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God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. After the 60 minutes expose about the shady passport huckstering and the doggy diplomats, Roosevelt Skerrit, Tony Astaphan, Gregor Nassief, Douglas Simon AKA Dollar Minister, Vince Henderson, etc, all came out to denigrate and crucify opposition leader Lennox Linton for simply speaking the truth and stating exactly what was revealed by WikiLeaks. Mr. Skerrit and his mercenaries continue to deny that Mr. Skerrit is not involved in the selling of diplomatic passports. But the more Mr Skerrit and his goons continue to lie is the more the tables are turning on them...

Truth crush to earth shall rise again. Less than two weeks after the 60 minutes report the AFP Tehran news is reporting that  another one of Mr. Skerrit’s ambassadors, Alireza Zibahalat Monfared of My Dominica Trade House (Dominica Diplomatic Passport # DP0000426) had been arrested for his involvement in Iran’s biggest-ever corruption scandal. According to the news report ambassador, Alireza Zibahalat Monfared worked alongside tycoon Babak Zanjani who was sentenced to death last year for embezzling $2.8 Billion.

The AFP Tehran  also provided an unconfirmed report that ambassador Alireza Zibahalat Monfared was arrested out of Dominica. However, it was confirmed by the head of Iran’s international police department, Masoud  Rezvani, that Monfared had been extradited via Havana and Moscow before arriving in Tehran. It was also revealed that Mr. Skerrit’s ambassador was in possession of various passports. We can only assume that the Dominica diplomatic passport may have been one of them and Mr. Skerrit did confirm on Kairi Heng program that Monfared attained a Dominica passport.

MiTC can confirm that ambassador Alireza Zibahalat Monfared had been in Dominica for a few months from the end of January 2015. In fact ambassador Monfared was present at the 2016 calypso show even as the massive crowd accompanied King Dice with the captivating refrain –My Dominica Trade Reliable sources reveal that ambassador Monfared had been housed in a private dwelling house in the village of Savanne Paille north of the town of Portsmouth.

Alireza Monfared (l), Roosevelt Skerrit (r)
In June of 2015 Mr. Skerrit finally decided to provide a response to the My Dominica Trade House scandal. He told his minion Simeone Albert The My Dominica Trade House came about as a result of a gentleman who became a Dominica citizen through the CBI and who feels passionate about the island.” Notice that Mr. Skerrit conveniently did not mention that Monfared had a diplomatic passport. The inveterate liar at the time did not know that we had a copy of ambassador Monfared’s diplomatic passport.

Mr. Skerrit also said to Simeone, the house slave, Because the guy feels so passionately about DOMINICA, HE USES HIS OWN MONEY TO PAY STAFF AND TO PAY RESEARCHERS TO HELP Dominica - all the guy is doing is to fetch economic opportunities for our country.. and to help create a better life for our citizens. What a shameless liar. Mr. Skerrit, which staff he had while he was on the run. Mr. Monfared came to Dominica via boat with two suitcases and was apparently hiding out in Savanne Paille, not so far away from the 8 wonders of Dominica - the villas.

The emperor has no close. Let’s hear the Joker spin this while Sponge Bob taking care of his wife. How many more lies are the people of Dominica going to tolerate from Mr. Roosevelt Skerrit.  Even more how much more are the moomoos in the cabinet willing to accept from a conniving sociopath. Dominica it is time for this impostor to go.

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  3. I am submitting my interest in the wife before those pasdport hucksters take advantage of her. I want to at least inherit the Limousine company and the hospital that MDTH own in Dominica.


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