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Monday, July 16, 2018


Believe it or not there is a method to Skerrit’s madness- last month when PM Skerrit declared that investors are rushing to Dominica we reported that it was a knee jerk reaction to an incident in which the prime minister deliberately shunned Ross University representatives by not showing up for a scheduled meeting. Our information revealed that Ross Representatives and others  waited on the prime minister for almost 4 hours while the prime minister kept making all  type of excuses and eventually never showed up for that meeting. We understand that the Ross University Representatives felt quite insulted got on their private plane and left in disgust. Immediately following this incident the PM felt the need to gas light the people of Dominica. Following the declaration that investors are on a gold rush to Dominica he promise the people of Portsmouth that he has plans to make  Portsmouth look like Las Vegas and the people of Portsmouth broke out in cheers and adoration. 

We suspect that the recent declaration by the prime minister regarding the cruise village (a fourth Time Promise) is yet another act of desperation. Our very reliable sources have informed us that Ross University will very soon be announcing that it is finally moving its operation to Barbados. According to the information we received this is a done deal – a three year contract was established with the government of Barbados , the Tennessee operation which was set up after Hurricane Maria will be relocated to Barbados and the staff is already making preparation to relocate to Barbados.

Instead of playing all this con games with the people of Dominica the PM Skerrit and his administration must tell the people the truth. The PM may also want to inform the attentive and enlightened citizens of Dominica of the source of funding for”Las Vegas-arizing” of Portsmouth, the Container Airport, the preparation for the swam of investors  and the many other empty promises.

We may also recall that the Parliamentary Representative for the Portsmouth constituency  ,Ian Douglas , informed us that his government was working on meeting some of Ross’s demands, particularly the restoration and improvement of the deplorable infrastructure. Our sources are also telling us that the government had been asking Ross to contribute towards the cost of restoration. As important as Ross is to the economy of Dominica ,the government should spare no cost in insuring that Ross returns to Dominica together with the prime minister’s phantom investors.

Even as we empathize with the many investors in the Picard and Portsmouth area we sincerely hope that they demand answers from their government. Are they going to continue to allow PM Skerrit and his administration to play games with their livelihood?    

Sunday, July 15, 2018

DLP's Systematic Demise of Agriculture

The Extension Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture is under serious threat of extinction by the DLP government and its hired operatives. Notwithstanding, the urgent and critical need to revitalize the agriculture sector to ensure food security, healthy eating, increase exports, enhanced economic activities and to improve the standard of living in the farming community, the DLP government is hell bent on eradicating such a critical unit.

In recent times, the Extension Unit has been faced with orchestrated challenges and yet still the staff preserved.  With limited resources, Extension carried out farm registration post Hurricane Maria for the distribution of financial support from the World Bank. The funds were strategically distributed in areas supportive of the DLP government. But the pressure and criticism were directed at the Extension unit and not the DLP operatives who politically butchered the original bonafide list of farmers. Despite, the calculated mischief by DLP operatives and the deafening silence of senior administrators within the Ministry of Agriculture, the Officers completed hundreds of complaint forms made by the farmers because of the crookedness of the DLP government with the $18 million. Imagine Officers are not aware of fertilizers given to DLP cronies to distribute to supporters and not farmers.

There is a constant bashing of extension officers by ministers and operatives like, Kervin Stephenson and Reggie Saverin from the PM’s office. It is public knowledge that at a meeting held at the housing conference room with senior agricultural officials to include the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Reginald Thomas there was an outburst from Reggie Saverin who resort to indecent language. Mr. Saverin outburst was in response to sound, technical advice from the plant quarantine officer, Mr. Nelson Laville. At another meeting at the Division of Agriculture conference room, Mr. Savrien was annoyed by questions and comments posed by Mr. Franklyn Magloire, Team Leader for the West Agriculture Region and Saverin virtually open the door and asked Magloire to leave.

