Monday, March 12, 2018


 Prior to hurricane Maria, the Roosevelt Skerrit administration insisted that under the Petro Caribe arrangement Dominica did not owe the people and government of Venezuela. The Roosevelt Skerrit government continued to lie even when there was evidence of the many written payment requisitions made by the government of Venezuela. In addition to the repeated denial of Dominica’s arears to Venezuela the Roosevelt Skerrit government will not provide an accounting report on the Petro Caribe funds. In the absence of entitled information the public has every right to be suspicious of mass corruption at the Petro Caribe operation in Dominica however with the brazen corruption of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration we have seen audacious acts of corruption at Petro Caribe. We are aware of the mishandling of Petro Caribe by the immovable   Minister responsible for Petro Caribe affairs Reginald Austrie. It is also alleged that Petro Caribe is Denise Charles’ stumping ground and support structure for her weave addiction. The capitalizing one himself has plundered Petro Caribe with back door and under table fuel transactions. We are also aware of the massive money laundering scheme that occurred between Petro Caribe and the White Elephant Coffee factory.

We could go on and on regarding the racketeering at Petro Caribe however we have been following a recent incident involving a Venezuelan national who is stationed in Dominica as the manager at the Petro Caribe operation. We have been informed that about three weeks ago this Venezuelan national who had been driving under the influence rammed his vehicle into the back of another vehicle that was driven by a young lady from Dominica. Please note that we choose to withhold the name of the young lady name because of ongoing legal proceedings. 

Immediately following the collision the young lady got out of her vehicle to approach the other vehicle and from there things went awry. The Venezuelan national wound down his window and immediately started assaulting and strangling the young lady while rambling uncontrollably in Spanish. The young lady was able to break loose, ran away and then called the police.

The police followed up with an investigation and found out that the Venezuelan was under the influence of heavy drugs, possibly cocaine. What is quite intriguing is that the matter is no longer in the hands of the police and is now being controlled and manipulated by the politicians. We have been told that the young lady has since received telephone calls from the honorable Denise Charles, Reginald Austrie and PM Skerrit (Three Amigos). All three amigos have offered monetary compensation however it is alleged that the young lady first requested $20,000 but the three amigos decided that $20,000 is way too much money for the young lady.

We are now hearing that the young Lady has contracted a lawyer and that lawyer is now demanding $250,000. Let’s see where the matter goes from here.

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  1. $250,000 is not enough with all these millions flouting about..

  2. I wish this lady gets justice for her situation


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