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Tuesday, March 24, 2020


“In a world starving for validity, the truth when spoken at the right moment can be one of the purest and most helpful forms of charity” MiTC has always valued the truth and in this crucial moment we have decided to shorten our leave of absence and to inform the public that it is alleged that the second  COVID 19 patient in Dominica is identified as  Mr. Ruben Thomas of Portsmouth

Ruben Thomas who is part of the Skerrit inner circle , allegedly had been in England for  roughly one month. We understand also that since his return to Dominica he had been mingling with the DLP cabal to include Emmanuel Nanthan, allegedly.

Ruben Thomas who is part of the ownership of Rudolph Thomas Enterprises in Portsmouth may have very likely interacted with many customers and so the people in and around the  Portsmouth area should take note. Also anyone who happened to be on the flight together with Ruben Thomas should also do the necessary. 

We spoke to a number of people in the Portsmouth area and they seem concern that the government had been trying to keep this as a secret as Ruben Thomas is an integral part of the Skerrit’s cabal. According to one residence in the Glanvillia area- “ If Ruben has it ,then Skerrit them man know eh" .

In a Facebook comment Rita Alcid from Portsmouth (who must be complimented for doing the right thing) is complaining that she is yet to be evacuated as promised- the ambulance that was promised is yet to show up. According to Rita Alcid , she was on the very same flight with Dominica’s  first COVID 19 patient and upon finding out she immediately informed the authorities . Verily she is even more concern as she is currently at home with her grandparents who themselves have underlying health problems. Let's hope that not just Rita Alcid but Dominicans everywhere will denounce the government who is able to mobilize thousands of people from all over the world just to tilt an election in it's favor but does not have the resources to mobilize ambulances at critical moments in Dominica. 

We have also been informed that Skerrit  paid Domlec upfront to electrify the apartments at the infamous “Lilac” complex  in Picard. The Lilac complex is now being used as a  quarantine center. Let’s see who gets the government check.

We have also received information that Kempinski management is having a serious meeting and we can only speculate that it may be about shutting down the operation due to the COVID 19 pandemic. COVID 19 may just be the excuse needed to save face as the hotel has been operating on very little bookings and occupancy.      

Sunday, December 1, 2019


In anticipation that laborites would find ways to discredit MiTC declaration of Melissa’s Canadian passport we decided to hold back documents that proves that Melissa has been using her Canadian passport.
Skerrit apologists immediately stated that the passport is fake and that it is expired. So here is a copy of Melissa “Gucci Mel” Skerrit’s travel log to the United States and Melissa must now defend her travel records to New York, Miami on the dates shown. For example April 1 , 2019.

MiTC is always one step ahead of the criminals . Let us wait for another spin from the despicable defenders of corruption.


During the Al Jazeera expose the former partner of the disgraced Dominica ambassador Alireza Monfared, Manoj Bhullar stated that he has seen corruption in his lifetime but Roosevelt Skerrit and his conspirators have taken corruption to a whole new level.  Manoj Bhullar who resides in Malaysian had a front row seat in the My Dominica Trade House (MDTH) sham operation between Ali Reza Monfared and the Roosevelt Skerrit crime syndicate but from since 2005 the people of Dominica  have had  not just front row seats but even backstage passes into the Skerrit crime operation yet many chose to ship their morals to the land of  See No Evil Hear No Evil  and thus allow  Roosevelt Skerrit and his crime syndicate to continue pushing the envelope – with daring crimes and wanton corruption.
After being embroiled in several scandals to include the garbage Bin and fertilizer Bobol, property tax evasion, the phatom ownership of the 8 villas and much more, the people of Dominica seemed nonchalant about Skerrit’s brazen corruption  and so a monster was borne. Skerrit then decided that no law no constitution can stop him and so he decided to trounce the electoral laws and the constitution and got himself a French passport and with the aid of a corrupt judiciary and an alleged pay for play justice system, Skerrit and Pettar St Jean walk away without any consequences for the blatant crime they committed.

