Tuesday, June 6, 2017

All Fool's Day in June

New York City Councilman Andy King of the Bronx this past weekend officiated at a gala event celebrating National Caribbean American Heritage month in the US. The auspicious event took place at the New York Public Library's Schwarzman building in Manhattan. Among the honorees of Caribbean descent were prominent Dominicans including Attorney Gabriel Christian, Justice Dr. Irving Andre, career diplomat Ambassador Crispin Gregoire, and, an individual that can only be described as a round pin in a square hole, Dominica's ambassador to the United Nations, Loreen Bannis-Roberts.

Loreen Bannis-Roberts? An outstanding Caribbean national? We would like to believe that Councilman King is not aware of Ms. Bannis-Roberts recent past. Before being hoisted into the position which she currently holds, Ms. Bannis-Robert's over-sized posterior was firmly planted in the USVI, bribing and corralling voters for Roosevelt Skerrit in his schemes to usurp the electoral laws of Dominica just so that he remains in office. Surely Mr. King must not be aware that Ms. Bannis-Roberts is an accessory to the subversion of democracy in Dominica. This "award" is an insult to Dominicans and all who truly believe in democracy, the preservation of our democratic institutions and the rule of law, and it is not worth the paper on which it is written. Mr. King, who may have been advised by his wife who is originally from Dominica, could easily have found a more deserving individual had he just closed his eyes and plucked any Dominican off the streets of Roseau. 

We're curious as to what the criteria was that allowed this tub of lard to float to the surface. Ms. Bannis-Roberts has nothing exemplary in her record. Prior to her vote buying activities on behalf of Skerrit in the Virgin Islands, she was a parliamentarian with nothing outstanding on her record other than being a traitor to the party which got her elected in the first place. Ms. Bannis-Roberts was elected under the banner of the United Workers Party and, as soon as she realized she could benefit financially, she switched allegiances. Her tenure in the Virgin Islands, sitting at her home collecting a salary from the government of Dominica, we can reasonably presume was all part of the payoff for her treachery. Now that Skerrit has rewarded her with this position at the UN, she is suddenly an outstanding Caribbean personality? That's like saying that Pontius Pilate was an outstanding Catholic.

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  1. Very truly said; What has laureen Bannis done really?

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