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Tuesday, June 25, 2019


In a statement made in New York during a DLP meeting ,Ian Douglas claimed that since the passage of Hurricane Maria, all damaged and missing roofs in Dominica   have been restored and that ALL Dominicans got their roofs restored without spending a penny on labor and material. Even the well programed Labor Party cheerleaders at the gathering in New York knew that Ian was being incredibly dishonest yet they applauded. Some people are suggesting that Ian might have had a few drinks as customary however we have no evidence to suggest that he was inebriated. 

Another theory out there is that Ian might have been lost in his own personal theater and experience in private dwelling construction, as he has been trying to build a house for himself for the past 10 years and has been doing so on “Koudmere” which is the colloquial phrase for community service and that allegedly ,Ian has been depending on building materials that conveniently fall off trucks delivering materials for Central and local government projects that are being done by a favored DLP contractor named Double OH in Portsmouth. We understand that on several occasions young men who have been riding the material delivery trucks and are aware that material falls off the trucks onto Ian’s property in Grange Portsmouth would return to steal the material and then Ian would have to wait for the next round of stray building material thus delaying the project completion.  A classic case of “Volere Vollais Volere” and Ian can't complaint or call the police

Ian Douglas continues to be an enigmatic political character in this entire Roosevelt Skerrit crime syndicate. He is affable yet particularly annoying with his foolish utterances and betrayal of the Labor Party legacy and that of his family, particularly his Dad Mike and Uncle Rosie. Although we condemn corruption in all places and will continue to expose the corrupt politicians ,we compare Ian’s political career to that of his colleagues and we cant help but wonder - is Ian as avaricious and selfish as his other cabinet  colleagues but would rather not flaunt the ill-gotten wealth like Skerrit and others?  Is he honest and hence the reason he has been struggling to have a house of his own or Is Ian just too timid and eviscerated to demand his rightful place and share in the loot? One thing for sure is that inherently Ian has enough political capital available to him to assert himself and either stop the corruption, mayhem and decay that Skerrit continues to impose on our country or he can simply become as brazenly amoral, flamboyantly wealthy and conniving as the man he has been following for 15 years. 

It’s been 10 years since Ian started building his private dwelling house in the Grange area of Portsmouth. The road to that property has not been  “Donkey Cart worthy for many years yet not for personal or even communal reason that Ian saw it fit to demanded the restoration of the roadway leading up to his property. The other cabinet colleagues have done it.Since he began construction of his dwelling house  Ian has been depending on “organized Braff Cookouts” (Koudmere)among his friends and associates to provide construction labor.  Now contrast Ians ambition with that of his flamboyant and boldface colleagues in the cabinet all of whom have hired contractors even, from overseas to construct their buildings: 

Roosevelt Skerrit constructed 8 Villas and put them on Bubbles name plus a mansion in Vielle Case and another mansion being built for him in Morne Daniel by a passport dealer; But Ian still building!!!  

Reginald Austrie built and expanded his empire with several houses (We may one day ask Reggie and the Cabinet why the owner of a green house close to the Benjamin’s Park in Portsmouth was receiving government checks to cover the rent for a young who lived at that property. While Ian still waiting for Double Oh !!!

We also have Baby Sarah’s daddy who own several buildings notwithstanding the building he purchased for his concubine. Ian still waiting for relief supply trucks!!

Collin McIntyre himself has hatched out a chunk of the Roseau Valley for himself and has walked away with over 250 passports as his retirement and backing for for his resort project. We are asking our readers to stay tune as we are about to unload the details of Collin McIntyre’s operation named  VITAL DEVELOPMENT LTD (VD LTD).  

Even when we consider the mysterious wealth  developed among some of the “hanger Ons” of the Skerrit Crime syndicate –the creepy lawyers, Kapitalizing One, Citizen By Investment coordinator, the Anichi gang et al Ian Douglas seemingly does not match up. According to Karessa “Ian Dog continues to be last.  

Portsmouth Youth Center
For whatever reason Ian made such an outrageous statement in New York, let’s hope that he will be man enough to recant his statement and if by any chance he was inebriated at the time, we trust that in his sobriety he will understand the gravity of his statement when so many people are still roofless and struggling in Dominica. We are asking Ian Douglas to go take a look at the Portsmouth Town Council Building(photo above) and also the Youth Center in Portsmouth. Ian Douglas may also want to ask the Mayor of Portsmouth Mr.Titus Francis, why the Town Council Building and the office of the mayor is in such a dilapidated condition when the PM Skerrit personally made the Mayor of Portsmouth the person in charge of handling and distributing building materials from the hurricane relief location in the Longhouse area of Portsmouth.

Sunday, June 23, 2019


Anyone listening to Reginald Austrie on the taped recording admitting that the Baby Sarah tragedy was indeed a reality and that the entire cabinet knew about Blackmoore’s ruthless behavior, would think that Austrie was just reacting to the MiTC article entitled “3 Days For Baby Sarah. We do have a surprise for you-the confession that we have all heard from Reginald Austrie  began way before MiTC released the said article. 

