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Friday, August 23, 2019


Have you ever wondered why a business man like Robbie Tonge is sitting in government as minister of tourism and subjecting himself to such indignities by sucking up to Skerrit and making a mockery of himself on Facebook? .

At one point Robbie Tonge was scheduled to announce his resignation and he suddenly had a change of heart – You want to know why? Read thee Whats App message 

Robbie Tong was the designated candidate to represent the DLP in the Roseau Central constituency and then he was single handedly discarded PM Skerrit. Robbie Tonge still continue to serve Skerrit in supplication. You want to know why? - Read Thee WhatsApp Message

We all had our suspicions that Robbie Tonge has been on a self-serving mission however when the prime minister handed Robbie Tonge and his insurance business $5 Million supposedly to pay off insurance claims after hurricane Maria some of us were amazed even if there were swirling rumors that Robbie Tonge  group of companies were in serious financial difficulties.   

With Robbie Tonge group of companies undergoing serious financial crisis how do we expect Robbie Tonge to perform efficiently as the Minister for Tourism. It is no wonder the ministry of tourism has been severely underperforming. Robbie Tonge is way too preoccupied in trying to find ways out of financial peril and bankruptcy.
krystal Failyais- Robbie Tonge

We have in our possession a copy of a WhatsApp message from Robbie’s father to his son Robbie Tonge the minister for tourism and we can now confirm that Robbie Tonge is sitting in cabinet trying to get anything to help him and his groups of companies get out of their financial crisis- that includes getting a gig to sell passports.

Read The Emaill from Robbie's Paps 

"Morning Rob wishing you a successful and joyful day.

Sorry to be so persistent.It is that we are trying not to allow this deal to fall through with hundreds of claims unpaid, and bankruptcy proceedings kicking in

Will the meeting be this evening or when?

Next week I will be in Barbados for my medical checks 

I do not want to.leave Earl and Gregory in charge in this period of great uncertainty. Most importantly I don't want any of our deals to fall through

We are to use to closure. We do not want a more money from government we just need to get caveats lifted on 2  securities pledged to the Government , i,e  Canefield and Maycourt so to  get the final approval on Fortune under the C B I program."

 We do not want any more money from government we just need to get caveats lifted on 2  securities pledged to the Government” We believe that Robbie’s father is referring to the $5Million dollars that Robbie was able to get for himself while sitting in the cabinet as a minister. In other countries people go to jail for such acts of corruption and conflicting interest. Even more the properties that Robbie and his Daddy may have used against this $5 Million from our treasury Robbie is looking to have these caveat removed so the could walk away with $5 Million while the tax payers carry the bill.

Our sources have indicated that Tonge group of companies may be in the process of selling off some businesses and that the caveat held on the company’s assets for example  Canefield and Maycourt may be an obstacle to finalizing a deal.

From the email conversation it appears that not only is Robbie Tonge  looking to walk away with free money ,like Sam Rafael he is looking to sell passports- The kind of behavior that send politicians to prison in real countries.   

We have also learned that the First Domestic Insurance Company which was owned by the Tonge Group has been sold. It is also alleged that things have got so bad that Daddy Tonge is moving out from the top floor just to rent out the space and daddy may be moving to Robbie’s house in Fortnay and Robbie and his family may be moving to Morne Daniel to live with his mother-in-law.

There is one more take away from the email. I do not want to leave Earl and Gregory in charge in this period of great uncertainty. Most importantly I don't want any of our deals to fall through.Guess who Gregory is? The same enigmatic Grenadian, Gregory De Gannes, Skerrit’s mystery man at the National Bank of Dominica and the director West Indies Power Limited scam. ( It is clear that Daddy Tonge has no confidence in his $10,000 per month manager,Gregory De Gannes.

High day robbery and corruption is the order of the day within the Roosevelt Skerrit administration. Everyone in Dominica know that the Roosevelt Skerrit administration is nothing but a group of pirates plundering the resources of Dominica. Dominicans are fully aware of the fact that while some are eating all, the country is wallowing in poverty and unemployment.


After reading the CS Global sham report as presented in a Price Waterhouse publication it is clear that the publication was just another attempt by CS Global and the Skerrit money laundering cartel to   strengthen the hold of oppression and power, for “the object of oppression is oppression and the object of power is power- by any means.In our local idiom "si ous te Norway ca te ke fais" CS Global have no choice but to continue singing for their share of the passport loot.

