Thursday, November 12, 2015

Another group looking for crumbs

This past weekend saw the emergence of another group of Dominicans in the diaspora who are trying to dictate who represents who in Dominica. This new group, ostensibly called the "League of Democracy & Civility" aims to dictate to the people of the Marigot constituency who their parliamentary leader should be, by demanding the resignation of current Parl Rep Lennox Linton, the leader of the Opposition in parliament. This group, the LDC, singles out the recent setback of Mr. Linton at the Privy Council and says that is sufficient reason for him to resign the post the people of Marigot and environs bestowed upon him.

Michael Davis of the LDC
Now, really, how much nerve do you need to possess in order to want to tell an entire constituency who they should have as their representative? This group is led by a former Goodwill resident, Michael Davis, and he says that its comprised of 21 individuals. Who are these 21 people? Will we ever know? Probably not. But what appears to be at play here is an attempt by some to curry favour with the ruling DLP government, presenting themselves as a counterweight, all in an effort to stem the tide of diaspora Dominicans moving more and more over to the side of the UWP. 

Mr. Davis has positioned himself, along with 20 other mystery persons, under a cow named Dominica that is under the control of one Roosevelt Skerrit. It appears that Mr. Davis and his motley crew are hoping that Skerrit tugs on the chain that restrains that cow sufficiently enough so as to get the cow's udders aligned directly above their gaping mouths. Should that occur, we at MITC, have no doubt whatsoever, that Mr. Davis et al intend to clamp their collective lips on the nipples and mammary glands of the cow Dominica, and proceed to suckle and gorge themselves on its milk. That cannot be allowed to occur; it will not be allowed to happen.

Mr. Davis; try as you may, you have missed the boat. Skerrit does not trust johnny-come-lately's. You should have tried that at the start. What it is you're trying to achieve will not materialize.

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