Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pay-to-Play sex case moving along

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As we continue to monitor the Pay-to-Play sex scandal where big men in society, through cash or kind, continue to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of our impressionable young women, probably in an attempt to relive their youth, we're encouraged to learn that the police may be taking this seriously, unlike in past instances. We'd like to encourage Commissioner Daniel Carbon to uphold the laws that he was sworn to uphold, without fear or favour.

As we mentioned in our update last night, the rumors engulfing social media about a possible payout having occured are false as of this moment. However, we have reliable information to suggest that overtures have been made to compensate the family handsomely in an effort to squash the case. We need to remind Police Commissioner Carbon and Director of Public Prosecutions Ms. Baptiste that any payouts or an offering to compensate the family ostensibly to kill this case is a crime; bribery, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, are just three in a long list of crimes to be exact. Furthermore, the police and social services personnel have records of the minor's statement implicating both the business man and the government minister in their possession. The statements of the minor is sufficient evidence to pursue the case, with or without the cooperation of the accuser. Do not squash this case.

We reached out to some of our contacts in key positions today to get updates on this case. Preliminary indicators suggest that the case may be metastasizing to include another minor involved in the same type of Pay-to-Play sexual favour activity. The police are said be aware of another teenager who may have been involved with two other government ministers, one of which is said to be at the forefront of attempting to squash the original case. We are privy to the names but we are not going to release the name of the minor, nor are we about to identify the ministers allegedly implicated, suffice it to say that they are elected members of parliament, not appointed. We have sent out a request for confirmation to our contacts at police HQ but due to the sensitive nature of this case and the close monitoring of all involved by the police hierarchy, we have so far been able to receive a reponse as of this posting.

Keep checking back for further details as they unfold.

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