabinet should he win the next elections; is Mr. Volney positioning himself for a post? Maybe, you can never tell with this opportunist, and Mr. Skerrit is known to reward his defenders.

In closing, let me reiterate; the majority of Dominicans do not lay blame at the feet of PM Mottley for this turn of events. We know that our own government and its inaction have been complicit, resulting in this move by RUSM to Barbados. We will continue to keep the pressure on the Skerrit government.

Clint J. Lowe
Editorial Director
Mas In The Cemetery, the BLOG

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

To: Prime Minister Skerrit

Dear PM Skerrit;

Please ask your Minister that abused the National Security apparatus over the weekend for his veyaeing to resign with immediate effect.

MiTC will soon be asking Roslyn Paul and the Ecclesiastical Minister to take their position on physical abuse of women, but the details coming from the sources sworn to secrecy is slow for the time being.

MiTC will shortly release the details of our investigation so sir please do your internal inquiries and find out which of your Ministers you should ask to resign with IMMEDIATE EFFECT. We promise not to release the file if he resigns because there are people needing some level of protection.

No regards


Tuesday, August 7, 2018


In as much as the spin clowns particularly Punchinello Astaphan ,would like to down play or even try to suppress the devastating repercussions of Ross’ departure not even the blandishments of  new cruise ship village, apartment buildings or the phantasmal international airport can stop the imminent flood. "Pressure does burst Pipe” and no dummy patching will prevent the leaks and floods to come. 
We will defer to the economic professionals and pundits like Simeone Albert and Paul Alexander for the economic impact analysis however common sense dictates that from the word go some of the financial institutions  in Dominica  will be in trouble. There is no doubt that Aid Bank had been a major financier for the development in Picard and for those who were not aware, prior to Hurricane Maria, Aid Bank had been sailing through turbulent waters with considerable underperforming loans. It was alleged that the Bank’s credit rating had been downgraded. That meant that the bank would have had great difficulties in accessing IDB funds through the Central Development Bank. We refer you to the CARICUS reports.  
In addition to the underperforming loans there were other concerns, some coming from external- the board of directors was considered weak and according to the FSU laws the Chairman Martin Charles was certainly in the wrong place and totally out of his element.

We are also hearing that other banks are looking at over $50 Million in bad debt and may even be looking to layoff it’s staff very soon and then hit the exit like Ross. We are monitoring the events and following  the leads.
Like all other business in the Picard area, Witchurch Supermarket is on the brink of collapse. It is alleged that with the exception of the manager at the Witchurch supermarket all other staff are being paid under NEP and according to our reliable sources the plan is to try to keep the staff working under the NEP until after the election – whenever that is. . Unfortunately while the government allegedly provides relief to keep HHV Whitchurch the apartment owners, restaurateurs, other supermarket owners are not so lucky.

The shameful departure of Ross from Dominica, its home for 40-years will create immeasurable economic mayhem on the Dominican Economy.  We understand the importance of preaching hope to the people but hope is about being able to see that there is light ahead of the tunnel but we must be awake to focus on that light as hope is the dream for those who are awake. It is time for the people of Dominica to awake from this drunken slumber and recognize that the country needs a new direction, a well sort out plan and competent leadership to get out of this wilderness.

Sunday, August 5, 2018


Three weeks ago we published the article “Good Night Irene Ross Is Gone …” and Skerrit apologists responded with the “Fake News.” Prior to the “Good Night Irene article we also revealed that PM Skerrit had deliberately avoided a scheduled meeting with Ross Personnel and that the Ross representatives were quite disappointed  and felt disrespected.  Now that our stories have been completely validated what does that say about Massinthecemetery eh Tony? 

What we know for sure is that while the media is way too drunk and compromised on Skerrit’s wine, massinthecemetery is dutifully filling the void left by the floundering media. We are working behind the scene to keep the people enlightened. A democracy can only exist when the people are informed. Left to the devices of Roosevelt Skerrit, Wee Wee Pequinio , Minister Lang Sal Parry Bellot et al, the people of Dominica would be better off left in the dark. MiTC will have none of it. 

With Ross gone and 30% of Dominica’s GDP obliterated, the government must now be honest and forthright in the handling of the people’s affairs. As a country in crisis we insist that it is time that the Roosevelt Skerrit administration work to insure that all hands, wallets, relief supplies , hidden accounts both  domestic and offshore accounts are placed on the family table. Whoever own those offshore accounts we sing “Bring them in, Bring them in , Bring all the wandering accounts back to Jesus."