There have been many threats about getting rid of Agricultural extension but this is delayed pending the results of the upcoming general elections. The DLP government in on the verge of closing the Agriculture offices for the West Region located in Salisbury and the Central location at the DBMC building in Goodwill. They are so deceitful, officers are being contacted one by one and asked where they would like to work. PS Reginald Thomas has even issued threats to officers saying that they will be penalized if they express themselves about the wrong that is going on. Some officers are so frustrated and are seeking alternative employment. What type of government treats its extension officers in such an unappreciative, arrogant and condescending manner and expect them to produce?

The Extensionists are battling tremendous marginalization from within. Imagine, officers who are not appointed do not receive a travelling allowance and appointed officers only get travelling allowances for a limited mileage of 200 to 240 miles monthly. But with all the transportation deficiency in the Unit, the limited vehicles in the ministry were hijacked by the DLP operatives. The former Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Johnson Drigo left the Ministry several months ago but still has the vehicle received under Banana Accompanying Measures (BAM) funding. Nicholls Esprit, the political DLP misfit who was installed in the MOA was given a new vehicle under BAM to do the DLP’s dirty work and recently he was given a brand new white double cab. All this, when the Extension Unit is struggling for vehicles to do their work in the country’s economic interest.

Whatever will affect the current structure of extension will affect service to the farmers. Regional and subregional extensionists remain united and committed but can not continue to remain silent about the wrongs destroying agriculture. The new minister of Agriculture, Hon. Reggie Austrie,promised sweeping changes. Let us wait and see, if it is not his usual hot air.

How the DLP government can be so blatant in their further demise of the very important Agriculture industry? This vicious attack on the Extension Unit should not be tolerated by any right thinking Dominican. Agriculture built Dominica and will continue to play a very important role in the survival of Rural Dominica.

For the officers in the Extension Unit within the Ministry of Agriculture to properly execute their functions towards the overall advancement of Agriculture in Dominica, there must be; formal and continuous training of officers, well equipped regional offices, adequate remunerations, method & result demonstration plots, proper transportation or access to transportation and most importantly, the complete weeding out of political operatives in the MOA who are geared at destroying the Extension Unit.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Shameful DLP Housing Distribution

We all agree as citizens and human beings with the old adage that when the rain fall it does not fall on one man housetop, and equally we should agree that when Hurricane Maria's fury of wind and rain visited in September, 2017 it did not blow out the roofs or flooded the homes of only Labour party supporters home; in fact it damaged the roofs of Red, Blue, Green, Catholic, Baptiste, Pentecostal, Rasta, Rich, Poor, in between, big houses, medium size houses and those small houses.

The most shameful and disgraceful act to be visited upon Dominicans who it is perceived to or known not be supporters of the present day DLP government all over the country are by passed, sidelined and marginalized by the Government and its henchmen operatives that are given the responsibility to distribute housing  materials. It is now clear that the distribution is based on allegiance to the Labour party and not needs based on a priority list of most damaged and vulnerable home owners.

Ericson Romain
We have witnessed Labour party supporters who have received housing materials that they did not need and resorted to selling to other citizens in need and who do not have such favor of receiving materials that was sent to each and every citizen by the international donor agencies and friendly governments. In the Roseau South constituency the blatant, bold face, in your face, what can you do, approach continues with the distribution of materials.

The known supporter, activist and recipient of sweetheart security contracts of Government buildings Ericson 'EWO' Romain is the man responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of housing materials being distributed from Bath  Estate. If this is not wrong, then there is nothing wrong in the world anymore. It is time for the Christian community leaders, which includes my Catholic Church Bishop, to speak out against this grave injustice and overt victimization in the less fortunate who do not receive, simply because they are not supporters of the government.

The trade unions, the DEF, DAIC, Youth organizations, the political parties and other professional bodies must all condemn this approach of separate development which is a modern-day apartheid, which will only breed further hate and division in our small island state which needs a caring society in which we lift each other in love and unity for the collective good of all.

I have voted for the Labour party up till 2014 and the time has come where my conscience have pushed me to put my country before a party or any one man. Dominica deserves better let us strive to do better.

