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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Roosevelt Skerrit is under serious pressure as Prime Minister of Dominica and he tried using the prostitution of Joseph Isaac to create much needed distraction. This distraction was short lived because he failed to gain momentum from this desperate move. In fact, genuine Labourites are even more disturbed by this coward action of their leader.

The issues are viciously building on Skerrit and he cannot run away from them. The World Bank money for Farmers and Fishers was blatantly used for vote buying. The Bank demanded a total audit and there are still many farmers and fishers who were politically victimized. The World Bank money for Small Businesses was rudely taken away from them. Thousands of small business owners went through the process hoping to be one of the 1500 owners to get $5376. But Skerrit insulted them by diverting the funds to road works in the East of Dominica.

The formation of the CREAD is not going on properly and Skerrit is being pressured by International Donors to include the Parliamentary Opposition in the process. Skerrit is calling for unity but is doing something totally opposite.

Skerrit is afraid to called a Meeting of the Parliament. It was last called on October 7, 2017 just to extend the State of Emergency. There are several matters that are in need of the intervention of Parliament. But Skerrit do not want members of the Parliamentary Opposition to debate on critical national issues.

Electoral Reform is a must and Skerrit knows that. 10 years and the government has failed to have reform for a voting population of just about 40,000 people. He cannot continue to deny the people free and fair elections. NO REFORM, NO ELECTION.

The distribution of building materials is too political and taking too long. Some ministers are upset because Hurricane season is around the corner and thousands of Dominicans are still under tarpaulins. He cannot continue to play party politics with building materials given to us by International governments and institutions to assist Dominicans to rebuild our homes. Some ministers are privately saying that they are against Skerrit wanting to build apartment buildings in rural communities where majority of the people own their land. The victims only need the government to assist them to repair their homes or help build new houses.

We are less than two months away from a predicted very active 2018 hurricane season and Skerrit has yet to see the commencement of work on our damaged infrastructure. Our road network is scary. The Office of Disaster Management (ODM) lacks the human resource capacity to successfully execute its mandate before, during and after a major hurricane. There are several communities without proper and safe hurricane shelters. After the devastation of Maria how can the government be so heartless?

Displaced residents from Petite Savanne rents are not being paid by the gov't and owners of rented houses are threatening to put residents out. The government has also stopped the paying displacement allowance to victims. The psychological and financial pressure is having  serious effects on the affected people  They are trying to have an audience with their Parl Rep, Kenneth Darroux but he is nowhere to be found.

International Agencies are raising serious awareness about the 12 parrots that were smuggled to Germany by Skerrit and his operatives. Stephen Durand was accused of leaking out the secret deal with Skerrit and Martin Guth and he was immediately sent on leave. Skerrit removed our national birds from their natural habitat and send them to Germany. Has the son of Minister Collin McIntyre who worked with the parrots at the Aviary in the Botanic Gardens received a three months scholarship to go to Germany to care for the birds?

ROSS University officials were on island recently to look at the Government’s progress on rebuilding our infrastructure and they were very disappointed. They said that there is no way that they are going to evacuate staff, faculty and students via sea again. It was too dangerous and the parents of the students panicked too much. The ROSS officials have been trying to meet with the Prime Minister and he ducked them once again. While the staff, landlords, DOMLEC and others are hoping for the earliest return of ROSS, Skerrit is playing hide and seek. Pure kindergarten babysitting nonsense.

The FIFA Fiasco with Francine Baron found its genesis at the last election of the Dominica Football Association that was politically hijacked by the desperate Labour Party. During the last DFA election the government sent a number of delegates to vote for Glen Etienne.  There were the likes of Trevor Shillingford (chief architect),  Thomas Kentish, Dirk St. Jean son of Petter St. Jean and a crew from Grand Bay. This was well orchestrated to prevent the DFA from being managed by people like Ronnie Isidore, Robertson Hypolite, Ibrahim Brohim, Phillip White, Clifford ‘Bala’ Celaire and others. That is why Senator Baron thought she could violate FIFA’s Statute 15(c) and pretended to be Glen Etienne, President of the DFA.

