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Three Days for Baby Sarah

 "If this guy finds out I told other people this I am dead...
I am literally dead. Some people just don't understand the situation...
they don't know him like I do or maybe they have an idea but they don't know the consequences..."

The story of Baby Sarah is a story of stalking, assault, physical violence, brandishing of weapons, misuse of the police, official misconduct, and death threats, all within the confines of an extramarital affair gone awry, culminating in the demise of a premature, seven-month old infant. Baby Sarah, as we have chosen to call her since she was never named by her parents, lived three days on Earth, a short but remarkably telling life.

MiTC became aware of a serious case of physical abuse on a person committed by a Minister of Government in early August 2018 and promptly began an investigation. After receiving confirmation of the incident from an on-the-ground confidant embedded within the public service, we published an Open Letter to PM Roosevelt Skerrit on August 8th recommending that he begin an investigation into official misconduct and abuse within his National Security apparatus and on conclusion of his inquiry, demand the resignation of the official who he would have discovered was involved in the abuse of women. Failure to do so, we warned, would result in MiTC bringing the facts, as we know them to be, to the Dominican public. Mr. Skerrit must have ignored our advice. In the course of our investigation, we were able to uncover detailed first-hand accounts of events that led up to the death of Baby Sarah. What you read here are transcripts of allegations leveled by the abused victim at the minister in private conversations. They are the words of the victim as told verbatim.

Several months before her death, Baby Sarah's mother, an attractive married woman from the Kalinago Territory, began an adulterous relationship with the powerful, married, Parliamentary Representative for the Mahaut constituency, Justice and National Security Minister Rayburn Blackmoore. Mr. Blackmoore, a known philanderer, was also at the time (and is reportedly still is)  involved in another adulterous relationship with a married woman from Jimmit, a relationship that has led to dissolution of the marriage and a recent divorce settlement between her and her husband, a former Marpin 2K4 Ltd executive.

From all reports, the relationship between the minister and his Kalinago lover was rocky, with highs and lows. Mr. Blackmoore was known to be aggressive at times, gentle and weepy at other times. The two took trips out of island, separately, but eventually linking up at their destinations, staying at beach resorts in neighbouring islands. Mr. Blackmoore has also reportedly purchased a dwelling for his lover, a well-furnished house in the village of Eggleston, with funds funneled through a series of transactions at the National Bank. Throughout the course of their relationship, the two have had a number of physical altercations because of other women.

"Did I tell you about the night at the Financial Centre? I was in Goodwill that night,
my nephew who works in SSU..was on duty. Ray told me that he would be late to join me...
my nephew text me saying a woman come to check him..on her way to his office...
I had a rented car, I went to his office about 15 mins later...
the lights were on but the door unlocked...I opened the door and there he was 
butt naked and this woman giving him head...I slapped him hard on his face,
took her clothes which were on the chair and walked out...I dumped it in a bin in lobby...
I went back to Goodwill, he was right behind me, I almost stabbed him that night..."

August 2018 was an eventful one in the course of that relationship. As recounted by the minister's lover, while on a date in Portsmouth which included dinner at the Rejens and drinks at a local beach bar with someone she described as her "side chick before the minister", a gentleman who we have since identified as being an employee of the Ministry of Finance, she was approached by a police officer who told her that she was needed and that someone wanted to see her.

"I figured it was the other one. I said no, I'm with someone. The officer left.
Pardna called my phone, I didn't answer. Then he WhatsApp saying that if I didn't
answer he would have me arrested. I knew he would.
I told the other guy what was going on and I went. The other guy followed me.
I saw his car. A police van was at the back. I went to the driver side to talk to him..

He started getting on and asking me to get on board. I refused.
My date came by and asked what the fuck is his problem.
He pulled out his gun and pointed it at him and told him to step back.
I got scared and went in the vehicle. He drove off.
My date followed but he later told me that the police stopped him
after the Rejens area and searched his vehicle for drugs."

By her own account, the ride from Portsmouth was argumentative and filled with threats and vile language. Believing that his intention was to go to an apartment they shared in Goodwill, she eventually discovered that the drive would take them to the Fresh Water Lake, in Laudat.

"Anyway he drove all the way to town, cursing all the way.
Thought he would have gone Goodwill where we have an apartment,
but he continued driving. Then I thought we were going to our home in Eggleston,
but he drove all the way to the Fresh Water Lake.
We reached there, he pulled me off the car, and that was it.

He took out his gun and said he gonna kill me then himself.
When (I) heard it cock I screamed out his name and he stopped.
He looked at me and started crying.
He opens the car door and told me to get in."

Her experience in Laudat was not the end of this story. Mr. Blackmoore's paramour reveals that she was driven back to their apartment in Goodwill. Immediately upon entering the apartment, she alleges that Mr. Blackmoore began to physically assault her.

