Wednesday, March 2, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Krazy T arrested, Ian Pinard resigns

Update 6:00pm EST:

Ports minister Ian Pinard has resigned from the government. In a somber address, Mr. Pinard informed his constituents that he has tendered his resignation as a member of the cabinet to prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit due to allegations circulating about him. Mr. Pinard did not, however, resign his seat in parliament, and appears intent on holding on to the seat for the Labour Party. His decision to hold on to his seat in parliament is a slap in the face of all who have been demanding that he quit altogether. We call on the good citizens of the Soufriere Constituency to demand fresh representation. Mr. Pinard cannot offer effective service to his constituents.

In the meantime, Frankie "Krazy T" Bellot remains in custody within the confines of the police headquarters and has not been transferred to the state penitentiary at Stock Farm. Mr. Bellot is under detention relating to threats he alledgedly made on the lives of two prominent media persons. It is not known whether he will remain there pending his court appearance on Friday March 4th. Earlier today, our on-the-ground confidants indicated that Mr. Bellot was escorted to a house in Roseau under heavy police protection. Indications are that the house may be a location where some alleged crimes have been committed.

In a separate investigation, the young student at the center of the case of alledged sexual abuse has preportedly been suspended from the Convent High School. She has apparently retained prominent attorney David Bruney to represent her in legal proceedings.

The investigation is said to be expanding. Speculation is that a Pay-to-Pay sex ring exists informally at our institutions of higher learning, including Convent High and the State College. In addition to the minor involved in the preliminary case, several other Convent students have been suspended pending a review of circumstances that appear to mirror that of the first case.

Original Report: 2:35pm EST

Confirmed reports reaching MITC indicate that Frankie "Krazy T" Bellot, proprietor of Kairi FM, has been incarcerated. Mr. Bellot is in custody until a scheduled court date on Friday.

The police are said to be searching for Ports minister Ian Pinard for questioning on an ongoing investigation; they have so far been unable to locate him.

Check back later for more updates.

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  1. The State Penitentiary? Or is he just on remand at police headquarters. I also thought it was called the State Prison?

  2. You are correct sir, it is called the State Prison. Penitentiary is another word for prison.

  3. Please pull this story now!!! You are jeopardizing this matter in a most prejudicial and irresponsible manner. You need to follow the laws of Dominica concerning allegations of a sexual nature! PLEASE!!!!!

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