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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Parroter of Lies

The Roosevelt Skerrit government, caught once again selling bits and pieces of our national identity, is again attempting a coverup in the case of the illegal export of our parrots. To the rescue is the PS in the Ministry of Agriculture Reginald Thomas. In a lengthy statement issued on Tuesday in response to the controversy, Mr. Thomas lied to the public, stating that the parrots were exported legally and with the blessing of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Less than two months ago, on January 30th, CITES issued a Notification To The Parties bulletin that, among other things, bars the trade of CITES-listed species (including our parrots) from Dominica, ostensibly because Dominica has not filed its annual reports to the CITES Secretariat for 3 years. Mr. Thomas has this report on his desk; he must now tell us how he managed to get CITES to approve the export of our birds less than 40 days after the organization said no. A prerequisite for obtaining CITES approval would have been responding to the organizations' demand for Dominica's annual reports covering the last 3 years. Is Mr. Thomas going to tell us now that his ministry submitted the reports to CITES? If so, when? And if his ministry was able to submit 3 annual reports so quickly, why wasn't done when it was supposed to have been done? Where were these reports all along? Under his mattress? 
The Roosevelt Skerrit administration is a gang of corruptible officials akin to a criminal enterprise. Theft and criminality appears to be genetic in this crime family. Mr. Skerrit has sliced out a section of our National Park for his hotel scam at the Cabrits (neither Range Developments nor Kempinski owns the land, but it was given away. To whom? Who owns the land on which the Kempinski Hotel sits?). He has sold our National Flag, which now adorns many ships plying the routes of the Western Pacific evading United Nations sanctions. Mr. Skerrit continues to sell our National Identity, our passports. Now he is selling our National Bird; what's next, the Nationals? They're already turning a blind eye to the selling of our Kalinago babies to foreigners, is the population of African decent next? Are we next on the list to be sold? Will Mr. Skerrit get to the point where he determines that it is better to sell us than continue to bribe us, as he does now?

Mr. Thomas stated that he checked with officials in St. Lucia and St. Vincent about their experience with the group in Germany before signing off on the export of our birds. By his account, these nameless officials gave him the thumbs up. He also said that he looked into a similar program in Brazil with the Spix Macaw and found no issues there as well. What Mr. Thomas did not say was that in each of those countries, agreements were made to preserve and care for the indigenous birds in country, or in situ, as it is called in the field. In all 3 countries Mr. Thomas made reference to, Martin Guth has assisted with the commissioning of aviaries where the parrots in country. In Brazil, the rehabilitation project included purchase of land for the birds to reside. So the question is; why didn't Mr. Thomas and his ministry insist on the establishment of a National Aviary, with external assistance, that would care for our birds right here in Dominica? After all, this is their home. We could also train some bright young Dominicans as caretakers. Jobs, in other words, for our young people. Or, why did Mr. Thomas not insist that Mr. Guth partner with our sister islands, utilizing their aviaries in the captive breeding program? Why are our birds not in St. Lucia or St. Vincent where the climate is identical to ours? Why are our birds in Germany?

In his statement, Mr. Thomas noted said; "After witnessing the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria on the forest and the birds, and the impending upcoming more active hurricane season, it became evident that the birds, if left in the forest, would be impacted again and could possibly lead to extinction". Lovely words, but pure bullshit. If Mr. Thomas was so concerned about the effects of the birds in the wild, why then did he and his ministry not initiate a program to capture the birds in the wild for safekeeping? Mr. Thomas, in the event that you forgot, the birds you sold to Martin Guth were already in captivity, so how is that going to safeguard the birds that are now in the wild that you would like us to believe you care about? Lies lies and more lies. You were paid handsomely by Mr. Guth and you are attempting a coverup. Furthermore, why isn't this issue being addressed by the Forestry Minister, Mr. Skerrit?