Following the Baby Sarah expose we saw how much the entire cabinet and their spin doctors were focused on protecting the Minister of National Security Rayburn Blackmoore and that their main objective was to discredit and persecute MiTC. They also foolishly harassed Trevor Johnson. During their relentless effort to bury the truth we kept warning that there are more embarrassing details that could be released to the public and voila Austrie is on tape confessing. Let it be known that this confession by Austrie’s is just one of the many other surprises that are in store and so hopefully the spinning clowns like Tony Astaphan, Clarence Christian and Gee Joseph will take warning and avoid repeatedly making fools of themselves. Reginald Austrie should be wondering what else is out there.

In this very revealing confession, Reginald Austrie repeatedly referenced the name Orlando and rightfully so many people are asking who is Orlando. At this juncture we don’t think it is necessary to reveal or focus on the identity of the person Orlando however what we can say is that Orlando is a government employee and he is the person who in our Baby Sarah/Blackmoore expose was harassed by Blackmore and his rogue police officer while on a on a date with Blackmore’s concubine. Visit (  Our  MiTC investigators have never met or even interacted with the person Orlando however we do have a fair idea who he is thanks to Reginald Austrie who on other occasions has provided very graphic and disparaging descriptions of the same Orlando. In the words of Austrie himself " "Reggie Boy behave yourself". Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc. 

We believe that it is very important to let the people of Dominica know that Austrie's recorded confession really began after MiTC sent out two warnings;one in the form of a letter to PM Skerrit asking him to investigate a cabinet member who had been accused of battering women and specifically his concubines.( After the warning letter and the PM's failure to respond we released the second warning in the form of  meme (meme shown above). It was from there that Austrie and some of his colleagues realized that MiTC knew what they themselves already knew about Blackmoore’s extra marital relationship; they also knew of Baby Sarah's mom.

Realizing that  MiTC was about to blow down the walls of Jericho, Austrie who was at the time acting Prime Minister summoned the government employee Orlando to his office for an interrogation. They thought that Orlando was responsible for leaking the story and it was based on this suspicion that Austrie had the harshest things to say about Orlando. 

With the warning details that was attached to the MiTC meme, Austrie and his colleagues knew exactly who they wanted to talk to- very much like when  Tony Astaphan ran to interview Siko Seko and Steven Isidore right after the  GON Emmanuel’s home was firebombed.  If Blackmoore was as innocent and ecclesiastical as Catherine Daniel why then did they immediately call Orlando in for questioning right after the meme was released? It is quite obvious that Austrie and the rest of the cabinet knew what was going on.

After confirming that Orlando was not the source of the leak sadly the cabinet decided that the tragedy of Baby Sarah was irrelevant and that the state resources should be spent on hunting down MiTC , persecuting Trevor Johnson  while covering up for Blackmoore's brutality..  

Now that we have all heard from Reginald Austrie that the cabinet knew of Blackmoore’s extramarital dalliances, his battered concubines and his mysterious wealth ,we should now be asking Skerrit why is Blackmoore still in his cabinet when Ian Pinard was asked to resign as a result of alleged carnal behavior towards a minor? Is it because Skerrit is afraid of Blackmoore or is it just because the Skerrit Family Party (SFP)knows that unlike the Soufriere constituency the Mahuat Constituency would not be a sure win for the SFP in a Bi-election;  Just imagine the optics and repurcussions of over 300 imported votes just to win a bi-election. 

Although Reginald Austrie’s is the last person anyone of us would turn to for moral guidance, his confession be it through devine intervention, forced or unforced error  gives us the opportunity to search within and to remind ourselves that when our children think of fairness, integrity and honor they should think of us the parents and adults. Are we still willing to sell our souls for impenitent characters whose sole purpose is to stay in power by any means necessary or are we ready to stand up and say enough?   

In the mean time Rest In Peace Baby Sarah  Reginald  Austrie with the help of Orlando have spoken the truth on your behalf.


While Skerrit and his Skerrit Family Party are busy trying to fool the people with more empty promises, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank is having great concerns about the performance of National Bank of Dominica (NBD).

We can confirm that over the past few days observers from the Central Bank have been in Dominica because they are concerned about the status of the NBD. Sources close to the NBD and the Central Bank have noted that Montserrat  with a population of only 5000 it's National Bank is performing on the same level or even better than the National Bank Of Dominica (NBD). All other national banks within the OECS union are performing satisfactorily with the exception of the NBD

We can safely assume that the departure of Ross University is having severe adverse impacts on the NBD. In our discussion with people familiar with the ongoing visit from the Central Bank , we have learned that the bank is grappling with an increased number of nonperforming loans since the departure of Ross University. The bank observers are also wary of Dominica’s economy-an economy that is solely dependent on the selling of passports.

MiTC will be following up on this matter at the NBD however we hope that the media professionals in Dominica will investigate this matter. One that should be of great concern to all.