With "Trump Like" arrogance it is quite apparent that Skerrit believes that he can now shoot someone on Kennedy Avenue and get away with it. Skerrit single handedly decided to push “the Materialistic Paro”  and crossover prostitute Joseph Isaac out of the Roseau Central constituency where he won the seat under the United Workers Party and to install a Canadian Citizen and Canadian passport holder his wife Melissa Poponne Skerrit as the candidate for the Roseau Central constituency.
Did Skerrit ever tell his counterparts that Melissa is a Canadian Citizen and using her Canadian passport to travel?  We have in our possession Melissa Skerrit’s Canadian passport and the records indicate that Melissa has been using her Canadian passport. Even while her DLP followers and clappers boarded the all-expense paid ferry to meet Melissa in Guadeloupe, Antigua or St Martin Melissa was at the time using her Canadian Passport to travel via airplane to those islands where her clappers would be awaiting her arrival.

It is quite clear to all and sundry that Melissa’s involvement in electoral politics is all about maintaining grandeur and luxury through a power grabbing scheme. It is no secret that Melissa who is nicknamed “Gucci Mel is drunk on fame and fortune and that the affluence that Skerrit’s illgotten wealth provides is definitel Melissa’s motivation. According to one of Roosevelt Skerrit’s concubine,  allegedly while accompanying Skerrit on trips to the United States Skerrit would provide her with as much as US $5000.00 in cash just to pick up a few items that Melissa would request for the kids. Just imagine what Melissa handles on direct request. The same concubine also revealed that she saw Skerrit opened up a vault at his mansion in Vielle Case and that she had never seen so much cash in one place except in the mafia movies. Just imagine what Melissa has been seeing.
How much more hypocrisy, insults and gaslighting are the people of Dominica willing to accept from Skerrit.  When asked about the unscrupulous dealing of our passports in the Middle East, Skerrit once stated that the people in the Middle East buying our passports are doing so because they love their newly adopted country and want to show pride in country by traveling with their Dominican passport yet his wife Melissa refuses to travel with a Dominican passport. During Melissa’s pregnancies she chose on both occasions to have her kids born not in Dominica but in America.  

With Canada being part of the Commonwealth, Melissa’s legibility or illegibility to contest the general elections is a matter left for the legal experts.  Also, whether or not Melissa lied on the nomination form by not declaring her Canadian citizenship is a matter for the electoral office to deal with. Whatever argument that may ensue regarding Melissa’s Canadian Citizenship and the use of her Canadian Passport let us hope that the people of Dominica record this as another one of Skerrit’s cunning and disingenuous behavior.
One thing for sure there is no doubt that like Skerrit ,Melissa is just another con artist pretending to care about the people of Dominica whereas her allegiance is to a foreign country. With the massive illicit wealth that the Skerrits have accumulated through corruption in government it makes sense to maintain an escape route once these corrupt despots are out of office. Once the power is gone,  Skerrit , Melissa and their children have no obligation to remain in Dominica. In fact from text conversation seen allegedly between Skerrit and Melissa, we have concluded that once the power is gone the pretense of a happy couple will become unsustainable and Melissa may either opt for the US $6 Million that Skerrit offered her during a text fight or Melissa “Gucci Mel” may demand the bonanza from Skerrit’s illicit wealth in and out of Dominica.          

Monday, November 18, 2019


We would like nothing more than to throw caution to the wind and to fully expose and identify an abhorrent character, a despicable lawyer who had been engaged in voyeurism from out of the washroom in his office.  What we are about to share with you is very sensitive and deeply troubling and in order to protect the victims only, we were instructed to tread lightly with the details. 

In the current political campaign environment we expect this report to be tagged by the Dominica Labor Party apologists as politically motivated. We can live with that but to those DLP operatives who are more often prepared to jettison morality just to protect and defend their political tribe we dare say be very cautious as in the words of Friederich Nietzsche “ Take care not to spit against the wind .“ If you spit in the air it will hit you in the face
Due to the sensitivity of the matter we will not reveal any names, not the name of the perpetrator or that of the victims.

The  story is not about Clorox for a “Stinky Dicktator “ but that of a lawyer and a  DLP operative who had a spy video camera set up in his office washroom and without permission recorded women in their privacy while using his washroom. From the cache of recorded videos it is clear that none of the victims were willing participants in this man’s sick and demented operation. 

In the interest of protecting the victims we sure hope that the video collection never gets out in the public but if it does the entire country will be in uproar.

