Thursday, February 25, 2016

Have You No Shame Sir?

Dr. Lennox Honychurch

I picked up something in the US; a little expression they use when they witness something so incredulous that they're instantly at a loss for words. "You gotta be shitting me". That came to mind when I saw a post by one of the biggest chickens that have ever flown the coop, Dr. Lennox Honychurch.

Dr. Honychurch is on Facebook touting a report by the CDB, (a report that he doesn't produce), that supposedly says that Dominica is expected to be in the top three economic performers in the Caribbean in 2016. Here's a snippet of Dr. Honychurch's post.

"Addressing the CDB’s annual media conference this morning, Director of Economics Dr Justin Ram further poured cold water on the Barbados Government’s forecast by stating that the island was not expected to be among the leading performing regional economies for 2016. The top three are the Turks and Caicos Islands, which is due to record the highest rate of growth (5.4 per cent), followed by St Kitts and Nevis at 4.5 per cent and Dominica at 3.9 per cent economic expansion".

Dr. Honychrch's Facebook Post

Dr. Honychurch is well aware that Dominica's economy contracted -2.7% in 2015 while the economies of all the other countries expanded, at various levels. Coming on Facebook to fool people ought to be above this man, but what can we expect from a man who failed to voice his disapproval of the pending destruction of his life's work at the Cabrits National Park by Roosevelt Skerrit. Dr. Honychuch is clearly trying to give the impression that our economy is about to massively expand, outpacing our regional counterparts, but that is a red herring. 

Dr. Honychurch, in the likely event that you have lost a grasp of reality, let me remind you that Dominica's economy was already in a hole when it suffered that -2.7% contraction, which meant that we dropped into a deeper hole. Therefore, 3.9% growth translates to a few steps on the ladder in attempting to get out of that deep hole; it is not a sign of a booming economy ahead. Cut the bullshit, please.

Caribbean Economic Stats: Photo courtesy Dominica News Online

I couldn't escape the irony firmly embedded in Dr. Honychurch's post; he chose to use as the backdrop of his claim, the very same Cabrits National Park that he abandoned and fled from on his way to a comfortable job in Barbados. Have you no shame sir?

Images attached to Dr. Honychurch's Facebook post

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