The Rare Species Conservatory Foundation based in Florida, USA, had something to say about the illegal export of our birds. In a lengthy commentary, the foundation expressed concern at the development. In its statement, the foundation said;

  • Exporting wild birds from Caribbean islands to distant, foreign aviaries under the pretense of "saving species" contradicts the genuine conservation successes these range countries have strived for many years to achieve.  Caribbean parrot-export histories are well-known—as is the lack of scientific scrutiny from credentialed conservation NGO's and agencies like IUCN.  Historically, some such campaigns have extended grandiose promises of support for in-country programs without providing scientifically justified and vetted documentation or proposals, or unconditional, transparent and tangible support for the wildlife authorities themselves.  Often nested in these arrangements is a veiled agenda to export wildlife in exchange for financial or material support, with little or no transparency regarding funding sources, terms and conditions attached to funding or exported wildlife, credentials of outside groups’ delegates, or scientifically-vetted justification for proposed activities... Resources and funds used to create and sustain ex situ Caribbean parrot populations could establish sustainable in situ captive populations-- again, as needed-- that preserve island control over wildlife, thwart illegal trade, bolster pride and retain the species in the country of origin where they belong.  As specified by IUCN (Soorae, 2016), when captive management or breeding is necessary, it should be prioritized in the country of origin.  It bears emphasizing that all of the captive birds on Dominica and Puerto Rico survived Maria.  Maintaining a safe haven for non-releasable parrots on Dominica should be the top priority for any captive birds.  The Parrot Conservation and Research Centre, established in 1999, has long served as a protected home for non-releasable parrots and a rehabilitation center for birds to be returned to the wild. 
The Ministry of Forestry must present to the public all documents relating to the export of our parrots. We need to know about the amount of Euros paid over and under the table. This crime family we have that passes for a government must be stopped by all means, otherwise we will have nothing left for our children and grand-children. This nightmare must be brought to an end. MiTC will continue to track this story as it has garnered interest all over the world. We have been receiving emails from individuals and groups from as far away as Australia, Italy, Singapore and South Africa. We continue to press official organizations for comments; we will bring you those as they come through..

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sisserou Smuggling in Full Swing

Information reaching MiTC indicate that government officials may be involved in the illegal export of our National Bird, the Sisserou. A press release reaching our inbox indicate that two senior administration officials may be involved. Here is the press release.

  • There is reliable information concerning the involvement of two senior administrative staff within the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries who, on Saturday morning, directly facilitated and participated in the storming and entry into the Parrot Aviary in the Botanical Gardens with a known German parrot smuggler and his associates.  12 parrots (including 2 Sisserous & 10 Rednecks) that were hatched in the wild and housed at that facility were stolen. We are also reliably informed that the parrots were illegally exported out of Dominica via Douglas Charles Airport on Saturday on a chartered flight from Venezuela en route to Germany. There is also evidence that a Convention In Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) export permit was illegally signed and executed by one the senior staff engaged in the clandestine activity. Dominica's two endemic parrot species are listed on CITES Appendix 1 as endangered species and any legal export of such wildlife from Dominica requires a CITES export permit to be signed and issued by the Dominica CITES Management Authority -- the Environmental Coordinating Unit (ECU). The head of ECU was out-of-state on official business and was unaware of the removal of the parrots and their illegal export from Dominica.  Additionally, we are reliably informed  that the CITES Scientific Authority for Dominica-- the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division-- also was not informed of these activities and had not been given an opportunity to review or approve any proposal requesting exportation of any Dominican parrots. The fraudulent export permit references an agreement between the Government of Dominica and the receiving German entity, but Forestry has no record of any such agreement nor participated in the crafting of any such agreement.  The Forestry Division is Dominica's governing authority for wildlife and must issue a formal recommendation for any and all CITES transactions prior to the ECU issuing a wildlife export permit.  Further, the export permit process requires a fully authorized and properly executed import permit from the receiving country prior to authorization from the ECU.  None of these procedures were followed, nor properly vetted and reviewed by Forestry or the ECU, representing criminal breaches in both CITES protocol and legal wildlife authority as specified in Dominica's Wildlife Act.
We immediately reached out to our correspondent on the ground, Lizzy, in an effort to gain more information. Lizzy has informed us that the report is credible and that the officials involved appear to be Reginald Thomas, acting PS in the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries and his counterpart in the ministry, Lennox St. Aimee, acting Chief Veterinary Officer. The parrots were handed to a Mr. Martin Guth. A quick Google search revealed that Mr. Guth runs a parrot breeding facility in Germany, the Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots.

