Monday, December 14, 2015

He Finally Speaks

This morning, our learned Dr. Lennox Honeychurch came out with a post on Facebook lamenting that he was confused as to why the oppostion United Workers Party was boycotting the ceremony to be held for Baroness Patricia Scotland.

Dr. Lennox Honychurch
In a piece entitled "The visit of Baroness Scotland to Dominica", the recent contributor to the persistent Brain Drain epidemic in Dominica opines that he is at a loss as to why members of the political opposition have chosen to take a stand and recuse themselves from any outlandish celebratory events in light of all the challenges the country faces as well as the prime minister's own documented disdain for the world seeing us whining on a woman. Take a look.

I am a bit puzzled here. I am getting mixed messages. Is the UWP against Baroness Scotland because she was elected by the majority of Commonwealth States to be General Secretary? Or are they against the government of Roosevelt Skerrit for laying on a costly reception? Or both?
When I was an Opposition member in the House of Assembly we were told by our leader, Miss Eugenia Charles (she was not Dame yet) that we should always act as the alternative government, the government in waiting. If we had a contention with the government it should not be carried over towards a visiting dignitary, be they an Ambassador, High Commissioner, member of the royal family or such like.
We would have our issue with the government, yes, but we would meet or correspond with the visitors, be cordial and explain our issue to them. This was because, if or when we did form the government, our relationship with those persons and the organisations that they represented, would need to continue in a businesslike manner. To act immaturely would reflect badly on our capacity to take on the responsibilities of power".

With all due respect to Dr. Honychurch, this rather simplistic analysis is not only disingenious but downright deceitful. Dr. Honeychurch knows very well that his synopsis is no where close to the truth, that the issues go far beyond what he's making them out to be. Furthermore, isn't this the same individual who, when the moment came for him to speak up against the desecration of the Cabrits National Park by this very government he supports, he chose to tuck his tail between his legs and scoot off to Barbados?

Dr. Honychurch, your behavior vis-a-vis the Cabrits fiasco is borderline treasonous. You sir have sacrificed what was once your "good name" at the altar of political malfaesance of the Dominica Labour Party. You sir, sat on your hands and dragged your ass when you should have stood up for the country you say you love. Quite frankly, after you put in years of hard work, you then watched while Roosevelt Skerrit began to systematically dismantle your very work and instead of voicing your concern, you turned tail and ran off to Barbados. Now you come back and have an opinion on what the opposition party, the party who cried then and continues to cry to this day about the destruction of your work? You have a set of balls, sir.

Lennox, The Cabrits was your life passion and you failed to voice any disapproval of the desecration of our National Park. That sir, is sacrilege. If or when you decide to write a book on the Cabrits and its restoration which you supervised with love and pride, for which I give you top marks, I hope that you will insert a chapter in there about your failure to protect that which you were so devoted to. I hope that you will be just as confused and critical about yourself as you are of the party that is carrying your luggage, the one you left back here in Dominica. And for your sake, I hope your conscience gets cleared up in the process.

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  1. I think it's too simplistic as well considering it coming from a scholar.
    To my understanding, the opposition is only showing a high level of responsibility and stand for what they believe is in the best interest of the country. Why would they go against their own principles?

    The truth of all this is Dominica is not recovering and these people continue to plunder and keep the opposition from being heard adiquately in the parliament.

    So this talk about being codial so that when they get into power relationships can continue is quite simplistic as far as I can see because the staging og the Baroness is just all part of their master plan to continue to fool the people.

    After all, why spend the kind of cash on an event as such when the money could or should be channeled in areas of most need?

    This is a yet another case of priorities out the window. Dominica continues to loose.


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