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How The Snakes Get By

The Roosevelt Skerrit government is constantly in masquerading mode pretending that the nonproductive economy that he has created is capable of supporting the bribery, misuse of public funds, extortion, abuse, tribalism and the illegal and unethical use of the CBI revenue. It is just a matter of time before the cookie crumbles

The unprecedented level of Corruption in Dominica seem more like the norm as oppose to the scourge that it is. In fact corruption is perceived to be the natural and only way of conducting government business. Very often the apologists for the corrupt Roosevelt Skerrit regime would pontificate and justify government officials stuffing their bank accounts with public funds.

But it is easy for corruption to flourish where people who know better believe it is ok to be corrupt. It was that Bottom Brain character who once said that it is ok for the PM of Dominica to Squirrel away a few million dollars for himself from funds that he may have received on behalf of Dominica.

But the Bottom Brain hypocrisy is not the only problem- it is the guild of disgusting grifters such as, the passport agents, crooked senior counsels, corrupt high ranking police officers and civil servants, a blood sucking president and shameless businessmen that feed on and off a corrupt and incompetent government. What is quite revealing is that the politicians in the DLP government and their grifters are getting much much wealthier while poverty is exploding among the populace.

Moneys that should be used to effect positive changes in health care, food security and financial security for the people are being siphoned from the treasury through corrupt activities involving ignominious deals with the CBI resources and grifters make out with millions.

Sing Sam Sing- Grifter Par Excellence

We want to take some time to understand why the Government of Dominica suddenly withdrew the High Court matter between the Government of Dominica and Sam Raphael, owner of the Jungle Bay Resort. The case ID DOMHVC 2016/0005.

Now that we have the hard evidence that Sam Raphael is no longer under Roosevelt Skerrit’s vindication radar  we are now better able to understand why Sam Raphael was so persistent about defending the passport corruption and scandals particularly after the CBS 60 minutes report on Dominica’s passport racketeering.

The people of Dominica at least deserve an explanation as to why PM and Minister of Finance Roosevelt Skerrit and Levi Peter dropped the case against the businessman and hotelier Sam Raphael. After all the matter involves over $6 million of the people’s money.

During the Edison James administration Sam Raphael was provide with a loan of over $6 million through the then Economic Citizenship Program. The funds were used to develop Sam Raphael’s Jungle Bay Hotel. The Jungle Bay Hotel began its operation in 2005. It is widely known that the Jungle Bay Hotel project was indeed a very successful venture; so much so that the Jungle Bay Hotel won several international awards for excellence.

Behind the success of the Jungle Bay hotel project , is the fact that in 2009 Sam Raphael was sued by the Roosevelt Skerrit administration for what the government called nonpayment of the loan agreement. Most people were and are still convinced that the legal action that was taken against Sam Raphael was politically motivated as Sam Raphael was an ardent opponent and critic of the Roosevelt Skerrit policies-very much like Ambassador A – Philsbert Aaron was. In fact Sam Raphael contested the 2009 general election as an opponent of the Dominica Labor Party led by PM Roosevelt Skerrit.

At the time the court action was taken against Sam Raphael, Sam opined that the PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his crooked lawyers were on a political mission to silence him.Sam Raphael argued that in February of 2010 he made an initial payment of  $100,000 towards the loan. It was alleged though that ,this initial payment was made in an effort to pre-empt the court action and that that, initial payment  could be used as leverage to argue in the court that Jungle Bay started the repayment of the loan. Sam also claimed then that he intended to pay back the government and people  with EC $100,000 every February and August for the next 20 years.

Note also, that like Ambassador A, Sam Raphael has suddenly become an avid defender of PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his corruption. At least we know the Ambassador A was “gwayaying” on hard times in America and had to end up running to Dominica to sing “hail to the thief.” Sam on the other hand is now singing in soprano together with the Ivor and Gregor and they are singing the song “show me the evidence of passport corruption.”

We understand very well why these  grifters sing from the front row – it is not necessarily about the lyrics ,melody nor the harmony ,it is all about the passport dollar and how much they can amass for themselves all while the people are in abject poverty

While Sam is singing “show me the evidence of passport corruption.” We want to present the court document showing that PM Roosevelt Skerrit and Levi Peter now have no interest in the court matter of Attorney General Vs Sam Raphael.

With the withdrawal of the court matter and the new bounty of more passport dollars to Sam Raphael, we believe that Sam Raphael has every reason to pontificate on the honesty and integrity of a corrupt PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his Citizen by Investment scam. Note this is the same Sam Raphael who argued in 2010 that “the PM’s 50% loan reduction offer is fair because of the Roosevelt Skerrit government’s mismanagement of the Economic Citizenship program caused his project to incur additional construction cost” Now Sam thinks that the CBI is clean??????

Today Sam Raphael is no longer responsible for the money that he owed the people of Dominica for the development of his jungle Bay Hotel project. If Sam Raphael has any bit of integrity in him he must come to the public just like he did after the CBS 60 minutes report and tell us what he did with the insurance money post Tropical Storm Erika. In addition Sam is getting or swimming in additional  passport money as he is now a “passport seller” and recipient/developer receiving passport revenues for his New Jungle Bay project.

Is Sam Raphael willing to come tell the public whether he still own the old Jungle Bay property which  still has considerable value and did Sam use that insurance money (allegedly in excess of $6million) to pay back the government loan? If not then Sam must do the right thing.

"Corporations have been enthroned .... An era of corruption in high places will follow and the money power will endeavor to prolong its reign by working on the prejudices of the people... until wealth is aggregated in a few hands ... and the Republic is destroyed."
By Abraham Lincoln

We can all appreciate power and money, but we must always remain true to the good old ideals and virtues. When the health care system is atrocious, piles of garbage is ubiquitous, road condition is abominable and unemployment is the bane of mendicancy and poverty problem in Dominica ,the people must not only look at the unscrupulous ministers and a Prime Minister, the people must also pay close attention to the grifters and  “hanger ons”. Without these parasites corrupt politicians are unable to economically enslave a people.

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  1. Veey insightful piece. Very thought provoking.on target. Looking forward to Dominica's day of redemption


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