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All head No Brain Capitolin
After we exposed the clandestine activities taking place at the Public Works property in Layou one would think that the government would have taken immediate action - heads rolled, bus and truck drivers  arrested, the capitalizing one himself and even those who have purchased generators from the capitalizing one would have been behind bars. But it was the Prime Minister himself who said that “Dominica is not a real country” and so what we have noticed since our report is that the operators at the Layou site have responded with the installation of false imagery to disguise what is going on but MiTC is well equipped to navigate through the smoking mirrors that the Capitalizing One is presenting.

As soon as we blew the lid off the Layou operation one gentleman by the name of Floyd Capitolin was very upset. We understand that Capitolin was desperately trying to find out who is behind MiTC. But then again MiTC seem to be a moving target ; El Burro Tony Astaphan believes that MiTC is Thomson Fontaine, Tony’s Macaque Simeone Albert says that it is Trevor Johnson. We even understand that   corrupt “Dunce Cyan” has suggested hiring Russians to hack MiTC.   

The question is why did Mr. Floyd Capitolin respond with such urgency.Why did he take the Layou expose so personal? For those who don’t know who Floyd Capitolin is; This is a Labor Party operative, the gentleman who once denounced PM Skerrit and called Skerrit a deceiver, a liar. He stated  “Skerrit lied to me three times.” After publically calling PM Skerrit a liar Floyd Capitolin was pushed of the Skerrit's bobol feeding trough. But Capitolin is a Machiavellian opportunist , he managed to get back on the corruption trough after he went back to Mr. Skerrit to beg for mercy. In fact on the day that Capitolin went back to beg for pardon, PM Skerrit in his Kim Jong Un style humiliatingly brought Capitolin into a room and then asked a few cabinet members to come witness Capitolin crying and begging for another chance to ride Skerrit’s bobol conveyor belt. We understand that Capitolin cried till “wim” came out of his nose.

During our nightly stakeout of the Layou site and with the help of our night vision binoculars we were able to identify a bus doing regular stops at the Layou location. The bus carried registration number HF289. After our initial report we decided  to investigate the ownership of that bus .We snooped around all the bus stops in Roseau and we found the same bus at the Grandbay bus stop. We found out that the bus registration number HF289 allegedly belongs to the brother of Floyd Capitolin and that gentleman is from Grandbay.    

We want Mr. Floyd Capitolin to know that he ,Tony Astaphan and other labor Party operatives may have intimidated the media in Dominica but MiTC will not be intimidated at all. We will hunt down all  VATs (Vagabonds And Thieves) operating under the protection of the Skerrit regime and we will expose all the bobol that is taking place from Layou to Grandbay, from Purple Turtle to Viellecase, from the government ministries to the offices of crooked lawyers. 

We love when the puzzle pieces come together – Our continuous investigation of the relief generators led us to Grandbay and we were stunned by the inordinate amount of generators in the Grandbay community. In Dominican colloquialism -Generators kicking dust in Grandbay. Note that we did mention that the government of Dominica received hundreds of relief generators and like the passport money, Petro Caribe funds, Erika funds, the government itself cannot give proper account of the generators that were provided for ALL Dominicans not for the whims and Fancies of the Labor Party hacks. 

Curious minds must now wonder how the Public Works Layou site became a major hub selling generators and how did the operator(s) became overnight generator retailers. In addition how it is that in the midst of a curfew a bus from Grandbay is doing nightly runs bypassing Roseau and operating between Layou and Grandbay? Did this bus owner have special privileges? 

We also notice that after we exposed the clandestine activities at the layout site there was shock and desperation among the operator(s). The day after our report was publicized the “Generator For Sale” sign that we reported on was taken down. But that itself would be even more suspicious so the operator(s) decided to create the perception of a legitimate generator retailing operation. With urgency they cleverly purchased two generators from CIS and placed the generators at the Layou site for display. We also watched the Layou generator retailers quickly remove the remaining relief generators from the Layou site. We are not sure where the relief generators were taken but we believe that there is more than enough for the police and custom department to move in and arrest those responsible for the grand generator bobol. 

As expected the Prime Minister Skerrit and his administration lack the moral authority to do anything with the capitalizing one or any other Labor Party operative involved in any criminal activities in Dominica. The custom department is fully aware of the Generator Bobol operation but for political reasons is unable to move in on the capitalizing one and his coconspirators.

 We have also noticed that a number of disgruntled laborites have reached out to MiTC's inbox to question the actions of the Capitalizing One. Some are unhappy for genuine reasons and others are presumably suffering from the case of “volere malady” – Un Volere pa emais vwen un lot volere avec un sac. The English translation - One thief dislikes seeing another thief carrying a bag. Nevertheless we are encouraging more disgruntled Laborites to visit our inboxes for 2018  

We want to thank people like El Burro Tony Astaphan and Tony’s Macaque Simeone Albert for giving us the motivation to keep exposing the affairs of Skerrit’s cesspool party. On the anniversary of the CBS 60 minutes expose of Skerrit’s passport racketeering, MiTC will be exposing another interesting story – the tale of an offer to betray a colleague for a few million dollars. Stay Tuned

 Coming Soon-  More on Pedro Forte Berbel and the bribes he has been paying in Dominica.

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