Friday, March 4, 2016

Petition Launched

The diaspora group We Are Dominica ( has launched a petition on to demand action by the government of Dominica in making significant changes in the sexual offenses law that would protect children and apply stiffer sentences to violators.

In it's press release, the group states;

We Are Dominica urges all conscientious Dominicans to SIGN THIS PETITION urging the government of Dominica to hold an emergency sitting of parliament to address the child sexual abuse crisis in Dominica! It's time to stop the endless talking and TAKE ACTION to PROTECT DOMINICA's CHILDREN. We call on the government to take action on the proposals already put before them, including:

1) Raising the age of consent to age 18; 
2) Establishment of a family court; 
3) Providing additional resources for the ministry of social services to educate the public, investigate allegations of abuse, and counsel victims of assault; 
4) Amend the 1998 Sexual Offences Act to increase penalties for convicted pedophiles; and 
5) Establish a national sex offender registry and set restrictions on how convicted offenders can interact with children in professional capacities. 

The petition can be accessed on via this link:

Mas In The Cemetery fully endorses this endeavor. We encourage all our readers to click on the link above and sign this petition. We're at a critical juncture in our history. Our children are being taken advantage of and abused at alarming rates; we must all take a stand, now!

To be part of the diapora movement, visit We Are Dominica at

Make a difference today. Thank You.

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