Saturday, October 31, 2015

Insult to Injury

If anyone needs further proof that Roosevelt Skerrit despises Dominicans and the very ground they walk on just look at who he intends to honour with our country's second-highest national award, the Sisserou Award of Honour. What exactly is this rodent being honoured for?

Anthony Astaphan has sewn hatred and division among Dominicans. This rodent is a hatemonger. This man single-handedly is responsible for the rife tension and vile division that exists in Dominica today. Labourites themselves know the man is vermin, some even hate him, but they will unbuckle their belts, drop their pants, bend over, grab their ankles and take one for the team because he's on their side. That is one group of sick individuals.

Never before in the history of Dominica has there ever been an individual as divisive as this rat. And now his puppet Roosevelt Skerrit has figured out that it is not enough that this rodent continues to bite us on our backs and suck our blood, he has decided to foist him even further up our backs so that he can bite us on our necks to sever our spine, by handing him one the country's most prestigious awards. In one fell swoop, Skerrit is not only spitting in the face of past honourees by having a coronation for a man who wantonly spreads within our society his own strain of leptospirosis, he has also wiped out all value and prestige this award held.

When the history books are written on this time in our existence, Roosevelt Skerrit and Anthony Astaphan will be noted as the most destructive one-two punches Dominica has ever faced. History is not going to be kind to these two, and we will not either. When the sun sets on this DLP administration, a lot of people will have to answer for what they allowed to occur in this beautiful land. Pastors, business people, civic leaders and Dominicans themselves will be called to the front of the line to explain themselves. I hope you people are prepared for that day of reckoning, because it's coming, and will be here faster than you expect.

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