We can also state that some of the victims of this horrendous crime  are women of stature. The victims range from office clerks to even young female attorneys. Some of these younger women at some point either worked for this man or might have visited his office for business purposes. 
We caution the DLP apologists - do not spit in the wind less it hits you in the face and this is why.The Peeping Tom also had the audacity to record his DLP colleagues- In one of the peeping Tom’s surreptitious recording is a female minister of government  and in another  the wife of a DLP political candidate.  Some other victims are seemingly just regular clients who were at this voyeur’s office to conduct business.
Also included in the Peeping Tom’s cache of videos are some young professional women and daughters of sycophant supporters of the Dominica Labor Party.

We do know that this lawyer lacks depth of character but at least as a lawyer he ought to know that it is unlawful to knowingly invade another person’s privacy without the knowledge of the person for the purpose of voyeuristic satisfaction and sexual stimulation.
Now that this Peeping Tom lawyer is aware that his voyeurism was uncovered and that his video files are somewhere on the MiTC’s cloud we expect him to stand down from any politically appointed positions and all his special privileges.   

This is a very serious matter and not meant for political gamesmanship.-we are asking the Police Commissioner , Daniel Carbon to make a public statement promising to arrest and prosecute this Peeping Tom lawyer and if Mr. Daniel Carbon is serious MiTC will arrange to have the file with all the videos delivered to the criminal investigation unit.  

Our primary objective is to help restore respect, honesty, transparency and integrity among those who influence policies and decision of national interest. It is horrifying to think that men with such behavior play consequential roles in even determining our country’s governance and future.   

We are pleading with the public to stand on the side of justice and to denounce all those who protect these criminals as they continue to abuse and violate our women. Are we prepared to sacrifice the dignity our daughters, our women, our wives for the patronage of partisan politics? If so then god save our nation. 
“If you pervert the course of Justice Then You are also a pervert!!!!!!!!”  Politics 101

Thursday, November 7, 2019


While the government of Dominica is running up the overdraft at the National Bank, Dominicans are suffering the indignity of mass unemployment ,people still under tarpaulins and the harrowing impact of the Ross University departure , the PM and the Dominica Labor Party are again mobilizing and spending millions of dollars to bring illegal voters in to rig the election.
We have in our possession a list of individuals who have been bribed and recruited to travel to Dominica from St Thomas. According to our very credible sources the persons allegedly involved in recruiting the imported voters are a Dominican Taxi Driver by the name of Owen Prospere seen in the red cap, Laureen Bannis and a few other Dominicans living in St Thomas. Our information also indicates that these recruiters   have been organizing since September and they have been meeting at Laureen Bannis’ home and sometimes at a trailer.
We can also state that the Laureen Bannis and Owen Prospere gang allegedly approached a pilot by the name of Franky Tongue to use a small plane to fly the recruited voters into Dominica. It is alleged that a ONE WAY fee of US $4000 was discussed and agreed. That fee is just for the pilot, the cost of equipment a flight charges etc  is a separate and humongous cost. Essentially Franky Tongue would be paid US $8000 for every trip made to Dominica. 

The attached list is an excerpt from a book filled with the names and personal information of the recruited voters .Notice that even the body weights of the recruits are included in Owen Prospere’s hand written notes. The body weight is required for the chattered flight details. 
A few of the names listed: 
Magarita Prospere Dagou: Passport # R0......712 Date Of Birth 20 January 1971

Prospere Josette: Passport #R....1 Green Card #0..09

Mathew Monelle Passport R0......823 Date Of Birth 13 December 1983 Green Card #.......989

William Maynard Passport #R0..302 Green Card #R....302

Derrick Bougouneau: Passport #R..06193 Body Weight 170 lbs DOB: 8/15/1969

Glenroy Bastien Passport #5...0306 DOB: 5 October 1978 Body Weight 170 lbs.

Judith Joseph Passport # R0.... DOB 10 January 1970 Body Weight 180 lbs.

Henry Kemore Passport # C...94880 DOB 18 May 1974

Earlin Esprit Smith   Passport # ......6072  Body Weight 193 lbs.

Alexander Beau Pierre Passport# R0....711 Body Weight 201 Lbs.

Erickson Riley Rodney Passport# C.....4308

Agatha Turnbull Passport#........443 Body Weight 150Lbs

James Esprit Passport#R...3206 Body Weight 180 lbs.

