Monday, September 12, 2016

Our visit to the Taberi River

John Toussaint, the Labour Party pig operative in La Plaine continues to pollute the Taberi River while the government of Roosevelt Skerrit continues to look away. We decided to take a look at this ecological disaster which continues to unfold in the constituency of Petter St. Jean. The photographs below depict parts of the river and pathways alongside. The river stinks, it's clarity compromised and the pathways are full of pig feces. Take a look.

In November, 2014, The La Plaine Disaster Committee, frustrated in their attempts at putting an end to this ecological disaster, took legal action in an attempt to stop this criminal activity in its tracks. The government of Roosevelt Skerrit as well as the law authorities have ignored the Stop Order and have permitted John Toussaint to continue polluting our "Nature Isle".

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