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With yet another brazen and shameful vote buying type operation, the government of Dominica decided that "clientelism" would be the preferred method for the utilization and distribution of the Agricultural Development grant funding. The funding which was provided by the World Bank was supposed to be invested in the regeneration of the agricultural sector after the devastating winds of Hurricane Maria.

Many people were totally disgusted and disappointed in the way the Roosevelt Skerrit government utilize $18 Million to play politics as oppose to genuinely investing the money in developing a productive Agricultural sector. Quite interestingly a fair portion of the discontent and criticism came from Labour Party supporters. Thanks to our disgruntled Labourite friends, we received in our In-Box a copy of the List of “Farmers” in the North, those who received commercial disbursements of  $10,000 and a separate list of  small business “farmers” those who received from $3000.00.
The List
We are in no position to postulate on who should or should not have received funds nor are we in a position to decide who should have made it on the commercial list or the list of  small business farmers. What we know for sure is that the manner in which the government of Dominica has handled the Agriculture Emergency Relief grant by the World Bank, is disgraceful, despicable, disrespectful and insulting to say the least.

The mere appearance of a people groveling and climbing upon each other for a few puny dollars is very much telling of the society that PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his administration has nurtured. The biggest question that we all must ask is – was there some type of "control and assurance" program implemented by the government to insure that this $18 Million development funding will yield the maximum benefit?

According to our sources the list is made up of people who are neither farmers nor small business owners. For instance, it was pointed out to us that on this list of “farmers” in the North a gentleman who received $10,000 and he is neither a farmer nor a small business owner but instead works at a gas station pumping gas.   

We have also been warned that several members from the same household have received disbursements under the commercial or small business category. In one instance someone appeared on the list twice. 

We understand that all the “farmers” irrespective how much money they are receiving are asked to sign the bottom of a document that states at the top of that same document that the farmer is receiving $10,000. Is this an honest mistake or   deliberate attempt to distort the money trail and or to provide a favorable report to the World Bank?

In the interest of transparency we are providing a copy of the list of “farmers.” Take note that we insist on parenthesizing the word farmers because we want to leave it to the readers to decide who they know to be the real farmers in Dominica. It is left to you the readers to identify the imposters, the people who are in the NEP program supervising grass cutters and yet are receiving $10,000. You the readers must decide whether roadside grass cutting is a form of farming.
CLICK HERE to view "Farmer's List"
It is the readers who must ask themselves why it is that today we have over three thousand “farmers “ yet prior to Hurricane Maria the agriculture industry was at its lowest in the history  organized agriculture in Dominica. 

We leave it to the readers to figure out why it is that prior to Hurricane Maria only 7-10 farmers from the  entire  Vielle Case, Thibaud and Penville district would consistently show up for engagements with officers from the Ministry Of Agriculture yet the lion share of the funds designated for the Northern district goes to Vielle Case, Penville and Thibaud.  Out of a total 152 commercial “Farmers” the government presented and approved 92 commercial farmers in the Vielle Case area.

Under the small business  farming section ,a total of 432 were approved Again the government approved 162 small businesses from Vielle Case out of the total of 432 small business farmers in the entire North of Dominica. Lets leave this for the "straight eye" analysis of Clarence Christian. 

Two years ago Massinthecemetery featured a prolific young farmer Hiliare John Baptist aka “Castle”. We reported that Farmer Castle had been one of the premier banana producing farmers on the island and one of the very few farmers who was able to stay in the fight against the Black Sigatoka and the “red Sigatoka- the DLP” Farmer Hiliare John Baptist had been running a well-organized farming business distributing bananas to various outlets and also donating boxes of bananas to needy institutions free of charge. We notice that Farmer Hiliare John Baptist did not make it to the commercial. We leave it to the readers to ask why Farmer Castle was not on the commercial list when he was the one of the largest banana producing farmer on the island.
CLICK HERE to view the Commercial List
The government and its apologists would like nothing more than for this fraudulent, despicable government conduct to be just “talk”. In the interest of transparency MiTC is more than happy to provide you with the real document containing the list of “farmers” in the north of the island who have received funding. We are nevertheless very happy for the genuine farmers who have received the support from the program and we hope that the moneys received will help in rebuilding their farms.

We are also encouraging people to print out the list and give out copies to those who are conveniently blind

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