Friday, June 1, 2018


Since the PM declared that he is about to build 3700 houses, pictures of the banana shed/copra houses that are being built by the government have surfaced and now people have moved from doubtfulness to optimism. The Prime Minister just needed to explain that the 3700 houses would be 8 x8 villas similar to the ones being built in Grandbay with copra house type architecture- In stark contrast to the Renneth Style Architecture that we see at the Savanne Paille villas.

MiTC has also been monitoring some houses that are being built by government handlers with the assistance of the Samaritan Purse. The Samaritan purse is an international evangelical Christian disaster relief organization. The volunteers from the Samaritan Purse are supposedly helping with the construction of houses particularly in the North of the island however the government and its handpicked DLP operatives are leading the operation with the distribution and coordination of the resources (material and Labor) and as expected the DLP gang decides who gets the assistance.

As always anything handled by Skerrit and his goons is based on electioneering tactics and as such things always turn out to be upside down, inside out and back to front. People are now asking why the government is building so many “Tarpaulin Homes”. The name Tarpaulin Homes comes from the fact that the government and its operatives are rushing to set up building frames and then the people are given tarpaulins to wrap around the building frames. The buildings are left unfinished and the often jobless occupants are left to figure out how they are going to provide a somewhat resilient or safe enclosure to their Tarpaulin Houses.

In keeping with the Skerrit motive of keeping the people bamboozled and happy with less than mediocrity, the idea of building so many unfinished Tarpaulin Wrapped Houses helps create the false perception that the Skerrit government cares but as we all know it, Mr. Skerrit and his bushwhackers only care about greed, power and the art of keeping the people dependent and rashly loyal to Skerrit.

The rush to erect so many “Tarpaulin Homes” has also resulted in the unfair distribution of these half-finished houses. Friends and supporters of the Dominica Labor Party are receiving multiple unfinished units and in some instances are using the unfinished units to set up rum shops. There are cases where  Laborites who either did not own a house before Maria or did not have structural damages to their houses are desperately finding plots just to have the Tarpaulin Home foundation built. While this is happening people who are truly in need of building material are not receiving the material from the government. The perpetuation of the “Some Eating All “ behavior e that has been nurtured and promoted by the Roosevelt Skerrit regime. 

We were also disturbed by the fact that the entire Tarpaulin Home building process is conducted in a desultory manner and seemingly without proper intervention by the Physical Planning Department. It appears that the “Tarpaulin Homes” are being configured on a “one size fit all “basis. A family of 6 or 8 gets the same size structure as a single or two person family. We also notice that the red toilet initiative is no longer important as these Tarpaulin Homes are erected without sanitary facilities. What we may be witnessing here is the making of another “City Soleile “as seen in Haiti.

While many are wondering whether it is possible to erect 3700 houses particularly before the election, people have been receiving standard partially completed  building frames with roofs and tarpaulin wrap faƧades. In fact a section of the Village of Bense is now named “ Samaritan Purse” because of the number of unfinished “Tarpaulin Homes” that have been erected by the Skerrit regime.

Who knows what the PM was thinking when he promised 3700 houses? Maybe an island with 3700 constructed Tarpaulin type houses or Samaritan Purse type communities could indeed become the first ever resilient country

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Gas Lighted 
There ought to be a moment when the people of Dominica must recognize that the “it’s politics” attitude is detrimental to their social and economic well-being and that it is important to issue an uncompromising dichotomy between obligatory truth and the willful intension by governing politicians to keep a people Gas lighted. It is simply unacceptable that PM Skerrit and his Labor Party administration are allowed to play games with the socioeconomic well-being of people, particularly after the harrowing aftermath of Hurricane Maria.   

Last week the PM Roosevelt Skerrit unabashedly indicated that Dominica has become a destination of choice for foreign investors and that investors are now eager to come to Dominica for investment opportunities. As always, the prime minister conveniently selects an environment where flattering journalist will allow him to make blanket and dishonest statement without having to account for these statements with facts and veracity. Unfortunately this is the kind of journalism that we expect from the likes of Curtis Mathew.  