The report itself was loaded with Dominica Labor Party(DLP) propaganda, lies and misrepresentations however we don’t intend to deal with the propaganda and the gross misrepresentation. We believe that in order to defeat oppression we must at least know some of the oppressors, those sitting in luxurious offices somewhere in London or Dubai and making off with hundreds of millions of dollars from the sale of our passports.

In a consultation document issued by CS Global in February of 2018 the CEO of the company states “CS Global Partners is a legal advisory firm with years of experience in the investor immigration market. We operate with two distinct branches, the first providing advice to governments seeking to introduce, develop or promote their citizenship or residence by investment programs and second guiding individuals in selecting the best option for their next citizenship or residence.” Passport dealers or not? 
Micha  Rose  Emmit
The London-based firm called CS Global Partners was founded and is led by CEO Micha-Rose Emmett, a former attorney at Henley and Partners. It is alleged that Micha carried over her old tricks from Henley where it is alleged that these passport hawks operate by providing politicians with finance from phantom investors and provide campaign rhetoric to political candidates. For example the repetitious promise of airports, seaports and five star hotels. As Micha Rose-Emmett enjoys her life of luxury on her yacht Dominicans are swimming in poverty

 It is said that CS Global had been financed by a British-Indian investor named Dev Bath. Bath who carries around a St Kitts diplomatic passport often represents himself on Linkedln as “Special Representative of St Kitts”. Bath served as a director of CS Global for more than a year and now operates as a consultant to the company. 

One of Dev Bath’s business partners is the notorious Peter Singh Virdee, a property tycoon and holder of an Antiguan passport. It is alleged that Peter Singh had attempted to secure a solar energy contracts in St Kitts through bribery. In a preliminary judgment on that matter the U.K.’s National Crime Agency stated that “the claimants were ready and willing to pay bribes, and had given at least one gift to a Caribbean politician.” According to Court documents in Britain, Virdee in a phone conversation expressed the need to entertain the prime minister of Saint Kitts and his entourage while visiting London. In another conversation, Virdee also said to his friend that Saint Kitts’s prime minister had asked for a watch and a pair of shoes.

In a separate matter involving tax evasion from millions of dollars in carbon credit, Virdee had been arrested at Heathrow Airport in January 2017. 

The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed and as a people whose ancestors were once enslaved it is important that we remain vigilant. It is equally important to keep in mind that if we allow these charlatans at CS Global to continue to bamboozle us with manipulation and distortion we are only facilitating the re-enslavement of our people. 

Now that we know and understand some of the oppressors we should realize that we cannot appeal to their consciences for their only mission is to keep raking in the millions from the sale of our passports and to keep the people subdued. Our only effort at this time is to collectively take them down by dumping the corrupt and criminal politicians who provide a platform for the oppressors to operate.

Sunday, August 18, 2019


There is no doubt that with the missing 1.2 Billion dollars from the budget report,   more Dominicans at home and in the diaspora are beginning to realize that Dominica deserve better. Dominicans are now willing to face the realities of rampant government corruption and the consequential poverty. No longer are people willing to settle for Anthony “Epstein” Astaphan’s lies and the legal antics that he employs just to keep Dominicans gaslighted and enslaved by a "kleptocratic" ruler in Roosevelt Skerrit.

With the people willing to be more introspective it is the opportune moment to reintroduce the phenomenon of the Panama Papers and to view the Panama Papers as a possible clue to some of Dominica’s stolen money.

The Panama Papers are leaked documents that came from the now-defunct Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca. The documents leaked exposed disguised offshore holdings by a number of wealthy individuals, public officials, corrupt politicians, celebrities, business people and other rich individuals. With the help of illicit actors particularly the crooked lawyers at Mossack Fonseca, these wealthy individuals set up shell corporations or in local terms “bogus companies”  for illegal purposes  including the concealment of proceeds from crime gangs, squirreling of public funds by corrupt thieving politicians , tax evasion , sanction busting drugs and  human trafficking etc.

While Most of the services provided by the offshore industry are legal, the leaked documents show that banks, law firms and other offshore players have consistently facilitated clients involved in criminal enterprises, tax evasion or political corruption
The leaked documents in the Panama Papers shows that an offshore account had been setup in Panama under a corporation named the National Bank of Dominica (NBC). The details of that NBD account are as follow.

In the year 2009 a NBD entity was incorporated in Barbados by a law firm owned by George Walton Payne of Barbados. (Hold on to that name)
The mailing address for the NBD Panama is that of George Payne’s law firm in Barbados and the NBD’s Hillsborough Street address in Dominica.

