Sunday, May 8, 2016

Welcome to Goatville

Kelver Darroux showing off Goatville

It is difficult to measure the degree of contempt which the government of Dominica, one man, Roosevelt Skerrit, has for the citizens of this beautiful country. When we look at our political and economic landscape, we see nothing but one catastrophe after another. This government is bankrupt of ideas, solutions and the means to attempt the sort of rescue mission that is desperately needed to extricate ourselves from this perpetual state of hopelessness and poverty. 

One year ago, the government of Dominica, one man, with great fanfare opened up the newly constructed Chinese-built apartment houses at Bath Estate to us, his subjects. Accompanied by a phalanx of moose-boys and hangers-on including former Rottweiler now Chihuahua Housing Minister Reginald Austrie, he walked through the developments touting his government's desire to make housing affordable "for single mothers who have to pay $1,000 or $950 for a one-bedroom or a two-bedroom home in the capital city". A noble endeavor for sure, but how true and realistic is it? Unfortunately, when it comes to Roosevelt Skerrit, his words and promises are as valuable to us as an umbrella in a hurricane. To this date, the apartments have remained vacant. Well, not quite, as you will see below.

Following the passage of TS Erika, hundreds of our citizens from the Petit Savanne constituency were displaced, their former homes in ruins. The government of Dominica, one man, with his faithful sidekick in tow, Kenneth Darroux, the parliamentary representative for that constituency, have made numerous promises to the displaced citizens as to what the government planned to do in order to alleviate the crisis. Mr. Darroux's fellow constituents have been shuffled all over Dominica, have been made to live in squalid conditions, have been unceremoniously evicted from guest houses and hotels, all while the apartments at Bath Estate remain empty. One has to wonder; why is that? The apartments were paid for by the government of Dominica, or so they have told us, so what's the hold up? But, as we hinted, the apartments are not really unoccupied.

In recognition of the new inhabitants, the apartments at Bath Estate are now euphemistically called "Goatville". Mr. Skerrit has allowed the beautiful apartments to be populated by farm animals. They're everywhere. Their droppings are everywhere. In the meantime, Mr. Skerrit, Mr. Darroux and Mr. Austrie continue to ignore the plight of our fellow Dominicans. But we must also ask; why are these displaced citizens not doing anything forceful about it? 

People of Petit Savanne and the surrounding villages, you need to take a stand. Your government should not be allowed to have you as nomads in your country. Over the years you have paid your taxes. You continue to contribute to Dominica. Roosevelt Skerrit made a promise to you; it's time to demand that the promises be kept. How long are you going to sit there sucking your thumbs waiting for Roosevelt to do the right thing? 

Take a look at the apartments today, one year later.

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  1. I passed there about 2 weeks ago. There was a Chinese man there doing tiling. I guess the buildings are not completed yet or something... hmmmmm

  2. The piece challenges "why are these displaced citizens not doing anything forceful about it? People of Petit Savanne and the surrounding villages, you need to take a stand."
    Any suggestions on action(s) this group or groups may be able to take. I mean really, think about it, what action can a group or groups in Dominica who feel disparaged in any one way or another take to return their lives to normalcy? What action or actions would bring about the required results within acceptable time?

  3. Laughter is the best medicine..

  4. laughter is the best medicine.

  5. Laughter is the best medicine..


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