Conventional trends indicate that Foreign Direct Investment tend to flow towards dynamic economies.  In 18 years the DLP administration was unable to create a model for sustainable growth in the Dominica economy. With an average growth of less than 2% over 18 years and in the aftermath of Maria where the economy is grappling and the social and physical infrastructure is frail,the old adage is becomes timely-only fools would rush in where wise men fear to tread. 

According to PM Skerrit because “government has conducted the affairs of the island in a responsible and transparent manner” Dominicans should be on the lookout for an influx of foreign investors. The evidence on the ground show otherwise. Instead of seeking to employ policies and strategies for positioning the country as an attractive investment destination for productive investors, the Roosevelt Skerrit administration had spent the better part of its 18 year stint destroying national competitiveness and formatting a handout society.

Even as the prime minister fibbed about the wellness of the investment climate in Dominica, he and the Parliamentary Representative for the Portsmouth constituency Ian Douglas, have presented a thunderous silence on the Ross University matter. In the interest of transparency the prime minister should present to the public the concerns as expressed by the Ross University- the deficiencies with the social and physical infrastructure(airport) and the inefficiencies in the execution of public services. A good question to ask at this juncture is – why is Ross University not leading the charge back  into to Dominica?

Two weeks ago it was reported that the prime minister allegedly shunned a meeting that was scheduled with representatives from the Ross University. According to sources close to the government administration the Ross Representatives and others  waited on the prime minister for almost 4 hours while the prime minister kept making all  type of excuses and eventually never showed up for that meeting. We understand that the Ross University Representatives felt quite insulted and left in disgust.

 Considering the significance of Ross University to the people and economy of Dominica, there is nothing besides a family emergency (god forbid) that should have been more important than showing up to cajole an expedited return of Ross University to Dominica. There is simply no place in this present day Dominica and particularly the Ross University matter for the prime minister’s arrogance and deception. We are talking about a PM playing narcissism with the livelihood and economic well-being of thousands of people in Dominica. 

It is worth noting that it was just a few days after the prime minister disrespected the people from the Ross University that he fired off another blast of “gas-Lighting. He created this phantasm about the foreign investors rushing into Dominica in an effort to down play the disastrous outcome of the meeting with Ross University. It was an insidious attempt to calm the anxiety among the people, especially the people who have investment interests in the Portsmouth area .

Shouldn’t the people of Portsmouth and everyone else with invested interest in the Ross University be upset with the prime minister’s behavior? But then again the Prime minister has perfected the art of Gas Lighting a people who are so receptive of his gimmicks. Some  of the prime minister’s worshippers or victims , particularly those in the Portsmouth area have already begun justifying the disrespect that prime minister has shown the Ross University representatives. According to a resident of Portsmouth and a former Ross employee “those people from Ross are too rude to ask our PM for a meeting.” 

According to social scientist Gas-lighting “is a narcissist’s masterful manipulation technique used to gain control over their victims. It is a form of mental abuse in which information is twisted or spun, selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception, and rationality.” It has also been established that extreme or long term gas lighting can ultimately lead to victims having a distorted sense of reality, not knowing what is right or wrong, or losing self-confidence. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018


In a recent video that went viral a gentleman from Dominica  using poignant  colloquialism asked the question – “How a man that come in government as a "vere terre" (creole term for earth worm) , with no clothes ,no shoes, house nor car is today if not the wealthiest but one of the wealthiest politician in the region.” The gentleman is clearly disgusted by the fact that some politicians in the government of Dominica have been strictly focused on the pursuit of absolute power through a sociopathic means of self-enrichment with brazen corruption.

We will all agree that the gentleman’s concern as expressed in the video is very much in line with the question that many have been asking of the Prime Minister of Dominica, Mr. Roosevelt Skerrit. It is a well-established fact  that prior to his political career  PM Roosevelt Skerrit was a struggling school teacher with not even a kaiye Poule" (Fowl Cage) to his name. Even the notorious Krazy Tee once told the listeners of his radio program that he and others had to essentially set up a   collection basket in order to purchase Roosevelt Skerrit’s first suit for his swearing in ceremony as a minister under the Roosevelt Douglas led DLP administration. Following the death of two prime ministers, all within a spate of three years Roosevelt Skerrit was mysteriously appointed leader and prime minister of the Labor Party led government.