We learnt through the Panama Papers that Dominica as a country owned a secretive offshore account and the Prime Minister and Minister Of Finance is yet to offer an explanation of the alleged bank account in Panama. We are saying it is crunch time  Prime Minister Skerrit we want to know about this account.  

Through our relentless investigation and with the help of very resourceful confidants we also discovered the existence of some secluded offshore accounts that are allegedly directly related to Dominica. The details presented to us show the banks, account number and the amount of money in those accounts at the time of discovery. We are not at liberty to disclose the full identification numbers for these accounts, nor are we going to release the true names behind these accounts . What we will say is that the accounts belong to “Kor Pere Voler and Kor pere Chien” and if at some time in the future the Financial Investigation Unit or even the government Of Dominica becomes interested in pursuing these accounts the information is available in it’s  entirety.

Acc #
 USD Millions


GN10XXXX 8244


The information shows that between 2007 and 2010 there was already US $64.67 Million hidden in offshore accounts just between Kor Pere Volere and Kor Pere Chien. We can well imagine how much more have been accumulated from 2010 through 2018.

 It is also very important to note that the account information as shown may very well be outdated. Some accounts may be dormant or some may have been relocated.  Some of the banks noted, have at some point been under much scrutiny and international law enforcement investigations and so it would be quite reasonable to assume that accounts may have been moved around as a result of scrutiny.  

The undeniable truth is that Dominica has been used as the personal fiefdom for Kor Pere Voler, Kor pere Chien and acolytes as they all hasten to build big money empires. The departure of Ross University is already causing great consternation and hardship on the masses we are sincerely asking the government departments to do their work without the interference of the politicians - please return the monies from all the offshore accounts particularly those belonging to Kor Pere Voler and Kor pere Chien.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


For the benefit of those who are too young to remember and for those including the historians who feign convenient amnesia as political expedience, please be aware that after the devastation by Hurricane David in 1979 ,Dominica launched a very successful  coconut rehabilitation program. It was due to conscientious government oversight that the coconut rehabilitation program of the 1980’s yielded great results. We saw the growth and rapid development of Dominica Coconut Products Limited (DCP), which was then sold to Colgate Palmolive. Farmers had the distinct pleasure of either selling their coconuts to DCP, Colgate Palmolive  or even exporting the raw coconuts to the reginal markets. 
Before we unleash the details of yet another” Hall Of Shame ” dumping occurrence within the Roosevelt Skerrit administration, it is also important that we remind Dominicans of our reports on the buried coffee beans and the discarded potato seed fiasco that costed tax payers over 10 million dollars.
In a desperate effort to jump start a desultorily planned  coffee factory that was donated by the late Hugo Chavez , the Roosevelt Skerrit administration imported almost 5 million dollars’ worth of coffee beans in order to fire up the roasters at the coffee factory in One Mile Portsmouth. Up to today not one coffee bean has ever been roasted at the One Mile Coffee factory and the container loads of imported coffee beans were clandestinely and irresponsibly buried in the back of the coffee factory. Container loads of potato seeds meant for the development of potato farming were also discarded due to government mismanagement and corruption. 

Coconut Plants
Now let’s hear senior counsel Wee Wee Pequinio and despicable Clarence Christian blame innocent people for yet another snafu, as the Roosevelt Skerrit government is about to dump two container loads of coconut plants which were purchased from public funds. We are asking the patriotic people of Dominica to keep their cell phone in camera mode as the dumping date is carded for Thursday August 2 ND. We have received reports that the Ministry Of Agriculture’s Reginald Thomas and Ricky Brumant(Frick and Frack) have been trying to figure out how to get rid of the coconut plants such that the public remain in total oblivion. From all indication Frick and Frack  have decided to burn the plants somewhere at the Landfill. In preparation for the disposal procedure  the two 40 feet containers were taken from the port and placed somewhere in Canfield and so the patriots with their recording devices must be on the lookout for two 40 feet containers coming out of Canefield heading towards the Landfill. Unless MiTC reporting alters their plans.

