Sunday, January 6, 2019


With the publication of the article 3 days for Baby Sarah we knew that the DLP apologists and their lousy spin artists would immediately start denigrating and discrediting MiTC however it is   not in our policy to respond to such nuisance critics. We stand firm behind our report. Our objective is too shine light on abuse and malfeasance in government. Neither Tony Astaphan nor the dark and lovely Clarence Christian are elected officials in government and so we are again asking that Mr. Skerrit ,  Austrie, Blackmoore and the rest of the elected officials to do what is right to bring some semblance of sanity, integrity and accountability in the government of Dominica.

Before we delve into the crux of this new editorial, we also want to make it clear that MiTC is not an arm of any political party and we do not consult with or yield to the wishes of any. In spite of all that was said by the Dominica Labor Party operatives on social media and on Kairi FM, MiTC have demonstrated that we will hold all politicians to account – those in opposition and most particularly those in government. Instead of demonstrating that physical abuse of women will not be tolerated particularly by male cabinet members, the DLP responded by issuing threats against MiTC and then desperately releasing a copy of Joshua Francis wife’s divorce petition.  MiTC does not have any cooperative arrangement or any sort of relationship with Joshua Francis. In fact when Joshua Francis was embroiled in the allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor, MiTC was the first to report on the matter and it was several days after our report that the fizzled media in Dominica took up on the story.


We understand that plans may be in motion by the Dominica Labor Party government to resume the harassment and persecution of whistle blower and anti-corruption activist Trevor Tossy Johnson. Trevor Johnson has proven himself to be an extraordinary patriot, a lone wolf who for many years has dug into the recycled bins and shredders to expose money laundering, undercover dealings and even sexual exploitation by officials of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration.

Contrary to the many criticisms by Tony Astaphan and his gang of puppets, Trevor Johnson continues to show that his campaign and public persona is all about the betterment his country Dominica. People will remember Trevor’s heroic efforts in rallying aid and support for Dominica in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Trevor Johnson as many can attest to, has a big heart and hold no grudges. We have come to notice that Trevor truly wants better governance for Dominica.

The Roosevelt Skerrit cartel have succeeded in purchasing the silence and even the complicity of many Dominicans; many  who were supposed to be upstanding citizens have fallen prey to the despotisms of the government. Even journalists who have long professed to be independent and not up for sale seem to have thrown in the white flag. MiTC has Carlisle John-Baptiste on record stating that he is now  more concerned about getting scholarship for his kid and we can only assume that this is the reason why journalist Carlisle John Baptist has gone into hibernation. It is still astounding to us that Carlisle is yet to break any news on the arrest of another international criminal with Dominica passport who had been wining and dining government ministers while the wanted criminal was hiding out in Point Mitchell- Right underneath Carlisle’s nose. No worries Carlisle, MiTC will do it’s best to report to the people while you await the scholarship.

Trevor Johnson has shown that he cannot be bought not even when the wise men come offering brown paper bag filled with cash in exchange for Trevor’s silence on mass corruption involving Roosevelt Skerrit and members of his administration.

Trevor has also been subjected to fear mongering and intimidation tactics as persisted in exposing Roosevelt Skerrit corruption. Davidson Valerie of the Dominica Police Force was sent to Trinidad and Tobago to interrogate Trevor Johnson in the presence of Interpol officers. Davidson Valerie turned out to be a laughing stock as the Interpol officers realized that Davidson Valerie was sent to Trinidad not because there were any crimes committed but only because the government of Dominica was desperately trying to suppress Trevor’s relentless whistle blowing campaign. They accused Trevor of being involved in hacking and there was no evidence to support the accusations. It was just another one of Tony Astaphan’s wet dream while Collin McIntyre was climbing his cherry tree.

Trevor has also been on the receiving end of threatening phone calls from hired mercenaries in Trinidad who claim that they have been contacted by”important people in Dominica who wants him to stop publicizing incriminating evidence of Roosevelt Skerrit corrupt activities. See the YouTube link - very chilling and evidence that this criminal gang will go to any length to stop whistle blowers.

In keeping with what we stand for at Mas In The Cemetery (MiTC) we offer our solidarity with Trevor Johnson and we applaud him for his tenacious effort in the fight against the most corrupt government in the region. We look forward to working with Trevor Johnson and many others on restoring sanity in the governance of Dominica.

As efforts are being orchestrated to harass and interrogate Trevor Johnson on his return to Dominica, we are asking all patriotic Dominicans, the many fans of Trevor Johnson ,the regional and international community to keep monitoring the situation in Dominica. We are at a point in Dominica where people are terrified of the government and are too afraid to criticize their government on issues of corruption, sexual and physical abuse of women. We have seen the government in a Maduro and Chavez like fashion persecute and prosecute the opposition members on trumped up charges and since the Blackmoore’s expose, orders have been issued to arrest and interrogate Trevor Tossy Johnson on allegations that he either conspired with or is Mas In The Cemetery.

In the meantime we urge that the PM and his cabinet stop acquiescing to Tony Astaphan’s wet dreams of persecuting MiTC or Trevor Johnson and instead deal with the filth within his administration. As we have stated before MiTC is full of surprises and Mr. Blackmoore and his backers would certainly not want MiTC to reveal Mr Blackmoore’s penchant for photography neither to display his masterful pieces. MiTC shall keep Mr. Blackmoore’s masterpieces secured in the MiTC vault.

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