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Passport Turf War
With a number of countries now competing for citizenship by investment applicants, countries are finding ways to remain competitive. Recently, Cyprus reduced some of the costs for its citizenship by investment candidates and St. Lucia has done the same.  The cost of its citizenship by investment for economic contribution has been reduced from $200,000 to $100,000.

While countries are competing among themselves passport selling agencies are also forced to compete with each other even up to the point of undercutting and even double crossing each other. In Dominica we are hearing about a cold war over passport Turf War.
The Cold War Over Passport Turf
It is alleged that the once dominant passport earning agents in Dominica are now being out performed by no other than Francine Baron and there is much resentment and disdain coming from these passport selling agents. The word around is that Francine Baron is the new sheriff in the passport market. The lesser passport selling agents are also very much unhappy with what they consider as conflicting interest or even gross insider trading.  

According to sources there is no reluctance on the part of the Foreign Affairs minister to pursue her personal agenda even when she goes out on state business and that may include CBI symposiums. It is also alleged that Francine Baron is visibly very aggressive and quicker on the draw- she dispenses her personal business cards with speed and suddenness -like Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry and when she departs passport selling agents around her are left struggling to gain clients.

What are these personal business cards that the Foreign Minister is handing out? Ministers are expected to act lawfully and must uphold the highest ethical standards. Ministers of government must remain professional in their approach and demonstrate ethical judgment in all forms of communication.    

We have been told that the passport business may be going very well for the Foreign Minister and one could well understand that if she is indeed selling passports as the Minister of Foreign Affairs she would have a tremendous and unfair advantage over her direct competitors. A CBI customer or applicant would most definitely be more comfortable knowing that his or her passport transaction is receiving the personal attention of the Foreign Affairs minister. According to our sources passport selling agents are complaining that the reduction in their client draw may well be attributed to the aggression of the Foreign Minister.

We are hearing from the radio “bwa patat” that agents are complaining but there is nothing that they can do as the Foreign Minister is the Queen of her domain and not even the Diplomatic Passport Kingpin can control her. As the Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has the authority to manage and eliminate any conflicts of interest within his cabinet but unfortunately the Prime Minister does not have the morals or principles to intervene on matters of corruption. 

Those who destroy the systems of democracy to propel their greed should expect that what goes around comes around. Some of the passport agents who are crying foul, insider trading and conflicting interest on the alleged passport selling transactions by Francine Baron are the ones polluting the entire electoral process. What goes around comes around.

The Right To Know Is The Right To Democracy.

Francine Receiving That Check
The modus operandi of the Roosevelt Skerrit government is to keep the people of Dominica imbecilic. It is extremely important that the people of Dominica understand that democracy works best when the people in a democracy are informed or even better yet, when the people demand transparency and answerability.

Because we have the right to demand answers from the Government,we would like the Minister Francine Baron, PM Roosevelt Skerrit or Emmanuel Nanthan to provide some clarity on the seemingly complex operation of one of Dominica’s passport selling agencies, Caribbean Consultant Services Ltd. We notice that Caribbean Consultant Services Ltd has quite an extensive operation and is linked to five (5) outfits as shown in the following information.

   Caribbean Consulting Services Ltd       
   25 Independent Street
   2 ND Floor
   Roseau Dominica

Caribbean Consulting Services Ltd - MDM Consultancy & Marketing
Wilhelminaplein 1
40 Wilhelminatoren
   3072DE Rotterdam The Netherlands

   Caribbean Consulting Services Ltd- Reliance Immigration Law Advisers Ltd
   Business Centre Main
   Sharah E. Faisal

   Caribbean Consulting Services Ltd- Worldway Immigration Group
   6/F Time Square

There is another Passport Selling agency named Caribbean –Sino Consulting Services Ltd but this appears to be a separate operation by China’s passport queen Patsy Mills

“For the avoidance of all Doubt”and to restore public trust in government, we request that the Minister of Foreign Affairs ,Francine Baron provide responses to the following questions.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Francine Baron do you have any interest directly or indirectly in a passport selling agency?

Can the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mrs. Francine Baron tell the Dominican public whether or not she has any kind of interest in Caribbean Consulting Services Ltd?

Can the Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs please confirm whether or not her sister is a principal owner of a certain passport selling agency and if so, does the Minister of Foreign Affairs have any interaction directly or indirectly with that passport selling agency?

At this juncture we would also like to ask Mr. Levi Peter whether he too is involved directly or indirectly with the sale of Dominica’s passport? Stay tuned.

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