Martin Guth (Left) seen here with St. Lucia officials.
This illegal act by officials of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration must be arrested. We have just experienced a disastrous hurricane and undoubtedly, we have lost may of our prized parrots. We cannot continue to have government officials robbing us our national treasure. We call on the police to step in and pursue this vigorously.

MiTC has dispatched an urgent email to Ms. Svenja Schulze, the German Minister of the Environment and Nature Conservation alerting her of our situation. We have reminded Ms. Schulze, who is new to the job, that the German government has historically taken a strong stand against illegal wildlife trade and the smuggling of endangered species. We hope that the German officials will step in where ours have failed.

Report edited with photograph of Martin Guth. Our German contacts originally sent over the wrong image of Mr. Guth. 

Monday, March 12, 2018


 Prior to hurricane Maria, the Roosevelt Skerrit administration insisted that under the Petro Caribe arrangement Dominica did not owe the people and government of Venezuela. The Roosevelt Skerrit government continued to lie even when there was evidence of the many written payment requisitions made by the government of Venezuela. In addition to the repeated denial of Dominica’s arears to Venezuela the Roosevelt Skerrit government will not provide an accounting report on the Petro Caribe funds. In the absence of entitled information the public has every right to be suspicious of mass corruption at the Petro Caribe operation in Dominica however with the brazen corruption of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration we have seen audacious acts of corruption at Petro Caribe. We are aware of the mishandling of Petro Caribe by the immovable   Minister responsible for Petro Caribe affairs Reginald Austrie. It is also alleged that Petro Caribe is Denise Charles’ stumping ground and support structure for her weave addiction. The capitalizing one himself has plundered Petro Caribe with back door and under table fuel transactions. We are also aware of the massive money laundering scheme that occurred between Petro Caribe and the White Elephant Coffee factory.

We could go on and on regarding the racketeering at Petro Caribe however we have been following a recent incident involving a Venezuelan national who is stationed in Dominica as the manager at the Petro Caribe operation. We have been informed that about three weeks ago this Venezuelan national who had been driving under the influence rammed his vehicle into the back of another vehicle that was driven by a young lady from Dominica. Please note that we choose to withhold the name of the young lady name because of ongoing legal proceedings. 

Immediately following the collision the young lady got out of her vehicle to approach the other vehicle and from there things went awry. The Venezuelan national wound down his window and immediately started assaulting and strangling the young lady while rambling uncontrollably in Spanish. The young lady was able to break loose, ran away and then called the police.

The police followed up with an investigation and found out that the Venezuelan was under the influence of heavy drugs, possibly cocaine. What is quite intriguing is that the matter is no longer in the hands of the police and is now being controlled and manipulated by the politicians. We have been told that the young lady has since received telephone calls from the honorable Denise Charles, Reginald Austrie and PM Skerrit (Three Amigos). All three amigos have offered monetary compensation however it is alleged that the young lady first requested $20,000 but the three amigos decided that $20,000 is way too much money for the young lady.

We are now hearing that the young Lady has contracted a lawyer and that lawyer is now demanding $250,000. Let’s see where the matter goes from here.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

$740,000 Annual Salary for CEO of Roosevelt's CREAD

Dominica's kleptomaniac Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is at it again. Mr. Skerrit, always one to take advantage of an opportunity to enrich himself and foreigners while simultaneously impoverishing his citizens, seems to have found another avenue to pursue his criminal ways; CREAD.