Monday, May 20, 2019


When Tony sprang into action to save Skerrit from himself we understood exactly what the corrupt grifter senior counsel intended. After all if Tony had a client who impregnated a 15 year old and then his client took the young lady to Antigua to have an abortion then certainly Tony would not encourage this client to pontificate on matters of sexual predation or even on matters of rape and cover ups. Obviously that client would have had no moral authority to speak on such matters. In a desperate attempt to protect PM Roosevelt Skerrit from self-destruction Tony Astaphan took to the airwaves to discourage PM Skerrit from attempting to participate in any organized political debate. Tony did what he thought was necessary to avoid a major embarrassment to Roosevelt Skerrit who in a debate setting would be totally outclassed by either Lennox Linton or Kent Vital of the Dominica Freedom Party.  

The topic of Crime and corruption would most definitely become a centrifugal part of any political debate between political leaders in Dominica and it is so not just because crime and corruption is a prominent topic in political debates everywhere but primarily because we do have serious problems of crime and corruption in Dominica. Can you imagine the most corrupt prime minister in the region, Roosevelt Skerrit, having to make a presentation on the prevention of crime and corruption in Dominica? I am sure his wife and DLP candidate for Roseau Central Melissa Poponne Skerrit would remind him of what it is like to feel like Chopped Liver or just being laughed at by adversaries.

Should PM Skerrit be brave enough to accept the challenge of a debate we would most certainly want to ask him why is he using funds from the Ministry Of Finance Rapid Response Unit to issue to criminals who have been fined by the court? Several individuals who have had outstanding bills from the court had been encouraged to come to the Ministry where they have received monies to pay their court fines. Believe it or not there are those apologists who will argue that there is nothing wrong with the prime minister using the state funds to pay the bills of individuals who owe money to the state as a result of court fines.

The escalation of violent crimes with several shooting incidents is also of great concern. We have been following a particular shooting incident that took place in Portsmouth where the notorious gang character Kenny G had been arraigned on this matter. The matter is now before the high court judge but what we have learned is that the Prime Minister and his wife Melissa are allegedly behind the scene trying to meddle in the matter before the courts. In fact the DPP and aunt of Shakira Lockhart the DLP candidate for the Roseau South Constituency has already presented to the high court
an argument to dismiss the case simply because the shooting victim is not cooperating. There are allegations that the shooting victim was paid off  however some legal professional are wondering why the Director of prosecution (DPP ) Evelina John Baptist was so determined to dismiss the case when the matter can be tried with or without out the cooperation of the victim.  

It was indeed very disappointing to see the DPP flip flopping in the court as the St Lucian judge rejected the DPP’s motion to dismiss the case. The judge opined that the case should not be dismissed simply because the shooting victim is a non-cooperating witness. Evelina then resorted to the argument that there is not enough evidence to proceed with the case.

Kenny G is no stranger to drugs, crime and violence and as we have all seen over the past few years Kenny G remains a front man and flag bearer for Skerrit’s election campaign in the Roseau central constituency. He has been bragging about receiving monies from mysterious sources and there are allegations that two vehicles were purchased for and on behalf of Kenny G who is now in the car rental business.

Kenny G is a known gangster and has been accused of being affiliated with a number of violent crimes in Dominica- In a recent shooting death of a young man in Roseau Kenny G was questioned by the police as it was alleged that the gun used was tied to Kenny G. Who can forget the gruesome scene of Denny Shillingford lying in a pool of blood with laceration all over his body? Again Kenny G was questioned by the police on this matter.

In a recent Pornographic video circling on social media Kenny G can be heard in the background directing and commentating on the sexual acts that was taking place between two other individuals. In another video Kenny G is seen bragging about his criminal exploit- he boasted about biting up people and grabbing their jewelries.  

While Roosevelt Skerrit continueS to head his own crime syndicate as prime minister of Dominica it is still gut-wrenching to watch the PM and his wife publically align themselves with a notorious thug and his criminal gang all for political advantage. Even more  the so called upstanding people in society continue to sacrifice their principle for Skerrit and his brazen corruption and by so doing some have been forced to become automatic enablers for criminals like Kenny G. Let’s not forget those shameless “upstanding” individuals who went all out to protect the named culprits involved in the firebombing of Mr. GON Emmanuel’s home in Goodwill.  

At yesterday’s political event in Castle Bruce  Melissa is again seen posing and flashing gang sign with the notorious Kenny G street gang. With the widespread political interference within the police department it is no surprise that Daniel Carbon , Corbette,Valentine et al are all forced to turn a blind eye to gang activities as a means to build Melissa’s voting base. 

Once you start lying with dogs , you are going to get fleas and to those who think that it is politically kool for politicians to form alliances with criminals just for the votes remember that when the rain falls it falls on every house.

Friday, May 17, 2019


Is Dominica experiencing difficulties accessing CBI funds? Last week we were very reliably informed that the Kempinski Hotel project had not paid its workers for two consecutive fortnights. We spoke to several employees to include a few Haitians who were quite upset when their employers were asking them to come to work even after not being paid for an entire month.  