The construction of the Kempinski Hotel at Cabrits has stopped and the government has yet to inform the public about the true challenges being faced by this major project. Don't talk about the Moroccan Hotel. A total disgrace.

The five top cops of the Police Force are at loggerhead while making the force a total mess. Chief Daniel Carbon, Deputy Chief Davidson Valerie, Head of SSU Assistant Superintendent Lincoln Corbette, Superintendent Richmond Valentine and Superintendent Cuffy Williams are all mad at each other is one way or another. Williams is suing Valerie for an illegal looting search at his home. Corbette wrote a damning report on the incompetence of Carbon, Valerie and Valentine post Hurricane Maria and they are fuming. If these five guys egos clash in a room, bullets will fly. The removal of Pelham Jno.Baptiste as the head of the Immigration Department is another serious problem plaguing the Police Force. This brings to question, the signing and issuing of Dominican passports to rogues. Was Jno.Baptiste raising too many concerns?

The pending sentencing of former Dominican Diplomat and very good friend of Roosevelt Skerrit, Ng Lap Seng by US Courts is not going down well with the Dominican leader. There are also several international crooks who had or have Dominica’s diplomatic passports and are in trouble with the law. Skerrit is a key witness for former St Kitts PM Denzel Douglas who has a Diplomatic passport from Dominica and his matter is expected to be heard later this month. Skerrit attracts the most corrupt individuals around the world.

Roosevelt Skerrit plate is overflowing with current national issues and others issues because of his roguish attitude. Not even Lil Tony Astaphan can help him chew them down. In Fact most of them are choking him, that is why he wanted the distraction to breathe a little lighter. He can no longer hold Dominica and Dominicans in darkness. The wind of change is blow consistently over the land and the people are slowly wising up. No amount of calculated distraction can remove the wind behind our sails. Skerrit’s exit is on the horizon and his only choice is to bow out gracefully.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

De Vet Mandingo

Sometimes, ignoring the utterances of dangerous men can give credence to their malicious submissions tailored towards destructive public digest. Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan better known as Lil Tony keeps on thinking that he has every Dominican trapped in ignorance on his plantation because he pulls the puppet strings of Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit. What absurdity!!

Lil Tony continues to use his House Slaves; lootah, Simeon Albert and gwo pwell magnet, Daryl Titre as his facilitators when he unleashes his racist and classist venom on Dominicans. Lil Tony sees Dominicans  as peasants, so he denigrates us and put us against each other while he desperately tries to maintain his bourgeoisie status. His behavior is straight from the slavery hand book, to rule and conquer, but his resistance is drifting into impotence.

Let us dissect Lil Tony and show him for who he truly is. Lil Tony is of Arab extract and got a good foundation from his father’s hard work when he moved from Lebanon to Dominica in the mid 1900’s. Lil Tony spent 7 years at university doing a 5 year law program and was called to the bar in 1983 . He was made Senior Counsel in 1999 during the UWP Government. No question, he made a name for himself amongst the political elites in the OECS and got the politicians to pay him with state funds while they fought their own people.

Lil Tony is a chronic political parasite and will do anything to maintain his relevance. He has the audacity to attack accomplished Dominicans who came from humble beginnings but do not support his political rhetoric. Lil Tony simply hates black people who he can not control. The names of our brothers and sisters who continue to protect what is left of our beloved, Dominica are being dragged to the gutter by this racist man. He calls us cockroaches, kakadors, mosquitoes, pigs, jackasses, bastards and idiots. Lil Tony has an affinity for posteriors because in his usual drunkenness he said how many times that he would push his feet up the backsides of reputable Dominicans. How can an individual like speaks 99% of the time on behalf of Prime Minister Skerrit? This is not acceptable.