"Drove back to town, entered house and more slaps. (I) fell on the floor. 
He came on me and started again. When he stopped he then went in the shower. 
 I noticed I was bleeding. He saw that when he got out of the shower
and started getting scared. he called a doctor friend of his."

In a separate account, the victim went into further detail about her experience at the Goodwill apartment.

"As I entered the apartment I felt the first heavy slap across my face. 
That threw me down to the floor. I wasn't expecting it.
On the floor he came over me, grabbed my neck and continued slapping.
I was gasping for breath. I somehow managed to scream his name, that's when he let me go.
I started vomiting. He pulled me up from the floor and without saying anything he left (me).
My face, neck and right ears are swollen and bruised.

I (had) started getting bad waist pains...went to the bathroom and noticed I was spotting..
he got scared, called his doc. He came to the house in Goodwill.
They brought me to PMH. He lied and said that I was attacked."

The stressed victim revealed that her lover was crying and threatened to shoot the both of them. While at the PMH, her spotting continued and it was discovered that the baby's heart rate was dropping. He then immediately arranged to have her flown out.

In her account, the minister's lover disclosed that she was flown out to Martinique the following day for further medical help. While in Martinique, she gave birth to a premature 7-month old baby, who she claims was fathered by the minister. Baby Sarah, as we have christened her, lived for three days. Who knows how bright a star she would have been.

Interestingly, during the course of our investigation, when confronted with the allegations against minister Blackmoore, a fellow cabinet member, who will remain anonymous to protect his identity so as to be able to speak candidly said "Blackmoore really in love with the girl for true and Blackmoore bought her the house...he didn't build it, be bought the house...the beating is true, Blackmoore beat up the girl...Blackmoore even sends police by the house to guard the house...all during hurricane season Blackmoore was sending police there two and three in the morning to make sure nobody coming there". Exact quote from the cabinet official.

The story of Baby Sarah is a cautionary tale of women attracted to and who become intoxicated by the aura of being intimately involved with powerful men who abuse them ad nauseam. We cannot stress enough the importance of bringing that to an end. This past year we have seen the emergence of the #MeToo Movement which has sought to bring justice to abused women the world over. MiTC does not and will never condone such behavior in our society. We have called it out in the past and will continue to do so. While we recognize that relationships between men and women are private, when the individuals involved are public officials, we will shine the light on them if there are any instances of official misconduct and abuse. This is one such case.

Many questions ought to be prompted by this account from the minister's lover. Where did the money come from that allowed him to purchase at least two dwellings for his lovers? The minister is not a businessman but he appears flushed with money far exceeding what his government salary is. Allegations of corruption have followed him throughout his ministerial appointments.While he was in charge of the Communications and Works ministry, it was widely speculated that there was skimming off government contracts, with "extra" money going into the pockets of officials in a position to grant approvals. The minister is now in charge of the Immigration ministry, one rife with corruption and questions about the whereabouts of the money Haitians pay for visas. Coincidence? What do you think?

Note: The lead photograph depicts Baby Sarah in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Photo courtesy parent.

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  1. I want to thank masinthecemetary for bringing out this story. Now dominicans let's not get carried away. There are some questions to be asked. Did blackmore present these two houses he bought cash to the IPO. If not what are the IPO doing about that. I think the opposition parties should demand answers cause there are people working for more money than blackmore and cannot even buy a house cash much less to build a house

  2. What can I say; Dominicans love their PM(Post Meridian)

  3. On a more serious note;are these the kind of people we say we have in government? Thats why our country is in such sad state.

  4. They love their party,experience the next level

  5. Thanks Mitc for all the good work y'all have been doing. Happy new year. Keep up the good work. It's time Dcans wake up and face the music

  6. Blackmore these allegations are serious

  7. MITC, you are nothing more than a wanna be National Inquirer. All you write about is salacious stuff. Your self-righteous comments about wanting to end abuse of women make me cringe. Hypocrites!

  8. My question is... were these married women forced into these relationships? Yes if what is written is true. This is wrong on all levels. But our women are too greedy for fame and money. Can your husband not provide for you? You people and I mean both parties need deliverance and must repent cause when the raft of god comes down.. smh I'm sorry for u all. Alot of demons in position. Opposition and all. Dominica needs reshuffling.

  9. Where did he get the money to fly his lover out in a blink of an eye without insurance, where did he get the money to buy the two dwellings, is the minister's fire arm licensed, what happens next?!?!?!?!?!? many questions.

  10. the word of the lord says if my people who are called by my name will humble them self and pray and sick my face and turn from there wicked WAYS then will i hear from heaven and forgive there sins and hill the land, Dominicans this situation cannot save you all , it still cannot help u all the only way is jesus turn to him before its to late, the bible says make your calling an election sure in Christ jesus, turn to jesus befor its to late GOD bless

  11. It makes me so sad that my people are suffering because they choose to be so blind and foolish. Kalinago's WAKE UP..DOMINICANS LOOK AROUND YOU!



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