People who knew Roosevelt Skerrit prior to his political career have always said that he was a young man engrossed by avarice, greed and selfishness.  Immediately following his ascension into the position of Prime minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit wasted no time pursuing his self-enrichment goals. Under the leadership of PM Skerrit the government has been plagued with malfeasance and many allegations of corrupt activities involving PM Roosevelt Skerrit.

Among the very many accusations of corruption the Prime Minister has been asked to respond to allegations of  his ownership of the over $8 Million Villas in the Savanne  Paille area and the  affordability of the PM’s  almost $2 Million mansion in Vielle Case.

In spite of the overwhelming evidence pointing to bulk corruption and evidence of the PM’s enigmatic wealth, the PM, his apologists and mercenaries continue to deny the allegations of criminality and wrong doing. However the PM with his hubris and posture of unassailability seem unable to hide or contain the symptoms of his mysterious “affluenza” and luxurious tendencies.

We have been reliably informed that sometime early in 2017 the popular and international disk jockey, Trinidadian DJ Private Ryan was hired by the Prime Minister and brought in for one night just to DJ at a private birthday party for either Melissa or one of the PM’s kids. We are more inclined to believe that it was Melissa’s as this kind of fanfare and celebration is her thing. The former bar tender has shown that she has a great affinity for the finest things in life. It is alleged that DJ Private Ryan was paid US $20,000 just for the one night engagement. Let’s wait and see how the apologists spin this one.

There are a million and half things wrong with the PM Skerrit paying DJ Ryan all the way out of Trinidad US $20,000 for a one night engagement in Dominica. What is considered most sadistic is that even in late 2016 efforts were being made to grow and promote the “Djaying” profession in Dominica. A DJ competition was organized and in that competition were eleven (11) registered DJ’s out of Dominica and a winning prize of $2500. It is only logical to suggest that not one of these disk jockeys or any of the other popular ones not shown on the list was considered worthy of Djaying at Skerrit’s organized birthday party for his wife or kid.  
List of DJ's in 2016 competition

Our people are so duped by PM Skerrit’s con games that many will see nothing worth raising eyebrows at a US $20,000 gig for a DJ; even some of the disk jockeys in Dominica will find ways to endorse the PM’s decision to hire DJ Private Ryan for one night out of Trinidad for a birthday party celebration when one of them could have done the job. 

Soon Melissa Skerrit will be going around handing out gift baskets with pampers and toiletries donated by agencies selling passports and many Dominicans will convince themselves that this is the ideal life - A PM and his wife showing counterfeit affection to a people who have become impoverished at the hands of the same prime minister and at the same time the PM is arrogantly displaying a life of  extreme luxury through illicit self-enrichment while serving in government.

When MiTC wrote about the PM’s son attending a spendy high school for kids of millionaires and billionaires in New York City, some people made it seem like MiTC was attacking the PM’s kid and deliberately ignored the moral of the story. How did the Prime Minister Skerrit go from “vere Tere” to a filthy rich flamboyant millionaire on a prime minister’s salary?

Corruption should always be a bitter pill to swallow when economic growth is absent and particularly when there is gaping disparity between the opulent life style of the prime minister and that of the masses in Dominica. Lets see how much longer the people will tolerate such a farce.   

Friday, May 4, 2018

Dominica In Bad Company

The IgarapƩ Institute, a Brazilian Security think tank, has issued a report declaring that one in three murders in the world occur in Latin America and the Caribbean, a region with only 8% of the world's population. The report entitled "Citizen security in Latin America" has just been released and its authors state that many countries and cities "are facing a chronic public security crisis". Using the latest data available on crime statistics, El Salvador leads the top 20 countries in the world by homicide rate, with 3,954 reported murders in 2017, or 60 per 100,000. Dominica comes in at number 20, with 12 murders reported in 2013, the last year crime statistics were available, a rate of 16.7 murders per 100,000.

