Tuesday, October 31, 2017


We have been reliably informed that the Police have arrested a gentleman from Grand Bay on suspicion of looting. Our sources have informed us that the suspect is a well-known drug pusher from Grand Bay and the drug pusher is also the brother of a Roosevelt Skerrit apologist from a village on the West coast.
What has sparked our interest is that the police had been asking looters to return the stolen items yet the police knew where some of the stolen items were located. We can confirm that the police were well informed of a particular building in the Castle Comfort area where stolen refrigerators (10), stoves, flat screen TV’s, motors and tires were stored but the police refuse to follow through on the information. We can also affirm that there is some consternation among the many honest police officers as the corrupt faction of the police department conveniently provided curfew passes to known drug dealers and bandits who in turn utilized the curfew passes to move the looted items from one location to another.

According to our very reliable sources the drug pusher from Grand Bay was in possession of curfew pass. He was arrested for possession of a large quantity of tires which were allegedly looted from the auto stores in Roseau. It is also alleged that the police found in his possession other suspected looted items and large sums of cash in various currencies and that a suspected Mexican drug dealer was also arrested with this  drug pusher from Grand Bay.  

But the story gets more interesting. Upon the arrest of the Grandbarian drug pusher, the brother who is on record stating that PM Skerrit lied to him three times and who also is a public servant went to the police to claim the tires. It is alleged that he “Capitalized “on the opportunity and told the police that he bought the tires from Nassief prior to Hurricane Maria.
One would think that the brother of the arrested drug pusher would be arrested for conspiracy or aiding and abetting but the corrupt big wigs in the police force seem willing to sign off on this bogus story. After all the “capitalizing” brother is not just a mouth piece of the corrupt Labor Party government, he had also been involved with all kinds of corrupt activities with members of the Labor Party administration. There were allegations of improprieties with the Petro Caribe operation where diesel was being sold under the table and allegations of cover up for his brother’s illegal operations. His sudden wealth has left many wondering how can his salary as a civil servant sustain his life style. But this is the kind of behavior that the corrupt controlling arm of the police force has facilitated throughout the reign of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration
For the record we want to say thanks to the honest and hardworking police officers within the police force in Dominica. Our sources have also informed us that these honest men and women police officers have been disgusted by the fact that drug pushers and gang operators were proudly displaying their curfew passes during the heighten curfew hours yet a former police officer now electoral commissioner Dwayne James' fire arm license was revoked for no apparent reason.

We think it is appropriate to ask the top brass of the police force , guys like Commissioner Carbon, Inspector Valerie and superintendent Valentine, who among your police department issued curfew passes to the drug pushers and gang operators all of whom were suspected participants in the looting that took place after hurricane Maria.

Commissioner Carbon, Inspector Valerie and Superintendent Valentine, why is the drug kingpin “capitalizing” brother not arrested? Is it because of his strong connection to Mr. Skerrit and the Dominica Labor Party?

Time will tell.

PS- Stay Tuned we want to ask the veterinarian minister one mighty  questions regarding 8 Copthall. 

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