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When PM Skerrit promised to clean up the highly polluted CBI program and his disgraceful peddling of diplomatic passports, we knew it was just another one of the con man’s game plan to gas light the people of Dominica. In order to clean up the overall passport selling calamity Skerrit would first have to cleanse himself and rein in all the dirty corrupt passport selling agents, the fraudulent due diligence agencies and the flunky lawyers and advisers but we all know that Skerrit lacks the moral authority to restore sanctity in Dominica’s CBI program. 

Just when Dominicans were trying to move on from the Monfared, Maduke, NG Lap Seng chagrin MiTC was forced exposed yet another CBI fugitive and international criminal taking refuge in Dominica, Pedro Fort Berbel. We know for a fact that Pedro Fort Berbel was well protected by the corrupt Skerrit administration. In fact we have been informed that one of Pedro Fort’s lawyers /handlers in Dominica would take time off to brief cabinet members on financial activities performed on behalf of Pedro Fort Berbel. In one instance that particular lawyer reported to the cabinet members that he had just wired over US $60,000 to a minister’s daughter leaving overseas, compliments Pedro Fort Berbel. We understand that when prince corrupt realized that “not all ears should hear” he immediately stopped the lawyer and told him “this is not the place to share that kind of information.” Today Pedro Fort has been indicted by United States SEC for a mass Ponzi operation.

Ronald Pieter Nolen
Since we reported on Pedro Fort we have not heard a response from the government apologists- not even from the “Gel Maniku” and Collin McIntyre’s Lavabo, Tony Astaphan. Let us see what kind of filth that “Gel Maniku” Tony is going to emit now that Dominica is again in the spotlight as country with a government that is providing safe havens for International Crooks and criminals. Let’s hear what the government apologist have to say about Ronald Pieter Nolen
The people of Point Mitchell and certainly the PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his cabal know very much about Ronald Pieter Nolen, a Dominican Citizen By Investment and Dominica passport holder. Nolen first came to Dominica in 2013.  Like Alireza Monfared the PM and his cabal have thrown big parties at Nolen’s luxurious residence in the Point Mitchell area. It is also alleged that Nolen alone has imported over 50 vehicles into Dominica to include several Mercedes Benz. We understand that one of the many vehicles that were imported by Nolen is being driven by the disgraced former government minister Pinard. The other vehicles were gifted. In fact members of one particular family have been sporting various Mercedes Benz. His accountant and surrogate a young lady from Dominica had also been driving around in one of the Mercedes Benz

At this juncture we have very little information about the nature of Ronald Pieter Nolen’s alleged international crimes but our sources have indicated that he may have been on a top ten list of international money launderers. According to our sources in the Netherlands Nolen may have used a different name to acquire his Dominica passport. We do know that he was extradited from Dutch Saint Martin back to Holland with his Dutch passport.
Nolen registered a company in Dominica named El Rona Limited Point Mitchel. We found four activities registered under El Rona Limited Point Mitchel. In one activity El Rona imported “60 pieces of Wood and article of wood; wood charcoal (Chebon) into Miami Florida- quite weird but then again we are talking about another doggy CBI who found  Roosevelt Skerrit or vice versa-   

Whatever it is that Nolen did internationally, the Feds found it very important to come down to Dominica to execute a search on Cohen’s property and between Wednesday and Thursday of last week, the Dominica Police together with the feds conducted a thorough search of Cohen’s property in Point Mitchell. Unconfirmed reports indicate that a seizure was issued on the property.
It is important to note that Nolen was apprehended about 3 months ago and the government would have preferred absolute silence on this matter but sources close to the investigation reported that there had been a correspondence between Interpol and either the Attorney General and or the Police Commissioner and Nolen was ushered out of Dominica to Saint Martin where he was arrested. A move that was executed in the Monfared saga- Monfared was flown to the Dominican Republic.

So now that the people of Dominica are again faced with another major embarrassment from Skerrit’s iniquitous passport selling program we await an honest and transparent report from the Government, The police Commissioner and the attorney General. In the interim MiTC is working on getting an update and possibly a  detailed report on Nolen’s alleged international criminal activities.  

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  1. So if they were able sneak him off the Island, what makes you think Skerrit will be forthcoming with a report!


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