Friday, October 30, 2015

Abandon Ship

It's over 10 days now and no one seems to be able to tell for sure just where Roosevelt Skerrit is. We know where to find his good buddy Lap Seng, but he Skerrit is in hiding. But why Mr. Prime Minister? You have portrayed yourself time and time again that you are our savior, we can't do anything without you. Now you've left us all alone. 

LOL. But we know why you can't be found; we're on your trail, and even better yet, the international press is all over your ass like a piece of linoleum, and you know how hot linoleum can get, so you're sweating profusely too.

Roosevelt, do yourself and Dominica a favour; resign. Get Out. NOW. You have wrought much too much misery on your people, it's time for you to make your exit.

And to your fellow ministers in Dominica, save yourself, run to the hills, Volcano Roosevelt is about to erupt. Resign from this pathetic government. We here at MITC knows most of you will not, because your hands are all dirty, Roosevelt saw to that, he made sure you wouldn't run off on him without putting yourself in jeopardy. But there are a few of you we believe can pass the smell test, barely.

MITC calls on the following parliamentarians in this Labour Party cabal to resign and rescue whatever part of your reputation is not in tatters; Catherine Daniel, Ian Douglas, Roslyn Paul, Robbie Tongue, Johnson Drigo, Justina Charles, Ian Pinard. Dominica needs you to step up to the wicket and do what's right for the team. Get Out. Now. While you still have a chance.

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