Friday, November 10, 2017


Change Saw Racketeering

We have been informed that after we posted the article regarding the replacement of the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Of Agriculture, an emergency meeting was ordered to deal specifically with the matter we dubbed The Chain Saw Racketeers.” They realize that MiTC is onto the looting scandal at the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA). In fact in response to MiTC's threat the MOA issued ultimatums to those suspected of handling the missing chain saws.

We have disclosed several scandals at the Ministry Of Agriculture before and in a previous article for example, we mentioned that there were allegations that a young man who was incarcerated at the Stockfarm Prison, was able to get government paychecks while incarcerated. It is alleged that the young man is the son of Joseph Blandford,  a senior officer under the MOA. Joseph Blandford was an avid campaigner for the Dominica Labor Party during the 2014 general election. It was also alleged that after serving time at the prison the young Blandford was able to return to his government job under the MOA. We understand that government policies dictate that a convicted felon may not be employed in the civil service. We were not able to confirm such policy. 

Information reaching MiTC indicates that seven (7) chain saws were stolen from a container owned by the Ministry Of agriculture. An eye witness was able to identify the looter as a senior officer in the Ministry of Agriculture. According to our sources the directorate at the MOA attempted to cover up the crime and embarrassment and was able to retrieve four (4) out of the seven (7) chain saws.

As to the remaining chain saws we understand that there were some difficulties retrieving the three missing chain saws and at this point it is suspected that they were sold. We understand that during the emergency meeting those involved in the looting of the chain saws were given one day to return the three missing chain saws.

We can also confirm that the 4 recovered chain saws were returned to the MOA by Joseph Blandford. An MiTC reporter tried to contact Mr. Joseph Blandford to find out how he was able to locate the 4 chain saws so quickly but we were told that Mr. Joseph Blandford took an acute leave of absence after retrieving the chain saws. 

For clarity the Chain Saws were not part of the relief supplies but part of other equipment and supplies that Dominica received on behalf of the Cocoa revitalization program prior to Hurricane Maria.

We understand that the eye witness who saw the looting has cooperated with the Ministry Of agriculture and has provided a very detailed report of what happened on the day the chain saws were looted from the container. However the directorate had been trying to cover up the crime.  It is for this reason that we ask the New acting Permanent Secretary Mr. Kerwin Stephenson to show that he is not just another Skerrit Yes Man or Brown Nose Servant. We sincerely hope that Mr. Kerwin Stephenson will have the moral fiber to clean up the corruption at the MOA, beginning with the director.

While Daniel Carbon and the selective justice system are expediting charges and prison sentences for the "no-name" looters we are asking for justice for ALL looters.

Stay Locked In To MiTC- We will be letting out another crime that was covered up by Daniel Carbon and his police goons - "The Boiling Water assassin"   

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