 The directors listed are:
  •   Minister of Tourism Robert T.M Tong ,
  •   Dr.Valda Henry,
  •   Dermot Southwell (deceased),
  •  Patrick Pemberton,
  • Phillip Roll ,
  • Mervin Riviere
  • Birmingham Ackroyd
As a note of caution the various persons listed as directors of NBD Panama are all Dominicans however they may or may not have been aware of this offshore sham and so it is up to them  (with the exception of the deceased Dermot Southwell) to clarify their position- are they involved or innocent  in this money laundering scheme.

So who is George Walton Payne?
What we have learned is that Shell companies require the expensive services of tax lawyers and more often than not middlemen are needed to manipulate official records, protect clients and conceal suspected transactions

George Walton Payne is a lawyer and politician, and an associate of PM Skerrit’s creepy advisor Hartley Henry. In fact George Payne is a current minister in the Barbados Labor Party government .The legal services provided by George Payne’s law firm include international business and financial services (Wink wink Peek A Boo!!). George Payne has had his fair share of controversies - many accusations of corruption and alleged misrepresentation or falsification of his credentials.  The name Thornhill Andrew is also shown in the NBC organization chart- Thornhill is the law partner in the law firm of George Walton Payne.

At the time the corporation was registered in Barbados all of the Dominicans listed as directors of the corporation were serving on the board of directors for the National Commercial Bank of Dominica. Very interestingly the notorious Steven Isidore who was also a board member at the time was conveniently not listed. Also left out of the directors list is the enigmatic and mysterious managing director at the time Grenadian Gregory De Gannes.
Did Steven Isidore and Gregory De Gannes have any knowledge of the Panama account?  
Who Is the Notorious Steven Isidore? Evidence shows that at the time of NBD’s Panama account setup, Steven Isidore had been PM Skerrit’s personal lawyer and accountant and handling millions of dollars illicitly acquired by Roosevelt Skerrit. Existing paper trails show Steven Isidore coordinating financial activities for the construction of PM Skerrit’s 8 Villas in Savanne Pailles. Documents also show that Steven Isidore had been paying service providers at the behest of PM Skerrit. Renneth “Bubbles” Alexis who falsely claimed ownership of the villas was one of the service providers who had received several payments from Steven Isidore for service provided during the construction of the villas. Steven Isidore had also been named as being part of a conspiracy to firebomb the home of his partner decease GON Emmanuel so as to destroy evidence of fraud and money laundering .In November of 2010 Steven Isidore was brought before the courts by his partner GON Emmanuel on 42 criminal counts. The charges included fraud, theft, and falsification of accounts, criminal breach of trust, misrepresentation and obtaining money by deception.   
Now the Enigmatic Gregory De Gannes?
In 2005 when PM Skerrit mysteriously installed the Grenadian Gregory De Gannes as Managing Director of The National Bank of Dominica many were amazed. At the time people were wondering why the Dominican born Bank Manager at the time, Vance Leblanc was unceremoniously being replaced by a Grenadian with a track record of mismanagement.

Prior to his appointment in Dominica Gregory De Gannes was engaged with a business operation in Barbados doing what is referred to as loan brokerage. De Gannes together with his business partners would package loan applications to banks on behalf of their clients and in return they would receive huge commissions on these loan applications. It is alleged that former bank operatives Milton Lawrence and Lambert Lewis, both Dominicans, were all part of the business operation and were all instrumental in bringing De Gannes to Dominica. We also learned that Barbadian Hartley Henry was allegedly part of De Gannes circle and was mainly responsible for bringing De Gannes to Dominica.

Gregory De Gannes stint at the National Bank of Dominica went as expected. Under his stewardship the National Bank of Dominica issued millions of dollars in bad and suspicious loans. There were also allegations that as managing director, Gregory De Gannes had fired former National Bank manager Michel Williams because Williams refused to act on a $2.5 Million loan application that De Gannes made out for himself.

When De Gannes was eventually removed from the National Bank of Dominica PM Skerrit brought him back as chairman of the West Indies Power (Dominica) Ltd (WIPD) and provided De Gannes and his WPD with $3.5 Million to do geothermal exploratory work in the Soufriere area. 

The government and people of Dominica own more than 50 percent of the NCB and at this juncture All Dominicans should be incensed and should be asking why the indigenous bank of Dominica had been named in the Panama papers? The bank records show no legitimate investments in Panama yet the leaked documents confirm that the NBD does have an offshore account in Panama.

·        So what is happening Mr. Prime Minister and Minister of finance?

·        Should we seek answers from your lawyer and accountant Steven Isidore?

·        Should we contact your former Managing Director Gregory De Gannes.?

·        Should we call Hartley Henry and or George Payne for some answers?