Erickson Rodney Riley DOB 5 may 1980 Passport#R.........442

Julien Hillary  DOB: 8 April 1956 Passport #R...416 Green Card#0......6838

Laudat Boniface DOB 5 June 1951 Passport#R.......   ....1607 Green Card # .....4 F42
Lawrence Franklyn DOB4 July 1943 Passport #.......325

Thomas Simon DOB 10 July 1948 Passport# ..... 918

Georgr Pligh Steven DOB 5 October 1980 Passport #.....563

Bernary Louis DOB 26 August 1939

Ashworth Cuffy ---------

This is just a section of the list in Owen Prospere and Laureen Bannis’ log of recruited voters. We will post the others in the near future. In the mean time we are sending the names and passport information to the state department.  It cannot be talk as usual Dominicans must take control of Skerrit and his determination to steal another election.  It is now or never- The people must take the power away from this dictator. 

Friday, October 25, 2019


The alleged involvement of the Special Branch Police Officers in facilitating   Richard Lloyd Henry(Terry Baron) and his partner Joseph Boll did not come as a surprise to us at all because we have seen the rampant corruption within the Dominica Police force. Richard Lloyd Henry (Terry Baron) and his partner Joseph Boll are the two dumb criminals from the UK hired by Skerrit and the Dominica Labor Party to frame the opposition leader Lennox Linton. With a corrupt government controlling a puppet police commissioner and his politically selected senior police officers the Dominica Police force has become a disgrace. Unfortunately there may not be enough Clorox in the PM's office to disinfect the Police organization. 

In one of our recent articles Caught In Police Corruption...., we reported that Dillan Jacobs age 40 of St Vincent had been murdered by the Dominica Police. We also revealed that the police involved in the immediate investigation were guilty of planting a gun on the dead body. According to our credible sources, trigger happy Clinton Hiliare who heads the security detail for the Prime Minister, lead a group of police officers on a drug operation in Margot, February 15 2019. The operation ended with Dillan Jacobs being shot several times by the police and from all accounts it appears that it was cold blooded murder .

An internal police investigation identified officer Clinton Hilaire as the police officer allegedly responsible for planting the gun on the dead body. When confronted by internal investigation, officer Clinton Hilaire boldly stated that he acted on the instruction of Superintendent Joseph Williams. We understand that Joseph Williams has very close ties to the political directorates. 

In our previous article we also showed the photo taken by the police immediately following the shooting incident. Notice in that photo (Photo 1) Jacobs’s shirt is lifted above his waist to just below his chest. Now compare that photo with another photo also taken by the police. That photo (Photo 2) now shows Jacobs shirt pulled all the way down to his waist line. But look closely (ZOOM IN )-there is a gun tucked into his waist band and covered by the shirt.  

We can confirm that specific instructions were given to plant that gun and to then take photos all in an effort to falsify the police report. "Dead men tell no tale" however we hope that police officers like Sergeant Dasey and the false prophet and preacher officer Valerie examine their consciences.

Dillion Jacobs was murdered and the police report was falsified. Daniel Carbon and his usual gang of bandit officers are now grappling with a way forward for the case. As promised we will follow through with a report to United Nation human rights council for what is obviously an act of extra-judicial killing by Daniel Carbon and his Dominica Police Force. We will also update Dillan’s Family in St Vincent

On account of this extra-judicial killing, the minister of National Security Rayburn Blackmoore should also resign and we recommend that the Prime Minister of Dominica provide some Clorox to disinfect the entire police organization.

Monday, October 21, 2019


Under law no one person or citizen should be assigned more than one lot where the government has undertaken the distribution of state land for housing development. MiTC has been reliably informed that Angus McIntyre the brother of Government Minister Dr. Collin McIntyre has been given 4 lots amounting to over an acre of land in the government housing development scheme in the Warner area. Our information indicates that each lot assigned to Angus McIntyre is over 10,000 sq. ft. whereas the standard size for lots distributed under government programs is about 3000 sq. ft.

We want to challenge the government apologists on this matter and in addition we want the people of Dominica to ask Angus McIntyre, who is also a government employee, why is he entitled to 4 lots in the government housing scheme. If Angus won’t answer the question go to the government Housing Department or Land and surveys and ask the very same question.