Notwithstanding the fact that CREAD in its current format is illegal, Mr. Skerrit has found a way to ensure that, like the contract he awarded to his Bajan friends for the construction of his $18 million CBI bridge that really cost $10 million, he is going to source bulk of the staff necessary for the operation of CREAD from his pool of foreign friends. Within the tight circles of the Ministry of Finance, which Mr. Skerrit heads, an estimated budget of annual expenses for CREAD has been circulated, and we have obtained a copy from a highly credible source.

The government estimates that CREAD will cost US$4 million (EC$10.7 million) annually to operate, of which US$2.7 million (EC$7.3 million) goes towards salaries. Seventeen (17) persons are needed, per the estimate, of which only 4 positions are allocated to locals; an additional 3 could be hired, but that is not a guarantee. Mr. Skerrit even intends to bypass our local civil engineers, choosing to pursue the hiring of 4 foreigners instead with an annual salary of EC$470,000.00 each.

It will be interesting to see who Mr. Skerrit chooses to hire as CREAD's Chief Executive Officer. That individual is budgeted to earn a US$275,000 (EC$739,750) annual salary. Its Senior Finance Officer, who we will presume to be an experienced Accounting professional or Economist, is projected to earn US$200,000 (EC$538,000) annually. Surely Mr. Skerrit can find competent Accountants and Economists among us, can't he? We will see.

Here is the breakdown of the Estimated Annual Budget for CREAD from Mr. Skerrit's offices.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Post Maria Abuse of Dominicans

The Dominica Labour Party (DLP) government led by Roosevelt Skerrit continues to play politics with the aid sent to Dominicans by friendly governments, organizations and individuals after the destruction by Hurricane Maria that took place on September 18, 2017.  The world responded quickly with cash, kind and volunteerism in order to assist victims to get their lives back to normalcy.

Even before Hurricane Maria, the political maneuvering of relief supplies(ration) was boldface by the likes of Martin Charles, who was in charge of a warehouse next to Clear Harbor at the Canefield Industrial Estate. The Aid Bank where Charles is Chairman manages that Estate. After Tropical Storm Erika, Charles and other DLP lackeys were on the rampage by going through the supplies and taking all the upper shelf items for themselves. Even package that were clearly marked for specific communities, groups and individuals were taken. Ask Mr. Stewart Paris of STEWCO about his package that ended up at the same warehouse and the items that went missing. Hurricane Maria destroyed the warehouse and exposed the wickedness of Skerrit and his gang of rogues. Everything in the shed was exposed.

After Maria these guys got more ruthless. They didn't care who the donors say to give their cash or items, since they got into their hands to hell with the donors. They played so much politics with the ration, several containers of food items had to be dumped because they overstayed on the port. Skerrit’s cronies are so dangerous, generators were sent and several of them took the generators without permission. Skerrit have to send police to retrieve the generators. Imagine some of his cronies had generators for sale. Where they got the generators to sell? Ask Floyd Capitolin.

After hurricanes Irma and Maria, countries like St Martin and the BVI decided to first provide rebuilding contracts to local heavy equipment owners and contractors. They wanted their citizens to first benefit from the work that was available to put their respective countries back on track. But in Dominica we continue to see the total opposite.

In October 2018, Former Prime Minister of Barbados, Mr. Owen Arthur warned PM Skerrit about making Barbados-born economist Avinash Persaud his senior economic advisor. With Hartley Henry on his back with a whip, Skerrit refused the wise counsel from Arthur.  In November 2017, Barbadian precast and construction firm Preconco Limited was awarded a no bid contract by the government of Dominica. In January 2018, a fleet of heavy equipment carrying the logo, “Dominica Strong” landed in Dominica. Heavy equipment owners in Dominica blew some hot air about protest actions then put their tails between their legs and went quiet. While their equipment are taking dust and rust, millions of dollars are heading to Trinidad. Absolutely no respect for hard working Dominicans.