We cannot confirm that the problem at the Kempinski is related to a bottleneck in the flow of the CBI funds however we became even more concerned when yesterday Thursday, May 16, the Anichi Hotel project laid off most of its employees on the construction site. We understand that the laid off employees were told that the reason for the layoffs is because their was a budget overun 

The sudden layoff of the project employees at the Anichi Hotel construction site is cause for concern. We spoke to a few employees and they are very distraught particularly because none of them saw the layoffs coming. Many of the employees depended on this income to help with the hardship created by the massive loss of jobs since the Ross Departure  

The sudden mass layoff at the Anichi construction site certainly does not suggest that the project has overrun its budget. On a project of this sort the project management should have had advance knowledge of the cost trends and would have taken mitigating action for cost control. Although the cost cutting measures could include a reduction in manpower the sudden mass layoff of the labor force suggest that at this point there is no money to cover the labor cost and without the entire labor force ultimately the project is forced to a halt.

It is now the responsibility of the official media to find out from the government whether the sudden layoff at the Anichi Hotel site and the nonpayment of salaries at the Kempinski Hotel is merely coincidental or is it that Dominica is still having difficulties accessing the CBI funds.

The layoff at the Anichi construction site will definitely exacerbate the mass unemployment and the dire economic situation  created by the departure of Ross University from the Portsmouth area. The only question is - how much more are the people of Portsmouth willing to endure ? 

Thursday, April 25, 2019


A few years ago people were curious about Mervin Paul’s sharp rise from prison guard to head of government Information Service (GIS). What we found out from our friends within the Labor Party circles was that Mervin Paul was privy to some sensitive and incriminating information and it is alleged that on one occasion there was a threat to fire Mervin Paul from a lower level position which he held in the government service. It was reported that Mervin Paul pulled out his ace card and threatened to expose some offshore account information that he had and according to our Laborite friends Mervin Paul got promoted to head of GIS instead of getting fired for his combative and confrontational behavior.

Today the head of the GIS is Daryl Titre and we are again wondering how did that happened. How did Daryl Titre get promoted to the head of GIS when the Prime Minister and his entire cabinet are aware of Daryl Titre’s criminal exploits- his series of bounce checks, the Haitian Visa scam, the nonpayment of his vehicle registration for 3 years and now he is posing as a fraudulent Bounty Hunter. Like Mervin Paul is Daryl Titre walking around with a silver bullet that Skerrit is afraid off?
The attached document proves that from June 27, 2015 through February 8, 2019 Daryl Titre had not paid his vehicle registration fee for his KIA Sportage, vehicle registration number PI-253. If the vehicle registration is now up to date it is only because a few weeks ago there were a few comments on social media regarding Daryl Titre driving around in his unlicensed vehicle. Note well that Daryl Titre runs a radio program where he spend so much off his time on air denigrating people who are non-supporters of the Dominica Labor Party yet he has been using his vehicle for almost 4 years without paying the vehicle registration fees. Boy Pay your taxes Daryl Titre 
Like Clarence Christian, Daryl’s vehicle had been repossessed by a  dealership in Dominica. In an effort to get the dealer to hand him back the vehicle Daryl did what Daryl does best – he tapped into his criminal ways and came up with a fraudulent scheme. With his connection to the DLP administration Daryl was able to get a stamp from the treasury department. Using the illegal stamp he forged a letter that appears to come from the government treasury department and notifying the dealership that he is on government contract and that the treasury department would send his gratuity check directly to the dealership. The fraud was detected and like always Daryl’s scam was swept under the rug and he continues to operate as a mouth piece for the DLP on Kairi FM Radio.

We also know that like Karmala John Baptist, Daryl Titre had left a spate of bounce checks at various locations in Dominica. We can confirm that following the trails of bounced checks, Daryl Titre was taken into the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) where he was interrogated by investigating officers Mathew Williams and Cuffy Williams. Again it is because of Daryl Titre’s DLP connection that he is not lodging at the Stock Farm prison for issuing so many bad checks. But then again before he became Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit was also involved in writing bad checks so Skerrit really has no moral authority to chastise or discipline Daryl Titre for issuing bad checks. 

While serving as the press attaché to the government of Dominica Daryl Titre together with police officer Blanc had been involved in a Haitian visa scam. In fact it was only because some Haitians came to the government building complaining that Daryl Titre had extorted $25,000 from them that Daryl was removed from the position of press attaché and placed in a position at GIS. The police who partnered with Daryl in this Haitian visa scam is now head of Skerrit’s special security unit and is today still pissed off with Daryl Titre because Daryl Titre only gave him $4000 out of their scam operation.  

A few weeks ago it was announced that Daryl Titre was promoted to head of GIS. and we can assure you that just a few weeks before Daryl was promoted to head of GIS, Prime Minister Skerrit and the Chief Of Police Daniel Carbon received a letter from Pelham John Baptist complaining about a new scam that Daryl Titre had been involved in. What is quite intriguing about this new scam is that when Daryl Titre got caught in yet another fraudulent act he falsely named Pelham John Baptist as a partner in his criminal operation

According to our investigation, a retired citizen (returning Londoner) in the Warner area had been scammed by a builder who he gave a down payment on a construction project. The builder took the money and run. At the time of the incident Daryl Titre also lived in Warner and he knew of the senior citizen’s plight and so Daryl came up with the idea of becoming a bounty hunter. He told the senior citizen that he could help him find the absconding builder. We understand that Daryl told the senior citizen that the builder was hiding out in Antigua and that he Daryl would need $8000 to get a detective and to bring the Builder back to Dominica to face justice.