This land grabbing attitude  comes as no surprise to us .We are also aware of the fact that a few years ago the current attorney general Levi Peter was able to purchase a portion of land from the government in the very same area for a very sweetheart deal.

MiTC also first broke the story that Government Minister Collin McIntyre in Joint Venture with the enigmatic 8 Copthall Roseau Valley operation were assigned close to 300 passports for the development of a resort in the Valley and like the other passport selling development projects the people of Dominica will have no ownership of these resort development in the Valley.

You are also hearing for the first time that Vital Development Ltd a company owned by Collin McIntyre has also purchase a large parcel of government land in the Valley area. The land acquired includes portion of the Midland Fall welcome area. In fact the changing facility at the midland fall is all part of the land deal. Again we dare the DLP apologists to deny these allegations.

Collin McIntyre has proven time and time again that he is selfish and greedy. He is only about building his own empire – We know that Collin McIntyre in collaboration with his brother in the United States and PM Skerrit had hatched out the Garbage Bin Bobol scheme. The public also witnessed the blunt of McIntyre’s avarice during the distribution of the Hurricane relief supplies.

If Collin McIntyre can go as far as to eat the Senior Counsel’s portion ( Colloquially pronounced Porsha-an) from his plate – a senior counsel who makes an “arse” of himself just to insure that Collin McIntyre’s remains in government, what else do we expect from Collin McIntyre.

The people of Dominica and specifically the people of the Valley must teach these scammers a valuable lesson. The DLP candidate for the Valley area Dr. Irvin McIntyre who will be replacing his brother Collin McIntyre is just another implant for the continuation of this greed and self-enrichment that Collin MCIntyre seem to have perfected. Enough of the looting while the people are forced to beg and are even subject themselves to humiliation for cool outs. Stop the McIntyres

Foot Notes 
In the interim we are asking the people of Dominica and even the region to prepare your popcorn, start cooking your “braff”, make sure your phones or tablets are properly charged. MiTC will be exposing the filth, betrayal and the abuse of power within the government circles. It's another  tale of  sexual abuse and harassment of women and we will better understand why Blackmoore's Baby Sarah matter  was swiftly protected by the DLP – Satan cannot correct sin

Friday, October 18, 2019


In spite of all the ridiculous and laughable spins by the Labor Party apologists it is quite clear to us that Dumb and Dumber-Richard “Terry Baron” Henry and Joseph “Dollar Store Suit” Boll came to Dominica at the behest of Skerrit and the Dominica Labor Party to conduct operation “Deux Couyon”. Thanks to the brilliant presentation by the opposition leader Lennox Linton.

There is no doubt that Dumb and Dumber had coordinators on the ground in Dominica. In addition this operation “Deux Couyon “definitely cost a hefty “Kool Out “and we know who owns the “kool Out” Bank in Dominica. The sole purpose of operation “Deux Couyon “was to completely destroy Lennox Linton’s credibility and then Skerrit would seize the opportunity and immediately call the election. Like Grant in St Kitts Lennox would have had no chance to recover.

Now that we know that Dumb and Dumber were in Dominica on the behalf of Skerrit and the Dominica Labor Party, we should not forget that there is a third point of the triangle. We are talking about the foreign passport interest group t who was involved in organizing the botched operation. After all Skerrit did not find these dumb criminals in the yellow pages in London, even if one of them was wearing a suite from the Dollar Store or unless one of the “Couyons” borrowed the suit from Shanks Esprit. We also know for a fact that there are foreign passport agents desperately involved in determining our representatives in the government of Dominica. 

After going through a series of text messages between anticorruption activist Trevor Johnson and what seem to be representatives of a certain passport agency we notice that the alias name “Terry” was used. In this one particular conversation someone using the alias name “Jack Sparrow” and purporting to represent a passport agent was very concerned that Trevor Johnson may be in possession of very incriminating and damaging text messages between PM Skerrit and that passport agent. “Jack Sparrow “ wanted Trevor Johnson to meet someone in London by the name of Terry. The purpose of the meeting was to essentially make a deal with Trevor and to make those damaging text messages disappear. Note also that the text conversation took place on April 22 nd and Terry Baron and Boll came to Dominica less than a month after -May 18. Coincidence????