We understand that the plants were purchased under the cover of hurricane relief however procurement protocol and quality assurance system were not adhered to. According to our sources the imported coconut plants do not comply with the phytosanitary import requirements and therefore do not have a Phytosanitary Certificate. The coconut plants as reported are not just  considered  prohibited  but are also defective. 
Where is that 1Million  Skerrit
It is also our understanding that in addition to the strong stance taken by the plant protection department against the use of the illicit coconut plants , the farmers themselves have shown very little interest in planting coconuts, as coconut trees generally start producing after 5-6 years. Also with the threat of more severe and frequent storms there is elevated risk in long term crop investment. With the threatening extinction of coconut farming in Dominica the patriots  of Dominica must begin to demand some accountability for the $1Million check that was given to Ivor Nassief for the reinstatement of Dominica Coconut Product manufacturing.    
There are swirling allegations that the coconut plants may have been purchased through an under-table transaction and that the entire procurement process bare the resemblance of the garbage bin bobol. We must state though that we do not have the evidence to suggest that there were under the table deals  however we know for a fact that due process and protocol were ignored.

We took some time to speak to a few agricultural professionals who have expressed concerns with the way in which the government decided to approach a coconut rehabilitation program. It is suggested that the coconut plants could have been obtained from the farmers in Dominica as opposed to sourcing the plants out of Mexico.  As stated by the professionals, the hurricane may have destroyed many coconut trees but the actual coconut plants remain and may be so in abundance. Such was the case after hurricane David. It was also stated that the indigenous coconut plants would be much more resistant than that which was imported. 

The severe incompetence and callousness that continues to emerge from the Roosevelt Skerrit administration is not justy because of mass corruption and misplaced puppets in high offices, it is also as a result of a corrosive civil society where many in the intelligentsia continue to perpetuate intellectual dishonesty. The institutions responsible for civic and moral guidance, the church and media are also way too busy engaged in myopic pretense. What we have in Dominica is a government administration that is brutally disingenuous and unanswerable to the people that they serve. MiTC reported on the disgraceful dumping of millions of dollars’ worth of coffee beans and potato seeds and the government has remain guilty yet audacious in their continuous betrayal of public trust. Today not one media house in Dominica has demanded answers from the government and its misplaced puppets in high offices; not one question asked about the Coffee beans let alone the white elephant coffee factory in One Mile. 
We do not expect a different reaction from civil society on yet another loathsome waste by the Roosevelt Skerrit administration. What we do expect though is that the silence of the people will be represented as consent for a reprobate government administration to keep going from bad to worse, corruption to despotism and an unrelenting attempt at keeping the people poor , dependent and bamboozled.

Friday, July 27, 2018


In March of 2018 the official Gazette of St Lucia published details regarding six individuals who had their economic citizenship revoked under the rules of the Citizen By Investment Program. According to the details published, the six individuals ,by their actions may have brought the state into ignominy.

In May of 2014 the government of St Kitts also issued a notice that a decision was taken to deactivate the passports of two individuals who were accused of defrauding state institutions in China. 

Now that other governments in the region are demonstrating a willingness to purge their CBI program by terminating the citizenship of disreputable individuals, we are now asking-where does the government of  Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit stand on the same matter and will the government move to terminate the citizenship of individuals who have brought Dominica shame and disgrace?

Dominica has had its fair share of CBI passport holders who have besmirched the name of Dominica and we are yet to hear from the Roosevelt Skerrit government as to whether or not the passports and or citizenship of these disgraceful economic citizens have been nullified.  The name Alireza Monfared needs no introduction – senior counsel “ Wee Wee Pequino” and minister Francine Baron said that Monfared’s diplomatic Passport was cancelled prior to his arrest but nothing was said regarding his regular Dominica passport which he also paid for. We are also aware of the fact that Monfared’s son received another passport after his daddy was arrested and hauled away by Interpol on charges of stealing billions of dollars.