Skerrit and his cronies are so mischievous they took the $18 million grant from the World Bank that was made available for farmers and fisher-folk and used it for vote buying. Paros took rentals and were drinking red label whiskey from farmers money that they wrongfully received. We are aware of a bus driver from St Joseph who was not qualified and the same Martin Charles ensured that he got. A former DLP St Joe candidate who is employed with the government and his wife, both got money. The mother-in-law of a DLP candidate who is employed with the state and has her corn & plantain roasting small business in Coulibistrie also unfairly got farmers and fisher-folk money. Because of Skerrit’s savagery, Extension Officers lives continue to be at serious risks because Skerrit put the blame on them.

Even the Emergency Cash Relief Programme that is being financed by UNICEF and the World Food Program (WFP) was also hijacked by Labour operatives at the level of the village council. Their operatives bypassed the homes of people who they perceived are not in support of the DLP when they were doing the survey. Imagine the composition of a cross section of the village that UNICEF and WFP recommended to be on a committee to properly select the recipients was disregarded. Employees of the Local Government Department were disturbed by this insensitive behavior.

Now the focus has moved to building materials. 90 percent of Dominica’s housing stock got damaged by Maria and  building material is needed to address this situation successfully. UNDP did a complete survey of our over 26000 households. The information is readily available to the DLP government to know exactly where help is most needed.

Since Maria, support for housing has being coming steadily. We have seen Digicel in the East, International Office for Migration (IOM) in the North East and now on the West coast and Red Cross in Layou among others. In Chance, Portsmouth some really inferior zinc houses were given to some needy families. The houses were donated to MP Ian Douglas by his friends in Trinidad but they were hijacked by mayor of Portsmouth Titus Francis and his gang. These houses are even more dangerous than plywood houses in a category hurricane. I see it as a total disrespect to the recipients, their lives and also the climate resilience initiative.

We have also seen a steady inflow of building materials. It is alleged that Bulkan Timber Works Inc of Guyana sent containers of high-end, kiln-dried lumber and all was given to Sam Raphael for Jungle Bay Resort.

Jimmit storage yard
Steel is being stored on the Public Works compound on Goodwill Road. Tons of materials are at the Windsor Park Stadium. Also, plywood and lumber are being stored at the Waitukubuli National Trail Project compound in Jimmit, between the old Chinese building and ADA Trucking. What is very interesting in that, the area is small and every day trailers of materials continue to be offloaded there. But we are hearing during the night, trucks are loaded and sent to different places. This is material for everyone in need and the government is behaving like a thief in the night. At the Windsor Park Stadium, materials are be distributed on the recommendations of DLP Members of Parliament, caretakers and cronies. The members of the Parliamentary Opposition are once again locked out. Skerrit is calling for unity in one breath and in the other, he is openly demonstrating division.

How can we continue to take such abuse from a man who got into the leadership of this country by default? We have never experienced that level of disrespect from any of our previous leaders. Dominicans have never been that passive and tolerant before. Every section of our society is being undermined by this Skerrit government. I await to see how far Dominicans will allow Skerrit to go.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Denzil's Passport Application

Our sister island St. Kitts & Nevis is currently embroiled in a political battle between the government of Dr. Timothy Harris and his predecessor Dr. Denzil Douglas. Douglas, represented by notorious Dominican attorney Anthony Astaphan, is fighting for his political career. The issue surrounds Dr. Douglas being in possession of a Dominica diplomatic passport and the implication that he holds citizenship in both countries. We have obtained a copy of the original passport application form. 

The passport was issued in July of 2015, six months after the United States revoked Dr. Douglas' American visa. Of particular note to us at MiTC is the fact that Dr. Douglas, in his own handwriting, filled in all sections of the form that was his duty to complete except details on how he became a citizen of Dominica; that he left blank. Why is that? Did he deliberately leave this information out so as to deceive the people of St. Kitts should his possession of this passport became public knowledge? Was that a preemptive move on his part to subvert any legal action that he believed would have most certainly occurred once the cat got out of the bag? Is it his intention to use that missing detail as the basis of his defense? Why did the acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ms. Yvanette Baron-George approve this incomplete application? And why did Police Inspector Pelham Jno-Baptiste approve without any reservation?