Lil Tony behaves like an estate owner with power and a tickler but a mandingo on his own estate has to penetrate through his domestic affairs. The Vet mandingo has castrated Lil Tony’s thoughts of standing firm in that department. In fact, a few years ago, his Purchased Half jumped a fence in Pottersville to prevent her Vet mandingo from working on another estate. Because of Tony’s deficiency with “Tickle Me Elmo”, his was nicknamed “Lil Tony.” He has tried every enlargement pills but they have only increased the frequency of his buccal diaherra.

Lil Tony is an advantageous, insensitive, racist twerp. Even our beautiful and innocent women he tried tarnishing their reputation. It is alleged that several years ago Lil Tony, cooked a pot of dog food with onions and green pepper to feed our unsuspecting young ladies Newtown the ladies were teased and called Kal Kan, which is the brand name of the dog food. It is said that Lil Tony words to the ladies after he gave them the dog food were, “now you are real dogs.” How this man can be of us?

For a man to know and understand your daily struggles he has to live your struggles. Have you seen Lil Tony on the streets, in the ghetto, on the beach, at the funeral of our love ones, at social activities or at the supermarket? No!! But he is on the radio feeding hate to the public. While Dominicans are paying taxes at J. Astaphan & Co , he is preventing J. Astaphan & Co. from paying taxes the treasury of Dominica. How many Labour party ministers are trusting him? Lil Tony even spoke ill of PM Skerrit in January 2004, soon after the death Pierre Charles. Ask Ambrose George about Lil Tony, because “He knew”.

Lil Tony Astaphan does not like any of us, not even Krazy Tee. He only protects his selfish interest by using a few Dominicans to help peddle his dirty work. I hope that we all will unite against the racist savagery of Lil Tony and put a bridle on him once and for all.

Monday, March 26, 2018


Pilatus Bank Ali Sadr Hashemi
 Last week US law enforcement again busted another Iranian named Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad on charges of evading US economic sanctions against Iran. Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad is the chairman and owner of Maltese-registered Pilatus Bank. He  was arrested in Dulles Virginia on U.S. charges that he participated in a scheme to evade U.S. sanctions and allegedly laundered  more than $115 million under the guise of a Venezuelan construction contracts. According to the US prosecutors the money laundering activities were funneled through the US financial system. As alleged the Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad also created a network of fake companies and foreign bank accounts to distort business arrangements in Venezuela that were instituted strictly to evade US sanctions.

Although the indictment states that Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad is the owner of Malta based Pilatus Bank. It must be noted that the charges brought against Sadr Hashemi Nejad does not relate to the Pilatus bank. It is no secrete though that the Pilatus bank in and of itself has been embroiled in various controversies and has been accused of money laundering.
In November of 2017 Member of the European Parliament (MEP) David Casa presented the European Central Bank (ECB) with additional evidence of Pilatus Bank’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) violations. In Mr. Casa’s letter to the ECB’s Supervisory Board he stated that “the information he received was that Pilatus Bank was not just violating ant-money laundering regulations but that the bank had been set up specifically for money laundering purposes”. We will get back to this letter by MEP David Casa. 

Pilatus Bank was in litigation with the Maltese journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was assassinated in October of 2017 allegedly after she wrote several articles some accusing Pilatus Bank and its operation of facilitating corrupt political activities in Malta and money laundering.

Immediately following the arrest of Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad ,chairman and owner of Pilatus Bank, the Malta Financial Services Authority ordered the removal of Ali Sadr Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad from his position in the bank. The bank was directed not to dispose or perform any kind of transfer deals with client’s assets and forbids any banking transactions by the bank’s shareholders, board members and senior management officials.
We note with keen interest that one of the head honchos and the CEO of the Pilatus bank Hamid Reza Ghanbari happens to be an Iranian who for convenient and seemingly business reasons identifies himself as a Dominican. To avert the deception by the DLP spin cartel we want to emphasize that Mr. Hamid Reza Ghanbari carries a passport from the Commonwealth Of Dominica and not The Dominican Republic .
Back to the letter from MEP David Casato the European Central Bank

