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During the reign of the UWP government, Soca artist and Calypsonian Derick St Rose aka King Hunter sang a catchy song They Sucking the Country they Sucking the Country Dry At the time King Hunter was concerned about the alleged UWP corruption. Unfortunately, if we now ask King Hunter to sing the same song he will most likely become "Mighty Moo Moo"or he may have to write additional lyrics on his palm to say King Hunter sign for building material from government IPO."  But   Mighty Moo Moo  is just a small part of the current “sucking dry" problems in Dominica. It is the hypocrisy and the avarice of  Skerrit’s apologists and hanger-ons like Yvor Nassief that we must keep our eyes on. Since King Hunter/ Mighty  Moo Moo will not sing about corruption anymore we will sing our own creole folk song about corruption- “las Sousay Mwen Lapo Reng Deng , las sousay Mwen.”

Is Yvor Nassief Now Enthusiastic About Agriculture

Dominicans should never forget that it was Yvor Nassief who promoted the idea of abandoning agriculture for tourism. It was during Yvor Nassief‘s“Dollar A Year” stint as Minister of Tourism, that he said if I had one dollar in my pocket I would invest it in tourism and NOT agriculture.” Upon the advice of Yvor Nassief, PM Roosevelt Skerrit, his cronies and apologists marketed the fallacy that an agricultural society is a third world phenomenon and that agrarian societies are doomed to fail. Since then Dominica has become a “Passportarian Society” printing and selling passports as the main source of Revenue. Yvor Nassief is an integral part of the passport selling business through his company Safe Haven Offshore Ltd.

Just when agriculture is at its lowest in Dominica ,Yvor the agriculture pessimist is suddenly optimistic about another run at DCP?  

The closure of the DCP Palmolive plant in the Belle Fast area has dealt a severe blow to the Dominican economy. The already sluggish productive sector took a nose dive and the lingering high unemployment situation has been has augmented. We are happy with the decision to resuscitate the Dominica Coconut Products (DCP) operation and the promise to restore some of the lost jobs and provide the farmers with some market opportunities. However we have every reason to question the hypocrisies of Yvor Nassief who allegedly has accepted over $2 Million dollars in loans from CBI funds for the DCP restoration project. 

DCP was started in 1965 and was built on the hard work of Elias Nassief and the farmers who provided the company with coconuts which the company converted into soaps and other body hygiene and beauty products. In 1995 and at the zenith moment of DCP, the company was sold to Colgate Palmolive allegedly for an eight figure sum.  It is safe to assume that the new DCP will again be very much dependent upon the agricultural industry for the supply of raw material- The very same industry that Yvor Nassief declared a third world concept and improbable. 

It is only logical that we question Yvor's motive- If Yvor Nassief will not invest one dollar out of his pocket for agriculture, why would he be willing to accept over $2 Million from PM Roosevelt Skerrit to invest in the revitalization of DCP- a company totally dependent on agricultural products for raw material? If so did Ivor Nassief receive an epiphany or is it just another opportunity for Yvor and his selfish motives.

We must also take note that while Ivor hands are out stretched accepting the free CBI money for the revamping of DCP, it is alleged that Yvor Nassief was very persistent about selling DCP to Colgate Palmolive. According to our anticorruption colleagues in the Caribbean region ,Yvor was interested in other investment opportunities in the Caribbean and therefore wanted nothing to do with the perpetuation of the DCP and so daddy Phillip Nassief  at the time was left with no choice but to sell off the company. 

For the sake of the marginalized farmers and the displaced former employees of DCP Colgate Palmolive, we hope that there is sincerity and a full fledge commitment in the effort to revamp the old DCP operation. We trust that the alleged $2 Million loaned  to Yvor Nassief will yield positive results and that we will not have another Coffee Factory moment in Dominica.

Douglas Simon and The Public Work Corporation 
In keeping with the sucking theme MiTC would also like to ask the PM Roosevelt Skerrit – what is the situation with the Public Works Corporation beach front property?

In 2011 PM Skerrit responded to allegations that the PWC site was sold to some Chinese interest. In responding the PM said that the sale of the property has not been settled because the matter has not come back to the cabinet for final decision; the ministry Of Lands has been discussing with the interested party the final selling price. Since we have not heard anything we can assume that either the property had been sold in 2011 and as customary it was none of the people’s darn business or that the property may have been in abeyance since 2011.

We have received unconfirmed information that the PWC property on the waterfront is now owned by someone using an alias name Douglas Simon on Facebook. At this point we are not sure who Douglas Simon is however we know that this Facebook character Douglas Simon has vigorously defended corruption in the Roosevelt Skerrit regime. According to our sources Douglas Simon is a wealthy Dominican who also happen to have passport selling privileges. MiTC is actively working on more details regarding the current ownership of the PWC property but in the interim we hope that someone can unmask Douglas Simon.     

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