Monday, November 6, 2017

Sam Exits

Noted Dominican surgeon Dr. Sam Christian has resigned his position as Deputy Leader of the Dominica Freedom Party. Dr. Sam, as he is affectionately called, assumed this role as deputy leader 3 months ago to the date, when he was appointed at the party's conference on August 6th. In his announcement, Dr. Sam laid out what he believes is needed to move the Nature Isle forward positively. Dr. Sam's resignation from the leadership of the Freedom Party in no way signals a withdrawal from his service to Dominica. We believe that Dr. Sam has a lot more work ahead of him. The good doc performed noble service throughout the passage of Hurricane Maria, and continues to do so to this day.

"So now as an ordinary Freedomite and citizen, I am focused on working with all positive and constructive Dominicans at home and abroad regardless of whether they are red, blue, green or any colour in between", Dr. Sam stated in his audio release. "We must withstand setbacks and attacks from those unrepentant ones intent on grabbing and maintaining all power and resources for one set, one set, one set. Come what may, with joy in our hearts we..must relentlessly pursue a goal of national unity and redemption as a people". Dr. Christian, we thank you for your service to country, and we look forward to working with you in the future in the pursuit of the goals you have clearly laid out. 

What does Dr. Sam's departure from the leadership of the Freedom Party say about the state of affairs within the party itself? In his release Dr. Sam, reflecting on Dame Eugenia Charles, said that in her time she led the party "extraordinarily well". He stated that "it is up to us today to do what we have to do". He added "we have to make commonsense decisions based on today's realities and not be locked in to dated instructions given by the Dame in her waning years". Is that an opening into the current state of affairs within the Freedom Party? Time will reveal.

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