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To be blunt –Roosevelt Skerrit and his DLP crime syndicate have popularized and even legitimize money laundering in Dominica and so tons of hard cash (US $500,000 ) at a house in Paix Bouche is no surprise. With the advent of wanton money laundering in Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit and his crime syndicate have also been operating with impunity.

The prime minister himself publicly admitted that his administration deals primarily with cash as opposed to local purchase orders (LPO). The millions of dollars that floated around during the 2019 election campaign, money wired to Winston Carmel Waldron  in NY several years ago , moneys wired to young model girlfriend in London, cash for Kalinago lawyer girlfriend to shop for “corboss” Melissa and kids , Money for Red Clinic Wednesdays were all in the form of hard cash stored at some location. With all of that going on the financial investigation unit is fast asleep?                                                             

Acting Police commissioner may have erred when he mentioned cash in a house in Vielle Case as oppose to that house in Terre Plat Paix Bouche. Was it a Freudian slip? The Kalinago lawyer/ PM’s Morne Daniel concubine revealed that on one weekend stay over at the PM’s mansion in Vielle Case the PM open up a vault and she was befuddled by the amount of cash in that vault. She went on to describe the lingering odor of the cash after the vault was shut.

The police commissioner is also aware that apart from ministers of government, several other DLP operatives have been handling and storing astounding quantities of cash at their homes. Subcontractors, service providers on hotels and even so called capital projects construction are being paid in hard cash thus denying the state of tax revenue collection. We are asking the police commissioner to monitor the travelling patterns of DLP operatives with diplomatic passports and are building hotels in Dominica. 

 Mr. Commissioner you are fully aware that with increasing Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations these DLP operatives and hotel/ laundromat developers have resorted to moving cash into Dominica through diplomatic pouches. Hundreds of thousands in cash are being paid for material and labor on existing hotel construction and if the police commissioner is serious about apprehending these money launderers, sir here is a clue- follow Bonnie and Clyde out of the Tri-State area of the United States.

Commissioner Corbett stated that the cash found at the house in Paix Bouche is exclusive of the ongoing corruption scandal at the Labor Division and we are in no position to refute the commissioner’s statement. However everyone is asking the obvious question – two men were found guarding the cash in Paix Bouche and were released within a few hours (Mystellics held for 48 hours). Who were they working for Mr. Corbett?

We disagree with Mr. Corbett’s statement that it is only because of the Mendes arrest that the police is aware of the massive "BOBOL" at the Labor Division. Verily this is a deliberate lie. The police have been aware of the Haitian immigrant Racketeering for years. In fact the former police commissioner Daniel Carbon received several written reports with evidence implicating police officers, top civil servants and DLP operatives in the immigration racketeering schemes. Mr. Corbette cannot deny that a full dossier had been presented on the current director of trade ,Mr. Walters, son of former Minister of Agriculture Mathew (don’t be alone with him ) Walters. The report presented evidence of Mr. Walters allegedly collecting cash from Haitian immigrants down stairs of the financial center.  If the police and the financial service investigation unit are worth its salt all they need to do is conduct basic investigation – for example look into the simultaneous construction of three buildings Gated Community style in Paix Bouche. All three buildings are owned by three siblings of the Mathew (don’t be alone with him) Walters. 

Mr. Corbette cannot deny that even before PM Skerrit asked the Labor Commissioner Mathew Leblanc to fix the racketeering at the Labor Division ,a woman police sergeant who was deeply involved in the corruption ring was asked to resign.

Mr. Corbette should be honest and admit that the police have in their possession many folders containing evidence of forge documents confiscated from Haitians immigrants. In many cases these documents were seized upon entry into Dominica yet the Haitians carrying the forge documents are allowed entry.

Mr. Corbette is well aware that prior to the 2019 election the accused Eric Mendes was surreptitiously and conveniently made in charge of handling the massive influx of Haitians as the Labor Commissioner Mathew Leblanc would not acquiesce to the DLP scam of providing incoming Haitian immigrants with means to vote in the election. The Haitians were being provided with work documents and promises of employment once they agree to vote for the Dominica Labor Party. 

Not having to provide any form of identification the Haitians were assigned names of absentee voters. For example Haitians used the name of three deceased Zamores to vote in the Canefield area.

Very often we settle for the paradigm of “Shit Rolls Downhill” While Eric Mendes, Big Jeff and others are under investigation it is naïve to think that the people signing the passports, work permits and visas etc. are totally ignorant. What about those who directly benefited from the illegal Haitian votes?

Someone once ask- What if there was no sh*t or no hill?  The answer is simple – there would be accountability. Mr. Corbette your investigation Continues and so is ours. Stay Tuned.

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