Note very well that in the attached text message Jack Sparrow is inviting Trevor Johnson to come make a deal in London and that Jack Sparrow is claiming to be representing someone with the initials AH. Everyone please clear your throat. Hmmmmm Hmmmmmm

For clarity MiTC does not know who AH is and we are not making any suggestions or assumptions either. Maybe Shanks "shook bwois” Esprit knows who these guys are. Or maybe we should ask the genius loud mouth who cannot keep his portion or in colloquial pronunciation “Porshan” on his plate away from Collin McIntyre

Sunday, October 13, 2019


Before or even while reading please enjoy the music by the WCK band “YES WE AH GO HOLD THEM DOWN”

We have often lamented about the dysfunctional media in Dominica however we now know that the so call media in Dominica prefer report on matters such as - how many people show up at a Novena in La Sallette. We also worry about the phycology of accommodation and convenience among the churches and other civil society leaders as appeasement to the dictator Roosevelt Skerrit and his corrupt and criminal regime. 

After such a heinous attempt by the DLP operatives to again bring in foreign rogues to attempt to frame Lennox Linton we see very little reaction from the media, the bar association and civil society. As for the police department with a puppet commissioner in Daniel Carbon- forget about it.

As the media flounders and civil society continue to pander like ostrich in the sand we at MiTC have been taking up the slack and it is as a result of our unrelenting team of patriotic investigators at MiTC that we were able to unmask the notorious Terry Baron and his coconspirator . The two men who the Dominica police should be pursuing at this point for crimes committed in Dominica.

Nous Chebais Chuckie Original Hold Them” Not only did we catch Terry Baron; we also caught his partner in crime.  Dumb &Dumber   
Richard Lloyd Henry- Dumber
We knew very early that the name Terry Baron was just an alias name and it was not going to be an easy task but with the help of our international investigating journalists we have done our due deligence . Our investigation show that Terry Baron is actually a gentleman by the name of    RICHARD LLOYD HENRY a British citizen born in Kingston, 24 th February 1959.

Richard's partner in crime is a gentleman by the name of JOSEPH FREDERICK BOLL  also a British citizen born in Bristol December 6 1978.

 Both men (Dumb &Dumber) were seen in Dominica at the time the United Workers Party did the launching of their candidates on the Bay front. As part of their clandestine and criminal operation both men were also seen taking pictures with members of the UWP team. Richard "Terry Baron"  Lloyd Henry  is that gentleman shown trespassing and committing a criminal act on the opposition leader’s property. We believe that his partner Joseph Boll  may have been the idiot filming the stooge like operation at Mr Linton's house.  

Joseph Frederick Boll -Dumb
Now that we have uncovered the pair of criminals (Nous Chebais chuckies) we hope that Daniel Carbon together with the minister of National Security issue a warrant through Interpol so that we could have Dumb and Dumber extradited from Britain to face our justice system in Dominica.

Note also that our investigators are continuing to investigate both gentlemen and their associations and we will provide an updated report. We are already begining to uncover some very disturbing information about one of the imposters   

Once again the people of Dominica can see the length at which the corrupt Roosevelt Skerrit regime will go to retain power. We well understand that the plot to have these two foreign rogues frame Lennox Linton is not just a Dominica Labor Party operation. We are talking about the involvement of foreign passport interest groups- those making millions of dollars of our passports and working vociferously to insure that the despotic regime remain in office by any means necessary and that includes imprisonment of Lennox Linton.

Dominicans we have to stop this right now by insuring the Roosevelt Skerrit and his foreign slave plantation owners in Europe and Dubai know that we the Dominican people are going to be running things in Dominica.

Thursday, October 3, 2019


Mysterious Terry
With the fantastic technologies that are available for photo manipulation, anyone in an apartment in London can be made to appear shaking Lennox Linton or Roosevelt Skerrit’s hands at any political or other social event in Dominica. This is not to credit or discredit the photo showing Lennox Linton meeting the mysterious Terry- eyewitnesses and even Lennox Linton himself have already confirmed that a photo was taken with the imposter and Passport operative Mysterious Terry.  

