Saturday, October 10, 2015

This Brain has no Bottom

Now I really understand why they call Hartley Adams "bottom brain" - the man is intellectually dishonest and bankrupt. Sure, his jousting with Brian Linton certainly makes for good comedy, but outside of that, the man is a certified JACKASS, signed, sealed and delivered!

Bottomless Brain

Here he is, talking from one side of his mouth, making excuses and justifying what very well may be yet another case of the defrauding of the state of Dominica by the ruling DLP, suspected of using state funds to pay for the party's political promises re: the tablets for school children, an act that by any measure in a nation of laws would be illegal and subject the perpetrators to fines and imprisonment. His excuse? "the school children need it", "what difference does it make when a need is satisfied", etc etc.

On the other edge of his mouth he talks about the American system of campaign finance and somehow tries to tie that with Dominica. Does he realize that there are fundamental differences in the two? Does he realize that if a political party in the United States even THINKS of trying to use government money to pay for even a paperclip, the full force of federal law enforcement will come down on them? But here he is justifying illegal acts - the ends justify the means, in his book. By that rationale, I would presume that he would agree that if someone does not want to hear him talking on the radio again, if that person decides that the best way to accomplish that would be to cut out Hartley's tongue, then he would have achieved the goal, the ends justify the means, after all, eh Hartley? careful what you wish for Bottomless Brain.

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  1. I concur, but mybe because his brain is in his rectum, he is continually sitting on it. It must be crushed by now.


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