In his letter of concern and warning to the European Central Bank (ECB),  (MEP) David Casa took particular interest in emphasizing that the owner of the Pilatus bank Ali Sadr Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad owns a passport from St Kitts and Nevis and that CEO of the same Pilatus Bank Hamid Reza Ghanbari owns a Dominica Passport.
One can reasonably conclude that  MEP David Casa felt that it was very critical to bring attention to the fact that the Iranian men carry passports from St Kitts and Dominica not as genuine islanders but as part of the alleged suspicious financial activities. In addition the MEP also thought it was imperative to highlight the means by which the passports from St Kitts and Dominica were acquired. According to the MEP “Dominica passports are openly available for sale from a variety of agents.” 
Hamid Reza Ghanbari

The curious mind must now wonder why it is that in one way or another, directly or indirectly that Dominica seems to appear regularly on the international stage of crime and money laundering. It is no longer a secret or maybe universal  knowledge that Iranian and Dominica’s diplomatic passport holder Alireza Monfared had been busted for evading US and UN sanctions against Iran even while he was given a safe hiding place in Dominica by the Roosevelt Skerrit administration.

All we know at this juncture is that Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad and Hamid Reza Ghanbari are allegedly associated directly or indirectly with operations involving money laundering and evasion of US and UN economic sanctions against Iran however we remain particularly curious about the fact that official documents show that Mr. Hamid Reza Ghanbari obtained his Dominican passport at around the same time that Alireza Monfared received his Dominica passport. Is that by chance ?
Salisbury Iranian Ali Twaka Norm ki led 
We expect the usual spin, propaganda and distraction from the likes of Tony Astaphan and the Salisbury Iranian Ali twaka Norm-ki led, aka Clarence Christian. All we are asking is that the people of Dominica engage in basic and honest curiosity as oppose to the recurring DLP deception. Is it just coincidence or “Malere” that right within the fray of another international money laundering and sanction busting scheme that Dominica’s name is hanging in the background or is it just that Roosevelt Skerrit and his cabal are just too darn dirty and corrupt? 
Stay Tuned -MiTC will be publishing details of a few offshore bank accounts showing the millions Squirreled away in Zurich by elected Officials. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Parroter of Lies

The Roosevelt Skerrit government, caught once again selling bits and pieces of our national identity, is again attempting a coverup in the case of the illegal export of our parrots. To the rescue is the PS in the Ministry of Agriculture Reginald Thomas. In a lengthy statement issued on Tuesday in response to the controversy, Mr. Thomas lied to the public, stating that the parrots were exported legally and with the blessing of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Less than two months ago, on January 30th, CITES issued a Notification To The Parties bulletin that, among other things, bars the trade of CITES-listed species (including our parrots) from Dominica, ostensibly because Dominica has not filed its annual reports to the CITES Secretariat for 3 years. Mr. Thomas has this report on his desk; he must now tell us how he managed to get CITES to approve the export of our birds less than 40 days after the organization said no. A prerequisite for obtaining CITES approval would have been responding to the organizations' demand for Dominica's annual reports covering the last 3 years. Is Mr. Thomas going to tell us now that his ministry submitted the reports to CITES? If so, when? And if his ministry was able to submit 3 annual reports so quickly, why wasn't done when it was supposed to have been done? Where were these reports all along? Under his mattress? 
The Roosevelt Skerrit administration is a gang of corruptible officials akin to a criminal enterprise. Theft and criminality appears to be genetic in this crime family. Mr. Skerrit has sliced out a section of our National Park for his hotel scam at the Cabrits (neither Range Developments nor Kempinski owns the land, but it was given away. To whom? Who owns the land on which the Kempinski Hotel sits?). He has sold our National Flag, which now adorns many ships plying the routes of the Western Pacific evading United Nations sanctions. Mr. Skerrit continues to sell our National Identity, our passports. Now he is selling our National Bird; what's next, the Nationals? They're already turning a blind eye to the selling of our Kalinago babies to foreigners, is the population of African decent next? Are we next on the list to be sold? Will Mr. Skerrit get to the point where he determines that it is better to sell us than continue to bribe us, as he does now?

