Wednesday, August 2, 2017


In an effort to avoid the US from apprehending Iranian fugitive and Dominica’s ambassador Ali Reza Monfared, the Iranian arresting agents flew Monfared out of the Dominican Republic to Cuba and Russia before finally taking Monfared to a detention facility in Iran. 
Ambassador Dato Ali Captured In His Rolls Royce
We received a photo of the captured Ali Reza Monfared (Dato Ali) while in transit in Russia.  From the photo it is quite obvious that Dato Ali's garment is in stark contrast to the images showing him in the Versace outfits and the tailor made suits and the extravagant festivities with PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his gang. The bulky garment that Monfared is wearing in the photo is specifically designed to stave off public attention. His shackles are well concealed beneath his garment. According to law enforcement  sources the bulky garment may also be fitted with bullet proof protection to protect fugitives.

Apart from the humbling fugitive jump suit, Dominica’s ambassador to Malaysia Dato Ali seems very much in distress.He certainly does not look like the guy we saw sitting in his Rolls Royce in Spain or the flashy guy cutting the cake with PM Skerrit who always seem to be cutting cakes with unscrupulous characters. (Prime Minister Kopais Bon Bon). From a humanity stand point the site of Dato Ali in such a humbling situation did conjure up some pity and sadness. 

They called him comrade; they provided a safe haven for him even when they knew he was wanted by INTERPOL. After the arrest of Dato Ali the DLP cabal postulated that he had betrayed their trust but the mound of evidence prove otherwise. The evidence shows that Dato Ali had become the adopted godfather to the DLP cabal.

Captured Ali Reza Monfared In Russia
We thought it necessary to post the picture of the captured Ali Reza Monfared (Dato Ali) in Russia, not to labor the disgraceful selling of Dominica’s diplomatic passport but to really test the conscience of those who partied with Dato Ali, those who demanded and received large sums of money from him, who may or may not have received the Rolls Royce, the gold bars, the $10,000 check from the fake KB Foundation, the Louis Vuitton gift bags, election campaign funding etc. We are hoping that the site of Dato Ali in distress will touch their consciences and invoke some guilt. We hope that the sight off Dato Ali in his captive jump suit will keep the DLP cabal up at night in fear and guilt.

Note that there is also an actual video clip showing Dato Ali in captivity however due to the sensitivity of the Monfared court saga the video clip will not be made public until the green light is given to do so.

Take warning you better take warning
Take Warning you better do good
Let your light shine bright 
Let your light shine bright 
Respect your country men
as you should 

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