The National commercial Bank of Dominica was created by act No. 27 of 1976. Mr. Prime Minister why did you and the crooks around conspire to shift  the NCB operation from the confines of the Banking Act to that of the Companies Act where there is no oversight , regulations and real accountability?

Was this offshore account in Panama all part of a scheme where money from the NBD could be laundered under the guise of company privileges?

Living with integrity means: Not settling for less than what you deserve in your everyday endeavors; asking for what you want and need from others; speaking your truth even though it might create conflict or tension; Behaving in ways that are in harmony with your personal values; making choices on what you believe and not what others want you to believe (Barbara De Angelis)

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


When the people of Dominica asked about Alireza Monfared and his My Dominica Trade House (MDTH) Skerrit told us that “the guy love Dominica so much that he decided to use his own money to invest in Dominica." We know what happened thereafter- Monfared was really a multimillion dollar thief running away from international law enforcement while hiding in Dominica. Monfared paid millions of dollars for his diplomatic passport and served as an ATM for DLP goons during 2014 election campaign. Monfared and his MDTH was also set up to sell passports in Malaysia

 Wow the same Anthony Haiden who sued the owner of the Kempinski hotel in Dominica, Mohamed Asaria over money issues just got on a plane after hearing of Tropical Storm Erika and decided to throw his money at Skerrit’s feet?   Mr. Skerrit you have played this tune before with Monfared but we do understand that as a pathological liar you cannot distinguish the truth within you or around you and so you have no respect for yourself and others. It is no wonder the rest of the cabinet members are just following you blindly and the spin doctors are in hiding.  

PM Skerrit we are aware that even before Tropical Storm Erika Anthony Haiden had been given between 500-600 passports an estimated $150 Million.  We challenge PM Skerrit and his mercenaries to deny this. 

Monday, August 12, 2019


The Haitian situation in Portsmouth is brewing anger as Haitians are gathering at the Kempinski location claiming that government agents promised them high paying jobs to include jobs at the Kempinski hotel once they arrive in Dominica. The above photo was taken near the Kempinski construction site today. Based on our conversation with some of the Haitians who have recently arrived in Dominica, we are getting the feeling that the Haitians all have this feeling of entitlement and are clearly expressing the feeling of betrayal.

The Haitians also came with the expectation that there were jobs available at the Morocco Hotel which they even knew before coming to Dominica is located next to the Kempinski. According to one Haitian lady “map vini bien prepawe por twavilles en L’hotel ” She came to Dominica well prepared to work at the hotel. According to one of our DLP insider, the Morocco workers who had been at the site recently are all gone as the government could no longer sustain the bill of $150,000 per month as living expenses for the Moroccan workers. So it is de ja vu for the Moroccan Hotel – this time around Ian Douglas might as well tell us that the Moroccans went back to figure out what kind of drinks they want to sell at the hotel bar- Persian pwev or Dubai Zaeed Rum (Arabic for Dublan Rum) 

Cows at Coffee Factory
A number of Haitians were also under the impression that there were available jobs in the coffee factory. Needless to say somebody is lying to the Haitian people. The last time MiTC followed up on the situation at the coffee factory we reported that a cattle owner in the Portsmouth area had been tying his cattles in the building. Since our last report we notice that someone was dispatched to block off the  cattle entrance “ at the coffee factory but alas the job was not well done and so according to the same local farmer who now says “ my brother right now is stray dogs I see making love inside there wee and those stray dogs killing our animals.”

On our visit to Portsmouth this morning we also learned from the Portsmouth residents that in addition to the human trafficking scheme there is a calculated plan among a few landlords to use the Haitians as a means to buffer the mounting bills on their investment in Picard. We understand that a certain magistrate is deeply entrenched in this scheme.

In other instances some Landlords are evicting Haitians because they were promised that the new University is opening in September and they need to get their apartments ready for students. Yeh Right !1 . From what we have gathered the facility is not ready, there is no faculty, no staff; work on the food court is in abeyance. But then again one would have to be quite vacuous to just buy into another Roosevelt Skerrit lie. In his budget presentation PM Skerrit said that the pending new university, Dominica University School of Medical Sciences (DUMS) is busy registering students for the first start of the semester in September yet the university does not have a website. I am sure we can count on Clarence Christian for a nose digging spin explanation.