Needless to say after Bounty Hunter Daryl Titre received the $8000 payment from the unsuspecting retiree Daryl himself became the absconding Bounty Hunter. After several failed attempt to get an update from Daryl the senior citizen contacted attorney at Law, Morgan. When the attorney finally got hold of Daryl Titre and questioned him about the $8000 Bounty contract he told the attorney that he hired Pelham John Baptist as the detective and that Pelham was taking care of the matter. The attorney then contacted Pelham John Baptist who knew nothing about Daryl’s Bounty Hunter gig.

As expected Pelham John Baptist who we know can be an upright police officer was quite upset and took the matter very seriously. He wrote a letter of complaint to the police commissioner and copied the Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit. Instead of taking swift and punitive action what we saw was some DLP operatives jumping in to rescue and cover up Daryl Titre’s criminal behavior again. What we discovered is that Cecil Joseph intervened and made an arrangement for Daryl to repay the senior citizen. Cecil took Daryl out of Warner and had him stay in his basement rent free so that Daryl could use the rent money to repay the senior citizen $8000.

Cecil Joseph you are most welcome- MiTC have answered the question that people have been asking. Why did Daryl Titre move from Warner and into your basement? 

Saturday, April 6, 2019


After promising to clean up his diplomatic passport selling and racketeering program, PM Roosevelt Skerrit is again caught in another Diplomatic Passport scandal. This time PM Skerrit himself has been caught using two separate diplomatic passports with different date of births and many in the international community are suggesting that the two diplomatic passport scheme is really an effort by Skerrit to distort his travelling plans.  

The question of why the PM uses two separate diplomatic passports is in itself quite worrisome and scandalous however from the evidence in our possession the PM is using two different date of birth (DOB). On Diplomatic passport DP 0000572 the PM DOB is shown as January 8 1972 and on Diplomatic Passport 0000487 the DOB is June 8 1972.

Many of us will remember that during the French citizenship fiasco the shameless Tony “Wee wee Pequinio” Astaphan misled the Dominican people when he said that the PM was borne in Guadeloupe in June of 1972. When it was proven that Wee Wee Pequinio was again lying he changed the PM DOB and place of Birth- January 1972, Dominica. But Tony Astaphan is as irrelevant as yesterday’s bathroom visit.

The evidence in our possession also shows that the PM Roosevelt Skerrit conveniently employs the diplomatic passports based on the areas of travel. We saw that he uses one diplomatic passport to travel to the United States and other Western countries and then he uses the other to places like Dubai, Pakistan, Venezuela etc. In his most recent travel to Ghana (Trip paid by an entity in Ghanna) Skerrit used one diplomatic passport and on a different leg of that travel he used another diplomatic passport to travel to the United States for the UN engagement where his wife Melissa was seen sitting where she does not belong. 

Skerrit and Dodgy Monfared
It is really no surprise that a PM who for years  has peddled Dominica’s diplomatic passports to dodgy diplomats such as Udo Carsten Deppische, Alireza Monfared, NG Lap Seng and many others is himself in possession of more than one diplomatic passport. We do expect the shameless spinners like Parry Bellot and "Sleeping Beauty" Clarence Christian to come out in defense of the PM’s insidious conduct. The questions that the reasonable person should be asking are

Why is the PM moving around with two different diplomatic passports?

Did any other PM travel around with two different diplomatic passport and with  different DOB.

Why is the PM trying to distort his travel plans and way about?

We may also recall the famous Las Vegas swap where PM Skerrit attempted to dump the secret service because he did not want the US authorities to know that he was meeting with NG Lap Seng at a Hotel in in Las Vegas. Based on our sources the authorities are looking at the PM’s two diplomatic passport scheme.

PM Roosevelt continues to show us his real character – a deceitful, avaricious and reckless con man. There is no question that the ghosts of the past and present are on Skerrit’s trail and this Machiavellian character that Skerrit has adopted just to remain in power is strictly about survival – a means to avoid possible indictments and even  jail time for crimes against the state.

Monday, April 1, 2019


Pacific Hope People Repairing the Docking Facility at Cabrits
In a recent posting on social media, Minister Of Tourism Robert Tonge touted photos of handrails being installed on the Cabrits cruise ship berth facility. The Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth and Passenger  terminal was built during the Freedom Party administration and was completed somewhere around 1990. Over the last 20 years of the Labor Party administration the entire facility had been neglected, one may even say abandoned and yet again the very same loyal people of Portsmouth were denied economic opportunities in the Cruise Tourism sector. The fact that Robbie Tonge is bragging about a  a facility that went into dereliction under the Labor Party is ludicrous

While it is true that the government is now doing some repair work at the Cabrits facility there is a reason for doing so and it is not because cruise ships are coming to Portsmouth. If that was the case Robbie Tong would have been bragging about it. Robbie Tong all we are asking is that you guys must be honest and transparent with the people. Stop the lying and the half truths.

