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Thursday, February 15, 2018


Farmers In Red Clinic Fashion -waiting 
With yet another brazen and shameful vote buying type operation, the government of Dominica decided that "clientelism" would be the preferred method for the utilization and distribution of the Agricultural Development grant funding. The funding which was provided by the World Bank was supposed to be invested in the regeneration of the agricultural sector after the devastating winds of Hurricane Maria.

Many people were totally disgusted and disappointed in the way the Roosevelt Skerrit government utilize $18 Million to play politics as oppose to genuinely investing the money in developing a productive Agricultural sector. Quite interestingly a fair portion of the discontent and criticism came from Labour Party supporters. Thanks to our disgruntled Labourite friends, we received in our In-Box a copy of the List of “Farmers” in the North, those who received commercial disbursements of  $10,000 and a separate list of  small business “farmers” those who received from $3000.00.
The List
We are in no position to postulate on who should or should not have received funds nor are we in a position to decide who should have made it on the commercial list or the list of  small business farmers. What we know for sure is that the manner in which the government of Dominica has handled the Agriculture Emergency Relief grant by the World Bank, is disgraceful, despicable, disrespectful and insulting to say the least.

The mere appearance of a people groveling and climbing upon each other for a few puny dollars is very much telling of the society that PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his administration has nurtured. The biggest question that we all must ask is – was there some type of "control and assurance" program implemented by the government to insure that this $18 Million development funding will yield the maximum benefit?

According to our sources the list is made up of people who are neither farmers nor small business owners. For instance, it was pointed out to us that on this list of “farmers” in the North a gentleman who received $10,000 and he is neither a farmer nor a small business owner but instead works at a gas station pumping gas.   

We have also been warned that several members from the same household have received disbursements under the commercial or small business category. In one instance someone appeared on the list twice. 

We understand that all the “farmers” irrespective how much money they are receiving are asked to sign the bottom of a document that states at the top of that same document that the farmer is receiving $10,000. Is this an honest mistake or   deliberate attempt to distort the money trail and or to provide a favorable report to the World Bank?

In the interest of transparency we are providing a copy of the list of “farmers.” Take note that we insist on parenthesizing the word farmers because we want to leave it to the readers to decide who they know to be the real farmers in Dominica. It is left to you the readers to identify the imposters, the people who are in the NEP program supervising grass cutters and yet are receiving $10,000. You the readers must decide whether roadside grass cutting is a form of farming.
CLICK HERE to view "Farmer's List"
It is the readers who must ask themselves why it is that today we have over three thousand “farmers “ yet prior to Hurricane Maria the agriculture industry was at its lowest in the history  organized agriculture in Dominica. 

We leave it to the readers to figure out why it is that prior to Hurricane Maria only 7-10 farmers from the  entire  Vielle Case, Thibaud and Penville district would consistently show up for engagements with officers from the Ministry Of Agriculture yet the lion share of the funds designated for the Northern district goes to Vielle Case, Penville and Thibaud.  Out of a total 152 commercial “Farmers” the government presented and approved 92 commercial farmers in the Vielle Case area.

Under the small business  farming section ,a total of 432 were approved Again the government approved 162 small businesses from Vielle Case out of the total of 432 small business farmers in the entire North of Dominica. Lets leave this for the "straight eye" analysis of Clarence Christian. 

Two years ago Massinthecemetery featured a prolific young farmer Hiliare John Baptist aka “Castle”. We reported that Farmer Castle had been one of the premier banana producing farmers on the island and one of the very few farmers who was able to stay in the fight against the Black Sigatoka and the “red Sigatoka- the DLP” Farmer Hiliare John Baptist had been running a well-organized farming business distributing bananas to various outlets and also donating boxes of bananas to needy institutions free of charge. We notice that Farmer Hiliare John Baptist did not make it to the commercial. We leave it to the readers to ask why Farmer Castle was not on the commercial list when he was the one of the largest banana producing farmer on the island.
CLICK HERE to view the Commercial List
The government and its apologists would like nothing more than for this fraudulent, despicable government conduct to be just “talk”. In the interest of transparency MiTC is more than happy to provide you with the real document containing the list of “farmers” in the north of the island who have received funding. We are nevertheless very happy for the genuine farmers who have received the support from the program and we hope that the moneys received will help in rebuilding their farms.

We are also encouraging people to print out the list and give out copies to those who are conveniently blind

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Election Material On The Move
 Dominicans are well aware that the modus operandi of PM Skerrit is to insure that he and his circle of operating “lootahs” will forever be in control of how the people eat and sleep and whether or not some are deserving of toilets. Even in the greatest time of deprivation and a period that requires great humanitarian sacrifice the government Squirrels, hyenas and woodpeckers  are in full character mode – They are stealing from the pot and returning the loot as vote bargaining chips.

How much longer are we the people going to tolerate Prime Minister Skerrit and his Labor Party utilizing the country’s resources not for the development of  the people but to impose and facilitate economic slavery in Dominica-a means by which they cling on to power.

Who can forget the disgraceful red clinic; a farcical “social program” that have yielded nothing but amplified indigence  and  a people programmed to believe that governance is about a Prime Minister and his goons becoming overnight millionaires ,possibly billionaires and them having the ultimate responsibility  to feed the population with crumbs, handouts and propaganda.

