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4630 Center Blvd
In a previous MiTC article “Once again Skerrit Chose America..” we asked how is the Prime Minister of Dominica able to send his son to Beekman High School in Manhattan New York, where just the annual tuition is US $40,000, EC $108,000. Some people took exception and argued that the PM’s son should be left out of the discourse; some also asserted that the PM like every other parent wants the best for his son. While we understand the concerns expressed we stand behind our article because the article was strictly about the inexplicably lavish lifestyle of the PM.    

We also understand very well that the call for the exclusion of the PM’s son in discussions regarding the unexplained wealth of the PM is a matter of convenience and a means to avoid the blatant corruption by the Prime Minister and his apologists. Indisputably, despots and their cabal thrive in an environment where there is capitulation by those who are supposed to uphold morality and defend our constitution. Nevertheless we will continue to speak out whenever there is economic injustice and corruption and so we now want to bring attention to the indefinable life style of the PM’s wife, Melissa Poponne Skerrit. We understand that she is now referred to as Gucci Mel because of her preference for the finest  and pricy Gucci commodities.

The PM and his wife have been married since 2013 however his wife Melissa (Gucci Mel) continue to have adresses at apartments in New York City. We were able to identify several addresses connected to Melissa. C. Poponne or Melissa C Poponne- Skerrit. Although we discovered five different addresses connected to Melissa Poponne Skerrit we have decided to zoom in on the last two addresses, primarily because these last two addresses were registered after her 2013 marriage.

From 2014 thru 2015 Melissa was registered at the address 475-48th Ave, Apartment 2502 Long Island City New York 1110. Our research show that this 2 bedroom apartment is rented for US $3936.00, EC $10,627 per month. It is alleged that between 2014 thru 2015 Melissa rented this apartment. If so how is that possible on the PM’s salary?  Note also that the time period would coincide with the period at which the PM’s teenage son began Beekman High School at US $40,000 per year..

In July 2016 we followed through with our ongoing investigations and quite mysteriously, the same Melissa Poponne Skerrit was now registered in NYC at a different address -4630 Center Blvd Apt 1001,Long Island City, NY 11109-5729. It is alleged that the PM and family moved into this apartment in October 2015 and even spent Xmas 2015 at the same apartment. We decided to look into this apartment 1001 at 4630 Center Blvd ,Long Island City.

Apartment 1001
The apartment 1001 is a 3 bedroom apartment. In  2016 the rent for this 3 bedroom apartment at 4630 Center Blvd ,Long Island City was US$5400.00, EC $14,580.00.  In 2013 the apartment was purchased  by someone named Allot James for US $1.4 Million. In 2015 the apartment was later listed for Sale (Not For Rent) by Douglas Elliman Real Estates and in September of 2015 apartment 1001 was purchased in full (cash) by A Company named POROS Holding LLC. It is alleged that the PM and Melissa moved into the same apartment in October of 2015.

Something About POROS Holdings LLC
Xmas At The Apartment
POROS Holdings LLC is a Delaware registered company. Delaware is the offshore Tax Haven of the United States. It is the smallest state in the union but it is the state where shell companies are created and destroyed to facilitate money laundering activities and the concealment of identities.

At this juncture we have no conclusive evidence to suggest that the PM and his wife own the apartment 1001. What we do have is evidence that Melissa Poponne Skerrit’s address is at  4630 Center Blvd Apt 1001,Long Island City, NY 11109-572. We also have photos identifying the PM, his family and  relatives allegedly at the same apartment.

Eyebrow Raising Moments
During our investigation we had some eyebrow raising moments. We noticed that POROS Holdings LLC was registered on May 27, 2015 and 4 months later on September 10, 2105 POROS was able to purchase apartment 1001 at  4630 Center Blvd Apt 1001,Long Island City, NY 11109-572. We were also intrigued by the  fact that on May 29, 2015 the Nigerian former oil minister Allison Madeuke received confirmation of her Diplomatic status with diplomatic passport #DP0000445. The confirmation of Madeuke’s diplomatic assignment took place less than a week after meeting PM Roosevelt Skerrit. It is alleged that Allison Madeuke paid for her diplomatic passport.
Hamid, Carmel,Donny,Skerrit at Apt
Again we have no evidence to suggest any interrelationship between the dates surrounding Madeuke's alleged diplomatic passport money transaction, the formation of POROS Holdings LLC and the  purchase of Apartment 1001. However we are working on finding out whether there is any correlation or whether the sequence of activities is just mere coincident.

Apartment 1001 On The Move Again
We have received unconfirmed reports that apartment 1001 at  4630 Center Blvd Apt 1001,Long Island City, NY 11109-572 may be on the move. If this is so will  the Prime Minister’s wife Melissa Poponne Skerrit be finding herself a new address in New York, one overlooking the East River or will her only address be Morne Danielle Dominica? Whatever Gucci Mel decides, big brother is watching.

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  1. check also apt.2502 at 475 48th. Ave on Long Island.

  2. Also check apt. # 2502 at 475 48th.Ave on Long Island

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