Before we reveal the reason why the government is desperately doing repairs at the Cabrits facility it is important to present a few facts  - not just for truth to power but to expose Robbie Tonge’s brashness and deception. 
  •          Prior to Hurricane Maria the Cabrits Cruise Ship facility was just another decrepit government facility – the docking structure was in total ruin and the terminal hijacked by molds and Mildew- very much like the former Marigot hospital. (We know that molds and “Poopoule” in government facilities have become the hallmark of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration). 
  •          After Hurricane Maria the docking structure was repaired (hand Rails excluded) by the Pacific Hope missionary group so that they could provide free medical care for thousands of Dominicans.(see the attached Photo). The medical services are provided from a vessel docked at the same Cabits facility and today the Pacific Hope missionaries are being harassed and asked to remove their vessel from the Cabrits dock.
Robbie Tonge’s Half Truth
The repair work that is now being done at the Cabrits cruise ship facility is as a result of a desperate turn in Kempinski’s operation plans. We can confirm that like Ross University, Kempinski have had serious concerns and complaints  about air access and the unavailability of an international airport, infrastructural upgrades, improvement in the medical services and trained people for hire. In our article “The Bare Promise Of A Point Round Airport……… “ we revealed that Skerrit promised Kempinski that an international airport would be built in the Point Round area in time for the Kempinski Hotel opening. At the time we published the article the developers of the Kempinski Hotel were beginning to realize that Skerrit is a conniving and vindictive con man. We also know that it was after the Kempinski developers began to sound the alarm about the airport situation that PM Skerrit came up with the idea of building the international airport using a piggy bank (Cash Pan) scheme. (

We have also learned that  because the Lagoon/Cotton Hill relocation plan had not been fulfilled  PM Skerrit also promised the Kempinski developers that a Roadway would be routed from the One Mile area of Portsmouth directly through the Chance and the Buck area and unto the Kempinski Compound. According to our sources the back road would serve as a detour from the not so pleasant scenery in the Lagoon section of Portsmouth. No sign of a new roadway in the area at this point

We can also confirm that the relationship between PM Skerrit and the Kempinski development personnel had become so sordid that it was only recently that PM Skerrit started engaging with the lead people on the project. According to a disgruntled cabinet member “I will have to say that he is talking to the people now because he knows election is near and that he will need them fellas to boost the DLP campaign.”  

Sleeping Beauty
With the unfulfilled promise of an international airport, it is only logical to ask “how is 160 room 5 star hotel going to be successful on an island where air access is unaccommodating and not on par with the competing islands in the region. For this reason Kempinski has now altered their operation plan. According to our sources instead of the open room hotel model Kempinski intend to focus on strictly an exclusive client type system with emphasis on deep pocket clients from the Middle East. As part of the alternate operations plan the exclusive clients will be privately ferried from Guadeloupe directly to the Cabrits facility and then driven straight to the Kempinski hotel or shall we say resort. The restoration of the Cabrits facility and the reconstruction of the Cabrits roadway  with palm trees planted along the roadside is all part of the kempinski alternative advancement plan. This is why the government is desperately repairing the Cabrits Facility and we dare the sleeping Beauty Clarence Christian to challenge us on this.  

Had Range Capital not receive free money and real estate to develop the Kempinski hotel there is no reason to believe that Range Capital would want to invest in Dominica however if they did there is no doubt that like Ross University Dominicans would most likely have seen a KEMPIT (Kempinski Exit). Range Capital was given free land and about 850 passports, approximately EC $230 Million of the people’s money to develop the Kempinski Hotel. In reality Range capital and the Kempinski Hotel developers has little or no risk in the game. In fact in another article we will show how much money that Mohammed Asaria and Range Capital could be making from the sale of our passports for the Kempinski Hotel development .   

One question that the people of Dominica must continue to ask PM Skerrit and Mohammed Asaria  is – “who owns the hotel  after it is built with the  people’s resources?” Since the inception of the hotel projects the PM and his administration are yet to provide clarifications on the ownership structure of not only the Kempinski hotel but the “Alick Lawrence” Hotel and the proposed Collin McIntyre resort in the Valley- all of which have been financed by the people’s passport revenue.

We have also learned that a recent meeting between the government officials and the Kempinski developers had not been so nice and dandy for the government officials. Our sources have told us that the meeting was an opportunity for the kempinski developers to voice their grievances and to show feats of strength. We learned that instead of the agreed 55% limit on foreign employees the Kempinski developers have demanded the right to use 78% or more of foreign employees. People who are familiar with the proceedings of that meeting were concerned that Dominicans may only be entitled to the Low end paying jobs. But then again due to the severe economic doldrums Dominicans trained in Hotel management and hospitality are not readily available for hire and the Kempinski developers may have legitimate reasons to bring in foreign employees.

