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We are happy that the day after we reported on the squalor at the Portsmouth Police Station, Dominica News Online (DNO) posted an article on the very same matter. It is no secret that the media in Dominica has been eviscerated and are extremely fearful of retribution from Roosevelt Skerrit and his cronies. We congratulate DNO for running the story after Massinthecemetery did.
We hope that this is the start of something new as we at MiTC have always encouraged the media
to follow up on our stories. We report nothing but the truth.

                             VENEZUELA WANT THEIR MONEY AGAIN

In 2013 the Venezuelan government sent eighteen (18) letters to the government of Dominica requesting payment on a $ 63.3 Million debt resulting from the Petro Caribe agreement. It was discovered that the government of  PM Roosevelt Skerrit responded  to these letters with an offer to pay Venezuela in the form of dasheen and coconuts. Ostensibly, the government did not have the funds in the Petro Caribe account nor the dasheens to pay the debt. But it is important to note that dasheens were offered and not CBI money. We  know for sure that in 2013 the CBI money was alive and kicking among Skerrit and his cronies- How do we know ? We saw a lot of it in the 2014 election.

When questions were asked about the Petro Caribe debt to Venezuela the “FOREVER” Minister for Petro Caribe affairs, Reginald Austrie, gave two excuses- He said that that Venezuela government actually owes Dominica and that the Venezuelans had been sending their invoices too late. Feel free to laugh!!!  

In a MiTC article entitled “Fire At Coffee Plant Yet No Coffee To Roast” we revealed and it is yet to be denied, that the Venezuelans were asking for payment owed through the VENIDOM agreement on the Coffee Factory. Since the completion of the facility more than three years ago, the facility has not processed one grain of coffee. Just another example of a failed project by a government with a portfolio of  corruption, failed projects and policies.  

Do you know that, while PM Roosevelt Skerrit and Lennox “The Oil Tanker Man” Lawrence
were in Greece busy trying to put out the Monfared fires, a contingent of Venezuelans from the VENIDOM Corporation were in Dominica looking for their investment returns on the Coffee Factory? We also reported on the rotten coffee beans that cost tax payer millions of dollars- well these rotten coffee beans were clandestinely burnt so that the Venezuelans would not see the disgrace.  

We can confirm that on January 30th, 2017 there was also a meeting held to discuss the whereabouts of the coffee revenues and the immediate plans for the Coffee Factory-Alas!! Present at that meeting were the visiting Venezuelans and, Dr. John Toussaint, Ricky Brumant and Honorable Jono (Larry, Curly and Moe). We have also received unconfirmed report that Larry, Curly and Moe are actually thinking of importing more coffee beans to jump start the coffee factory. If so, how are they going
to keep the factory running when the farmers in Dominica can’t supply the coffee beans? But then again the Three Stooges had their own laughable  ways of doing things.

Either CBI Money or Flamingo Soup
In a very recent article on line, it was reported that Venezuelans have turned to killing Flamingos
Save The Flamingo - Coffee Factory Needed
and anteaters for food. It is therefore no surprise that Venezuela, in its state of serious economic depression would be trying to collect on every debt owed. It is time that the Minister of Finance,
PM Skerrit come clean on the debt owed for the Coffee Factory. If it means that the CBI money must be used to repay the debt then do the honorable thing. If not for the sake of honoring your debt then do so to  protect the Flamingos.

The Coffee factory fiasco has brought a lot of pressure and finger pointing in the direction of Dr. John Toussaint who is the director of the coffee operation and the VENIDOM Corporation in Dominica. We understand that Dr. Toussaint has not been very well lately and with the Venezuelans demanding their money ,this certainly does not help his situation.

We sincerely want to wish Dr. Toussaint well and a full recovery.    

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