Monday, March 7, 2016

A game of chess

A high stakes game of chess and legal maneuverings unfolded today at the high court in Roseau as lawyers representing opposition MP Joshua Francis seek to initiate a delay in charges being read to their client in the Pay-to-Play scandal consuming Dominica. Reports are the defense is attempting to seek a judicial review which would effectively prevent the case from going forward for an indeterminable period of time.

The strategy is identical to what was done in the G.O.N. Emmanuel firebombing case. Five years later, charges in that case are yet to be read and the case is paralyzed due to a judicial review. Mr. Emmanuel is still seeking a resolution to this case.

In the meantime, suspicion is rife in Roseau of the political maneuverings of the ruling DLP government. Well-placed sources indicate that prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit has made overtures to the opposition MP. Where this leads to we will have to see.

MiTC would like to ask all our readers to keep the families of all involved in this sordid tale of sex in their thoughts, and that includes the accused. We must remember that these men all have families who are hurting through no fault of their own. This is an expecially trying time for them and we must pray for them all. Stay tuned for developments.

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  1. Its d girls that going behind them foe the things they want...them man Doe have game, they just have grades and monetary value

  2. Truth – what is truth?. For good reason – – – both members of parliament – including the UWP Executive member – should seek judicial review – I have a question to all – – this scandalous behavior is clearly wrong. But from Day 1 – when this news broke – I wondered on why the young lady – with her mother – was in a prominent opposition lawyers office with a politician who is a current defendant in a case that needs such evidence for his defense – for a week – before the allegations were made. And – I am wondering why that UWP Executive member’s name was not originally given in the room of seven lawyers taking the complaint to be filed with the police. Then the prominent lawyer was called in to speak with the young girl again – before she named UWP executive member? Obstruction of Justice also happens when witnesses are coached. The unraveling has begun. Is a sick boyfriend’s behavior who happens to be a supporter of the government – is it being used to try to take down the government, and another person – whom is a threat to the Leader of the UWP – a threat to his position of Leader. Let’s investigate the facts … of the truth of the matter ….scheming your way to the top with the brutal force of defamation … Truth will prevail …. POLITICIZING TRAGEDY DOES NOT ESCAPE MORAL RESPONSIBILITY – for anyone or any political party! Michael Davis


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