Prime Minister Skerrit and his operating gang of “lootahs” are also fully aware that in order to remain in office they must keep the people economically debilitated and totally dependent on the occasional distribution of crumbs and handout that they have looted from the people. In fact it is well established that PM Roosevelt Skerrit's wining legacy is based on (1) Election fraud and (2) an acculturated poverty and handout system that fosters loyalty at the polling stations.

The next general election is right around the corner and believe it or not even as Dominicans are trying to pick up themselves from the ravages of Hurricane Maria ,PM Skerrit and his advisors have been plotting to use the people’s plight as a means to further hijack the people's government. A few weeks after the Hurricane Maria disaster the PM and his advisors acknowledged that it was the opportune moment to take advantage of the people’s desperation. It was decided that the country’s dire need for building material would work to their advantage and in keeping with their repeated vote buying schemes. A decision was taken to purchase over EC $4 Million worth of building material from a supplier in Jamaica. The plan revealed that the material would be stored and then distributed during the upcoming election campaign.   

Our information also suggests that the building materials are already in Dominica and is supposedly being offloaded.We know that the Skerrit apologists will be quick deny or attempt to cause distraction and so for your edification we are presenting an actual copy of the export invoice showing the list of material, cost and supplier’s information - the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We expect the looting Joiner with a broadcasting microphone, and Collin McIntyre's Lavabo Tony Astaphan to put a spin on this.

The vessel in the attached photo is allegedly the vessel holding the pork barrels/building material. We are asking ALL Dominicans to keep an eye not only on the vessel but also the building material that is being offloaded from that vessel. The plan afoot is to store the material until the election campaign is on. The people must also take note of where the material is stored and make sure that people like Simeone Albert and the fake Banker Martin Charles do not have keys to the storage area. The people must also insure that the material does not go to passport dealers who are supposedly building hotels with passport dollars. Keep your eyes on the prize that's all we are asking. 

Take note that the consignee in the export invoice is stated as the Ministry of Housing but we can assure you that this is all smoke and mirrors. We sincerely hope that the people of Dominica will not fall for this disgraceful and shameful tactic by Roosevelt Skerrit, Hartley Henry and company.

Now that we have exposed their insidious scheme we hope that the government will crawl out of that low place to utilize the people’s building material for the overall good of the country and if they won’t then the people’s power should teach these “lootahs” a valuable lesson. 

It should not come as a surprise that PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his goons are again planning to “veglais” the people with building material during the upcoming general elections. After all it is who they are and what they do. Only evil spirited people, the political hyena’s and “lootahs” that would move in to take advantage of a people so wounded by the worse disaster in Dominica’s history.  

Stay tuned we will be presenting our readers with a packaged that is destined to anger the “Lootahs” in government and one that will please the real farmers of Dominica.

Also look out for some interesting new development in the Pedro Fort Berbel Dominica saga. New players- Mango Trust, A former Mayor of Portsmouth and another attorney, all deeply entrenched in the alleged Pedro Fort Berbel Ponzi Scheme.   

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Goon Squad

Following a tip, we tuned in to KairiFM last Saturday night, and what we were a witness to was an undeservedly brutal assault on the reputation of  Q95's lead journalist, Mathias Peltier Jr. Leading the assault were three of the most grotesque individuals; Simeon Albert, Frankie Bellot and Anthony Astaphan. At issue was a donation from a New York based Dominican non-profit organization, We Are Dominica (WAD) that Mr. Peltier was making on their behalf to a deserving individual, Mr. Rudy Grove in Soufriere. Let's examine this a minute.

I must say that it is extraordinary that this trio would even attempt to impugn the reputation of anyone, let alone Mr. Peltier. While we agree that this is the norm with this goon squad, it is still an incredible thing to witness. The host of the programme, Simeon Albert, is a thief. Mr. Albert was recently caught with so much looted hardware material following the passage of Hurricane Maria that he could open his own store. What Mr. Albert could not steal was probably bolted to the floor. He remains free thanks to his benefactors, chief among them is Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, himself not averse to theft either. Birds of a feather, you say? We say yes!

Frankie Bellot, the proprietor of KairiFM, is a child molester. Mr. Bellot stands accused of engaging in sexual intercourse with a 14 year old child, plying her with expensive gifts and transporting her to various places to engage in his perverted activities. His predatory activities date back several years but he has been protected by his friends in high places. Mr. Bellot has attempted to pay off the family of the young girl who he is accused of molesting. Rumor has it that some payment was made but we cannot confirm that. The case against him is in limbo, languishing in the courts, and appears to be going nowhere thanks to his connections. His radio station is the de facto propaganda arm of the ruling Dominica Labour Party of Prime Minister Skerrit. See the connection? Mr. Bellot we urge you to listen to yourself; your voice is gone because your sins have come home to roost. Get off the air.

Anthony Astaphan, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit's butthole mouthpiece, is a well-known pathological liar and an enemy of the state. Mr. Astaphan is a political prostitute who will contort himself into any position for the sake of a dollar. Mr. Astaphan once accused "dem fellers", a group including Roosevelt Skerrit and Vince Henderson, of causing the death of former Prime Minister Pierre Charles. He is on record stating that he warned PM Charles of  how dangerous "dem fellers" were. Immediately after the passing of PM Charles, Astaphan found a way to be in bed with the same gang he derided. Now he is the surrogate father to one of the gangs members. We have a question for Mr. Astaphan; is the government minister paying you child support? You are taking care of his child, aren't you? If he isn't, sue him. Talk to your wife.