Does anyone believe that Terry and his operatives came to Dominica just to snap a photo with Lennox Linton for propaganda purposes? One thing for sure -Nous Chebais Chuckie, Bawais Yo en Ho Bawais Yo abas   

While some people are caught up with the authenticity of the photo and the WhatsApp messages in the latest DLP propaganda hit on Lennox Linton we may be missing a very significant point. Mysterious Terry and his operatives did not come all the way from Europe and the Middle East just to snap a photo with Lennox Linton. 

We believe that the mission was meant to get Lennox Linton in an isolated situation where Lennox would be baited and videotaped in a very compromising situation. We understand also that the passport hawks,Terry and company also invited a few members of the UWP to socialize and have a few drinks but the UWP candidates declined – most likely not even realizing that they were being set up. But they did well

Based on very similar campaign tactics carried out by Cambridge Analytica in St Kitts and even in other islands, the cursory character assassination job on Lennox Linton has all the resemblance of a desperate Plan D on crack. Plan A was really meant to have Lennox live on You tube similar to what was done to Denzel Douglas’s opponent Lindsey Grant in the 2010 election in St Kitt’s.

In an effort to protect the lucrative billion dollar passport selling operation CBI agents connected to the then Government of Denzel Douglas was able to lure Lindsey Grant in a hotel room, where men with British-accent posing as property developers promised Lindsey a $1.5 million payment in exchange for a bargain price on a plot of government land.  

All You Terry and company didn’t even "Gravitate Outwards" to change the game plan nuh- same $1.5 Million offer and the plot to sell state land wee!!!. lol

During the sting operation the British accented imposters said to Lindsey Grant “What we’re after is making sure you get into power, in return, “you will help us . . . how does that sound?” Grant who at the time was campaigning against Denzel Douglas corruption in St Kitts seemed reluctant at first but then he took the bait and raised the stake and demanded $1.7 Million. The video then end with the words “He sold his country and the people’s land just to win power. Clink the link below  


The same failed story line that was designed for Lennox Linton’s character assassination. Needless to say Grant did not win. The video which went viral destroyed Grant’s political aspirations.  

By now Dominicans are well aware of the fact that foreign Passport hawks operating out of Britain and the Middle East are actively trying to determine who our government officials should be and they are doing so simply to keep reaping the billions of dollars from the sale of our passports. We know for example that Montreal Management all the way in Dubai has been actively involved in determining the DLP candidates for certain constituencies.   

The attempted hit job on Lennox Linton is not just a full blown effort to protect the passport turf, these foreign passport hawks seem to think that we are a backward people as they attempted to run a play that we have already seen them run in St Kitts .The same $1.5 Million and the selling of state land? 

Only fools lean upon their own misunderstanding- Sadly fools like bounce check specialist Daryl Titre, Weng Weng Double Oh Al Benoit and the $40,000 Janitor Cleville Mills fell for the con game. What else are the DLP operatives and the foreign passport hawks going to come up with?

One thing for sure we the people of Dominica must put the brakes on them

Monday, September 23, 2019


In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King “We shall overcome because Carlisle is right “No lie can live forever, we shall overcome because William Cullen Bryant is right ,Truth Crush to earth will rise again. We shall overcome because James Russel Lowell is right Truth forever on the scaffold, wrong forever on the throne –yet that scaffold sways the future.”

A few weeks ago we reported that the National Bank of Dominica (NBD) had been identified in the Panama papers as a corporation with an offshore account set up in Panama. The leaked documents show that the NBD Corporation was domiciled in Barbados by the Law Firm of George Payne.George Payne is a politician and sitting minister in the Mia Mortley government of Barbados.

Since the wider public was apprised of this suspicious NBD account in Panama neither the NBD management nor the government of Dominica who own more than 50 percent of the bank have come forward to explain why there is a secret account in Panama under the name of the National Bank of Dominica. With the total silence on the matter we can only assume that the government is way too busy trying to account for the stray passport revenue of $1.2 Billion or is may be  just another way of telling us that it is none of our darn business.

Just when we think that the extent of corruption could not be any worse, we are realizing that there was another account set up in the name of National Bank of Dominica, not in Panama but in the Cayman Islands.

