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The mysterious arrival of the fugitive diamantaire from India ,Mehul Choski to Dominica is slowly developing into another scandal, shrouded by mysteries and simple questions that the Dominica government and law enforcement will not answer.

In 2017 Choski became a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda through the Citizen By Investment(CBI) program. In 2018 after he and his nephew were investigated for alleged banking fraud and money laundering Choski flee and has since renounced his Indian citizenship as part of his effort to avoid extradition back to India.

Antigua’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne Browne told the news agency that Choksi who went missing on Sunday May 23 may have entered Dominica illegally, possibly by boats. He went on to explain that Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit  has agreed to make arrangements to have Choksi's extradited back to India. Browne stated “"Dominica has agreed (for Mehul Choksi's repatriation). We'll not accept him back. He made a monumental error by skipping island. Dominican government and law enforcement are cooperating and we have informed Indian government to have him repatriated to India,"

 “Sometime you just have to play the role of a fool just to fool the fools who think that they are fooling you. “

Before we ask the obvious questions here are some undisputed facts.

MiTC can confirm that Choksi had been in Dominica Police custody since Sunday night (May23).

 On Sunday evening about six police officers accompanied by  Acting Police Commissioner Corbette went down to the village of Toucari to pick up Choksi who had arrived via boat.

Choksi was taken to Police Headquarters in Roseau and was placed in that special cell where he could not draw attention. In fact instructions were issued by the police hierarchy to stay away from that holding cell.

 It was not until Wednesday May 26 that the Dominica Police contacted their counterparts in Antigua to let them know that Choksi had been in Dominica’s custody.

 Following these facts are some questions that need to be ask

How did police commissioner Corbette and his police know that Choksi was arriving at Toucari and why Corbette wanted to be there?

If it was an illegal Entry – why was the boat man not arrested and charged?

If it was a quick escape from Antigua how did the Boatman know where to enter?

Is the Boatman from Dominica or Antigua?

Did Choksi show signs of physical abuse?

Why the Dominica police waited until Wednesday May 25 to contact Antigua and was it only because on Tuesday morning Radio host Loftus Durand had leaked the location of Choksi and was asking some striking questions?

Why Choksi chose to flee to Dominica 117 miles away and not  St  Kitts just 68 Miles from Antigua. Was Choski really fleeing Antigua or was he taken to Dominica against his will ?

Even before the Dominica Police had "informed" Antigua law enforcement of Choksi's whereabouts - PM Browne had already assumed that Choksi may have entered Dominica illegally. Is PM Browne a fortune teller or just a schemer ?  

The answers are blowing in the wind and we will find them.....

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