While Skerrit and his administration continue to play games with the people of Portsmouth we have all seen evidence that he Skerrit sold off half an acre of land in the Picard area to a Russian name Sergei Pavlovich Kurashvili for $403,000. Sergei Pavlovich Kurashvili purchased a Dominica passport in November of 2016 and by April 2017 he and Skerrit had already completed the land deal. It is only logical to ask whether Skerrit had any confidence in the future of Ross and Picard at the time of the land deal? Didn't the due diligence agency notice that Sergei Pavlovich Kurashvili is boldly printed in the Panama Papers?

Haitians Cooking In Picard
In the meantime Picard has become a ghost town. Instead of bustling restaurants Haitians are cooking in makeshift fire places along the roadside in Picard. A few years ago, Picard was the life of Portsmouth. Ross Medical students occupied apartments built by local Dominicans. Grocery stores saw millions in annual sales. Restauranteurs had the ability to open multiple restaurants in the Portsmouth area. The health and beauty businesses thrived providing much hope for young people to own their own stores in the town. The taxi and car rental businesses brought in millions into this industry, and the list of opportunities that Ross provided to local Dominicans were endless. 

Those days are gone -thanks to  the most criminal and incompetent government administration who have squandered and stolen billions of dollars from the country's resources  and has failed to keep Ross University operating in Dominica.


Saturday, August 10, 2019


killing d man for nothing, what he had? what he do? its clear he was afraid an run so what happen to a shoots in the air or in the leg why give d 4 bullets? based on the pics going around on social media is not one bullet he got. I did forensic and I can count. allu to wicked in this place. but every one have their day remember that. that day was his tomorrow is theirs.
R.I.P Solja you did not deserve that death.” 

Someone who went by the name “Detective” made the above comment on a DNO article regarding the shooting death of a St Vincent National at the fisheries complex location in Marigot. The incident took place on February 15 2019 and since then there have been no updates on the matter. In fact since the shooting incident a certain faction of the police force and the minister of national security have been trying to sweep the matter under the carpet.

In spite of the heavy effort to keep the matter buried in secrecy MiTC was able to find out the identity of the victim. His name was Dillan Jacobs age 40 of St Vincent. We can also confirm that Dillan’s family and the government of St Vincent are keeping the Police Commissioner and coconspirators restless as they are demanding a complete report on the matter. According to our sources the US State Department is also keeping interest in the matter as the incident may have the markings of an extrajudicial killing.

With the external pressure coming in from St Vincent and US embassy in Barbados the police department is now in shambles. Since February the police have not been able to provide the DPP with a credible report on the shooting incident and so a meeting was convened last week where the minister of National security, police commissioner and the ranking officers involved in the case were all present. The meeting as we understand was meant to iron out the inconsistencies in the police report but then the proceedings took an awkward turn.

 According to our credible sources trigger happy Clinton Hiliare who was unduly promoted to inspector and who heads the security detail for the Prime Minister lead a group of police officers on a drug sting operation in Margot, February 15 2019. The mission was meant to bust an illegal drug operation at the fisheries complex however the drug dealers seem to have discovered the police presence and so they ran away and in running away the St Vincent National was shot several times by the police in what appears to be cold blooded murder. It is not just the cold blooded murder that the police are dealing with, what is now a serious problem in the investigation is that Clinton Hilaire is accused by internal investigation of planting a gun on the dead body and he falsely claimed that the police was under fire. 

Our information indicate that the initial photos taken at the scene of the incident show no gun(s) on or even near the body of the victim however photos taken later indicate that a gun was later planted on the victim. During last week’s meeting everyone was trying to clear their names and so Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon in a heated discussion started swearing at Inspector Clinton Hilaire and asked him to explain the planted gun and Clinton Hilaire in exasperation blurted “Superintendent Joseph Williams told me to do it, he instructed me to plant the gun.” Superintendent Joseph Williams as we understand it had been the highest ranking officer responsible for drug operations.

Trigger Happy Clinton  Hiliare
But Superintendent Joseph Williams and Inspector Clinton Hiliare are also well known Tonton Macoutes of the Roosevelt Skerrit regime. Clinton Hilaire is known among police officers as one of the main rats identifying and reporting to the political directorate the police officers who do not tow the Skerrit line. It is because of his “ratting” ways that he has been promoted and it is no surprise he so quickly ratted on Superintendent Joseph Williams.  

With Dillan Jacobs family and the US state Department prodding for possible human right violations, the Police Commissioner, National security Minister and others involved in the crime and the cover-ups should be concerned. The US State Department could impose the leahy law sanction where under the law no assistance shall be provided towards the security forces of any foreign country deemed in violation of human rights. Since 2011 St Lucia for example has been under Leahy sanction because of the alleged extra-judicial killing carried out by the Royal St Lucia Police Force.