Dominica is by no means the only CARICOM country on the list. Jamaica with 1,616 murders recorded in 2017, is No.2 on the list, followed by St. Kitts & Nevis (#5), Trinidad & Tobago (#8), St. Vincent & the Grenadines (#9), St. Lucia (#11), The Bahamas (#12), and Antigua & Barbuda (#15) are all ahead of us in a race that none of us should be associated with. What are our governments doing about this?

Attempting to establish the reasons for the surging crime rates, the report makes references to youth unemployment as a significant reason, something that we know quite a bit about in Dominica. Our young people face significant hurdles today. Youth unemployment is high, many are surviving on handouts from the Skerrit government, drugs, child abuse, inequality - all reasons that are proven contributing factors to increasing crime rates. This explosive trend, if not reversed soon, will skyrocket out of control.

The report indicates that 83% of the murders in the Caribbean were committed by men, compared with 74% across the rest of the globe. Also, 50% of homicide victims are between 15 and 30 years of age, an astonishing statistic that portends trouble for our society. The prevalence of firearms continues to menace us, with 51% of homicides being committed with guns. Whatever happened to the guns found at the port? Has anyone heard from our police National Security minister on this?

Of the top 50 global cities, San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, comes in as the most violent city in Latin America and the world, with a murder rate of 136.7 per 100,000 (2016). In the United States, St. Louis, Missouri (#19) tops the homicide statistics at 59.3 per 100,000. Cape Town, South Africa (#15) leads the continent with a murder rate of 61.5 per 100,000. In the Caribbean, Kingston, Jamaica lines up as the 49th most murderous capital in the world, at a rate of 43.2 per 100,000.

The costs of crime on the economies of the individual states is also significant, with the Bahamas topping the region at 4.8% of GDP (2014), followed by Jamaica at 3.9% of GDP (2014), and Trinidad and Tobago, at 3.5% of GDP (2014), according to statistics provided by Economist Laura Jaitman, a consultant to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

To see the full report,

Friday, April 27, 2018


Excavator at Grand Fond Playing Field
Over the last 14 years Dominica has overwhelmingly been run by a government operating along the lines of “politics of the belly”—an instinctive lust for wealth and power mixed with crude tribalism and intense victimization. Under the Roosevelt Skerrit regime government officials and the politically connected elite use their positions and influence to enrich themselves, their kinsmen. All of this is happening while the ordinary people are stuck in proliferating poverty under a Roosevelt Skerrit administration

 It is quite obvious that the recidivism of an administration that consistently lies and deceive the people is once again in motion. A red carrot is being dangled before the  people of the Grand Fond constituency in the hope that the people will forget all about their pain and suffering. A few weeks ago the Prime Minister in his bullheaded attitude decided that he wants to use the World Bank small business development funding to impress the people of the East and the Grand Fond area in particular with the promise to repair the dilapidated roads. Note well that these roads have been in need of repair for a number years before Hurricane Maria. The road repair plot seem to have hit a snag and now the Prime Minister in his desperation decided that the people of Grand must at least see some earth moving activities going on in the Grand Fond constituency and so he hastily dispatched an excavator right next to the Grand Fond playing field to supposedly begin the construction of an apartment building for residents of the grand Fond area. The apartment building conceptual rendering was unveiled on March 26 of this year. 

We are very suspicious of the government’s intension as it seems quite strange that physical planning would provide the green light to construct an apartment building within a few feet off the football field. We also understand that just a few weeks ago the government had been trying to acquire a parcel of land adjacent to the Grand Fond community center for the same apartment building development. Needless to ask but how on earth a project of that nature was designed and approved for construction less that three weeks after the concept was declared 

Grand Fond Apartment Rendering
One has to wonder what kind of due diligence was given to engineering, environmental and residential considerations for the project development. An apartment development that the government promised would put those apartments in London and New York City in the shade.  