Mr. Peltier continues to do good work on behalf of the people of Dominica. Whether it's on the airwaves informing us of what is happening in our country or assisting needy persons like Mr. Grove in Soufriere, we thank him for his yeoman service. Mr. Grove has been the beneficiary of a cash donation from We Are Dominica and Mr. Peltier facilitated the transfer effortlessly.

It is noteworthy that during the presentation of cash by Mr. Peltier, Mr. Grove, who is blind, noted that he was known to be a supporter of the United Workers Party and hinted that may be the reason why he did not receive assistance from the government. What he did get was a call from Mr. Albert attempting to gather dirt on Mr. Peltier. What he should have done was to deliver the hardware supplies he looted to Mr. Grove which would then be used to construct a new home. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Fire Them!

Information reaching us tonight suggests that Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit intends to demand the resignation of two senior police administration officers; Commissioner Daniel Carbon and his deputy, Davidson Valerie. The presumed action by the prime minister stems from a review of the Police Force by a senior Jamaican officer. Here is the report we have received:

New Police Chief and Deputy Police Chief are to be sworn in soon as recommended.

The Jamaican Lieutenant Colonel tasked with reviewing the actions of the Police Force in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria left the island about 1:00p.m today 1st February 2018 and his final report has been delivered to the Prime Minister and the Minister of National Security. According to a source within the Police Force it is damning, asking for the Chief of Police and his Acting Deputy to demit office in public interest. The source can confirm that as he perused in tight jawed expectation the culmination of the dossier on an asinine, antiquated management of the  Police force like stooges in a comedian show, don't blame the best description of the circus by the messenger.

The J.D.F Colonel's review of the Commonwealth of Dominica Police includes the following recommendations:
  • 1. the Police Force needs major and immediate changes at the helm if they are to accomplish these basic tenets of National Security in enforcing the law, apprehending offenders, preventing  crime, preserving the peace and providing services to the public;
  • 2. the leadership of the force had no operational plan for a  category five hurricane;
  • 3. The Chief of Police only ordered Superintendent Richmond Valentine to prepare an operation order three days after Hurricane Maria;
  • 4. The Chief of Police failed to take sound advice from his Gazetted officers prior to and after the hurricane;
  • 5. The Chief of Police is not to be trusted as he attempted by action  to post date an operation order in complicity with the Superintendent of operations;
  • 6. The Chief of Police displayed poor leadership in a briefing at Police Headquarters by instructing police officers "Do not put yourself in trouble for people looting after a hurricane."
  • 7. He ordered the S.S.U to remain at Morne Bruce and after the hurricane most of them went home rather than being deployed to secure the city of Roseau;
  • 8. By complicit action or and inaction of the Chief of Police, police officers permitted the looters to ravage the city of Roseau ceaselessly for two consecutive weeks and took no action to enforce the laws of the land;
  • 9. The Chief of Police displayed utter disregard and insolence to the Minister of National Security by refusing to sign 100 legitimate curfew passes for emergency and essential services personnel;
  • 10. The eventual deployment of Police officers were primarily unsupervised, matrix-like and juniors were left dangerously and riskily unattended which caused the contentious and unjustified death of a young man at Fond Cole;
  • 11. No alternative emergency communication method, system or network was put in place for a monster hurricane.
But the Acting Deputy did not escape the Colonel's recommendations as he recommends that the post of Deputy is above his capacity by his own actions and inaction in the post, as he did not advise, support or recommend to the Chief of Police on the following;
  • (a) on a human resource audit
  • (b) on operation plan prior and post Hurricane Maria 
  • (c) Emergency communication system.
  • (d) Poor Advice and Directive on investigations of the looting at Roseau.
  • (e) the ineffective and lackadaisical investigations of the shooting death of the Fond Cole youth a Fond Cole for a generator.
Not surprising that the Colonel strongly advocates in his recommendations that the force is severely deficient in upper level management and that in the future, positions must be filled on the basis of preparedness, transition planning and capacity.  Additionally, information has revealed that a former Chief of Police is to return to head the Police Force and the head of the C.I.D to be his deputy as Daniel Carbon and Davidson Valerie demits office.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Johnno is a No No?

As we meander our way towards the next General Election, constitutionally due at the end of 2019, there seems to be some backstabbing going on in the Castle Bruce constituency. A well-placed source in the Labour Party indicate that Agriculture Minister Johnson Drigo is on the outs. Roosevelt Skerrit appears to dislike Johnno and is surreptitiously bad-mouthing him to close associates.

Skerrit does not have a high opinion of his agriculture minister. He is reportedly considering replacing him with either current UN Ambassador Loreen Bannis-Roberts or lapdog Austelle Lockhart, last seen "helping" himself to medical supplies from Douglas-Charles airport that belonged to a volunteer group shortly after the passage of Hurricane Maria. To this day, the whereabouts of these supplies remain a mystery.

