Friday, January 6, 2017

Damn Blasted Liar

How do you know when Roosevelt Skerrit is lying? When his mouth is open. Roosevelt told the nation on Wednesday that he had never been contacted by CBS News. We knew that was a lie; CBS is a professional organization, that is not how they work.

Q95's Mathias Peltier Jr. contacted CBS and got a response to Mr. Skerrit's lie; here's the email. We've concealed the email addresses to protect those individuals.

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  1. I honestly believe that a majority of, if not all, Dominicans at home and abroad are fully aware that the Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, is a pathological liar. Yet, he continues to mislead and misguide a few thousand loyal supporters having them believe that it took one man in the person of the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Lennox Linton, to make the United States Government and Law Enforcement Agencies aware that there are some serious flaws in Dominica's Passport Selling Programs. Using Linton as a scapegoat, this Prime Minister believes that he can cover up his own refusal to appear before the CBS Cameras. More importantly, the Prime Minister knows that the U.S. Authorities are clamping down on his shady Diplomatic appointments and this might very well bring and end to his cash cow. No more money to bribe and import voters, the Prime Minister's strategy would be to bring about extreme economic hardships on Dominica and place the blame on Linton believing that that hate of Linton will keep him (Roosevelt Skerrit) in power!!!


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