Tuesday, March 27, 2018

De Vet Mandingo

Sometimes, ignoring the utterances of dangerous men can give credence to their malicious submissions tailored towards destructive public digest. Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan better known as Lil Tony keeps on thinking that he has every Dominican trapped in ignorance on his plantation because he pulls the puppet strings of Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit. What absurdity!!

Lil Tony continues to use his House Slaves; lootah, Simeon Albert and gwo pwell magnet, Daryl Titre as his facilitators when he unleashes his racist and classist venom on Dominicans. Lil Tony sees Dominicans  as peasants, so he denigrates us and put us against each other while he desperately tries to maintain his bourgeoisie status. His behavior is straight from the slavery hand book, to rule and conquer, but his resistance is drifting into impotence.

Let us dissect Lil Tony and show him for who he truly is. Lil Tony is of Arab extract and got a good foundation from his father’s hard work when he moved from Lebanon to Dominica in the mid 1900’s. Lil Tony spent 7 years at university doing a 5 year law program and was called to the bar in 1983 . He was made Senior Counsel in 1999 during the UWP Government. No question, he made a name for himself amongst the political elites in the OECS and got the politicians to pay him with state funds while they fought their own people.

Lil Tony is a chronic political parasite and will do anything to maintain his relevance. He has the audacity to attack accomplished Dominicans who came from humble beginnings but do not support his political rhetoric. Lil Tony simply hates black people who he can not control. The names of our brothers and sisters who continue to protect what is left of our beloved, Dominica are being dragged to the gutter by this racist man. He calls us cockroaches, kakadors, mosquitoes, pigs, jackasses, bastards and idiots. Lil Tony has an affinity for posteriors because in his usual drunkenness he said how many times that he would push his feet up the backsides of reputable Dominicans. How can an individual like speaks 99% of the time on behalf of Prime Minister Skerrit? This is not acceptable.

Lil Tony behaves like an estate owner with power and a tickler but a mandingo on his own estate has to penetrate through his domestic affairs. The Vet mandingo has castrated Lil Tony’s thoughts of standing firm in that department. In fact, a few years ago, his Purchased Half jumped a fence in Pottersville to prevent her Vet mandingo from working on another estate. Because of Tony’s deficiency with “Tickle Me Elmo”, his was nicknamed “Lil Tony.” He has tried every enlargement pills but they have only increased the frequency of his buccal diaherra.

Lil Tony is an advantageous, insensitive, racist twerp. Even our beautiful and innocent women he tried tarnishing their reputation. It is alleged that several years ago Lil Tony, cooked a pot of dog food with onions and green pepper to feed our unsuspecting young ladies Newtown the ladies were teased and called Kal Kan, which is the brand name of the dog food. It is said that Lil Tony words to the ladies after he gave them the dog food were, “now you are real dogs.” How this man can be of us?

For a man to know and understand your daily struggles he has to live your struggles. Have you seen Lil Tony on the streets, in the ghetto, on the beach, at the funeral of our love ones, at social activities or at the supermarket? No!! But he is on the radio feeding hate to the public. While Dominicans are paying taxes at J. Astaphan & Co , he is preventing J. Astaphan & Co. from paying taxes the treasury of Dominica. How many Labour party ministers are trusting him? Lil Tony even spoke ill of PM Skerrit in January 2004, soon after the death Pierre Charles. Ask Ambrose George about Lil Tony, because “He knew”.

Lil Tony Astaphan does not like any of us, not even Krazy Tee. He only protects his selfish interest by using a few Dominicans to help peddle his dirty work. I hope that we all will unite against the racist savagery of Lil Tony and put a bridle on him once and for all.

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