Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Our (almost) Lost Generation

Dominica is reeling once again from the revelations of the arrest of a public official on child molestation charges. The individual, whose name we have not been made aware of as of this writing, is said to be a police officer. We have sent out requests for comments from our contacts at police headquarters but our call has not been returned. We intend to let you know who that is once we have received this information.

In the ongoing Pay-to-Play sex scandal, we continue to monitor the investigations. You will notice that we have not commented on the release of the police reports on two of the individuals that have been arrested in this case; that is deliberate. The reports first came in to our possession on March 8th. We made a determination then that although we will publish the names of individuals accused of these crimes, we felt we would have been crossing the line in releasing the report ourselves. That is not, however, to say that we do not have an opinion on what the reports contain. On the contrary, we have examined both reports in detail and we have identified several areas that require added scrutiny. We're also curious as to why only two out of three reports were leaked; we suspect we know the reasons. We have dissected the reports and we have concerns as to the methods employed by the police in their investigations. Some things do not add up, and we will bring that to you in the near future. Stay connected.

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  1. Are you sure that your contact at police hq is not the one currently in custody?


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