The government of Dominica should also be worried about the possibility of being sanctioned under the global Magnitsky Act which allows the US to sanction corrupt government officials involved in human rights violations anywhere in the world.

Both the Leahy and Global Magnitski act would require, without compromise that justice be brought to those who are involved in the gross violation of human rights. Nine years after the extrajudicial killings in St Lucia the US State Department is still pressuring the government and insisting that those responsible for the 11 extrajudicial killings in 2010 be brought to justice.

Now that two of PM Skerrit’s Tonton Macoutes are entangled in the covering-up what appears to be an extrajudicial killing we await the disciplinary action by the National Security Minister and the Police Commissioner. Even more importantly we hope that Dillan Jacob and his family get the justice that they deserve.

Friday, August 9, 2019


In a con man to con man conversation with Daryl Titre of Kairi FM radio ,the Prime Minister of Dominica has hinted that the missing $1.2 Billion is somewhere in an offshore treasury and is exclusively under the control of the Prime Minister Skerrit himself and CBI agent Anthony Haiden of Montreal Management Consultants Est (MMCE). We believe it is timely to ask some questions regarding the relationships between Skerrit and these foreign CBI agents.

There is no need to ask Anthony Haiden whether or not he has been throwing money around to influence our election in Dominica as we already know for sure that Anthony Haiden did make an offer to pay off Dr. Kenneth Darroux’s mortgage if Darroux would return to contest the election as a DLP candidate for the Petit Savanne constituency.  Just imagine a foreign passport vendor living in Dubai is using cash offers to decide who should be the DLP candidate in certain constituencies.

As patriotic Dominicans we are asking co-director of Dominica’s Offshore Treasury # 1 ,Mr. Anthony Haiden and PM Skerrit whether that money offered to Dr. Darroux came from the sale of our passports or is it all Anthony Haiden’s personal resources?

Since it is well known that Anthony Haiden (Co-director of Dominica’s offshore Treasury # 1 ) has been sponsoring Melissa Skerrit’s phony foundation, we are asking Anthony Haiden directly- Sir are you using our passport money to sponsor the PM’s wife and DLP candidate for the Roseau Central Constituency? If that is case, sir this is a serious crime and we will stop at nothing to insure that justice is served. 

Mr. Anthony Haiden has inserted himself into our domestic affairs and according to PM Skerrit is in control of a large portion of our passport revenues so out of necessity we would like Anthony Haiden to give us the assurance that none of our passport revenues are invested in projects in Dubai or anywhere else in the Middle East. We notice for example that Anthony Haiden is involved in a 27-storey tower project located at Jumeriah Village Triangle in Dubai and we sincerely hope that not one cent of our passport money is invested in this ongoing project. 
27 Storey Tower in Dubai

We want to ask PM Skerrit whether or not a CBI agent has been providing him and his wife Melissa with very expensive gifts? If so this is inappropriate and could even be criminal. The bribing of foreign officials is a serious crime in some jurisdictions.    

We would also like to ask whether or not a CBI agent has been providing expensive gifts to some high level public servants and special lady friends of PM Skerrit?

To Prime Minister Skerrit - did a CBI agent at any time arrange to have a Thai Bae flown from Thailand into Dubai solely for your sexual entertainment in Dubai? Were there Rolexes and US $10,000 in cash involved in any of this sexual escapade? If this is true we want to ask that CBI agent- how do you look PM Skerrit’s wife Melissa in the eye? No wonder Melissa complains about being treated as “Chopped Liver.”

 Mr. Skerrit did you at any time discuss with a CBI agent about some personal investment in Dubai and also about some property in the Morne Daniel area in Dominica?

While we have a plethora of question for PM Skerrit and his CBI agents these questions may be worthless unless we as a people begin to be honest with ourselves. We have watched with silent endorsement as the Prime Minister and his DLP operatives engage themselves in reckless spending of money that cannot be accounted for – the wanton distribution of Free Money(Kool Outs) for party supporters, gang members receiving over $30,000 in dry cash; vehicle rentals for supporters, excursions to Antigua, DLP candidates getting paid hundreds of thousands to either join or step down from the DLP crime syndicate; the importation of foreign artists costing hundreds of thousands. Even more we have become so nonchalant about the blatant avarice and obsessive self-enrichment attitude of PM Skerrit and those in his circle while Dominica is plagued by unemployment and abject poverty.  If we truly believe that our country and people should come first then we all should take to the streets to demand answers to the many obvious questions regarding the misappropriation public funds and demand an explanation of the illegal Offshore Treasury operation between PM Skerrit and Anthony Haiden of Montreal Management Consultants.