What was started and promoted as 160 Room 5 star hotel is now being pushed as an exclusive type resort and it is fair to ask whether this hotel will be just another White Elephant. For the sake of the dire unemployment situation in Dominica we sincerely wish that the hotel development becomes a  success. However we must be pragmatic- the high possibility of empty hotel rooms must be a cause for concern and it is no surprise that the Kempinski developers have adopted desperate measures and alternate plans. Just as in the case of Ross University the Roosevelt Skerrit government has not met their end of the bargain which is to primarily create easy air access in and out of Dominica. Now the Kempinski development is facing an enormous challenge and the blame falls squarely at the feet of PM Skerrit and his administration. No amount of spins , lies and excuses will help the situation at this point.

It is clear that the established hotels on the island are currently underperforming and it may have been much more prudent to use the over $500 Million to develop air access and to help upgrade the existing hotel rooms on the island as oppose to giving private hotel developers / passport sellers free money and real estate for Hotel development.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


During the 2018 – 2019 Budget address the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit quoted “Madam Speaker for fiscal year 2018-2019, non-tax revenue is estimated at $428 million, or 54% - this comes primarily from the CBI Program.” (Ministry of Finance Budget Address 2018 -2019). Fast forward to March 2019, the official State Gazette Reports 3,967 passports were sold between August and December 2018. 

At US $100,000 per pop and with 50% of the passport sales going to the passport sales agent a reasonable estimate shows  that between August and December of 2018 the people of Dominica should have seen roughly  US$400,000,000 or EC$1,000,000,000EC (400 million US or 1 Billion EC. 

By averaging the sales for the remaining 3 quarters of 2018 we can safely estimate  that another  US $1.2 Billion US or EC $3 billion were made from the sale of our passports. 

We say all this to remind Dominicans that when cronies of the Dominica Labor Party are walking around offering money for votes and loyalty it is important to keep in mind that all of the the bribe money belong to we the people and not that of Skerrit , Kapitolin or Shakira Lochart . Skerrit can no longer lie about getting his bribe money from friendly governments and diplomatic passport sales are under tight scrutiny. 

It is alleged that after it was announced that a popular and promising young man from the Village of Penville maybe the UWP candidate for the Vielle Case /Penville constituency, that DLP shysters  Floyd Kapitolin and tight pants Austelle Lockhart were both deployed to the Village of Penville to dole out cash  to the people and the promise of more to come.

Canefield Fire Station
 The Trillion Dollar question is -“Have Roosevelt Skerrit, Floyd Kapitolin or Austell Lockhart seen the Penville Health Center?  We had the chance to visit the village of Penville and after having witness the neglect and derelict condition of the Penville Health Center we realize that Roosevelt Skerrit and his Cronies are not just about politicking but are truly unsociable ,ruthless and “Maduroesque” in behavior. The above photo shows the current condition of the Penville Health Center. 

It is widely known and seen that DLP mercenaries are actively using state resources in all manner to push the Dominica Labor Party agenda. We see how much state resources were utilized to cover and protect the disgraceful Rayburn Blackmoore after the Baby Sahra revelations yet the Canfield Fire station remains in deplorable conditions. See the attached photo and go take a look as Tony Astaphan will say the picture was doctored.   

Finally we must again appeal to the conscience of those in the Diaspora who are willing to accept bribe money and plane tickets to come vote for these brigands  of the Dominica Skerrit Party – take a look at the Penville Health Center, the Canefield Fire Station , the many other government buildings and the many citizens who are still under tarpaulins. It would be a travesty for Dominicans in the diaspora to at this point in Dominica’s recovery and struggles to accept from Skerrit and his goons monies stolen from the people of Dominica.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Just like they destroyed the Public Works Department and it’s employees for their personal benefit ,Labor Party operatives have now taken over the national plant propagation program and have now privatized the selling of planting materials and they are charging the farmers three times the normal price of planting materal .
abandoned screen house
A few months ago we reported on the status of the various plant propagation stations throughout the island. We exposed the dilapidated and less than humane conditions at a number of propagation stations. During our investigations we found out that the government propagation workers at some locations have had to use the nearby bushes for their bathroom break. 

What we have learned since our last report is that the shameful neglect and abandonment of the government plant propagation operations had been a well calculated plan by Labor Party operative Joseph Blanford  as he is  now the main planting material supplier on the island.

Joseph Blandford currently holds the following positions under the Ministry Of Agriculture (MOA)- National Propagation Coordinator/ overseer; Chairman Of the Chemical Board; National Tree Coordinator. Our investigation reveals that as National Propagation Coordinator Joseph Blanford engineered a decision to neglect and abandon the national plant propagation program and as a result the government propagation stations are left dilapidated and nonfunctional.  Joseph Blandford in the meanwhile is running his private plant propagation operation in Kingshill where he is charging farmers $30.00 per plant as opposed to the government’s fee of $10.00 per plant. We can also confirm that Joseph Blanford utilizes the government vehicle to run his private operation. He uses the government (GA) vehicle to deliver material to his customers as well.

