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Last week an entire dog and pony show was staged with Melissa Skerrit issuing 90 laptops to students in the Roseau Central constituency. The Roseau Central constituency is one of the many constituencies where Dominica Labor Party conducted massive voting fraud during the 2019 general election. While we are very happy for the 90 students who received those laptops it is fair that we ask where did those laptops come from and why only 90 laptops when hundreds of student around the island need laptops to cope with the current remote learning situation. Did these laptops come from the usual suspect- the CBI agent who uses our passport money to sponsored Melissa’s Vienna sausage school lunch program?

It is only because our people have been subjugated into poverty, mendicancy that even someone not so smart as Melissa can hoodwink people who are supposed to be way brighter than her. If the issuance of those laptops were about government commitment towards education then why it is that many  students on government scholarships in the United States have not been receiving their tuition. 

According to reliable sources it is more than a year now that students on government scholarship in the United States have not received any funding for tuition.  We are appealing to the government of Dominica to step up and do what is right for the hardworking students particularly those at Monroe College. We spoke with someone from the bursar’s office at Monroe College and were informed that the Dominican students are totally locked out of the system and are barred from registering for the fall semester. We also contacted the Ministry Of Education but no one seems to have an answer to the problem. In the meantime some parents have to get emergency loans to keep their student enrolled. 

One thing for sure when the very same students are need to help rig the elections the same corrupt administration sends them airline tickets and spending money just to come vote.

While the students are going through this dilemma, we can confirm that some Dominicans living in the United States with US citizenship are receiving full scholarships from the Dominica government. Our reliable sources have also informed us that these US citizens who are also receiving US financial aid are using the money from the Dominica government to pay for things like vacations and parties.     

With the government unable to pay students tuition for more than a year and bus drivers still looking into Skerrit’s eyes for that $15000 bailout, it is alleged that Kelly “The ghost Williams” received a sum of $8000 as government Kool Out or as some are calling it a “Shut Your Mouth” check.

We are not sure where the government got the money to give Kelly "The Ghost” Williams his "Shut Your Mouth” check. We know it did not come from Skerrit and Anthony Haiden’s offshore treasury so we are thinking that the money may have come from the US $28 million Caribbean Digital Transformation (CDT) funds provided by the World Bank.

On June 22 the World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved US$94 for regional Caribbean Digital Transformation for four Eastern Caribbean countries: Dominica (US$28 million), Grenada (US$8 million), Saint Lucia (US$20 million), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (US$30 million), and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission (US$8 million) to build an inclusive digital economy. According to the World Bank the CDT is meant to increase access to digital services, technologies, and skills by governments, businesses, and individuals.

We must keep our eyes on the CDT funds and hold the government accountable. We also hope that the CDT funds are used to help the stranded students particularly those at Monroe College

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