Loreen Bannis-Roberts (facing down) collecting garbage while medical supplies thief Lockhart smiles on (right)
Our source indicated to us that Skerrit may be dissatisfied with Ms. Bannis-Roberts' abilities at the United Nations, leaving the responsibilities of representing us to Paolo Zampolli, our "Ambassador for Oceans and Seas". Ms. Bannis-Roberts was recently seen contorting herself on the Castle Bruce beach, picking up driftwood and other pieces of garbage strewn across the sands, a job she seems to be far better qualified to perform. Rumor has it that Skerrit has Philbert Aaron in mind to replace Bannis-Roberts.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Skerrit opens up a Red Clinic for Farmers

In their never-ending pursuit of having our citizens grovel at their feet for assistance, the Roosevelt Skerrit government brought its time-tested Red Clinic to the farmers of Dominica today. In a scene that we have seen repeatedly since the passage of Hurricane Maria but one whose roots can be traced back to the glory days of Wednesdays at The Financial Centre, Dominicans, in this case farmers, cued up and jostled to receive assistance from the government.

Lizzy, our intrepid on-the-ground correspondent, reports that the entire experience was sad and embarrassing. "To see our farmers who have been feeding us for decades reduced to begging in front of an iron gate was very humbling for me", she said. "It was undoubtedly a humiliating experience for the farmers". She reports that she was informed that the assistance came from the World Bank.

Welcome to the new normal in beautiful Dominica.

This report was prepared with contributions from Lizzy the Blogger, our correspondent in Roseau.

Monday, January 15, 2018


In our article “Collin McIntyre Foot In Mouth Interview” we took the time to highlight some of the outrageous statements made by Minister Collin McIntyre during his post Maria sit down interview with CBN4 news. We focused on the “over the top “ time that Minister Collin McIntyre spent on recounting the inexplicable death and the bizarre burial of Dominica’s Russian oligarch Eana Lerna. Eana Lerner was the principal behind the infamous 8 Copthall Roseau Valley operation in Dominica

We took note of the fact that although Minister Collin McIntyre is not a member of Eana’s family he audaciously promised that “in 4- 5 months" he will exhume Eana’s remains and arrange for a formal burial. We want to report that among the very many empty promises that Minister Collin McIntyre has made this time he kept his promise. 

On Friday January 12 (4 months after death) Eana’s corpse was unearthed from the Copthall Grave and surreptitiously placed in a grave on a property in the Laudat area. The burial ceremony was attended by just a few people. In spite of the righteous cynicism should we applaud Collin McIntyre for finally honoring a promise – no matter how self-absorbing it may be?  

We are intrigued by the fact that Eana’s corpse was relocated on the very same property that Collin McIntyre has allegedly sold to a joint venture arrangement involving Collin McIntyre himself, Eana’s husband and other Labor Party hirelings. It is alleged that the joint venture will build own and operate a tourism development project at the same Laudat location. The project will be funded by passport revenues- much to the dismay of some unhappy DLP cabalist who believe that a few are eating all. It was a disgruntled laborite who reminded us that Collin McIntyre is the epitome of the “Eat All” modus operandi within the DLP – it is alleged that Collin McIntyre  even licked Tony’s plate.  

Eana was the consummate business woman and it is ironic that even while resting in peace Eana will inevitably become part and parcel of the Laudat passport development. We can only assume that if Eana was alive she would most definitely want to be an integral part of this alleged passport funded project involving Collin McIntyre and her Russian husband.

Generally citizens can apply for permission to exhume family members for any reason and the request for reburial would be automatic. However a corpse may be exhumed for ; criminal investigation, relocation for familial cemetery plots or accidental discoveries particularly when construction projects encounter an unmarked grave. During that queer interview, Collin McIntyre indicated that he wanted to exhume Eana's body in order to establish a more sentimental cemetery plot. We genuinely  hope that by granting permission to exhume Eana’s remains the government and family members would have requested DNA samples for forensic analysis or even a toxicological report. After all ,if it s so important that Eana receives a familial cemetery plot, isn’t it equally important to find out the cause of her death?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Birnie sets the money free

In the ongoing case of US vs. Pedro Fort Berbel, a hearing was scheduled yesterday in Roseau. Presiding over the hearing was Judge Birnie Stephenson with Lennox Lawrence representing Kondwani Williams. In a just-released order from the court, Judge Stephenson has decided to set aside the order to freeze the accounts held by Kondwani Williams, Laurina Vidal and Dwight Horsford. How the United States will react to this development is an open question.
Judge Stephenson, affectionately known to us as "Birnie Crooks", has a lengthy reputation for delaying justice from being served. That is especially true when there is a suspicion that the outcome may not favour the government or its allies. She is currently sitting on a number of cases dating back years; the G.O.N. Emmanuel firebombing case, the suit against Thomson Fontaine, Linton v. Skerrit, the "Rapist Ministers" case, are just a few that she has sequestered under her judicial robe with no movement in sight. In light of how quickly she has moved to hear this case involving a close associate of the prime minister whose bank accounts were frozen, we are hopeful that she has dispensed with the lethargy and will now allow those cases languishing in her courtroom to proceed post haste.

Her decision to vacate the order freezing assets allegedly hiding in accounts owned by the three Dominican lawyers is likely to have a ripple effect in the Federal Court in Miami, where the US Securities and Exchange Commission is pursuing Ponzi schemer Pedro Fort Berbel; that is, unless a deal was struck that we're not aware of. You will notice that the order offers no details into the court's decision. Does that mean the parties came to an agreement that is being withheld from public view? Did the individuals involved agree to transfer all of Pedro Fort's money to the US government? If so, how will Mr. Berbel react to this?

