Monday, February 29, 2016

Alick Lawrence hosts his own sales seminar

From L-R: Dixon Sylvester, CT Global executive, Angela Sylvester, Mrs. Lawrence, Alick Lawrence

Noted Dominican passport agent and personal lawyer to Prime Minister Alick Lawrence is in Dubai hosting his very own passport-selling summit. The event is being held at The Palace Downtown Hotel in Dubai, located next to the Dubai Mall and the famed Burj Kalifa, and is co-sponsored by Caribbean Trust Global.

Joining Mr. Lawrence and his wife are JPMorganChase Recruiting Executive Angela Sylvester from Wesley and her husband Dixon Sylvester, a construction professional who, in the weeks leading up to the December 2014 elections, was rumored to have been stopped by US Customs officials in Puerto Rico carrying large sums of money. Mr. Sylvester is not known to have addressed these rumors, so they remain just that. Both are residents of the state of New Jersey.

Dixon & Angela Sylvester in Dubai at Alick Lawrence Passport Summit

Mrs. Sylvester has given us a glimpse of the lavish lifestyle and pomp in Dubai by posting a series of photographs on social media cataloging their experiences. It is from these photographs that we were able to detect what was actually happening. In the photograph below, you will see Mrs. Sylvester sitting next to a banner promoting the event. At the top of the banner you will see the logo of Alick Lawrence's company, Alick Lawrence Chambers.

Angela Sylvester at Alick Lawrence Passport Summit

Another company, Caribbean Trust Global is one of the companies held by Alick Lawrence that is in the business of selling passports and citizenship of Dominica, and other countries. It's president is a gentleman referred to as His Excellency A. Dakroury who we have identified as Dr. Aly Dakroury who, in 2014, was Antigua and Barbuda's Ambassador to Cyprus. The Managing Director of Caribbean Trust is Her Excellency Mrs. Nivin Ali, the wife of Dr. Aly Dakroury.

Directors of Caribbean Trust also include Mr. Patrick Abikzer, a Montreal, Quebec CA immigration attorney at Sedav Immigration Inc, and Antigua attorney Kelvin John. Dr. Dakroury, Mrs. Ali, Mr. Abikzer and Mr. John are also directors of an apparently bogus promised resort development for Antigua, called the Sunny Hill Willoughbay Resort. The MOU for that resort was signed in 2014 and was expected to cost US$200 million, It promised to create 1,000 jobs. The groundbreaking ceremony was scheduled for January 2015 but is yet to materialize; in December 2015, when asked about the project, Prime Minister Gaston Browne is quoted as saying "If it doesn't happen it would not make a difference". 

Some Directors of Sunny Hill Group: Amb. Arthur Thomas (left), Patrick Abikzer (second from left),
Aly Dakroury (right), Nivin Ali (second from right), Kelvin John (third from left). Photo courtesy Observer Media, 

Now we have the same individuals planning a development called "Silver Beach Resort" in Dominica. Can we expect the same here? Our passport monies are at stake once again. Have we not learnt a lesson from the Layou River Hotel debacle?

Dixon Sylvester and Alick Lawrence glossing over a brochure on Silver Beach Resort in Dubai

We Dominicans cannot allow the Roosevelt Skerrit regime to do this to us once again; fool me once, shame on you, shame me twice shame on me. Our own resident philosopher, Tyrone Anthony, known affectionately as "Blessings" says it this way;

"Where there's a consistent sequence of events, coincidence in absent"

That is the truth. If there is anyone deserving of an Honorary Doctorate is Tyrone Anthony. Let's hope we learn from him.

Executives of Caribbean Trust Global
Executives of Caribbean Trust Global
Executives of Caribbean Trust Global

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