Passport Application Form

Passport issued to Dr. Douglas

Cover photo courtesy Caribbean News Service

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Farmers In Red Clinic Fashion -waiting 
With yet another brazen and shameful vote buying type operation, the government of Dominica decided that "clientelism" would be the preferred method for the utilization and distribution of the Agricultural Development grant funding. The funding which was provided by the World Bank was supposed to be invested in the regeneration of the agricultural sector after the devastating winds of Hurricane Maria.

Many people were totally disgusted and disappointed in the way the Roosevelt Skerrit government utilize $18 Million to play politics as oppose to genuinely investing the money in developing a productive Agricultural sector. Quite interestingly a fair portion of the discontent and criticism came from Labour Party supporters. Thanks to our disgruntled Labourite friends, we received in our In-Box a copy of the List of “Farmers” in the North, those who received commercial disbursements of  $10,000 and a separate list of  small business “farmers” those who received from $3000.00.
The List
We are in no position to postulate on who should or should not have received funds nor are we in a position to decide who should have made it on the commercial list or the list of  small business farmers. What we know for sure is that the manner in which the government of Dominica has handled the Agriculture Emergency Relief grant by the World Bank, is disgraceful, despicable, disrespectful and insulting to say the least.

The mere appearance of a people groveling and climbing upon each other for a few puny dollars is very much telling of the society that PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his administration has nurtured. The biggest question that we all must ask is – was there some type of "control and assurance" program implemented by the government to insure that this $18 Million development funding will yield the maximum benefit?

According to our sources the list is made up of people who are neither farmers nor small business owners. For instance, it was pointed out to us that on this list of “farmers” in the North a gentleman who received $10,000 and he is neither a farmer nor a small business owner but instead works at a gas station pumping gas.   

We have also been warned that several members from the same household have received disbursements under the commercial or small business category. In one instance someone appeared on the list twice. 

We understand that all the “farmers” irrespective how much money they are receiving are asked to sign the bottom of a document that states at the top of that same document that the farmer is receiving $10,000. Is this an honest mistake or   deliberate attempt to distort the money trail and or to provide a favorable report to the World Bank?

In the interest of transparency we are providing a copy of the list of “farmers.” Take note that we insist on parenthesizing the word farmers because we want to leave it to the readers to decide who they know to be the real farmers in Dominica. It is left to you the readers to identify the imposters, the people who are in the NEP program supervising grass cutters and yet are receiving $10,000. You the readers must decide whether roadside grass cutting is a form of farming.
CLICK HERE to view "Farmer's List"
It is the readers who must ask themselves why it is that today we have over three thousand “farmers “ yet prior to Hurricane Maria the agriculture industry was at its lowest in the history  organized agriculture in Dominica. 

We leave it to the readers to figure out why it is that prior to Hurricane Maria only 7-10 farmers from the  entire  Vielle Case, Thibaud and Penville district would consistently show up for engagements with officers from the Ministry Of Agriculture yet the lion share of the funds designated for the Northern district goes to Vielle Case, Penville and Thibaud.  Out of a total 152 commercial “Farmers” the government presented and approved 92 commercial farmers in the Vielle Case area.

Under the small business  farming section ,a total of 432 were approved Again the government approved 162 small businesses from Vielle Case out of the total of 432 small business farmers in the entire North of Dominica. Lets leave this for the "straight eye" analysis of Clarence Christian. 