We will continue to monitor this case as it proceeds through US Federal Court. If it turns out that the underlying details of Judge Stephenson's order ends up having a negative impact on the SEC's case in Miami, the US may look upon this decision as an attempt to protect Mr. Berbel at the expense of US citizens. How this would play out will be interesting. Will Dominica face US sanctions? We shall see in due time.

Saturday, January 6, 2018


The beginning of the year 2017 provided some transformative events in Dominica’s politics. The CBS 60 minutes expose gave international attention to the roguish traits of PM Skerrit and his administration. Less than two months after the  CBS 60 minutes report Ali Reza Monfared ,one of PM Skerrit's many dodgy diplomat was picked up by Interpol. Following these very historic events the Roosevelt Skerrit regime and its henchmen sort to crucify anyone who was willing to speak out against the despotic and criminal disposition of the regime. Instead of declaring a mea culpa the Dominica government and its henchmen sort to destroy the opposition leader and anyone that was willing to speak out against government misconduct.

 Skerrit’s henchmen argued that critics of the government were washing Dominica’s dirty laundry in the international domain. After denying the diplomatic passport accusations for many years the Roosevelt Skerrit government led by the “Pasa wed” senior counsel did a rapid turn – they claim that the matters of Monfared, Corallo, Madeuke, Eric Tomer, Ng Lap Seng et al were “isolated incidents. Look majii! 
BTC Clarence Christian 

Senior Counsel Pasa Wed, his Macaque Simeone Albert and Belle Ti Couchon (BTC)Clarence decided that entities like MiTC were tarnishing Dominica’s image and has continuously attempted to deride MiTC. In response we decided to unmask the alleged “Ponzi schemer” Pedro Fort Berbel and his involvement with the government and Labor Party operatives.  Following the Pedro Fort expose we also “wrote about the 8 Copthall Operation. A simple search of Pedro Fort or 8 Copthall brings more embarrassment than we can bare yet Belle Ti Couchon Clarence and company are trying to discredit MiTC.

Not only did we want the government to take responsibility for the unprecedented international embarrassment, we also wanted to flush out all criminals that were being harbored by the corrupt Roosevelt Skerrit regime. We know for a fact that once we introduced Pedro Fort as an alleged criminal hiding out and operating under the protection of the government, Pedro Fort and his many lawyers were very uncomfortable. We have noted on more than one occasion that one of Pedro Fort’s  lawyers was so perturbed that he suggested the use of Russians to hack MiTC.

We also observed various financial activities that appear to be acts of desperation. There was the  purchase of the Cable and Wireless building in Portsmouth and the desultory setup of a bank at that building in Portsmouth. Shortly after the building was purchased the bank operation at that building was shut down and the building was up for sale. We also took special note on the fact that Pedro sold his property in Weston ,Florida and according to the SEC indictment millions of dollars were transferred to banks in Dominica. 

We are also aware that one lawyer allegedly receiving payment of over $250,000 for the cable and wireless building transaction. We understand that Pedro’s many lawyers are very nervous and there is quite a bit of back stabbing going on among the lawyers. The details we will not reveal at this moment.

We have also been monitoring the movements and whereabouts of Pedro Fort. We reported on that suspicious jet flying in and out of Dominica. It is also worth noting that the SEC complaint makes special notice of Pedro’s lavish spending on chattered jets – approximately US $800,000.

We now want to ask the Dominica government “adminis traitors”- where is Pedro Fort Berbel at this moment? Did the government and the “Dunce” lawyer help Pedro Fort “pwen kowir?” just like they did for Monfared?

A few months before hurricane Maria we noticed that the guy who usually fly private jet ,Pedro Fort had been avoiding Dominica. The hurricane Maria destroyed Pedro’s property in Mero and Pedro is yet to return to check on his property.Our Spanish Blogging affiliate Raul Paisanos have told us that Pedro’s Columbian assistants/ associates in Dominica are now at the point of distress and feeling abandoned. It appears that Pedro keeps promising the Columbians that he is returning but never shows up .The Columbians are now saying to our affiliate Raul Paisanos that Pedro is returning to Dominica either in January or February. We are monitoring the activities at Pedro's Catalonia Drive property in Mero. Did Pedro Fort Berbel Pwen Kowir like Ambrose or did he take off in Monfared like fasion.

The extended absence of Pedro Fort does raise a lot more logistical questions and maybe his main lawyer and passport selling protagonist Duncan Stowe may have answers to the following question- after all it is only logical that we asked Duncan Stowe the questions as Pedro Fort’s businesses and business operations are under Duncan Stowe’s office address 58 River Bank Roseau Dominica.

Although lawyers like Kondwani Williams and Laurina Vidal are now in some hot water because of their involvement with Pedro Fort, there are several online reports alleging that Duncan Stowe is the real McCoy handling Pedro Fort’s financing. It is also alleged that while in Dominica Pedro would not leave his finger prints on any financial transaction – his lawyers handled all his transactions.    

So while Pedro is avoiding Dominica (pwen Kowir) we do have some legitimate questions for the government ministers and if Duncan Stowe care to respond we will welcome his generosity.  

Who is responsible for the repair of Pedro Fort’s property in Mero?