Mr. Thomas stated that he checked with officials in St. Lucia and St. Vincent about their experience with the group in Germany before signing off on the export of our birds. By his account, these nameless officials gave him the thumbs up. He also said that he looked into a similar program in Brazil with the Spix Macaw and found no issues there as well. What Mr. Thomas did not say was that in each of those countries, agreements were made to preserve and care for the indigenous birds in country, or in situ, as it is called in the field. In all 3 countries Mr. Thomas made reference to, Martin Guth has assisted with the commissioning of aviaries where the parrots in country. In Brazil, the rehabilitation project included purchase of land for the birds to reside. So the question is; why didn't Mr. Thomas and his ministry insist on the establishment of a National Aviary, with external assistance, that would care for our birds right here in Dominica? After all, this is their home. We could also train some bright young Dominicans as caretakers. Jobs, in other words, for our young people. Or, why did Mr. Thomas not insist that Mr. Guth partner with our sister islands, utilizing their aviaries in the captive breeding program? Why are our birds not in St. Lucia or St. Vincent where the climate is identical to ours? Why are our birds in Germany?

In his statement, Mr. Thomas noted said; "After witnessing the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria on the forest and the birds, and the impending upcoming more active hurricane season, it became evident that the birds, if left in the forest, would be impacted again and could possibly lead to extinction". Lovely words, but pure bullshit. If Mr. Thomas was so concerned about the effects of the birds in the wild, why then did he and his ministry not initiate a program to capture the birds in the wild for safekeeping? Mr. Thomas, in the event that you forgot, the birds you sold to Martin Guth were already in captivity, so how is that going to safeguard the birds that are now in the wild that you would like us to believe you care about? Lies lies and more lies. You were paid handsomely by Mr. Guth and you are attempting a coverup. Furthermore, why isn't this issue being addressed by the Forestry Minister, Mr. Skerrit?

The Rare Species Conservatory Foundation based in Florida, USA, had something to say about the illegal export of our birds. In a lengthy commentary, the foundation expressed concern at the development. In its statement, the foundation said;

  • Exporting wild birds from Caribbean islands to distant, foreign aviaries under the pretense of "saving species" contradicts the genuine conservation successes these range countries have strived for many years to achieve.  Caribbean parrot-export histories are well-known—as is the lack of scientific scrutiny from credentialed conservation NGO's and agencies like IUCN.  Historically, some such campaigns have extended grandiose promises of support for in-country programs without providing scientifically justified and vetted documentation or proposals, or unconditional, transparent and tangible support for the wildlife authorities themselves.  Often nested in these arrangements is a veiled agenda to export wildlife in exchange for financial or material support, with little or no transparency regarding funding sources, terms and conditions attached to funding or exported wildlife, credentials of outside groups’ delegates, or scientifically-vetted justification for proposed activities... Resources and funds used to create and sustain ex situ Caribbean parrot populations could establish sustainable in situ captive populations-- again, as needed-- that preserve island control over wildlife, thwart illegal trade, bolster pride and retain the species in the country of origin where they belong.  As specified by IUCN (Soorae, 2016), when captive management or breeding is necessary, it should be prioritized in the country of origin.  It bears emphasizing that all of the captive birds on Dominica and Puerto Rico survived Maria.  Maintaining a safe haven for non-releasable parrots on Dominica should be the top priority for any captive birds.  The Parrot Conservation and Research Centre, established in 1999, has long served as a protected home for non-releasable parrots and a rehabilitation center for birds to be returned to the wild. 
The Ministry of Forestry must present to the public all documents relating to the export of our parrots. We need to know about the amount of Euros paid over and under the table. This crime family we have that passes for a government must be stopped by all means, otherwise we will have nothing left for our children and grand-children. This nightmare must be brought to an end. MiTC will continue to track this story as it has garnered interest all over the world. We have been receiving emails from individuals and groups from as far away as Australia, Italy, Singapore and South Africa. We continue to press official organizations for comments; we will bring you those as they come through..

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