Sunday, August 6, 2017

Inspector answer your Name

MiTC invoke a grave and found a Skeleton.
The forensic pathologist report said he was crook,
so we went to the CID department and found out it was
but he duck ass, it must cover the cock.

Every thing the man does she is exposing him.
She told the lady in Barbados he stole from the US dollars
and give her to buy a gold chain in USA.
She called the girlfriend in NY to say he have other women with the same name.
Said she was afraid the man was going to leave her when he get the promotion
her insecurities of not being a muckraker's wife.

The muckraker is using his position to destroy others credibilities; that is evil.
It is important to search for the truth and expose wrong doing.
The cries of the virgins are being heard, their blood is on his shoulder.
The Haitians money they never receive, the lady house rent money.
The cry of the people is the cry of God.

If you have plans for a prominent office clean up your closet.
Those in glass houses must not throw stones.
While he is seeking to destroy others there are so many skeletons in his grave.
The man is so deceitful he is on Facebook as Felix Aaron.
We understand he is getting paid to call all radio stations.
This man need to search deep because a lot of women are willing to come forward.
The man start calling some ladies, the pastor told him don't call back.
Nurse CM is waiting patiently.
There are other nurses, one in Boston, Pennsylvania.
New York said no comments.

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