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Boiling Water Assassin Cuddled And Daniel Carbon Continues His Selective Prosecution Ways

Wayne & Labor Friends
It has been reported that the police in Dominica has arrested and charged a woman for allegedly looting a few items after Hurricane Maria. It is well known that the woman who was arrested and charged is a vocal opponent of the Roosevelt Skerrit regime. We have made it clear that we believe that all looters should be prosecuted however we have to wonder why it is that people like the “Capitalizing One and Tony Astaphan’s Chiwawa are not yet arrested. This repeated pattern of selective prosecution makes for a good argument that unless the government arrest and prosecute all criminals the government has no right to single out certain people for criminal prosecution.

We have also been monitoring the reaction of the Daniel Carbon police force in a matter relating to the alleged shooting of a young man from Point Mitchell during the looting phase. It is alleged that the young man from Point Mitchell was shot by Wayne Cools Lartigue while the young man was running away with some looted items from a store owned by some Chinese retailers. That Chinese store was in a rented space in a building allegedly owned by Wayne Cools Lartigue and his family. Wrongfully so the young man was stealing from the Chinese, he was not taking from the Cools Lartigue. 

Joan The Boiling Water Assassin
We understand that Wayne Cools Lartigue is the son of   Joan  Cools Lartigue who some refer to as the “Boiling Water Assassin”. Joan was was accused of scalding a homeless man with a pot of boiling water. In an unbiased justice system Joan Cools Lartigue would certainly be facing harsh punishment for such a heinous crime but with  Joan’s affiliation with the Party in power she seem to have to have gotten a pass. 

We can also confirm that while Joan Cools Lartigue was being interrogated by the criminal investigating officers for the alleged “Boiling Water” assassination the commissioner of police Daniel Carbon made it a point of duty to enter the interrogation room and instructed Joan Cools Lartigue that she must not answer any questions from the investigating officers. Shame on Daniel Carbon.

After the alleged shooting incident involving Wayne Cools Lartigue, Wayne was taken in for questioning and then released without any charges. We were told that Wayne was allowed to walk away with what is alleged to be an unlicensed weapon. We also understand that after much consternation from within some circles the police under guilt and shame moved in to confiscate the same gun that Wayne was allowed to walk away with.

With the despicable history and shameful pattern of a most crooked justice system we can only imagine what would have happened if the young man had died from the gunshot wound. One thing for sure is that a family would have been permanently impacted while the justice system would be employing chicaneries to facilitate political interferences on behalf of Labor Party flunkies.

The problem with the selective and corrupt justice system in Dominica is that the people who end up being hurt or oppressed by the system are not necessarily non-laborites. For example we are aware of an incident that took place a few years ago where a 13 year old was brutally raped by a young man who is off a prominent Labor Party family. The young man offered the young lady a ride from Roseau to Portsmouth  and instead of going to Portsmouth that young man took that 13 year old young lady to the Layou Valley area and it was there that the brutal sexual assault occurred. The young lady was then left bleeding and abandoned on the road side in the Valley until she was picked up by a Good Samaritan. The young lady's family are labor party supporters as well and we know for a fact that the family was forced to accept $5000.00 in hush money. Shame on those  so called upstanding and hypocritical church people who acted as mediators during the hush money negotiation.

We do understand that the readers will be clamoring for more details but we choose to remain vague on this matter for several reasons. Most importantly we want to protect the young lady however we also want the perpetrator and his family to know that MiTC have the entire story- from soup to nuts. We won’t allow the Harvey Weinstein culture to take root in Dominica under our watch. We will speak. We will also keep speaking out against blatant injustice and manipulation of the justice system by corrupt politicians and their dirty "mopyon"  senior counsels. 

In as much as the conveniently blind would like us to believe the unfavorable opinion of the justice system cannot be labeled as idle talk or false accusations. There are innumerable examples to prove that the justice system is severely compromised. Let’s recount a few incidents and examples of biasness in the Justice system. We assure you that the following incidents are just the tip of the iceberg.

Injunction against Inland revenue- In the courts for more than 10 years

After threatening and menacing others the Police return an illegal gun to Renneth “Bubble” Alexis.

Isidore Judicial 47 Charges- 7 years in the court under judicial review

Police Inspector Mills “swept” over $40,000 out in garbage bin and has since been promoted to higher ranks

Minister Kenneth Darroux brandished a gun in parliament and he assaulted an opposition member in parliament– no punishment for Darroux

Minister Petta St Jean and his son wrongly accused and then assaulted La Plaine residents over dasheen and the police played possum on the matter

A School principle stole the school children credit union savings and “jik jourdi” that principle has not been charged just because she is a flag bearing laborite

Tony Astaphan publicized the PM’s IPO declaration and instead of arresting Tony Astaphan, Daniel Carbon under political instructions sent his police officers to harass Lennox Linton for a crime that they knew that Tony Astaphan committed the crime.

How a convicted child molester and labor Party trooper escaped from Stock Farm Prison and flew out of Melleville Hall and now living in New York.

The List Goes on………..

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