We are particularly interested in the current citizenship status of Pedro Forte Berbel. Pedro who received his Dominican passport in October of 2015 has been accused of swindling millions of dollars from unsuspecting investors. Today Pedro Forte is hiding fromg the prosecuting arms of the United States Stock Exchange Commission (SEC) and a civil action (., Civil Action No. 17-CV-23572-FAM (Southern District of Florida,. In its presentation to the court, the SEC stated Sometime on or around March 2016, Defendants (Pedro Forte) began to block investor accounts and refused to return investors' alleged accrued returns or principal investments. By March 20,  2017, Berbel had sold his personal residence, and sent the proceeds to Caribbean bank accounts at the National Bank of Dominica and the Royal Bank of Canada in Dominica.“

From the latest report coming out of the Florida court, things are not going Pedro’s way. The court granted Pedro’s motions for extensions of time to respond to the (SEC’s) Complaint and so he was ordered to file his response to the SEC’s Complaint no later than April 13, 2018. From all indication the defendant Pedro Fort Berbel, Fort Marketing Group LLC had not responded to the court order, let alone the SEC complaint and on April 25th an order was issued directing the court clerk to enter default against Pedro Fort. Following the entry of default the SEC is now able to submit a motion to pursue the funds stolen from investors by Pedro Forte.

Now that the SEC may be on a hunt to confiscate Pedro’s assets, Dominica will again become the focal point in the investigation of yet another international criminal, as Pedro himself  was given unfettered latitude by the degenerate Dominica Labor Party government to shelter and operate in Dominica- just like they did with Alireza Monfared.

As previously reported by MiTC, Pedro Fort has considerable interest in properties in Dominica. His mansion on Catalina Drive in Merau and the alleged ownership of the former Cable & Wireless building in the town of Portsmouth may all be of interest to the SEC. The SEC may also want to question some of the dirty lawyers and politicians about Pedro's activities in Dominica-the asset security instrument named Mango Trust limited. The lawyers may also want to volunteer any information regarding assets allegedly under the name Gisela Fort, and a company named Pedro- Sea Blue.

For our own investigating purposes we want to again ask of the government and its cabinet the following questions. Was there a “pay as you go” operation between government officials and Pedro Fort? Is it true that a lawyer on the behalf of Pedro Forte made a $60,000 payment to a particular minister and -is true that this money was sent to directly to the “Lang Sal” minister’s daughter overseas?  

There is no doubt that it was with the help of sketchy lawyers and “aviege” politicians in government that Pedro was able to conduct some of his alleged criminal activities. We know that two lawyers are currently under the radar of the SEC investigation. We also know that following the court action by the SEC, one lawyer tried getting a senior civil servant to modify some documents related to Pedro Forte’s activities in Dominica.

It is very important to note that Pedro’s exploits did not begin in Dominica. Way before Pedro received his Dominican Passport he was already known for his unscrupulous ways. In fact it is alleged that Pedro’s due diligence report came back with red flags until King corrupt and Wee Wee Pequinio’s  Korboss intervened to override the unfavorable due diligence report. One has to wonder after having their  political soiree with Pedro Forte whether the government of Dominica has the moral gumption to revoke Pedro Forte’s passport.

It’s been more than a year since Pedro disappeared from Dominica. His property on Catalina Drive was severely damaged by the Hurricane Maria and Pedro who loved flying privately in and out of Dominica is yet to show up. Some people have suggested that he “pwen Kowir” right about the time the US prosecutors filed their court action but MiTC cannot confirm that.

After the diplomatic passport selling scandal exploded on the international scene and brought major embarrassment to Dominica,Prime Minister Skerrit promised transparency and accountability with the handling of our country’s passport but up to now we have seen no effort to do so. In light of the SEC report we are asking the Prime Minister and his government to inform the nation on the citizenship status of Pedro Forte and while at it please confirm whether or not Pedro was given a diplomatic passport.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Government Officials Dumping Relief Supplies

On Friday July 20, 2018, two loads of blue barrels were transported by a white dump truck with a GA license plate to the storeroom of the Office of Disaster Management (ODM) at Jimmit. We have been reliably informed that these barrels were in a container at the port at Fond Cole containing relief supplies sent to Dominicans soon after Hurricane Maria . The shipping agency asked for the container and government had no choice but to empty it.

The dozens of barrels were sent to the government in care of Ms Joanne Commodore, the Permanent Secretary in the then Ministry of Justice, Immigration and Labour. The supplies stayed in the container for several months and were left to spoil.  Many of the canned food got punctured in the barrels because of the heat, releasing a very bad smell. Because of the smell, two barrels were placed outside of the storeroom. Another sad indication of the government's mischief and chronic inability to promptly and successfully distribute the supplies.