Who is feeding and taking care of the needs of the Columbians?

Who is still paying the $5000 salary of the security person at Pedro’s Catalonia Drive property in Mero?
Fort Bank in Dominica
What are the Government and the Financial Service Unit going to do about the Fort Bank offshore operation in Dominica, now that Pedro is indicted on alleged Ponzi scheming?

We observe that Pedro’s Fort Bank operation in Dominica had also instituted its own cryptocurrency operation “Fortcoin” and is advertising its own cryptocurrency Block Chain with the promise of “high profitability and revaluation power of the Fortcoin crypto currency.” According to Fort Group's white paper “The market for such derivatives (the demand market for FortCoin) today is at least $2-3 Billion.” FORT COIN has the support of FORT BANK and has offered customers the following: 

1. Deposit at 12 months with a high monthly return. Minimum capital is 10,000 USD. in fort coins  

2. Deposit to 90 days. From 5,000 usd. in fort coins  
3. Deposit to 30 days. Minimum investment of 3,000 usd. in fort coins 
4. 60-day equity deposit with daily yield and weekly collection. Minimum amount of 1,000 usd. in fort coins.

The characteristics of the deposits are: 
  the yields are guaranteed for the contracted period and are published on the        website of FORT BANK INC

    investment is in fort coins

    income payments are made in fort coins

   the fort coins can be changed in Cryptopia and in the exchange that already counts       at fort bank

Does the Ministry Of Finance and the FSU have the moral authority to regulate Pedro’s Fort offshore Bank operation?

Does anyone smell a massive Ponzi operation?

We are asking people like “Belle Ti Couchon” Clarence , Tony's Macaque Simeone Albert and Pasa Wed Tony to be careful with their response to the next question. In fact we would prefer direct responses from the ministers of government. Be aware that MiTC has a lock box full of surprises , some we keep for wet days.

Has Pedro Fort been paying government ministers and operatives for his protection and questionable operation in Dominica?

We would like to ask the Prime Minister and his “adminis Traitors why was Pedro Fort given a green light to operate in Dominica when due diligence report was not and could not have been favorable?

Finally besides the Fort Bank institution, was Pedro Fort Berbel given another license to operate another Bank in Dominica?  

It is not unpatriotic to denounce injustice and corruption committed on our behalf , perhaps it’s the most patriotic thing we can do” E.A Bucchianeri.

US Prosecutors Heading to Dominica

Local Attorneys Kondwani Williams, Laurina A. Vidal and Dwight Horsford will come face to face with top US prosecutors involved in the investigation of fraudster Pedro Fort Berbel on Monday. Senior Trial Counsel Wilfredo Fernandez of the US Securities and Exchange Commission will be in Dominica in response to a judge's order to attend a hearing in Roseau at 9:30am. Mr. Fernandez will likely be accompanied by his assistants.

We can speculate that the hearing will most certainly center around the US freezing bank accounts belonging to Mr. Berbel held by Messrs. Williams, Vidal and Horsford. Readers are aware that the US initiated this action to protect its citizens from a Ponzi scheme operated by Berbel. Berbel is being sued in Miami Federal Court by the SEC.

MiTC has come to learn that the family of Mr. Williams is extremely concerned about the situation he has found himself in. Our correspondent Lizzy, who is still on island, reported to us that the family is highly agitated and is concerned about the possible ramifications. Ms. Vidal is said to be nervous as well.

Last month, December 22nd, attorney's representing Berbel in Miami filed a Motion to Dismiss the SEC's case on several grounds including the assertion that the court lacks jurisdiction due to the extraterritorial nature of the transactions involved as stated in the Complaint. The government needed to file a response to this Motion today.
This afternoon, the SEC filed a Request to extend the time needed to respond to the Motion to Dismiss. The Request was filed by Mr. Fernandez, citing some constraints he encountered while preparing his response as well as the judge's order from Dominica.
Mr. Fernandez will be heading to Dominica over the weekend and should be in court early Monday morning. We can expect a number of spectators around the court hoping to get a glimpse of the high stakes drama that will be unfolding in Roseau. We do not know which judge is handling the case but we certainly hope that fairness and rule of law takes precedence in the proceedings.


As you can see, MiTC remains in the forefront in bringing you news that is of concern to all of us. We cannot explain the indifference displayed by the Dominica media when it relates to stories such as this. Mr. Williams' accounts have been frozen for quite a while, and this is well known in Dominica. We do not understand, however, why this remains a secret among the country's press corps. Are these media persons keeping silent just so that they can be part of the "boys club"? Are they afraid of losing access? The fact of the matter is that Roosevelt Skerrit has been able to perpetrate much of his high crimes and misdemeanors because of the silence of the press; or is it complicity? I say it's complicity.

A free press should not be afraid to tell the truth; in fact, our democracy depends on it. Former President Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the United States, is quoted as saying; "No government ought to be without sensors; and where the press is not free no one ever will". Our local press, DBS, Dominica Vibes, Dominica News Online, Kairi News, have all let down our democracy. Our media persons, they too have all let down our democracy. They are just as culpable for the malfeasance of Skerrit and his gang as any member of that gangster squad. They have traded our freedoms for access.

"He who would trade liberty for some temporary security deserves neither liberty nor security". This quote, attributed to Benjamin Franklin, surely applies to us. We know he was not referring to Dominica, but he might as well have.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

US$5 million on his head?