 Supplementary Inquiry:

Through the work of our relentless group of investigators we were able to find some suspicious real estate activities in Africa that was conducted by one of Skerrit’s favorite French citizen. In our findings we came across a suspicious company conveniently carrying the decoy name Cyprat and that company was set up allegedly for money laundering activities using real estate business transactions in Africa. 

We have asked PM Skerrit before about the nature of his short and mysterious visit to Ghana. Was that trip related to government business or just strictly personal and did you use a Russian airline to travel between London and Ghana?

Wednesday, August 7, 2019


The Dominica Strong Company (DSC), a private construction company with phantom ownership had been operating exclusively as an arm of the Ministry of Public Works since the passage of hurricane Maria. The company's presence seem to have been significantly reduced and the once ubiquitous and  imposing red trucks have become less conspicuous. Even as curious minds are still trying to unravel the perceived corruption and money laundering arrangement between the DSC and the government officials, suddenly there is a new element of mystery – Another foreign company named Rayneau Gajadhar Group of Companies (Rayneau) out of St Lucia is now dominating untendered public works and has replaced Dominica Strong as that other arm of the Ministry Of Public Works. Rayneau can also bee seen performing construction activities at the Anichi project in Picard.  

At this point we don’t know why the Dominica Strong operation had been reduced however Dr. Collin McIntyre may have the answer(s) since Dominica Strong is registered under a company name Infrastructure Services Limited  and the address shown is McIntyre's Ministry of Public Works Water Resource Management and Ports. In our search to find the answers we were  also able to get behind some secret surrounding Rayneau and part of its operation in Dominica. 

We want to first state that we have no problem at all with a company from a sister island having the opportunity to perform contract work in Dominica as long as there is fair and legitimate procurement procedures.

Rayneau is indeed a legitimate and successful company out of St Lucia. The owner Rayneau Gajadhar is a gentleman who came from humble beginnings. He started off his business aspirations selling ice-cream in his neighborhood and was able to build a formidable business empire- Now the largest locally owned construction and industrial product conglomerate on the island of St Lucia. We understand that Rayneau may be the reginal agent for Komatsu heavy Equipment some of which arrived brand new in Dominica more than a year ago. The company also own that quarry in St Lucia where two years ago a massive explosion resulted in the death of a number of people.

From our investigation, it appears that Rayneau could be acting as an intermediary between Skerrit and his CBI agent in India. Our findings indicate that it is the same Indian CBI agent that is trying to stage the Dominica University of Medical Sciences (DUMS) in Picard, using CBI passport funds. (see our article ). Currently there are a few people from India who are working with Rayneau in Dominica however from what we have gathered these Indians are really employees of the Indian firm but they are being paid through Rayneau. We can also confirm that some of these workers from India receive a salary of  US$1800.00 per month however they must wait for their money to come from St Lucia. 

With the many great technologies available for easy banking it is reasonable to ask why can’t the Indian company just do a direct transfer to their employees through the banks in Dominica; that is if they are direct employees. In other words why must the money go to Rayneau in St Lucia before it gets to Dominica?  In anticipation that spinners will claim that the Indian workers are direct employees of Rayneau  we want to question whether Rayneau pays his equipment mechanics in St Lucia  US $1800.00  or EC $4870.00 monthly. Unless Rayneau is operating equipment that need specialized mechanics then why not employ our local mechanics some of which had been laid off by Public Works Corporation?

When Rayneau started moving equipment into Dominica, a little more than a year ago, we were wondering why the company was moving brand new equipment into Dominica when there were no known contracts awarded through a transparent public procurement process. Note too that these equipment sat idle for several months. We also took note of the fact that the company brought in a paving equipment whereas the Public Works Corporation(PWC) has relatively new paving equipment ready to work. Why wasn’t PWC considered?  Let’s keep an eye on the brand new Komatsu equipment in Dominica.

As we try to make sense of the seemingly complicated money transfer activities and the secretive arrangement between the government of Dominica and Rayneau we wonder whether this apparent marriage of convenience is as a result of the difficulties moving passport money into Dominica?It is a well-known fact that the CBI accounts in Dominica has been considered high risk and as such financial institutions in Dominica have terminated CBI accounts belonging  to CBI agents  and the government of Dominica.

Stay locked in as in the next few days MiTC will be releasing a story that should anger every Dominican. The tale of CBI insider trading; another betrayal of the people who had invested in Ross University; citizenship and another Passport for a Dodgy Character and hard evidence of Skerrit profiting from the office of Prime Minister.   

