Sunday, November 13, 2016

They're Listening and Scrambling

Our prescription for the Moo-Moo Media: One doze of One Mile coffee

Thomas Jefferson, one of the greatest proponents of Democracy once said Nature has given to man no other means of sifting out the truth whether in religion, law or politics. I think it as honorable to the government neither to know nor notice its sycophants or censors, as it would be undignified and criminal to pamper the former and persecute the latter." A press that is free to investigate and criticize the government is absolutely essential in a nation that practices democracy. We believe strongly that the press is the tocsin of the nation and when it is completely silenced, rampant corruption and ineffective governance ensue. Today in Dominica the media is nothing but a big joke. The media workers in Dominica are either too far up the anus of a very corrupt Labour Party and a bunch of sycophants. Those who are not servants of the corrupt Roosevelt Skerrit regime are too scared of the Skerrit and Tony Astaphan machinery of victimization and oppression.

In the absence of a functional press in Dominica we at MiTC have assumed the responsibility to help other activists enlighten the citizenry by placing the corrupt practices of the corrupt Skerrit regime into the public domain. So far whenever we dare to expose the DLP government and its conning ways we have seen government and their corrupt officials scrambling to cover up. We reported of the Morocco Hotel and the government sent craftsmen to raise the fence at the property so that people can’t see the shame and disgrace that we highlighted. We have done several follow up reports on the disgraceful status of the coffee plant and so far to every article that we have presented the government and its apologists have gone scrambling. They have tried to find out where we got the truth from, they sought ways to discreetly dump the coffee and they even went as far as to sabotage the coffee plant. We have been reliably informed that after we exposed the unsightliness of the coffee plant surrounding and the potential health hazard within and around the coffee plant the government decided to assigned NEP workers to maintain the coffee plant surrounding. On this matter of the NEP workers at the coffee plant we have some more astounding information but we are packaging the details in in a new and interesting format.

In our last article regarding the coffee plant we reported on the suspicious fire at the facility in One Mile Portsmouth and we asked our readers to go take a look at the evidence that we presented. Again we were hoping that at least the media would have gone to see the evidence but alas. We are proud to report that the government authorities, a wide section of our readership did not only take time to read and go look at the evidence that we presented, they desperately tried to conceal and destroy the evidence. The attached photos show that the damaged window was secured with a blue twine and that although they tried to clean and remove the smoke stains they were not able to remove all the evidence of the smoke residue.

Tony Astaphan refers to us as insignificant yet when we expose government corruption the government and its apologists spring into action to either cover up or make amends. Just imagine what kind of government representation we could have had, only if the media would do their job without fear or favor.

It is not that reports about Cecil’s perverted behavior towards a 16 year old is not important but for the sake of fighting poverty and unemployment, shouldn’t it be important enough for the media to at least investigate why it is that the coffee factory is nonfunctional after all these years and why was there an unreported fire at the coffee plant? After all Dominica is now ranked second -114 out of 115 of the world poorest countries. A successful coffee plant operation could provide much needed employment and foreign exchange that would help combat poverty.

The media sat by and watched the government provide Dr John Toussaint with a national award for his role in successful implementation of the coffee plant. What a farce!  It is the same coffee plant that 3 years after completion, has not produced one grind of coffee. The same coffee plant in which we have reported that under Dr John Toussaint’s watch, over One hundred thousand dollars of building material varnished during construction and has not been accounted for. We also assured you that the Permanent Secretary and other government officials are fully aware of the stolen material and where it went, yet no investigation no disciplinary action. Who is responsible for the vandalism and attempted arson at the coffee plant also remains to be investigated.  

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  1. Thank you MITC. I shall highlight your info on Q 95. Excellent work. We do have a Dumb and Moooooo Moooo thing you call "Media".

    Thank you!

  2. Thank you MITC. Keep them coming and keep them scrambling.

  3. No where in a democratic country Cecil Joseph would have done what he did so publicly and not arrested. We must remember if Skeritt was to take any kind of actions against Cecil Joseph he may be afraid he( Cecil) could shut him up immediately. Remember the US $400 from the Chinese lady involving Skeritt and Cecil, I rest my case.

  4. MiTC thanks for doing what you do.Me and my friend will go let our eyes boil our peas. We know that everything about this government deals with smoke screen s, deception,illusion, Greed and selfishness.
    There is a fire at the Coffee factory and the media doesn't even react. I read the previous article and i am not shockey cause there is no accountability. All they do is buy the people with crumbs.

  5. Respect MITC! That is all I will say for the time. The New/Old Chronicle, The Sun, DNO and the others just post crappy news. They sit their butts and whenever there is a press conference they either don't shoe up and even when they do-their tails remain between their legs. This behavior of the fake media in Dominica is depriving the nation big time. Remember Kiri is paid off and therefore they only excecute the commands of dirty DLP. DBS is supposed to be the nation station but now it belongs to a pervert called Cecil Joseph


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