Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Reginald Austrie on the mend

Housing minister Reginald Austrie, the parliamentary representative for the Cottage constituency, is no longer on his back; he has been spotted for the first time in weeks. Since his sudden departure from Dominica several weeks ago, Mr. Austrie has not been seen in public, but he has met privately with family, friends and colleagues. We are happy the minster is recovering well and we hope to see him at government HQ in the not-too-distant future.
Reginald Austrie

Mr. Austrie was rumored to be in the one of our neighbouring French islands; speculation is that he was in Marie Galante, while some placed him in Guadeloupe. It was said that he was undergoing treatment and surgery for issues surrounding his feet. Speculation is that he has had an amputation and may be now fitted with prosthetics. As you can see from this photograph, Mr. Austrie is upright without any visible signs of being held up with crutches. That is excellent. We wish Mr. Austrie well and look forward to seeing him back in Dominica.

We also hope that Mr. Austrie takes it upon himself to be a strong and vocal advocate for the immediate improvement of the health services sector in Dominica. Mr. Austrie, in his capacity as a government minister, was able to avail himself of medical services in a foreign country because he could not have received comparable care in Dominica. Numerous instances of poor service, shortages of medical supplies, inadequate attention, among other problems, are well documented. Mr. Austrie has now undergone what appears to be a total makeover, healthwise. We're hoping that this makeover extends to his disposition as well, having famously referred to himself as a "Rottweiler". We're hoping that Mr. Austrie will embrace this opportunity to make amends with the Dominican public for all the vile things he's said about certain citizens, including but not limited to "if you're ugly, say you damn ugly" and his references to who likes beef, undoubtedly two of the least of his transgressions. It is quite evident that life throws each and every one of us a bouncer when we least expect it; the question now is what lessons do we learn from the experience. Also, in light of the fact that the cost of Mr. Austrie's expensive overseas treatment is being borne by the Dominican taxpayer, we insist that Mr. Austrie demands of the Ministry of Health that they begin to immediately resuscitate the Marigot Hospital. This is a vital piece of Dominica's infrastructure; we simply cannot have the people of the North-East languishing in  the manner that they now are. 

Welcome back Mr. Minister; good to see you again. 


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