We were also reliably informed that as National Propagation Coordinator, Joseph Blanford also took a decision to destroy a number of planting materials from the various government locations. It was decided that these planting materials were contaminated after the passage of Maria and should be destroyed. However our sources have indicated that a lot of the planting materials were transferred to Blandford’s uncertified private operation in Kingshill.

Blanford Facility
It is quite obvious that neither the Minister of Agriculture and Petro Caribe Reginald Austrie nor his Permanent Secretary the Parrot Magician Reginald Thomas have the moral authority to curb this blatant conflicting interest operation as conducted by Joseph Blandford. The cart Blanche authority of Joseph Blanford is yet another reminder of why the mighty Public Works Department is now an inconspicuous and insignificant institution. It is so because the Dominica Labor Party operatives decided that they through their disguised companies should self-perform contracts that would have been assigned to the Public Works Department. Today public works is just a shell of what it once was. With DLP hacks like Rickie Brumant and Joseph Blanford running roughshod on the national plant propagation operation it is just a matter of time before another essential government service is totally annihilate and the  employees under the plant propagation unit are made redundant.

 The government has just received a shipment of citrus plants supposedly from Israel. We are keeping a close watch on these citrus plants and where they may end up. We will keep our lenses focused on Blanford’s facility in Kingshill. We were also told to expect the exclusion of the agriculture extension officers in the distribution of these citrus plants. We understand that DLP Parl Reps and new DLP candidates will be given the responsibility to handle and distribute the new citrus plants to farmers.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


In our article “In The Mind Of A Sociopath….” dated May 2 2018 we broke the story of the PM dissing and refusing to meet the Ross university executives to discuss the future of Ross in Dominica. At the time no one took heed because the labor party apologists on Kairi FM and on social media tried to discredit us. Two months after we exposed the PM’s callous and reckless behavior towards the Ross executives ROSSIT (Ross Exit) was announced and it was  a few week thereafter that the PM's arrogant and rash behavior became a matter of public discussion. In spite of the relentless attacks on MiTC by Tony Astaphan and his apostles ,our stories continue to stand up to the veracity test. In a simple question posed to the PM by Mystelics on whether or not he the PM dissed Ross University executives- the PM who is a boldface liar could not even deny the accusations. Instead he begged to not look back at what happened. Really?
In our article “Collin McIntyre Foot..” dated November 3,2017 and in another article January 15,2018 entitle “Body of Russian Oligarch…” we forewarned of Collin McIntyre’s plans to use our passports to build , own and operate a hotel up in the Valley. In spite of providing two separate publication of the ensuing scam we must admit that Anthony Astaphan failed attack MiTC or to respond and we know that his silence on this particular matter  was not really a show of consent but rather, Tony’s unwillingness to defend a man who repeatedly ate his cheese and horned him at the same time.


Even if Tony Astaphan had tried to defend his domestic nemesis ,Collin McIntyre, the truth always stands tall and at the end of it all Tony and his goons always end up carrying the crown of shame. The Dominica government has recently announced that another passport hotel is in the pipeline for the Valley area but here is what they don't want you to know- the project is a joint venture arrangement between Collin McIntyre and a Russian named Alexander. Alexander is the husband of the deceased Ena Lerner from the infamous and criminal operation of 8 Copthall Roseau Valley.

The Collin McIntyre and Alexander joint Venture has received roughly 600 of our passports to sell mainly among the Russian community, the mafia included. The passport revenues, according to plans would be used to purchase the land and build the hotel. But here is a very interesting and upsetting  twist. Collin McIntyre has already used our passport money to purchase his own land and land from another gentleman name Alport. At the completion of the project Collin McIntyre will own 58% of the hotel project and Alexander will control the remaining 42%.The people of Dominica – Zilch, Zero !!!!!
It is pointless to spend time on highlighting the brazen corruption and the wholesale rip off of the people’s resources by these thieves in office, as Skerrit, Collin McIntyre et al are no longer committing those corrupt and criminal acts behind the curtains. They are operating on the premise that no law no constitution can stop them and that they have total dominance over the people and resources of the country.

Now that we have again exposed the ownership arrangement of this proposed Hotel project in the Valley, we hope that the people of Dominica will begin to ask about the hotels that are under construction in Portsmouth. We are asking the people of Dominica to get involved and find out who has ownership interest in the hotels.  After all the people’s passports are being sold to build these hotels. 
There is a lot at stake and like the Maduro regime Skerrit and his goons will do almost anything to remain in power. They will lie, cheat steal and bribe anyone willing to sell themselves to the fancies of this evil gang. There is a lot that Skerrit and his gang will have to account for and they will never relinquish power to the citizens of Dominica. But it is now or never - we have to take our country back from these boldface brigands and criminals. 

Hopefully at some point Collin McIntyre will come clean on why he deliberately ate Tony's Cheese - Was it fate, revenge or just coincidence??? 
 Tony MiTC never ask a question that we don't have the answer for!!!!!!  

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