Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Goon Squad

Following a tip, we tuned in to KairiFM last Saturday night, and what we were a witness to was an undeservedly brutal assault on the reputation of  Q95's lead journalist, Mathias Peltier Jr. Leading the assault were three of the most grotesque individuals; Simeon Albert, Frankie Bellot and Anthony Astaphan. At issue was a donation from a New York based Dominican non-profit organization, We Are Dominica (WAD) that Mr. Peltier was making on their behalf to a deserving individual, Mr. Rudy Grove in Soufriere. Let's examine this a minute.

I must say that it is extraordinary that this trio would even attempt to impugn the reputation of anyone, let alone Mr. Peltier. While we agree that this is the norm with this goon squad, it is still an incredible thing to witness. The host of the programme, Simeon Albert, is a thief. Mr. Albert was recently caught with so much looted hardware material following the passage of Hurricane Maria that he could open his own store. What Mr. Albert could not steal was probably bolted to the floor. He remains free thanks to his benefactors, chief among them is Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, himself not averse to theft either. Birds of a feather, you say? We say yes!

Frankie Bellot, the proprietor of KairiFM, is a child molester. Mr. Bellot stands accused of engaging in sexual intercourse with a 14 year old child, plying her with expensive gifts and transporting her to various places to engage in his perverted activities. His predatory activities date back several years but he has been protected by his friends in high places. Mr. Bellot has attempted to pay off the family of the young girl who he is accused of molesting. Rumor has it that some payment was made but we cannot confirm that. The case against him is in limbo, languishing in the courts, and appears to be going nowhere thanks to his connections. His radio station is the de facto propaganda arm of the ruling Dominica Labour Party of Prime Minister Skerrit. See the connection? Mr. Bellot we urge you to listen to yourself; your voice is gone because your sins have come home to roost. Get off the air.

Anthony Astaphan, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit's butthole mouthpiece, is a well-known pathological liar and an enemy of the state. Mr. Astaphan is a political prostitute who will contort himself into any position for the sake of a dollar. Mr. Astaphan once accused "dem fellers", a group including Roosevelt Skerrit and Vince Henderson, of causing the death of former Prime Minister Pierre Charles. He is on record stating that he warned PM Charles of  how dangerous "dem fellers" were. Immediately after the passing of PM Charles, Astaphan found a way to be in bed with the same gang he derided. Now he is the surrogate father to one of the gangs members. We have a question for Mr. Astaphan; is the government minister paying you child support? You are taking care of his child, aren't you? If he isn't, sue him. Talk to your wife.

Mr. Peltier continues to do good work on behalf of the people of Dominica. Whether it's on the airwaves informing us of what is happening in our country or assisting needy persons like Mr. Grove in Soufriere, we thank him for his yeoman service. Mr. Grove has been the beneficiary of a cash donation from We Are Dominica and Mr. Peltier facilitated the transfer effortlessly.

It is noteworthy that during the presentation of cash by Mr. Peltier, Mr. Grove, who is blind, noted that he was known to be a supporter of the United Workers Party and hinted that may be the reason why he did not receive assistance from the government. What he did get was a call from Mr. Albert attempting to gather dirt on Mr. Peltier. What he should have done was to deliver the hardware supplies he looted to Mr. Grove which would then be used to construct a new home. 

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