Two years ago Massinthecemetery featured a prolific young farmer Hiliare John Baptist aka “Castle”. We reported that Farmer Castle had been one of the premier banana producing farmers on the island and one of the very few farmers who was able to stay in the fight against the Black Sigatoka and the “red Sigatoka- the DLP” Farmer Hiliare John Baptist had been running a well-organized farming business distributing bananas to various outlets and also donating boxes of bananas to needy institutions free of charge. We notice that Farmer Hiliare John Baptist did not make it to the commercial. We leave it to the readers to ask why Farmer Castle was not on the commercial list when he was the one of the largest banana producing farmer on the island.
CLICK HERE to view the Commercial List
The government and its apologists would like nothing more than for this fraudulent, despicable government conduct to be just “talk”. In the interest of transparency MiTC is more than happy to provide you with the real document containing the list of “farmers” in the north of the island who have received funding. We are nevertheless very happy for the genuine farmers who have received the support from the program and we hope that the moneys received will help in rebuilding their farms.

We are also encouraging people to print out the list and give out copies to those who are conveniently blind

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Election Material On The Move
 Dominicans are well aware that the modus operandi of PM Skerrit is to insure that he and his circle of operating “lootahs” will forever be in control of how the people eat and sleep and whether or not some are deserving of toilets. Even in the greatest time of deprivation and a period that requires great humanitarian sacrifice the government Squirrels, hyenas and woodpeckers  are in full character mode – They are stealing from the pot and returning the loot as vote bargaining chips.

How much longer are we the people going to tolerate Prime Minister Skerrit and his Labor Party utilizing the country’s resources not for the development of  the people but to impose and facilitate economic slavery in Dominica-a means by which they cling on to power.

Who can forget the disgraceful red clinic; a farcical “social program” that have yielded nothing but amplified indigence  and  a people programmed to believe that governance is about a Prime Minister and his goons becoming overnight millionaires ,possibly billionaires and them having the ultimate responsibility  to feed the population with crumbs, handouts and propaganda.

Prime Minister Skerrit and his operating gang of “lootahs” are also fully aware that in order to remain in office they must keep the people economically debilitated and totally dependent on the occasional distribution of crumbs and handout that they have looted from the people. In fact it is well established that PM Roosevelt Skerrit's wining legacy is based on (1) Election fraud and (2) an acculturated poverty and handout system that fosters loyalty at the polling stations.

The next general election is right around the corner and believe it or not even as Dominicans are trying to pick up themselves from the ravages of Hurricane Maria ,PM Skerrit and his advisors have been plotting to use the people’s plight as a means to further hijack the people's government. A few weeks after the Hurricane Maria disaster the PM and his advisors acknowledged that it was the opportune moment to take advantage of the people’s desperation. It was decided that the country’s dire need for building material would work to their advantage and in keeping with their repeated vote buying schemes. A decision was taken to purchase over EC $4 Million worth of building material from a supplier in Jamaica. The plan revealed that the material would be stored and then distributed during the upcoming election campaign.   

Our information also suggests that the building materials are already in Dominica and is supposedly being offloaded.We know that the Skerrit apologists will be quick deny or attempt to cause distraction and so for your edification we are presenting an actual copy of the export invoice showing the list of material, cost and supplier’s information - the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We expect the looting Joiner with a broadcasting microphone, and Collin McIntyre's Lavabo Tony Astaphan to put a spin on this.

The vessel in the attached photo is allegedly the vessel holding the pork barrels/building material. We are asking ALL Dominicans to keep an eye not only on the vessel but also the building material that is being offloaded from that vessel. The plan afoot is to store the material until the election campaign is on. The people must also take note of where the material is stored and make sure that people like Simeone Albert and the fake Banker Martin Charles do not have keys to the storage area. The people must also insure that the material does not go to passport dealers who are supposedly building hotels with passport dollars. Keep your eyes on the prize that's all we are asking. 

Take note that the consignee in the export invoice is stated as the Ministry of Housing but we can assure you that this is all smoke and mirrors. We sincerely hope that the people of Dominica will not fall for this disgraceful and shameful tactic by Roosevelt Skerrit, Hartley Henry and company.

Now that we have exposed their insidious scheme we hope that the government will crawl out of that low place to utilize the people’s building material for the overall good of the country and if they won’t then the people’s power should teach these “lootahs” a valuable lesson. 