The pattern follows the government's long history of allowing donated supplies to expire in their possession instead of having them distributed to all needy persons. The Skerrit government and its foot soldiers have a reputation of keeping donations to themselves, and what they're unable to share with their friends, they either sell or discard. Who can forget the disposal of pallets of coffee beans from the plant in One Mile, or the generators being sold from Capitolin's place in the old Public Works building in Layou. Even our good friend, Reginald "The Rottweiler" Austrie has had supplies removed and discarded from his mansion in Toucarie. Just ask Coco with the truck where did he dump all the expired relief supplies of rice, flour and pasta he took from Austrie's home not too long ago and is there a possible link between what he removed from Austrie's home and the food supplies discovered dumped at Point Round? It happens in Kings Hill too, as evidenced by this video we recently obtained of a well-known Labourite in the act.

This is a serious crime against the people who spent their hard earned cash to make the much needed supplies available and also against the people who were desperately in need of these supplies. Only a heartless, inept and dangerous government can allow relief supplies from generous and caring organizations and individuals to deteriorate in such a manner.

How many more containers of supplies got to that stage? How many were dumped? How many more are still on the port waiting to be dumped? We are also hearing of relief supplies and money that were sent to specific communities and organizations and they are yet to receive anything sent in their names. Where are the funds and supplies? Is the government going to provide a report to the public?

MiTC is calling on every Dominican at home and abroad, also foreign governments, institutions and individuals that provided relief supplies and funds after Hurricane Maria to demand from the DLP government detailed reports on the funds and supplies that they contributed to the victims of the hurricane. There should be transparent paper trails. Anything less should be unacceptable.

Playing cheap partisan politics with relief supplies, especially in a time of desperate need is a sign of escalating political weakness and a malicious grip on failing leadership. Hurricane Maria saw no political colours, no ethnicity, nor religion. It affected everyone. So the assistance received by the DLP government should have been distributed urgently and fairly to the people in need. This current disgraceful situation going on at the ODM storeroom at Jimmit in a sickening demonstration of the Roosevelt Skerrit’s administration dont give a damn and politically driven attitude.

Report updated to note the discovery of a recent dump site for supplies at Point Round.

Monday, July 16, 2018


Believe it or not there is a method to Skerrit’s madness- last month when PM Skerrit declared that investors are rushing to Dominica we reported that it was a knee jerk reaction to an incident in which the prime minister deliberately shunned Ross University representatives by not showing up for a scheduled meeting. Our information revealed that Ross Representatives and others  waited on the prime minister for almost 4 hours while the prime minister kept making all  type of excuses and eventually never showed up for that meeting. We understand that the Ross University Representatives felt quite insulted got on their private plane and left in disgust. Immediately following this incident the PM felt the need to gas light the people of Dominica. Following the declaration that investors are on a gold rush to Dominica he promise the people of Portsmouth that he has plans to make  Portsmouth look like Las Vegas and the people of Portsmouth broke out in cheers and adoration. 

We suspect that the recent declaration by the prime minister regarding the cruise village (a fourth Time Promise) is yet another act of desperation. Our very reliable sources have informed us that Ross University will very soon be announcing that it is finally moving its operation to Barbados. According to the information we received this is a done deal – a three year contract was established with the government of Barbados , the Tennessee operation which was set up after Hurricane Maria will be relocated to Barbados and the staff is already making preparation to relocate to Barbados.

Instead of playing all this con games with the people of Dominica the PM Skerrit and his administration must tell the people the truth. The PM may also want to inform the attentive and enlightened citizens of Dominica of the source of funding for”Las Vegas-arizing” of Portsmouth, the Container Airport, the preparation for the swam of investors  and the many other empty promises.

We may also recall that the Parliamentary Representative for the Portsmouth constituency  ,Ian Douglas , informed us that his government was working on meeting some of Ross’s demands, particularly the restoration and improvement of the deplorable infrastructure. Our sources are also telling us that the government had been asking Ross to contribute towards the cost of restoration. As important as Ross is to the economy of Dominica ,the government should spare no cost in insuring that Ross returns to Dominica together with the prime minister’s phantom investors.

Even as we empathize with the many investors in the Picard and Portsmouth area we sincerely hope that they demand answers from their government. Are they going to continue to allow PM Skerrit and his administration to play games with their livelihood?    

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