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In 2008 leader of St Lucia's opposition Labor Party  Dr.Kenny Anthony accused St Lucia's then Prime Minister Stephenson King of using the state resources to meet the cost of rental of King’s private residence. Here is a breakdown of the disputed monthly allowance that was allegedly paid to PM King for leaving at his private residence.

 Domestic Assistance : EC $1,078.24

Gardener                           $ 1,237.01

Electricity(Average)         $ 1,292.92             

Water                              $ 14.70                        

Telephone                       $ 1,193.67

Total                             $4,816.54

 In response to Dr. Anthony’s accusations Prime Minister King and his government issued a statement confirming that the PM chose to reside at his private residence at a cost of $4500 per month but on condition that the state would not pay for his utility bills, domestic assistance and gardening.

We are presenting this information not to instigate any kind of meddling into  St Lucia’s political affairs but to show the contrast in the level of corruption –the PM of St Lucia was at the time claiming $4500 per month to reside at his private residence. Today PM Skerrit is claiming $64000 per month to reside at palace that he allegedly owns.

While it is not courteous to meddle in the political affairs of our sister islands guess which Dominican was cheerleading a public lynching of PM King on the matter involving the $4500 per month rental of his private residence?  Anthony Mopyon Astaphan- the vermin that sees nothing wrong with Roosevelt Skerrit in the midst of an economic upheaval is hijacking and receiving $64000 per month from the state coffers for rental of a palace that he allegedly owns.😲😲

The Wanna Be Dictator and His Affluenza

When Skerrit’s privately hired architect Supryah Singh was done with Skerrit’s first  mansion (now considered a banana shed) at the time Skerrit said that his mansion would cost $400, 000. Take a look at this video showing a field trip by the Saint Mary’s Primary School (SMP) to Skerit's Banana shed. The purpose of the field trip – A visit to the Prime Minister’s Residence. 

Before you continue please copy the link into your browser . The videos show a section of what the prime minister now seem to think is a Banana Shed.  

A guilty conscience never feels secure. 

In a recent public statement Prime Minister Skerrit claimed that he deserve more than a Banana shed type residential accommodation. So it is only fair to assume that in Skerrit’s psychopathy mind his multimillion dollar mansion in Viellecase is now well beneath his residential aspirations.

We have heard all kinds of excuses and cover-ups for  Skerrit’s delusions. Businessman Emile Depooter is seen on a video agreeing with Skerrit that he Skerrit is entitled to the $32000 per month residential allowance but Emile Depooter will have his time on the Wall of Shame.  

Recently Clarence “Sleeping Beauty” Christian tried to justify an added $15000/month insurance premium for Skerrit’s new Morn Daniel palace. The Sleeping Beauty claimed that in addition to the $32000/ month rent the added $15000/month  insurance is necessary to covers public liability at the PM’’s residence. Since Clarence Christian has all the answers he may want to tell us whether or not there is a public liability insurance on the PM’s residence in Viellecase where  all these kids from SMP can be seen hanging out on the edge of the grand pool , some at the time could not even swim.

Take Warning Take Warning- 

The term "Affluenza" is defined as “a social condition that arises from the desire to be more wealthy or successful. It can also be defined as the inability for an individual to understand the consequences of their actions because of their social status and/or financial privilege.”

To the boot lickers and crumb seekers who have enabled Roosevelt Skerrit for so long it is said that “someone exhibiting this behavior (Affluenza) may also lack deep emotional connections but have a superficial charm about them. They tend to be very aggressive, and get very angry”. (Mansa) According to one member of the cabinet “the man is a walking time bomb”  The time bomb will detonate with severe consequences. It is Just a matter of time.

Particularly to the members of Roosevelt Skerrit cabinet:

He that is of the opinion that money will do everything may well be suspected of doing anything for money." Benjamin Franklyn. Those of you in the cabinet who are privately denouncing Skerrit’s affluenza but did not stand in defense of the country when it mattered , Desmond Tutu once said “If you are neutral or silent in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.

No guilt is forgotten so long as the conscience still knows of it and I do hope that when the people finally decide that enough is enough that the hypocrites and parasites in the cabinet will be reminded of the role they have played in facilitating Roosevelt Skerrit’s evil.




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