It should not come as a surprise that PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his goons are again planning to “veglais” the people with building material during the upcoming general elections. After all it is who they are and what they do. Only evil spirited people, the political hyena’s and “lootahs” that would move in to take advantage of a people so wounded by the worse disaster in Dominica’s history.  

Stay tuned we will be presenting our readers with a packaged that is destined to anger the “Lootahs” in government and one that will please the real farmers of Dominica.

Also look out for some interesting new development in the Pedro Fort Berbel Dominica saga. New players- Mango Trust, A former Mayor of Portsmouth and another attorney, all deeply entrenched in the alleged Pedro Fort Berbel Ponzi Scheme.   

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Goon Squad

Following a tip, we tuned in to KairiFM last Saturday night, and what we were a witness to was an undeservedly brutal assault on the reputation of  Q95's lead journalist, Mathias Peltier Jr. Leading the assault were three of the most grotesque individuals; Simeon Albert, Frankie Bellot and Anthony Astaphan. At issue was a donation from a New York based Dominican non-profit organization, We Are Dominica (WAD) that Mr. Peltier was making on their behalf to a deserving individual, Mr. Rudy Grove in Soufriere. Let's examine this a minute.

I must say that it is extraordinary that this trio would even attempt to impugn the reputation of anyone, let alone Mr. Peltier. While we agree that this is the norm with this goon squad, it is still an incredible thing to witness. The host of the programme, Simeon Albert, is a thief. Mr. Albert was recently caught with so much looted hardware material following the passage of Hurricane Maria that he could open his own store. What Mr. Albert could not steal was probably bolted to the floor. He remains free thanks to his benefactors, chief among them is Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, himself not averse to theft either. Birds of a feather, you say? We say yes!

Frankie Bellot, the proprietor of KairiFM, is a child molester. Mr. Bellot stands accused of engaging in sexual intercourse with a 14 year old child, plying her with expensive gifts and transporting her to various places to engage in his perverted activities. His predatory activities date back several years but he has been protected by his friends in high places. Mr. Bellot has attempted to pay off the family of the young girl who he is accused of molesting. Rumor has it that some payment was made but we cannot confirm that. The case against him is in limbo, languishing in the courts, and appears to be going nowhere thanks to his connections. His radio station is the de facto propaganda arm of the ruling Dominica Labour Party of Prime Minister Skerrit. See the connection? Mr. Bellot we urge you to listen to yourself; your voice is gone because your sins have come home to roost. Get off the air.

Anthony Astaphan, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit's butthole mouthpiece, is a well-known pathological liar and an enemy of the state. Mr. Astaphan is a political prostitute who will contort himself into any position for the sake of a dollar. Mr. Astaphan once accused "dem fellers", a group including Roosevelt Skerrit and Vince Henderson, of causing the death of former Prime Minister Pierre Charles. He is on record stating that he warned PM Charles of  how dangerous "dem fellers" were. Immediately after the passing of PM Charles, Astaphan found a way to be in bed with the same gang he derided. Now he is the surrogate father to one of the gangs members. We have a question for Mr. Astaphan; is the government minister paying you child support? You are taking care of his child, aren't you? If he isn't, sue him. Talk to your wife.

Mr. Peltier continues to do good work on behalf of the people of Dominica. Whether it's on the airwaves informing us of what is happening in our country or assisting needy persons like Mr. Grove in Soufriere, we thank him for his yeoman service. Mr. Grove has been the beneficiary of a cash donation from We Are Dominica and Mr. Peltier facilitated the transfer effortlessly.

It is noteworthy that during the presentation of cash by Mr. Peltier, Mr. Grove, who is blind, noted that he was known to be a supporter of the United Workers Party and hinted that may be the reason why he did not receive assistance from the government. What he did get was a call from Mr. Albert attempting to gather dirt on Mr. Peltier. What he should have done was to deliver the hardware supplies he looted to Mr. Grove which would then be used to construct a new home. 

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