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In Tony Astaphan’s bid to justify his surreptitious request for the arrest and  persecution of Arthie Martin after the protest on Saturday he drifted into praising the government for receiving the assets that was bundled under the lease agreement between the Ross University and the government of Dominica. But as usual little Tony’s lies and his prowess always fall short; The shameless liar was not even able to impress his gullible comrades on Kairi FM with a few buildings at Ross when Landlords with millions of dollars in apartments, restaurants and supermarkets are under duress.

Even if it came from Tony Astaphan, it is true that the government is now in possession of a few buildings on the main campus. As we understand it, the lease agreement between Ross and the state did make provisions for the government and people of Dominica to have possession of the buildings erected on the land that was leased to the Ross University should Ross depart the island. We also understand that some items that were brought in under duty free arrangements may have fallen in the possession of the state. That may be the reason why some custom officers were also dispatched to the Ross compound.

Short Little Tony
It was no surprise that Tony tried to make some footage with the fact that the government was able to gain possession of a few buildings on Ross campus. Tony is desperate and always in search of relevance. But the irony in Tony’s moonshine is that while he wants Dominica to rejoice about a few building shells at Ross some of the government ministers have mysteriously accumulated assets that are worth much more than the few buildings that people of Dominica were able to salvage at Ross University. Dominicans must not forget that Ross is gone simply because the Roosevelt Skerrit administration has failed Ross and the people of Dominica. We should also not allow an insecure and diabolical little twerp with his own selfish motives to relegate the   loss of a forty year institution that accounted for 30% of Dominica’s GDP, all in an effort to keep gas lighting the people of Dominica. 

In a previous article we reported that the Roosevelt Skerrit administration had been franticly working on staging a pre-election scam with the hope of having a ground-breaking ceremony at the Ross University campus. They wanted to announce that a University out of Malaysia would be coming to Dominica. We have since learned that the furious scheme is not working well for the Skerrit administration. DLP supporters who were appointed to be part of a Rosss task force are already beginning to realize that this is just another one of Skerrit’s two-faced operation. 

To stage the pre-election scam skerrit and his goons began with an aggressive  campaign to get the remaining Ross personnel and the foreign contractor out of the targeted buildings. In the haste to embarrass Ross and to boot out all of Ross employees ,the government again left another trail of despair and confusion. We’ve learned that as of December 15, the takeover date, the Picard area will be feeling another round of exodus;  some of the foreigners left the island last week. Again the disappointed landlords and the few struggling businesses who were benefiting from the diminutive activities on the Ross campus will have to endure another serving of “economic teargas” from the Roosevelt Skerrit administration. 

Damaged Classroom On Ross Compound
With the Ross contractor gone, the equipment and building restoration project is left substantially incomplete. We understand that there is some concern among a few government officials as they are now realizing that the hasty and premature expulsion of the Ross Contractors was a very bad idea. According to some DLP insiders the task of picking up from the Ross contractor is going to be a very difficult and expensive undertaking.  In the words of the DLP insiders , “there is chaos on the site with material and equipment scattered all over and there have been suggestions that the government may have to consider rehiring the very same Ross contractor to come resolve the logistical nightmare.”

In another discussion with a DLP leaker we were told that the plan to gaslight the people of Dominica with the promise of a coming university has hit a snag and that there is a feeling among a few DLP members that Ross and the contractor may have been delaying the works with the hope that by the time the restoration project would have been completed Skerrit and his cartel would have been booted out of office. 

It is worth noting that Little Tony did not even attempt to over inflate the acquisition of the Ross property, nor did he even attempt to mention anything about a coming university. Tony simply ran out of loquacious runway. The logical question is why didn’t the government  allow Ross to restore the buildings, install all the equipment ,all at the expense of Ross and then move in and then make the move to acquire the properties under the same lease agreement? With the Skerrit administration , their personal and partisan interest is always more important than the betterment of the people whom they represent however the ongoing saga with Ross University continues to remain mysterious and very much so simply because of a corrupt, conniving and non transparent administration.

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