In light of the recent developments surrounding Kondwani Williams, Pedro Fort Berbel and the US Securities and Exchange Commission, we should reveal that MiTC has been investigating Kondwani Williams for some time in a case involving Ali Reza Monfared. Mr. Williams is under investigation by the Royal Malaysian Police for his role in what appears to be a case to defraud a Dr. Manoj Singh Bhullar.
On September 7, 2017, Dr. Bhullar filed a police report that seeks to implicate Williams in a scheme which, according to Dr. Bhullar, would defraud him of over US$100 million in investments. The investments Dr. Bhullar alludes to involves what he says was a partnership with Ali Reza Monfared. There are several moving parts to this story so let me try to break it down for you.

First: who is Dr. Manoj Singh Bhullar?

Manoj Singh Bhullar is a Malaysian entrepreneur and former business partner of Iranian Ali Reza Zibahalat Monfared; he is also well known to the Dominican government. If you recall, Francine Baron, in her previous post as Dominica's High Commissioner in the United Kingdom, celebrated our 36th Independence Anniversary in Malaysia at an event documented in a series of photographs posted on the now defunct My Dominica Trade House website belonging to Monfared. The most noteworthy photo in that lineup was that depicting Ms. Baron accepting a US$10,000 cheque on behalf of an unknown Dominica Disaster Fund. The cheque was issued by an organization called the "K-B Foundation". The "K" and the "B" represent the initials of the partners in the foundation. The "B" represents "Bhullar", while the "K" represents his business partner, who we are aware of as well.
In November 2015, Dr. Bhullar and 2 Malaysian police officers were detained by the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) and accused of attempting to kidnap Ali Reza Monfared. From what we have been able to determine, Dr. Bhullar and his accomplices may have approached Monfared seeking a resolution that would have allowed him (Bhullar) to recoup investments he had made with Monfared. In the confrontation, Monfared may have been strong armed by Dr. Bhullar and his associates, leading Monfared to accuse them of attempted kidnapping. It seems that Dr. Bhullar may have been aware that the walls were beginning to close in on Monfared.

In the ensuing RMP investigation, Dr. Bhullar and his associates were released and Monfared was detained weeks later on suspicion of, among other things, filing a false report. According to Dr. Bhullar, in an exchange of emails with MiTC, Monfared was released from custody on January 22, 2016 with the assistance of the Dominica embassy in London. Monfared reportedly presented his Dominica Diplomatic passport and the RMP, with no evidence of Dominica having diplomatic relations with Malaysia, sought confirmation from the UK High Commission, which verified Monfared's status as a diplomat and our man in Kuala Lumpur.

With Monfared nowhere in sight of Malaysia and armed with a Power of Attorney he says that he was able to obtain from Monfared before he took flight, Dr. Bhullar sought to take control of these assets by utilizing Malaysian courts. Things did not go as planned; enter Kondwani Williams.

Dr. Bhullar's complaint against Kondwani centers around another Power of Attorney that suddenly showed up in a Malaysian court at a time when he was attempting to recoup his assets. Dr, Bhullar claims that through his business relationship with Monfared, he was able to secure a Power of Attorney (PoA) that granted him full control of over US$100 million in investments which he had with Monfared. What transpired in court thereafter came as a surprise; another Malaysian, Syed Alwi Bin Sayed Nasir suddenly showed up with a different PoA, notarized and signed by Kondwani Williams, which named him as the sole individual with PoA status. The effect of this development left Dr. Bhullar, the investor, out in the cold, with no rights relating to his investments.
Dr. Bhullar is accusing Kondwani with fraud and the RMP would like to have a chat with him. In his police report and emails to MiTC, Dr, Bhullar asserts that Kondwani has committed fraud because he has notarized a PoA in the absence of the parties alluded to on the document. Dr. Bhullar states that based on the date of the new PoA, August 15th 2016, it was impossible for Kondwani to certify that he was doing so in the presence of Monfared, since Monfared had already departed Dominica weeks before. Monfared's signature on the PoA therefore, would have had to have been a forgery as well. Dr. Bhullar also asserts that Syed Alwi Bin Syed Nasir was not in Dominica and therefore, could not have been standing in front of Kondwani at the time he swore that both Monfared and himself were present.

No. 9 Jelan Keranji 2, Ampang Hilir, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, a Monfared property listed on the PoA. The property is located in Kuala Lumpur's diplomatic district.
In our communications with Dr. Bhullar he indicated that he has reached out to a number of people seeking assistance to get Kondwani to retract the fraudulent PoA. One such individual is Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, who knows Dr. Bhullar as well. Dr, Bhullar states in his email to us that Mr. Skerrit had offered him his "sympathy" and offered to help him if he deposited US$5 million into Mr. Skerrit's campaign fund.

Did Skerrit offer to sell out Kondwani for US$5 million? Skerrit must have known that should Kondwani be forced to withdraw the Power of Attorney on the basis of it being a forgery expressly manufactured for the purpose of defrauding a legitimate investor, Kondwani would be exposed and could very well be disbarred and ostracized by the legal fraternity; he would be cooked! One week ago, prior to publishing this report, we reached out to Kondwani for comments; as of today, we have not received a reply.
This bombshell accusation undoubtedly took us by surprise. To buttress this assertion, we asked Dr. Bhullar to present a copy of his email exchanges with the prime minister, as well as evidence supporting his claim that our High Commission in London facilitated the escape of Monfared from the clutches of the Malaysian Police. Dr. Bhullar has informed us that he cannot release them at this time on the advice of his lawyers, since these pieces of evidence are critical to his case.