According to the Paradise Papers declaration, on December 29, 2006 an account in name of National Bank of Dominica (Pension & Retirement Services) was set up by law firm named Appleby. Appleby is headquartered in Bermuda with operations in the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, Jersey, Seychelles and more jurisdictions.

Like the Panama Papers, The Paradise Papers are a set of leaked documents providing a close up view of how politicians, celebrities and other rich individuals use shell company tactics for illegal purposes including fraud, tax evasion and money laundering.  In the case of the Panama Papers the leaked documents came from the Corporate Service provider and law firm Mossack Fornseca however in the case of the Paradise Papers the leaked documents came from a law firm named Appleby together with offshore service providers Estera and Asciati Trust and other business registries in 19 tax jurisdictions. Estera for example has over 550 employees and operates in 11 jurisdictions. Asciati Trust also provides international trust and corporate services but throughout Asia, Central America and the Pacific.

The address for the National Bank of Dominica (Pension & Retirement Services) as shown in the Appleby leaked document is 64 Hillsborough Street, Roseau Dominica. The shell company structure indicates an Entity named Pension Support Fund Limited with the National Bank Of Dominica as a Shareholder as well. Even Appleby itself is named as a shareholder. Other shareholders include offshore service providers such as ,Gravitas Capital, Mapcal Limited, Maples Finance Limited, Mourant Cayman Corporate Ltd. It is important to note that the shell company schemes are based on masking the true identities of the account holders and so the shareholders as shown in the shell company structure are almost always sketchy. For example in the case of the National Bank Of Dominica account in Panama the web was created using Dominicans who were on the board of directors for the NBD and as we noted these board members may have been totally unaware this offshore arrangement.  

The Journey Into Abyss of Corruption Started in 2004

As we continue to go through the investigative reports by the International Consortium Of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) we notice that all of the shady offshore compilations related to Dominica began from 2004, right after Roosevelt Skerrit became the prime minister. For example The NBD account in Panama was set up in 2010 and the Cayman island account in 2006.

Between 2004 and 2006 we also notice that a number of other offshore accounts were set up by the PM’s attorney and accountant Stephen Isidore. In some cases the accounts were set up using what is referred to as “Bearers Shares” tactics. According to international investigators Bearer Shares provide the deepest levels of secrecy in the offshore finance industry as the tactic does not register the identity of the owner and it does not provide for tracking the transfer of ownership. As a matter of fact many countries have outlawed Bearer Shares because the tactic provides deep cover and facility for money laundering and tax evasion.

Stephen Isidor Email  
It was around 2006 when evidence of massive money laundering activities were seen taking place from the office of Stephen Isidore ,the  Prime Minister Skerrit’s attorney and personal account handler at the time. We saw evidence of thousands of pounds being wired to a young lady in England on behalf of Roosevelt Skerrit; thousands of US dollars wired to Carmel Waldron a cousin of Roosevelt Skerrit in the New York area. It was also around the same time that Stephen Isidore was seen handling the financial account for the construction of the Prime Minister’s 8 villa project in Savane Pailles area near Portsmouth.The question still remains - Where did Skerrit who came into office like a "vere Tere " /earth worm get the money from? 

In an email sent September 14, 2004 to one Rene Arciga, Stephen Isidore on behalf of his boss PM Skerrit is offering French National Rene Arciga a diplomatic Passport for the price of US $2 Million. Even in the face of this critical evidence apologists and co-beneficiaries of Roosevelt Skerrit banditry and corruption came out to attack those who denounce the selling of our diplomatic passports. Click the attached email for legibility

By 2006, two years into the leadership of Roosevelt Skerrit we were having serious concerns that Dominica had already descended into the abyss of corruption and so we established contacts with a few international investigators –journalists and financial crime investigators. By 2012 we received information on a few offshore accounts amounting to over US $64 Million and these accounts were all identified with the government of Dominica. According to the source of the information these accounts were just what they were able to locate at the time. We have redacted some of the account information for privacy purposes.
Acc #
 USD Millions
GN10XXXX 8244

While the opposition forces are focused on the missing $1.2 Billion from the last budget many people are beginning to realize that this missing $1.2 Billion is just the tip of the iceberg. It must therefore be the priority of the next government administration to insure that we get to the bottom of the iceberg and not just retrieve the hidden loot but to prosecute all the thieves and vagabonds that have violated our people and country.
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