Sunday, August 4, 2019


As we are still grappling with the missing millions from the sale of our passports, MiTC has been  informed that about $30,000 was allegedly stolen from Melissa Skerrit’s business place in Roseau. The details are a bit sketchy however it is alleged that a young lady was questioned by the police but PM Skerrit and his wife Melissa allegedly called the police after the arrest and asked the police to drop the matter. According to our sources the PM and his wife did not want the police to move forward with charges as the matter will draw too much public scrutiny. Well too late guys the the horse has already bolted and people are already asking the obvious questions.

People are asking how it is that Melissa’s store is holding $30,000 in cash when there is no way this store is generating that kind of business in moribund economy - not daily, weekly or even monthly. The details that we have received surrounding the $30,000 heist is that the police is aware that thousands of dollars would be deposited at the store and the cash would be placed in a safe location and it is also alleged that the cash stored at the business place would then be deposited in the bank as daily deposits from the business activities. According to someone with knowledge off the investigation the accused simply decided to help herself after witnessing lots of cash moving in and out of the store.

Every concern Dominican, Laborites included, should already question the source of the money that is being doled out for "Kool Outs," the expensive DLP rallies, full tanks of gas for rally goers, prepaid buses, free drinks, paid excursion to Antigua, bribery packages for overseas votes and much more. Five years ago Skerrit’s answer to that question would have been that the money is coming from“Friendly Governments” - Friendly Government was essentially his favorite term for Venezuela. We knew he was lying then because even five years ago Venezuela could not even afford to buy toilet paper. We also have evidence of money being transfered from the captured dodgy diplomate Alireza Monfared to DLP operatives in Dominica. Note too that Monfared and his sham operation ,My Dominica Trade House was also tied to passport selling ventures in Malaysia.   

This time around Mr. Skerrit, we want to know where all of that money is coming from. Is there dry cash coming in through diplomatic pouches and do we have foreign companies in Dominica operating as intake valves for moneys coming in from CBI agents? 

Also do we have one particular CBI agent who indeed operates as a foreign branch of the treasury department of Dominica?

As expected the “evil justifiers "came out to create all kinds of smoke screens in an attempt to disperse concerns about the misappropriated millions of dollars from the passport revenues. One thing that we should all observe is that – We have never seen or heard anyone of these despicable defenders /evil justifiers of Roosevelt Skerrit come out to deny Skerrit’s multi-millionaire status. It is as if it is perfectly normal that a young man who came into office with not even a “kailles Poule (fowl cage) nor a bicycle to his name and writing bounce checks just like Karmala is today a multi-millionaire and no one can give a legitimate explanation as to how he became a multi-millionaire. Not even the deplorablMini Me,Tony Astaphan, has denied Skerrit’s mysterious wealth.  

In a documented conversation with one of PM Skerrit’s concubines, the young lady tells of her experience on a weekend stay over visit with Skerrit at his mansion in Viellecase. In her account she says he opened the vault and I have never seen so much money in my life. After he closed the vault the entire room was smelling of money.We expect to be vilified after this revelation and the Skerrit proponents will off course claim that we are propagandizing but as always we will have the last laugh. We patiently await the vitriole from Clarence, Simeone Albert  and Tony but the clock is ticking - Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc.
Man Flaunting bag of Kool Out

In the absence of transparency the people have the right to speculate and to demand answers however it is really not that difficult to figure out where some of that missing money may have ended up. The answers are right before us. 

There are CBI agents getting untendered public work contracts – a classic money laundering scheme.

CBI agents sponsoring Melissa’s foundation – another questionable money laundering scheme; 

As a result of de-risking measures taken by correspondent banks, the government of Dominica has been having serious difficulties moving passport money into Dominica via regular banking and so they have to find unscrupulous means of bringing in cash into Dominica. Thus the reason "Kool Outs" are distributed in dry cash – some gang members have shown us on videos that they are receiving as much as $20K, $30K in dry cash. Saddly there are no legitimate banking transactions to account for the hundreds of thousand in “Kool Out.” distribution

The largesse that we have seen in elction campaign activities , the paying off of DLP candidates to either drop out of the race or to join the DLP crime syndicate. 

Unless there are  money trees growing on Skerrit's farm -The money is coming from somewhere and PM Skerrit must be made to answer the questions at some point where he cant arrogantly proclaim " It is non of our darn business" 

Finally we want to  ask PM Skerrit whether our passport money by any chance has gone into a 27 story building project in Dubai and whether PM Skerrit has been having discussions with a CBI agent about a private investment in Dubai? Tic Tic Tic Tic 
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