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Have you ever wondered why a business man like Robbie Tonge is sitting in government as minister of tourism and subjecting himself to such indignities by sucking up to Skerrit and making a mockery of himself on Facebook? .

At one point Robbie Tonge was scheduled to announce his resignation and he suddenly had a change of heart – You want to know why? Read thee Whats App message 

Robbie Tong was the designated candidate to represent the DLP in the Roseau Central constituency and then he was single handedly discarded PM Skerrit. Robbie Tonge still continue to serve Skerrit in supplication. You want to know why? - Read Thee WhatsApp Message

We all had our suspicions that Robbie Tonge has been on a self-serving mission however when the prime minister handed Robbie Tonge and his insurance business $5 Million supposedly to pay off insurance claims after hurricane Maria some of us were amazed even if there were swirling rumors that Robbie Tonge  group of companies were in serious financial difficulties.   

With Robbie Tonge group of companies undergoing serious financial crisis how do we expect Robbie Tonge to perform efficiently as the Minister for Tourism. It is no wonder the ministry of tourism has been severely underperforming. Robbie Tonge is way too preoccupied in trying to find ways out of financial peril and bankruptcy.
krystal Failyais- Robbie Tonge

We have in our possession a copy of a WhatsApp message from Robbie’s father to his son Robbie Tonge the minister for tourism and we can now confirm that Robbie Tonge is sitting in cabinet trying to get anything to help him and his groups of companies get out of their financial crisis- that includes getting a gig to sell passports.

Read The Emaill from Robbie's Paps 

"Morning Rob wishing you a successful and joyful day.

Sorry to be so persistent.It is that we are trying not to allow this deal to fall through with hundreds of claims unpaid, and bankruptcy proceedings kicking in

Will the meeting be this evening or when?

Next week I will be in Barbados for my medical checks 

I do not want to.leave Earl and Gregory in charge in this period of great uncertainty. Most importantly I don't want any of our deals to fall through

We are to use to closure. We do not want a more money from government we just need to get caveats lifted on 2  securities pledged to the Government , i,e  Canefield and Maycourt so to  get the final approval on Fortune under the C B I program."

 We do not want any more money from government we just need to get caveats lifted on 2  securities pledged to the Government” We believe that Robbie’s father is referring to the $5Million dollars that Robbie was able to get for himself while sitting in the cabinet as a minister. In other countries people go to jail for such acts of corruption and conflicting interest. Even more the properties that Robbie and his Daddy may have used against this $5 Million from our treasury Robbie is looking to have these caveat removed so the could walk away with $5 Million while the tax payers carry the bill.

Our sources have indicated that Tonge group of companies may be in the process of selling off some businesses and that the caveat held on the company’s assets for example  Canefield and Maycourt may be an obstacle to finalizing a deal.

From the email conversation it appears that not only is Robbie Tonge  looking to walk away with free money ,like Sam Rafael he is looking to sell passports- The kind of behavior that send politicians to prison in real countries.   

We have also learned that the First Domestic Insurance Company which was owned by the Tonge Group has been sold. It is also alleged that things have got so bad that Daddy Tonge is moving out from the top floor just to rent out the space and daddy may be moving to Robbie’s house in Fortnay and Robbie and his family may be moving to Morne Daniel to live with his mother-in-law.

There is one more take away from the email. I do not want to leave Earl and Gregory in charge in this period of great uncertainty. Most importantly I don't want any of our deals to fall through.Guess who Gregory is? The same enigmatic Grenadian, Gregory De Gannes, Skerrit’s mystery man at the National Bank of Dominica and the director West Indies Power Limited scam. ( It is clear that Daddy Tonge has no confidence in his $10,000 per month manager,Gregory De Gannes.

High day robbery and corruption is the order of the day within the Roosevelt Skerrit administration. Everyone in Dominica know that the Roosevelt Skerrit administration is nothing but a group of pirates plundering the resources of Dominica. Dominicans are fully aware of the fact that while some are eating all, the country is wallowing in poverty and unemployment.

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