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The Haitian situation in Portsmouth is brewing anger as Haitians are gathering at the Kempinski location claiming that government agents promised them high paying jobs to include jobs at the Kempinski hotel once they arrive in Dominica. The above photo was taken near the Kempinski construction site today. Based on our conversation with some of the Haitians who have recently arrived in Dominica, we are getting the feeling that the Haitians all have this feeling of entitlement and are clearly expressing the feeling of betrayal.

The Haitians also came with the expectation that there were jobs available at the Morocco Hotel which they even knew before coming to Dominica is located next to the Kempinski. According to one Haitian lady “map vini bien prepawe por twavilles en L’hotel ” She came to Dominica well prepared to work at the hotel. According to one of our DLP insider, the Morocco workers who had been at the site recently are all gone as the government could no longer sustain the bill of $150,000 per month as living expenses for the Moroccan workers. So it is de ja vu for the Moroccan Hotel – this time around Ian Douglas might as well tell us that the Moroccans went back to figure out what kind of drinks they want to sell at the hotel bar- Persian pwev or Dubai Zaeed Rum (Arabic for Dublan Rum) 

Cows at Coffee Factory
A number of Haitians were also under the impression that there were available jobs in the coffee factory. Needless to say somebody is lying to the Haitian people. The last time MiTC followed up on the situation at the coffee factory we reported that a cattle owner in the Portsmouth area had been tying his cattles in the building. Since our last report we notice that someone was dispatched to block off the  cattle entrance “ at the coffee factory but alas the job was not well done and so according to the same local farmer who now says “ my brother right now is stray dogs I see making love inside there wee and those stray dogs killing our animals.”

On our visit to Portsmouth this morning we also learned from the Portsmouth residents that in addition to the human trafficking scheme there is a calculated plan among a few landlords to use the Haitians as a means to buffer the mounting bills on their investment in Picard. We understand that a certain magistrate is deeply entrenched in this scheme.

In other instances some Landlords are evicting Haitians because they were promised that the new University is opening in September and they need to get their apartments ready for students. Yeh Right !1 . From what we have gathered the facility is not ready, there is no faculty, no staff; work on the food court is in abeyance. But then again one would have to be quite vacuous to just buy into another Roosevelt Skerrit lie. In his budget presentation PM Skerrit said that the pending new university, Dominica University School of Medical Sciences (DUMS) is busy registering students for the first start of the semester in September yet the university does not have a website. I am sure we can count on Clarence Christian for a nose digging spin explanation.

While Skerrit and his administration continue to play games with the people of Portsmouth we have all seen evidence that he Skerrit sold off half an acre of land in the Picard area to a Russian name Sergei Pavlovich Kurashvili for $403,000. Sergei Pavlovich Kurashvili purchased a Dominica passport in November of 2016 and by April 2017 he and Skerrit had already completed the land deal. It is only logical to ask whether Skerrit had any confidence in the future of Ross and Picard at the time of the land deal? Didn't the due diligence agency notice that Sergei Pavlovich Kurashvili is boldly printed in the Panama Papers?

Haitians Cooking In Picard
In the meantime Picard has become a ghost town. Instead of bustling restaurants Haitians are cooking in makeshift fire places along the roadside in Picard. A few years ago, Picard was the life of Portsmouth. Ross Medical students occupied apartments built by local Dominicans. Grocery stores saw millions in annual sales. Restauranteurs had the ability to open multiple restaurants in the Portsmouth area. The health and beauty businesses thrived providing much hope for young people to own their own stores in the town. The taxi and car rental businesses brought in millions into this industry, and the list of opportunities that Ross provided to local Dominicans were endless. 

Those days are gone -thanks to  the most criminal and incompetent government administration who have squandered and stolen billions of dollars from the country's resources  and has failed to keep Ross University operating in Dominica.


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