The desultory ground breaking and earth moving activities a few feet from the Grand Fond football field may be another one of the Skerrit government’s attempt to bamboozle the voters of the Grand Fond constituency. Whether or not an apartment building is a worthwhile solution for the Grand Fond constituency it must be noted that 7 months after the Hurricane Maria some critical government entities are yet to be given the much needed urgent attention and many people are still living in make shift shelters or even tents around the island. In some areas government workers still have to resort to relieving their bowels in the back of the ravaged government office building, Police Stations are still uncovered while the government is playing squirrel with building materials that were either received or purchased on the behalf of the people of Dominica. How then do we rationalize the suspicious and cursory ground breaking activities near the Grand Fond playing field? Is it just the usual DLP chicanery politics and the heartless behavior of a dictator?

It is no secret that the current DLP parliamentary representative for the Grand Fond constituency Mr. Ivor Stephenson has been seriously ill for the past two years and because of the nature of his ailment a bi-election may be imminent. The murmur is that the dispatching of the excavator to the Grand Fond location was a nervous and desperate reaction to Senator Dr. Fontaine’s presence in the constituency over last three weeks. Dr. Fontaine who is now contracted as a senior economic and international policy advisor with the government of South Sudan regularly returns to Dominica after every two months spent in the country of South Sudan.

The DLP administration is fully aware that like a number of other constituencies, the Grand Fond constituency is only winnable by pervasive corruption, a dysfunctional electoral system stacked with forgery and the imposition of overseas based illegal voters. It is our hope that with the country burdened by 15 years of growing poverty and the worsening effect of the Hurricane Maria disaster, the Roosevelt Skerrit government ought to have some apprehensions about their brigand like and ruthless conduct during any kind of election. This government should not be allowed to use the country’s resources to economically enslave the people with widespread vote buying schemes.

We must all insure that the eyes of the world remain on Dominica.  Poverty is the natural outcome of bad governance and despotism. The natural tendency of a repressive regime is to provide monuments or the promise thereof as a consolation to the indigence that they have crafted and maintained. The hope is that people would forget all about their pain and suffering as long as the empty red promises and monuments and even white elephants continue to dangle before the people.

We thought it was necessary to highlight the Grand Fond deception at this particular point so that as the opposition delegates gather in Grand Fond this week end we hope that they will take the time off to visit what appears to be another act of repression and deception by a persistent con artist.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Roosevelt Skerrit is under serious pressure as Prime Minister of Dominica and he tried using the prostitution of Joseph Isaac to create much needed distraction. This distraction was short lived because he failed to gain momentum from this desperate move. In fact, genuine Labourites are even more disturbed by this coward action of their leader.

The issues are viciously building on Skerrit and he cannot run away from them. The World Bank money for Farmers and Fishers was blatantly used for vote buying. The Bank demanded a total audit and there are still many farmers and fishers who were politically victimized. The World Bank money for Small Businesses was rudely taken away from them. Thousands of small business owners went through the process hoping to be one of the 1500 owners to get $5376. But Skerrit insulted them by diverting the funds to road works in the East of Dominica.

The formation of the CREAD is not going on properly and Skerrit is being pressured by International Donors to include the Parliamentary Opposition in the process. Skerrit is calling for unity but is doing something totally opposite.

Skerrit is afraid to called a Meeting of the Parliament. It was last called on October 7, 2017 just to extend the State of Emergency. There are several matters that are in need of the intervention of Parliament. But Skerrit do not want members of the Parliamentary Opposition to debate on critical national issues.

Electoral Reform is a must and Skerrit knows that. 10 years and the government has failed to have reform for a voting population of just about 40,000 people. He cannot continue to deny the people free and fair elections. NO REFORM, NO ELECTION.

The distribution of building materials is too political and taking too long. Some ministers are upset because Hurricane season is around the corner and thousands of Dominicans are still under tarpaulins. He cannot continue to play party politics with building materials given to us by International governments and institutions to assist Dominicans to rebuild our homes. Some ministers are privately saying that they are against Skerrit wanting to build apartment buildings in rural communities where majority of the people own their land. The victims only need the government to assist them to repair their homes or help build new houses.

