Monday, June 20, 2016

The Liberators of Marigot

Ian Douglas (l.), Roosevelt Skerrit (c), Janet Charles (r.)
It is without a doubt that the picturesque village of Salisbury is the birthplace of Dominica's Independence from Great Britain; the beautiful town of Marigot stands to be the birthplace of our Liberation from another oppressive master, Roosevelt Skerrit. It remains to be seen how this will manifest itself over the coming weeks, months and years, but one thing is for certain; the people of Marigot and the north-east have thrown down the gauntlet and have scared the shit out of Roosevelt Skerrit.

Roosevelt Skerrit is afraid of Marigot. In fact, Skerrit is a coward. Like all cowards, he exerts his authority through payouts to those who exhibit a lack of principle and convictions, and for those who resist, he uses his position to commandeer a bully pulpit to goad his opponents and instruct his dimwitted flock to follow his lead. Does "when you see Lennox Linton and supporters of the United Workers Party go to them and shout traitor" come to mind?

Skerrit, having known that the people of Marigot and the north-east intended to have a public meeting, march and prayer vigil, hastily scurried away from Dominica in advance of the event and brought his traveling road show of lies to England. Hearing that a march was planned, Skerrit must have feared that the people of Marigot would have done something to halt operations at the Melville Hall airport, which would have hindered his escape from Dominica. He therefore had his goon squad commander Daniel Carbon issue threats and position his officers in the bushes around Marigot in the hopes that they would suppress any uprising. But the people of Marigot are not fools; they were not going to cater to Skerrit's whims.

The demonstration and prayer vigil was held to bring further attention to the deplorable state of health care in the north-east. The government of Roosevelt Skerrit has allowed what was the primary health facility in the region, the Marigot Hospital, to first partially close due to a termite infestation. The hospital is now fully shut due to further deterioration. Dominicans know that the hospital is closed with no operational alternative in close proximity. Yet Roosevelt Skerrit, after fleeing Dominica out of fear of being caught in an uprising, showed up at a meeting in London held under the auspices of Dominica's High Commission in the United Kingdom spreading lies.

We received correspondence from the High Commission inviting Dominican nationals residing in the UK to a meet-and-greet with Portsmouth MP Ian Douglas on Thursday June 16th. The invitation letter, received on the 14th, was dated June 13th. On June 15th we emailed the High Commssioner requesting a one-on-one interview with Mr. Douglas, who was said to be in England on no specific official business. We received a response from Ms. Josephine Mason rejecting our request stating that Mr. Douglas could not accommodate an interview with MiTC due to his schedule. We sincerely doubt that was the reason. On the following day, hours before the scheduled start of the meeting, we received an urgent email from Acting High Commissioner Janet Charles informing us that the Prime Minister will be joining the meeting.

Roosevelt Skerrit showed up at the London meeting armed with a battery of lies and half-truths. Dominica's Liar- In-Chief proceeded to inform the nationals gathered that the Marigot hosiptal has been moved and that his government has found a building to house a new facility. He failed to acknowledge his government's failures; the man continues to paint a rosy picture in the face of imminent total economic collapse. Where is did the Marigot hospital move to, he is yet to tell us. Our people in Marigot cannot locate the new facility either.

Roosevelt Skerrit is not only a coward but a certified pathological liar. The local press in Dominica needs to step up and question this man about the lies he continues to tell the people of this country. We cannot understand how the press, who's job it includes being the vanguard in defense of our democracy, continues to give this man carte blanche to continue with this charade. The High Commissioner knows MiTC was not going to allow Ian Douglas or Roosevelt Skerrit to get away with their bullshit. This must be why our request for an interview was firmly rejected.

We at MiTC would like to thank the people of Marigot, Concord, Wesley, Woodfordhill and surrounding villages for their resoluteness. One year ago, the people of Salisbury stood up and raised their fists. The people of the north-east are following in their footsteps. We have nothing but praise for a people who have guided us when we sought our Independence and are now clearing the path to our Liberation. We can only hope the rest of the country follows.

There is an inherent strain of resentment, some say prejudice, among a considerable amount of Dominicans against the people of Marigot and Wesley that we have a hard time understanding. Some of our finest minds have come from that region; the north-east has been critical to the development of our country. It was once the most productive agricultural sector in Dominica; that was before Skerrit and his band of misfits destroyed the industry. The region retains the capacity to feed us as well as producing sufficient product for export that will bring us desperately needed foreign exchange. We need to do what's right; we need to unite behind the people of the north-east and yell "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore".

Remember, Skerrit is a coward.

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  1. Your articles are so fill of hate and anger I sounded who is hiding behind the false name you post with.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I would like you to know that I, as well as the other writers here at MiTC are in agreement with you. Our opinions are filled with hate and anger; we hate the state our country is in, and we are angry about the rampant abuse of the system, the discrimination, the graft, the thievery, the child molestation and the people who support it. I could go on but you get the idea.

      We have a beautiful country with enormous potential yet our people are being kept in poverty by a government that's headed by a man who is too busy lining his pockets with our money than to bother with our health and welfare. We hate that and we're angry that a lot of us continue to accept this as the status quo.

      Oh, by the way Kubuli, who is hiding behind that false name you post with. Clint Lowe is my name, is your name Kubuli?



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