In the meantime, Dr. Bhullar's questions remain unanswered. How did all this transpire? Were instructions handed down by PM Skerrit to Kondwani so that he could profit? Is Skerrit behind all of this?

We will continue to monitor developments in this case in Malaysia. Dr. Bhullar has indicated that upon disposition of this case, he will be able to supply additional documentation. Should that occur, we will promptly share with you, our readers.  

Saturday, December 30, 2017


It took the efforts of MiTC and a few other concern patriots to make the  Dominican public aware of another diplomat that the Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit wanted under wraps. We did our investigative research and then introduced ambassador Jonathan Brown. We must also state that before we introduced Jonathan Brown we reached out to him – we ask about the nature of his diplomatic appointment. Mr. Brown was at the time uncomfortable however he indicated that he was in the process of setting up a Dominica Trade House in the Brickel location of Miami. Upon realizing that his and PM Skerrit’s private affairs was no longer a secret Jonathan Brown quickly prepared a press statement however that statement was never released by Jonathan Brown because MiTC released the details of it’s investigation and even the contents of his desperate press statement. 

We are not sure if PM Skerrit has ever responded on the Jonathan Brown matter however we notice that since the MiTC revelation the Jonathan Brown /Skerrit relationship seem a bit more open. For example ,we saw Jonathan Brown actively involved in the hurricane Maria relief support out of Miami. We want to say thanks to Jonathan Brown for his efforts.

The nature of Jonathan Brown’s diplomatic assignment still remains a hush hush matter. During our interaction with Jonathan he seem eager  justify his diplomatic appointment.  Jonathan stated that he was in the process of negotiating with Trader Joe’s on the behalf of Dominica. We knew he was lying then and now one year later Jonathan Brown is yet to show the results. 
Passport or Smoke Babawoolais

Jonathan Brown recentl told the  New Times of Miami that “PM Skerrit asked him to be Dominica’s honorary ambassador –at- large in trade and commerce and he has been facilitating business contracts for Dominica across the globe. There is no doubt that the Skerrit era has created an illusive productive sector in Dominica. We must therefore ask PM Skerrit what are these purported trade and business contracts that Jonathan Brown is talking about? In our article “ Meet Ambassador Jonathan Brown” we ask whether  Jonathan Brown was just another  passport selling flunky. Emannuel Nanthan is providing the vital clues.

We have noticed that Emmanuel Nanthan, the director of Dominica’s passport selling program  has been spending time at the opulent area of Miami , Brickell Avenue. Take note that this is the last known address that we have of Jonathan Brown. In the attached photo Emmanuel Nanthan and “Moochy” Offey both part of the Purple Turtle Gang can be seen living La Vida Loca in a penthouse on Brickell Ave. Is Emmanuel Nanthan on passport selling business and living it up in a penthouse in Miami while Dominicans are under severe suffering and poverty? Many in Portsmouth are wondering what is going to happen now that Ross university is gone. So many are looking for hope in a non existent economy while Nanthan is having 360 degree view of the wealth on South Beach. Enjoy that drink Mr Nanthan –the mirth of the corrupt is brief. As for Offey – keep mooching brother while the small business development unit continue to produce Offey like results.

These apartments in this plush area of Miami are known as ideal money laundering instruments. Many of these high rise apartments and penthouses are often purchased through offshore money stolen by crooked politicians, the politically connected and also crime proceeds of drug dealers. We are not by any means suggesting that the Penthouse belong to Emmanuel Nanthan or any politician in Dominica. We have no such evidence.The optics of yet another affirmation of the type of life the kakistocrats live while abject poverty is evident in Dominica.

Emmanuel Nanthan is essentially responsible for the only commercial product that Dominica has been trading for the past 15 years-passports. It is also alleged that it was through the same passport selling operation that almost $1.5 million was transferred to a Nanthan’s private account and when the bank ask about the suspicious money transfer it is alleged that Mr Nanthan admitted that the money came from passport transactions.

If Nanthan’s appearance at this luxurious penthouse in Miami is related to or is on the invitation of Jonathan Brown it is only logical that we should again question whether Jonathan Brown has been involved in passport dealings. In keeping with the transparency that PM Skerrit promised ,we are asking whether those “international business contracts” that Jonathan Brown proclaimed  is really about trading passports and not necessarily smoke fish or smoke Babawoolais  from Dominica?

The kakistocrats of the Skerrit regime have been in government for 17 years and have created  nothing but an unsustainable economic environment. They have cleverly crafted the harrowing poverty that exist on the island yet the same kakisttocrats have repeatedly demonstrated their penchant for the high life. Who can forget those photos of those larvish parties under the My Dominica Trade House (MDTH) scam; the fancy Rolls Royce and the gold bars. Skerrit and Nanthan also promised trade and investment opportunities from the MDTH engagement. We all know what came out of that- the people holding Skerrit’s bag of poverty while Skerrit, Nanthan and others were involved in facilitating Monfared and his international criminal activities. 

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