We are less than two months away from a predicted very active 2018 hurricane season and Skerrit has yet to see the commencement of work on our damaged infrastructure. Our road network is scary. The Office of Disaster Management (ODM) lacks the human resource capacity to successfully execute its mandate before, during and after a major hurricane. There are several communities without proper and safe hurricane shelters. After the devastation of Maria how can the government be so heartless?

Displaced residents from Petite Savanne rents are not being paid by the gov't and owners of rented houses are threatening to put residents out. The government has also stopped the paying displacement allowance to victims. The psychological and financial pressure is having  serious effects on the affected people  They are trying to have an audience with their Parl Rep, Kenneth Darroux but he is nowhere to be found.

International Agencies are raising serious awareness about the 12 parrots that were smuggled to Germany by Skerrit and his operatives. Stephen Durand was accused of leaking out the secret deal with Skerrit and Martin Guth and he was immediately sent on leave. Skerrit removed our national birds from their natural habitat and send them to Germany. Has the son of Minister Collin McIntyre who worked with the parrots at the Aviary in the Botanic Gardens received a three months scholarship to go to Germany to care for the birds?

ROSS University officials were on island recently to look at the Government’s progress on rebuilding our infrastructure and they were very disappointed. They said that there is no way that they are going to evacuate staff, faculty and students via sea again. It was too dangerous and the parents of the students panicked too much. The ROSS officials have been trying to meet with the Prime Minister and he ducked them once again. While the staff, landlords, DOMLEC and others are hoping for the earliest return of ROSS, Skerrit is playing hide and seek. Pure kindergarten babysitting nonsense.

The FIFA Fiasco with Francine Baron found its genesis at the last election of the Dominica Football Association that was politically hijacked by the desperate Labour Party. During the last DFA election the government sent a number of delegates to vote for Glen Etienne.  There were the likes of Trevor Shillingford (chief architect),  Thomas Kentish, Dirk St. Jean son of Petter St. Jean and a crew from Grand Bay. This was well orchestrated to prevent the DFA from being managed by people like Ronnie Isidore, Robertson Hypolite, Ibrahim Brohim, Phillip White, Clifford ‘Bala’ Celaire and others. That is why Senator Baron thought she could violate FIFA’s Statute 15(c) and pretended to be Glen Etienne, President of the DFA.

The construction of the Kempinski Hotel at Cabrits has stopped and the government has yet to inform the public about the true challenges being faced by this major project. Don't talk about the Moroccan Hotel. A total disgrace.

The five top cops of the Police Force are at loggerhead while making the force a total mess. Chief Daniel Carbon, Deputy Chief Davidson Valerie, Head of SSU Assistant Superintendent Lincoln Corbette, Superintendent Richmond Valentine and Superintendent Cuffy Williams are all mad at each other is one way or another. Williams is suing Valerie for an illegal looting search at his home. Corbette wrote a damning report on the incompetence of Carbon, Valerie and Valentine post Hurricane Maria and they are fuming. If these five guys egos clash in a room, bullets will fly. The removal of Pelham Jno.Baptiste as the head of the Immigration Department is another serious problem plaguing the Police Force. This brings to question, the signing and issuing of Dominican passports to rogues. Was Jno.Baptiste raising too many concerns?

The pending sentencing of former Dominican Diplomat and very good friend of Roosevelt Skerrit, Ng Lap Seng by US Courts is not going down well with the Dominican leader. There are also several international crooks who had or have Dominica’s diplomatic passports and are in trouble with the law. Skerrit is a key witness for former St Kitts PM Denzel Douglas who has a Diplomatic passport from Dominica and his matter is expected to be heard later this month. Skerrit attracts the most corrupt individuals around the world.

Roosevelt Skerrit plate is overflowing with current national issues and others issues because of his roguish attitude. Not even Lil Tony Astaphan can help him chew them down. In Fact most of them are choking him, that is why he wanted the distraction to breathe a little lighter. He can no longer hold Dominica and Dominicans in darkness. The wind of change is blow consistently over the land and the people are slowly wising up. No amount of calculated distraction can remove the wind behind our sails. Skerrit’s exit is on the horizon and his only choice is to bow out gracefully.
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